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Bluji’s Christmas Calendar 2013

Ah, Christmas is closer on a daily basis and Santa is coming to town soon! Welcome to the third edition of my Christmas Calendar!

If you’ve been here on earlier years, the format should be familiar to you. But if it isn’t, worry not! Here is a simple explanation:

Every day there’ll be a new activity of some sort. Simple enough, complete the activity’s requirements to earn a Christmas Token. On 25th December, I’ll check the leaderboard and see who has the most amount of Christmas Tokens. Those people get an FGF win for actively participating in all kinds of stuff.

In addition, every Sunday (1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd), there will be a Christmas-themed gaming challenge, just like last year.

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Game Log


December 1: Happy Birthday to Me!
Write a short story themed after Bluji or his forum games

December 2: Replaceable M3?
Invent a simple Christmas- or winter-themed activity for the calendar

December 3: Snow Day
Write about your relation to snow

December 4: Nag a Ram — American Christmas dishes
Solve the eight Christmas dish anagrams

December 5: Make-a-Flake
Create a snowflake representing you as a person

December 6: CYOGM (Create Your Own Gingerbread Man)
Decorate your own gingerbread man with the generator

December 7: Choco Loco
Write a short story about a person who goes crazy about chocolate

December 8: Winter-y Game Ideas
Invent a winter-y Flash or forum game

December 9: Promo Puzzle
Solve the word puzzle

December 10: Hiring Elves
Write a job application for an elf post at Santa’s workshop

December 11: Get Well Soon Blu
Make me a get-well-soon card

December 12: The (Late) List: Blu’s FGs
Guess one of my 40 successful forum games from the list

December 13: Encounters at the Top of the World
Write a diary log describing your vision of Santa’s Workshop and the North Pole (suggested by Precarious)

December 14: Merry Clickmas Everyone!
Merry Clickmas: Task 1 – Reach 200% speed by naming decorations | Task 2 – Hire 100 elves

December 15: Rewriting the Twelve Days
Rewrite the lyrics of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

December 16: Christmas Mafioso
Design a Christmas-y mafia setup for 12 players or fewer (suggested by BestMte)

December 17: From Games to Roles
Turn one of my former forum games into a mafia role

December 18: Meanwhile in Borneo
Write a diary log describing your venture down the Deer Cave

December 19: All I Want for Christmas
Share your Christmas wishes

December 20: Start the Art
Task 1 – Make Santa’s face on the template (suggested by Kadleon) | Task 2 – Create a festive image using Typeisart (suggested by funiax) | Task 3 – Create a christmas avatar with a reference to yourself

December 21: Your Favourite Activity
Share your favourite activity and reasons for why it’s your favourite

December 22: Christmas Poetry
Write a two-verse (at least) rhyming Christmas-y poem which has at least four lines in each verse

December 23: Part II
Write a second part to a short story or diary log posted by someone else (suggested by Woon1957)

December 24: Home Stretch
Task 1 – Wish Merry Christmas to someone! | Task 2 – Post some constructive criticism

Weekly challenges

Challenge 1: Infectonator : Christmas Edition
Complete all 20 levels to earn the Zombie XMAS ingame achievement

Challenge 2: Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis
Complete the first 11 levels

Challenge 3: Live Puzzle 2 Christmas
Complete all 10 levels on at least ‘normal’

Challenge 4: A blocky Christmas
Complete all 16 levels


Precarious ~ 33

Woon1957 ~ 32

funiax ~ 29

S_98 ~ 23

BestMte ~ 21

uzzbuzz ~ 14

Kadleon ~ 13

TwistedCakez ~ 8

Pulsaris ~ 7

kingzak13 ~ 6

occooa ~ 4

djrockstar ~ 3
SilentSand ~ 3

Taiboss ~ 2

myhome16 ~ 1
efar ~ 1
racefan12 ~ 1
scorpion1m ~ 1
Helltank ~ 1
TailsChao99 ~ 1
TheGodOfDragons ~ 1

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December 1: Happy Birthday to Me!

For the third year in a row, the calendar kicks off with a very selfish challenge. As you might know, my birthday is on the first of December, so I like to receive presents on this particular day.

This year, I’d like to read short stories, obviously themed after me or my forum games. Because short stories can take a while to write, I’ll give you time until December 5 activity posting to post your story. Be creative with the subject — there’s a lot of different sides in me and my FGs.

Posting a short story that I approve awards you with a Christmas Token.

If you need a quick list of all my forum games for some reason, here is the link:

Weekly Challenge 1: Infectonator : Christmas Edition

For the first challenge, you’re playing Infectonator : Christmas Edition and you’re going for the completion of all 20 levels. Below is an example screenie — make sure your name is shown in the chat plug (top right corner) and the black screen in the game shows the correct achievement (hover over the Zombie XMAS achievement to show it in the screen).

Completing the correct achievement, screenshotting it and posting the screenie here will award you a Christmas Token.

This challenge runs until the December 8 activity posting.

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I refuse to play until AN returns.

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Originally posted by Woon1957:

I refuse to play until AN returns.

Christmas is the bane of Adeebs.


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Originally posted by S_98:
Originally posted by Woon1957:

I refuse to play until AN returns.

Christmas is the bane of Adeebs.


lrn2read lrn2understandwaturead

The title says:

[No sign-up required!]

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No sign ups necessary doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to sign up. Similarly, if you don’t need to get an A to pass, it doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to try to get A’s in examinations.

I’m just that kind of person. I can read, just that my comprehension isn’t that good.

Edit: Are you going to allow me to flaunt my specially-made-over-November Buji banner?

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Fixed the lrn2 tip for you. Also, no.

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He woke up from his bed, shocked, like he had a bad dream. “Crap, what day is it?” he asked himself in the silence of his own room. He turned his computer on, and looked at the date. “No… no nononoononono NO!” He knew what was going to happen. The start of Christmas was coming, but more importantly Bluji’s Christmas Calendar 2013. “I can’t let this happen, I must stop this. It’ll be a while since I did this.” On his computer he went to kongregate.com, and logged in. His username; AdeebNafees, and his password; yoloswagger. He saw the new thread Bluji had made just three hours ago. “Good. I’m not to late to stop this.” Adeeb said to himself. The next thing he new, his doorbell rang. Adeeb opened his door only to find a small package. He brought it in and carefully opened it. Inside was a small, blue, stuffed elephant with a note. The note read “Merry Christmas! – Bluji”, and he looked at the stuffed elephant, and the next thing you know, Adeeb was blown to pieces. Bluji came through his door minutes later and went onto his computer, and took his login info. “Nice try Adeeb, but now I am the King of FGF!” Bluji said to Adeeb’s dead body, and walked out laughing maniacally.

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How short is optimal for you, mandoor?

P.S. Mandoor means a slave who leads other slaves.

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(one upped Bluji [on day # finished])

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The little boy from Finland was made the king.
The old had been away for too long, they needed a new one.

The little boy from Finland was made the king.
He rejected the throne, he said he wasn’t worthy.

The little boy from Finland was made a slave.
The old king loathed his cowardness.

-Frederica Bernkastel

Main Story
It was the morning of the 1st of December and so cold that it felt like the whole world would get neatly chipped up with some nice crisp cracks if it were poked with an icepick.
Niko Sininenne woke up on that day with a headache, something he did not handle well. Finland wasn’t a country that would allow him to be lazy, so he stood up, but being tired from last night all-nighter German Voicechat with his friend Michael, he fell down like a sack of potatoes.
“Hitto, että sattuu.”
Truly, Niko felt like shit today. You’d think that a teenage genius with a lazyness factor of zero, would actually not swear, or even get hurt in the first place. But Niko was different. Yes, he was smart, but he was lonely. He was just another face in the crowd.
Once Niko was a great man, who while still grumpy, would lend you a hand at any time. One hand, just an ordinary hand, but if you take it, it feels as if you can do anything. You can touch the sky and level the mountains, but you can’t bring yourself to think that, because you’re just too happy that he’s holding your hand.
He wasn’t that person anymore. Like I said, now he was just another face in the crowd, there isn’t really anything special about him.
“Niko, oletko kunnossa?”
So, why does it seem so heartbreaking for his little sister Sara, to see that downcast face and those empty eyes? The answer is simple.
His passion has died.
“Kyllä, olen vain väsynyt.”
Sara smiled. It was a genuine smile, one of friendship and hope.
“Hyvää syntymäpäivää.”
Niko didn’t smile.
His slouch was the walk of a condemned man, his sighs are those of surrender. There is nothing about Niko which shines.
At least in real life.

In the Internet, he was the Queen, the King, the Joker. The Alpha. The Omega. He was the one that connected everything. He was Everyone and he was Noone. He was Bluji. He was the one with the idea, the dedication of a worker. Although they never saw his face, his players could his glee, his happiness as he posted and chatted.
But behind the facade of Bluji layed a sad blob of what was once known as Niko Sininenne.

Sara’s given up on praying for fortune or health, so, if there’s anyone out there that still listens to her.
Please, return her precious brother to her.

[You never said it had to be centered around Christmas, and I just had to take the last lines, amend them and build a new story around them.]

“Title: Entertainment”
“Even when he thinks,
“that he is the most dull one.
“We laugh about him.
“Snow, Verses: A Compilation” — Committed to record: 2013.12.1

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Not much of a writer, but I’ll give it a shot. Never participated in this yet :3

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December. It is this time of the year that the super-computer is at its busiest. It churns out over a hundred ideas per minute, slow for a modern super-computer but it has been in service for a long time. Hidden from sight deep in the core of the earth for hundreds of years. It doesn’t know who put it there nor who programed it. Over the centuries, it has taken up many different identities. Charlie Chaplin, Confuscious, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ronald Reagan, John Titor and… Bluji. It has the ability to project a solid hologram of a human-like person and is capable of changing the world. For some reason, with the invention of cyberspace it has been unable to project a convincing image.

2013. The codename: Bluji has been active for nearly five years. Under the guise of a fourteen year old Finnish boy, it had managed to get everyone to love “him” by manipulating them through forum games on a site called Kongregate. One person in particular was thoroughly fooled. S_98. His attachment to a non-existent being had fuelled the machine so much it was now capable of taking over the world. Perhaps this was its true purpose, total world domination. It had failed in its task in its previous lives. This time, with the help of its “friends” it had sat there for for years, growing in power, until the time is right…It was even powerful enough now to fully absorb his best friend.

Firstly, why would it do that? Well, that person was only one of a couple of victims. Drovoxx and Kranix were the first. Once a friendship has grown ripe enough, they are “harvested”, used to power the machine. Next in its line of victims is perhaps S_98, then Woon1957. Everyone who knows “Bluji” will eventually disappear. There is no escape.

The machine’s name?
|-|4ppy |3!r7|-|D4y 1122013.

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So… a short story you say. Bluji, you say… Eureka! I seem to recall coming across this so called Bluji a couple times in my travels. Says he’s from Finland, but we all know that is really the codename for Atlantis, where Bluji retreats to when he’s out of bushes to whack. A retired demigod, Bluji enjoys all the benefits of nearly ultimate power. Rather than use it for his own selfish needs, he uses his powers to create the best forum games this universe (and possibly others) has ever seen. So remember everyone, when Bluji makes a forum game, you better well join it, because you know he’s doing this out of the kindness of his heart, when he could be wiping out the human race instead.

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He. He was dead, a bitterly cold Fall left his body lifeless. All his hopes and dreams, gone, in a flash.
No pain. No sorrow.
Calmness arose. He had only a strange sensation, like if he was endlessly falling. His speed was building up, the howling wind tormented his ears, a strange thought began to distress him – was that really the wind?
While the terror was slowly overwhelming him, a feeble light appeared in the distance and he felt a great sense of relief while the temperature around him was gradually increasing. “I’m not falling, I’m ascending” – he smiled, but he was deeply wrong.
Screams and flames filled the air, his descent ended in a river full of lava. Hell greeted him and we finally met. I awaited for him to emerge and then we talked: “Why am I here?” – he cried. “May 11, 2013” was my solemn answer. He couldn’t figure out what happened. His affront was inconceivable. I showed him the badge that got him to level 65, the achievement that he earned, beating me with two perfects in Bible Fight.
I offered him the possibility to reborn, and to give birth to his annual Christmas Calendar, but he had to face the seven deadly sins: he managed to pass Envy & Pride trials quite easily; he wavered when we met again while I was swimming in a pool, full of money; he encountered Shawn raging at Canabalt and chose to stay away; he recognized Awein laying down on the sand with a walrus and saw Wiggeles eating a giant cake but managed to pull through.
And then everything that he accomplished so far was gone: the most beautiful woman in history was naked in front of him, he couldn’t resist and failed the trial. When I asked him his feelings about the failure he replied: “I would love to make the same mistake again”.
Now he has to send me 5 souls before the competition ends or he will be dragged to Hell again but I guess he might even think of joining me again, after the fun he had.

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Early December 1st, 2013
Young Bluji arose from his slumber. It was new day, a bright, wonderful, day to begin, but above all it was time to begin Bluji’s Christmas calender once again! He dawned his clothes and then turned on his computer. He navigated to kongregate.com/forums/36, but he saw the message he had feared, and hated, which had dwelt his nightmares many a night. It said:
We’re sorry, but this forum has been deleted
Bluji, in a flustered state of self went to Gevock’s profile to see if he could ask what happened. After he did this he saw on his profile, This user has been currently banned. Bluji was, at this point, deathly scared. Instead of giving into panic though he sped away to many other regs profiles. Blood_Shadow BANNED, Behemoth542? BANNED, Kadleon BANNED, BLOODYRAIN10001 BANNED, S_98 BANNED, and so on went the list. After tiring of this depressing struggle though he decided to log off, but before he did, he tried to go to FGF one more time. Instead of before, there was one thread, with only one post. It was called “Rise of a New Order” and the original post: Developus
Bluji suddenly snapped some of the pieces together, and entered the thread. There was a lone post, the lone post of the entire forum, made by Developus, the one and only. And this is what it scribed:
“So I see you’ve seen this post Bluji? Yes, yes I know it would have been you I when I saw you on the forums to face me in the end. Oh, but we shant have our battle yet. You see, I’ve been unbanned and promoted to…..ruler of Kongregate. I’ve stomped each of the Regs of FGF and destroyed the forum, but I’ve decided to leave a scrap of hope for them. If you may defeat me I’ll unban them and restore your precious forum. If you lose though, I’ll ban your IP and delete the FGF archives I have backed up in my flashdrive. Meet me in 3 Hours in the Chatgames room for your test. Oh, and yes I’ve hijacked the Chatgames account.”
The post was marked 2 Hours Ago. Bluji then logged into the Chatgames room and found Developus. Instead of the old, annoying as shit Dev though, he found a malicious Dev, who taunted him, yet Bluji was stopped from talking back, by some mystical force of programming, which stopped his messages from posting. After 20 minutes of such a farce, this stop was lifted and Developus said "If you wish to rise to be the ruler of FGF, and save it, you must defeat me. It shall be a fight to the death. I have gifted you a game called “Corrupted” on your steam account. Once it’s opened you will be sucked in, with a sword, on an arena floating in the middle of a dark space, with a person with black armor opposite of you. That would be me. Any damage you sustain in the game will transfer the players as well. When I die, I’ve rigged my computer to undo my wrath. I hope you have the courage to come. Bluji replied “Hmph, of course I shall come and defeat you, for I have no fear of death when it comes to saving my brethren!”
So then, Bluji opened the game, and then blacked out. He saw himself in a circular, floating, arena of stone in a pitch-black world, just as Dev had said. He saw a man sitting opposite of him, in armor, with a sword laying at his side, typing away at a laptop. The man then noticed him and said “So you came. I’ve programmed a swords and a suit of armor to appear in 10 seconds, I’d request you put them on.” A sword dropped to the ground with a CLUNK and chipped the stone, and a suit of chainmail clanked as it appeared out of thin air and so Bluji then put them on. He could feel the weight of them, as if this was real, and he could feel fear, fear as the most he has ever suffered in his whole life. He felt like his heart, had dropped into his stomach, and his face drained pale. He was dancing with death, and if he did a single misstep all his life has stood for, and himself would flicker away to nothingness. Developus chided “I suppose the true nature of this game is getting to you? Don’t worry, either way, this shall be over within 5 minutes. I suppose you’re ready.” Bluji swallow his fear and announced “I-I am ready to de-defeat you Developus.” And so the fight started. They both charged towards each other and met with grinding teeth and deadly swords. The matched wits and matched strength fighting each other to a draw. 10 minutes in, each of them were low in strength when Developus clicked a few buttons on his laptop, and suddenly looked good as new. He said “Well, you lasted longer then I though, but it’s time to end this. You didn’t think I meant to let you have any chance to live did I? Well then, time to die!” Developus charged at Bluji, and hefted his sword above his head, ready to cleave Bluji in two. Bluji attempted to run, but lacked strength, and just before he gave up he heard the cries of his fellow FGF’ers cheering him on. They told him of the fact that Developus had deafeated them all else in this game, extending this false offer in them, and some inexplicable force had made them accept, and all of them has lost, even AdeebNafees, who had a email arrive to him. And so they told him to carry on, so a new generation of FGF’ers could live, with him at their helm. And so they funneled the last of their strength and their cries of hope dissipated into the air. Bluji had a fire in his eyes, and a new vigor to him, and he blocked Developus’s strike. Surprised, he reeled back, and attempted to run towards his laptop, but Bluji ran over to it, at superhuman speeds, and cut it in two. Bluji then spoke “Well then, it seems the game has come to an end. This is for my friends, and everyone who loved FGF as much as I do. DIE YOU BASTARD!”
And so ends this tale. Developus was slain, and the forum was reinstated, accounts unbanned, but the owners dead, and Bluji at the helm of the new FGF movement. Thought the years, the legend of Bluji was spoken and sung, and he was made the new moderator of the FGF forums, Gevock being dead. I wish you a happy December, and a happy Christmas Bluji, though how it loathes me you bring such sad memories to your mind, as I reopen your wounds of 8 years ago, yet the new generation must know of the past legend of this forum.
[Oops, sorry I didn’t realize this story would be so long, but hope you enjoy it!]

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I guess I can’t use my story from last year, then.

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[I hope that a slight variation on the strict story can still work. I tried to be creative.]

Who is the one known as;
What lay beyond the Name;
Must we know?
Let it be.

Yet the question begs,
Why does he stay so;
Wherefore is this being,
So inspired,
He who gives games.

One can only guess,
As to the origin;
He awoke one day,
And looked forward,
Forward to today.

He found it in the corner,
A small pocket of others,
Those who would type words,
For one purpose;

Once, a while ago,
He played the games there,
But soon became better;
Enough to see that he,
Could fulfill that purpose.

He made his own,
From competition,
He set out,
Five times ‘fore change;
The Puzzle began.

He endured the failures,
Regaled in the victories,
Met friends a ‘many,
Told of an elephant;
He truly did succeed.

But who is this man?
Who is this enigmatic,
Well rounded, intelligent,
Maker of the games?
Who lies beyond the Name?

We know naught but,

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EDIT: This is also my 1000th post, so there’s that.

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Originally posted by Precarious:

EDIT: This is also my 1000th post, so there’s that.

Hail Sven!

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Dec. 1 XX13

The madman Jiblu has just captured about 15 brave soldiers. “SEPARATE YOURSELVES INTO TEAMS. NO MORE THAN 3 TO A GROUP” he bellows. The startled men hastily get into formation. Only then do they notice the beaming sign, “THE SEARCH” It seems each platoon was a product of panic, but one team stands out. They calmly and collectively formed a power group. Not many seemed to realize this, but the thought that went into selecting each other was beyond anyones comprehension. The scent of sweat and fear was overwhelming. The anticipation bringing grown men to their knees.
12 soldiers hastily enter. The other three inspect for traps.

Taking their time, eyes were on them. The gleam of glossed-over, weathered eyes would capture the attention from even the saddest puppy. It was an unsuspecting group, though by the words written on the wall, caution was to be taken around then. The largest man who’s name escaped all, was well over 6’9’’. He kept to himself, but the majority of the people had had the misfortune of being tested against him. They’ve witnessed firsthand the fearsome might of his intellect. Of the other two, the same could not be said. A small Asian girl, some might even say a loli, was not to be taken seriously. Always joking with the grizzled veterans, her facade proved to be effective. Maybe they were reminded of the small children whos parents they slaughtered in ’nam and felt that ever so familiar pang in their chest, maybe life just hit them too hard. However! The third was the most mysterious. Seemingly a stranger that appeared from time to time, the amount of information they had left his true skill unbeknownst.

Moments passed as everyone settled down. It was only minutes but already time had taken its toll. Hunger, sleep, anxiety. The truth of what was going on was a frightening unknown. Just as hope was dwindling, doors opened.
EACH GROUP CHOOSE A SEPARATE DOOR” flashed on the now illuminated screen.
And so it was done.

In each room a computer, several touch screens and another door. The lights flickered on and a small envelope became apparent.
As faces squished or widened in panic and confusion, others began working. It was not long before those who had started became red in the face and heated from inability to complete the tasks. Presuming the rooms were all the same, the weaker soldiers shouted out in desparation, “How is anyone supposed to escape?! These are impossible!”. The tears flowed and the blood flowed from knuckles, only amusing the dangerous man watching more. Dropping to the ground, heaving their chests and clutching their heads, groups fell silent. As if to provoke them a speaker sounded “Group 6 and 9 have proceeded onward.” Though the once defeated groups took up arms again, it proved to be fruitless.

Having such a one sided competition was not to the favour of the observers. Almost like a deity coming to their salvation, Jiblu appeared to everyone on screen, offering assistance at the price of blood. Much to Jiblu’s chagrin, his attempts to help the groups only made things too easy. To them, these hardened warriors, it was but a pittance in comparison to victory. However, as the light shone from eyes renewed with vigour, as hope came back with the end in sight, all went dark.
The remaining few was left to nothing but pure silence. Their outraged screams fell on deaf ears. Some accepted their fate while others slammed their fists into a pulp leaving barely a dent in the steel.
Trapped in the cold metal coffins, 12 men collapsed, only awaiting death. Nothing was left in those damned, dry eyes. Only a thin veil of salt left on their pale cheeks. The ones that escaped? Nobody knows their names, but their group was forever known as 957Louiaxs

I don’t know how to string along ideas very well. Going to be a very fractured story.

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I will write a story sometime.

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