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HWoC Story Arc: Project Overmoon
Previous Game: Jojo’s Nightmare
Next Game: Journals

Archival Note: I was initially worried that the Pregame flavor text for this game would be long enough to warrant me needing another post.

Pregame: Cirno’s Big Find

(Gardenia. Debuted in Dimensional Chaos part 6.): Why are you so surprised? Between the new Fairy type, the Mega Stone, and the consumption of Jojo Rakadan, I had far more than what I needed to be able to kick your ass.

(Punisher. Debuted in Dimensional Chaos part 27.): Peach and Reimu will never let you have your way!

: They won’t have a choice after I eat you.

Punisher raised a katar and prepared to charge at Gardenia, but she simply stirred up a fairy wind and threw him completely off-track. This spell also did a frightening 88073 damage.

: How much HP did you say you had again? 400K?

Since the Dimensional Chaos incident, Punisher106 had rebirthed an additional 2000 times and upgraded his equipment, (although it probably doesn’t look like it) raising his HP cap to 404496. His numbers were so high that he should’ve been invincible, and yet, a spell as simple as Fairy Wind had done so much to him. It didn’t make sense, even if Jojo had been eaten like Gardenia claimed…

: I don’t fucking believe it…

: Then you won’t believe my true power.

With that, she started channeling lunar energy. They both knew what was coming…


Punisher had barely enough time to get up and start running. He couldn’t charge at Gardenia unless he wanted to slam right into Moonblast, so he tried a winding arc, turning at random intervals. Surely this would allow him to get an atta—

A critical hit!

The 369129-damage burst sent him flying. He didn’t get back up this time…

Punisher felt like he was banished to the moon.
(ZDoom/Skulltag/Zandronum has/have silly death texts depending on what does a player in.)

: I knew you’d be easy prey.

The PoV didn’t change at all, even though it meant the grisly meal wouldn’t be visible.

: Are you going to sleep in all day?

(Image stolen from Gensou Shoujo Taisen, AKA Fantasy Maiden Wars … so were most of the Touhou character mugshots, actually…)

(Rumia. Debuted in the ending of RaceBandit’s Storm of Chaos.): …another nightmare…

(Marisa Kirisame. Debuted in the “The Eye of Madness” Epilogue.): Oh, good, you’re up. What happened anyways?

: The past few days, I’ve been having nightmares. I want to say it’s as if Gardenia’s been haunting me.

: How many of your nightmares was she in?

: Three so far, all in a row. The first nightmare had her obliterate me with one of my own spellcards. The second had her eat Josh… again. The third had her kill Punisher, but it looks like you woke me up before she could eat him.

: Punisher? As in the one from Peach’s guild?

: …yeah… why am I here anyways?

: A better question would be why you fell asleep in the Forest of Magic. Who knows where you’d be now if I hadn’t dragged you here?

: The last thing I remember is beating the shit out of Reisen, but I must’ve taken a beating myself.

: Reisen? As in one of the two Youkai that Chris threw at the Human Village? The one that would probably laugh off your super-effective Dark moves and—

: She must’ve gotten cocky during the early days of the Huge Wave. I couldn’t laugh anything off for obvious reasons, and started power-leveling the moment Punisher released me. From time to time, this involved saving a few humans from other predatory Youkai so I didn’t get hunted down by Reimu, Punisher, Peach, etc., but it still let me catch up with Reisen. I barely lost round one because I didn’t see her coming and wanted to ensure that she didn’t kill Persia. I probably could’ve just taken her on right there, right then with Persia’s help, but didn’t want to face Josh’s wrath if I got his Pinsir Killed Off For Real.

(At this point in HWoC, I’m not sure which of us would come out on top.)

: Huh. Well, maybe you could tell me a bit more about what Gardenia used. If she used something other than Moonlight Ray against Punisher, turning her own magic against her should be hysterical…

BGM: Future World

It’s been nearly a year since Gardenia (a hacked Gardevoir) kickstarted the Huge Wave of Chaos by eating RaceBandit’s old avatar and pinning the whole thing on Rumia, the Youkai of Darkness. Now RaceBandit’s new avatar, Jojo Rakadan, has gone missing, lost in space, and the only solace our other protagonists can share is the fact that Gardenia had been exterminated and hasn’t come back from the dead yet. With everyone having the sinking feeling that time is running out, Rumia wants to find Jojo before Chris “the Raven” does…

(I only had one planned BGM for this pregame post, and it was for the above paragraph.)

A portal opened inside the Kirisame Residence. A familiar voice could be heard.

(Palkia. Debuted in Dimensional Chaos part 35.): I would like your attention for a moment. Your friends may have found something important.

: …who are you?

: He’s Palkia, the dragon that commands space and dimensions. Stay if you want, but I’m going through the portal.

: Eh, might as well see what’s going on.

They jumped through the portal and found themselves – as well as Reimu Hakurei, Cirno, Daiyousei, Keine Kamishirasawa, Alice Margatroid, and Spark Shock – in Sinnoh.

(Spark Shock. Debuted in Dimensional Chaos part 39.): That should be all of us, so let’s see Cirno’s big find!

(Alice. This is her debut.): Wait, Cirno found this?

(Cirno. Debuted in Dimensional Chaos part 28.): I had a bit of help from Daiyousei and Nitori, but yeah!

(Daiyousei. This is her debut.): What about the Light Fairies? Didn’t you get some teleport potions from them?

: Yeah, but they didn’t come with us to Sinnoh, so who cares?

At that point, Nitori Kawashiro showed herself.

(Nitori. This is her debut.): Let’s just say that if they didn’t get you those Greater Spatial Instability Infusions, we might’ve never found this spaceship!

The spaceship in question was behind Cirno, Daiyousei, and Nitori. Rather than the pink exterior the others would’ve half-expected, the ship had a silver coating.

(Keine. Debuted in Dimensional Chaos part 44.): This must’ve been the Riftwalker that Jojo mentioned in class.

: We also found a few bodies…

Said bodies had robes with codenames on them: Pulsaris, Zzzip50, therealsirmark4. There was also a discarded robe marked with the codename Jaskaran2000.

: I wonder what happened to therealsirmark… Jojo said he was the only other survivor.

: Oh, him? He tried to kill me, but I’m the strongest, so … let’s just say—

: Are you saying you killed the only guy who could’ve given us any information about the Riftwalker?!

: Hey, he shot first!

: Was lethal force really necessary?! You can just respawn; he can’t!

Cirno rolled her eyes.

: It … it looks like Rumia’s just about ready to tear you limb from limb.

: Eh, she can try.

: Reimu, may I?

(Reimu. Debuted in Dimensional Chaos part 44.): Step away from the Riftwalker first.

: Fair enough. Keine and Nitori will want to check the whole ship.

Rumia dragged Cirno out of the Riftwalker.

: You can’t do a thing to damage this ship if I restrain your hands.

: Yeah, well that trick’s only gonna work once…

: Anyways, maybe Parukia can help me get this ship running so we can look for Jojo.

: Don’t you mean—

: Hey, that’s what Palkia’s name translates to in Japan!

: Yes, I can keep this ship in one piece while you figure everything out.

: Nice to hear! …this manual doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the ship, so it looks like I’m on my own.

: …can I see it?

Nitori handed over the manual.

: It looks like a rules dump for some game called…

: Well, it looks like we can keep the kids entertained with this while Nitori gets us into the—

: Say, why do we need a spaceship anyways when we can just fly or teleport?

: On the flying note, have you read nothing about space? We can’t breathe there. On the teleporting note, it should be noted that Palkia still needs to stay in Sinnoh so he can alert us to any new incidents. Reimu, Keine, and Yukari should also stay behind so they can keep a close eye on Gensokyo as a whole while we’re away.

: Where was Yukari anyways when the Human Village was trashed?

: That question is exactly why I don’t want to talk about her right now.

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Changes from The Resistance: “The Plot Thickens” power cards have been added to the game. The first team captain for each mission will get three power cards to distribute to other players. Multipliers by card names indicate the quantity of that card.
: Hmm… says here Cards must be distributed either during or before a mission proposal. Looks like the proposal can be on the same post as the card distribution…

Immediate-effect power cards
: These take effect as soon as they are distributed to the respective players, but the targets must be PM’d to the host… I’m already interested in what they do.

Opinion Maker (x2): Keep this card. For the rest of the game, there will be a preliminary voting phase where any player(s) with Opinion Maker publicly (in-thread) vote(s) on the mission.

Overheard Conversation (x2): Choose a player one slot above or below you in the player list. I will PM you their alignment.

Take Responsibility: Choose a player, even if it’s someone else that just got a card. You will steal a random card from them. This card has the highest priority in the game (meaning it’s resolved before any other cards) and can steal any other card, but this includes Opinion Maker, so watch out!

Establish Confidence: I will PM you the alignment of the current mission leader.

Open Up: Choose another player. I will PM them your alignment.

Consumable Powers
To use a Consumable Power that you have, you must publicly post it in the thread.
: Looks like you gotta bold the power you’re using, and if applicable, whatever player you’re targeting.

Strong Leader (x2): You will immediately become the current leader of the mission. If a voting phase is disrupted this way, it will not count as a rejected mission. Not only can this be used before the current mission’s cards are distributed, but if you do so, you will distribute the cards.

No Confidence (x3): The player on deck will immediately become the current leader of the mission. If a voting phase is disrupted this way, it will not count as a rejected mission. This may not be used before the current mission’s cards are distributed.

Keeping a Close Eye on You (x2): After the current mission has resolved, I will PM you target player’s disposition on that mission. You must choose your target before the mission resolves, but if the mission is rejected, your card will not be consumed.

In the Spotlight: After the current mission has resolved, I will publicly post target player’s disposition on that mission. You must choose your target before the mission resolves, but if the mission is rejected, your card will not be consumed.

: That’s just the new features… looks like the old stuff is another can of worms.

I will be using the same ruleset as in the last game, so if you don’t know how to play, click the link in Spark Shock’s line.

I think you guys know the drill by now.
1. djrockstar (presigned)SPY
2. Kadleon (A lion hunts. A mouse dies.)
3. Bluji (BTW, this is my first Resistance ever, so don’t lynch me keep me out of missions!)
4. dawn_to_dusk – SPY
5. yiu113
6. Pulsaris (If it’s a spy win again, I’ll definitely host a 7v3.)
7. Precarious – SPY
8. DragonArcherZ – SPY
9. BLOODYRAIN10001 Behemoth542
10. sebba LouWeed (Thanks!)

will be noted as they happen
1. Behemoth542 has replaced BLOODYRAIN10001.
2. LouWeed has replaced sebba.

Badass Blitzers vs. the Robotic Pirate Ghosts: Bluji, djrockstar, yiu113 – FAILED! (2-1)
Grumpig’s Dance of Death – Recon Mission: Pulsaris, Precarious, Bluji, sebba – FAILED! (3-1)
Turning Point! The Uphill Battle! – Precarious, Pulsaris, DragonArcherZ, Behemoth542 – FAILED! (2-2)
4: The game ended before we could get this far.
5: The game ended before we could get this far.
Score: 0-3

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Signature placed. I hope this is a 7v3 and not a 6v4, because 6v4s are lame with the almost-controlled-vote by spies.

A lion hunts. A mouse dies.

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SIGN SIGN SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGN BTW, this is my first Resistance ever, so don’t lynch me keep me out of missions!

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@Kadleon: I don’t remember vote control being an issue in any of the other games hosted either here or on xkcd.

From what I read on the Resistance review (You can get to it by clicking the Resistance banner), though, “The Plot Thickens” is meant for bigger games like this…

Originally posted by EndersGame:

When playing with a larger group, things can often be too difficult for the Resistance, and it’s tough to get mission teams together that don’t include Spies. The Plot cards solve this problem by giving players more information to work with. The Spies already know who is who, but this information will give the Resistance team a leg-up in picking out who the Spies are. The good news is that the Plot cards don’t add much difficulty – you can even use them in a group with players who have not played the game at all. We wouldn’t play 7-10 player games without them, otherwise the Resistance won’t have much of a chance.

With 6P having very little room, I probably would’ve tried to run The Plot Thickens during my first Resistance game and seen where it went from there.

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Originally posted by Bluji:

SIGN SIGN SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGN BTW, this is my first Resistance ever, so don’t lynch me keep me out of missions!

pretty much exactly this. minus the whole dont lynch me thing

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Been a long time since I’ve played one of these. Let’s see if it’s as good as it was the last few times.

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Finally a move towards plot cards. However, the limiting factor is still the number of inactives. Let’s see.

Sign. If it’s a spy win again, I’ll definitely host a 7v3.

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A question and an advice.

1) Will we ever find out where the Gardevoir (yiu) and Codename Bluji (me) ended up after they teleported off the ship in the Game Over of Assassin 2?

2) Continuing in the same subject, it is possible for you to retcon Assassin 2 into Assassin on the Riftwalker. Just contact Gevock with the changes you want to make, I believe he’ll be able to help.

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I want to say the Gardevoir that attacked the Riftwalker was Gardenia and that you were both sent to Sinnoh. As for you… I didn’t see you in Sinnoh, so I can only assume you were eaten.

The advice has been resolved as of 12/12/2013.

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Now that I re-read the posts, I noticed something weird.

Opinion Maker (x2): Keep this card. For the rest of the game, there will be a preliminary voting phase where Opinion Maker publicly (in-thread) vote on the mission.

I don’t really get the underlined part. Explanation plz

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Anyone with Opinion Maker has to publicly vote before the others can cast their votes.

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That means I’m probably now kicking dragon ass, under no free will of my own. Yay.

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Unless you run into Youmu Konpaku. I named a Doublade after her, overleveled it to 78, and OHKO’d Diantha’s MegaGardevoir with it.
Dialga will also exterminate you if given the chance. It has STAB access to Flash Cannon, is not weak against Fiend, and … do the math.
(Yes, I flip-flop between Fairy and Fiend when talking about that type.)

BTW, it probably should be noted that I didn’t ban anyone from this game.

It should also be noted that if Gardenia were to try boarding the Riftwalker, she would get exterminated. Punisher didn’t really get eaten because the fight was All Just A Dream, so Gardenia just wouldn’t have the stats to survive the attacks of everyone on the ship.

2/13/2016: Just noting that XY was a joke. If you have to grind at all, it’s for Viola. After that, getting the Experience Share sets you up for the rest of the game. Seriously, when I finished Victory Road my team was in the 68-69 range. For reference, the champion’s ace is level 68.

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That means I’m probably now kicking dragon ass

Screw you, Yiu. It hurts T_T

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brb hacking a TM DAZ can access so it contains Iron Head

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Just In Sign

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Originally posted by sebba:

Just In Sign


Reserve Sign

My name is Explorer. Internet Explorer.

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Just gonna say this now… when distributing power cards, you cannot give yourself any of them.

Mission 1: …uhh…

: Someone get Marisa in here. Maybe she stole a good story for this game.

: What about me?

: Okay, let’s hear what you have in mind.

Mission 1: Badass Blitzers Vs. the Robotic Pirate Ghosts

: You are the greatest and best mercenaries in the world! Whenever someone decides to be an asshat, you’re the first to respond and you make sure they never try to repeat their stunt! AKA you kill them.

Anyways! One day a quirky captain tells you to boot up your twin starships, go to planet Dromple, annihilate some robotic pirate ghosts, and reclaim many quadrillions of credits worth of stolen treasure!

After some quick reconnaissance, you have deemed the mission to be so easy that only three of you need to be sent to Dromple so you can kick some ass! Uh, I still have to sit this mission out anyways because I’m weak against their STAB Ghost moves.

: I think you’re missing the part where there are four spies amongst the ten player team.

: I was just about to get to that…

There’s just one catch! It seems like four of you are vulnerable to their possession technique, so you have to choose carefully in order to avoid a civil war.
Those four people are this game’s spies.

: Why are so many of them weak to Ghost moves if they’re the greatest and best—

: They’re the greatest and best mercenaries in the world because their current track record is 8998 missions accomplished, with zero missions failed, aborted, etc. etc. Maybe I should’ve mentioned that in the first paragraph of the briefing.
Anyways! I’ll give you kids until 12/12, 1 PM, MST to pick out three people to—

: Didn’t you say something about power cards when reading the rules?

: Oh, Bluji will have to hand out In the Spotlight, No Confidence, and Overheard Conversation to up to three players excluding himself. Then we can talk about building a three-man army and reminding the pirates that they all suck!

Mission 1
Captain: Bluji
On deck: dawn_to_dusk
Three people needed
Deadline: 12/12, 1 PM, MST
Power cards: In the Spotlight, No Confidence, Overheard Conversation

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Why does the starting captain always have to be the person directly after me ;-;

I believe you should randomly choose 3 and 3 people, both for the mission and the cards. (except ‘ItS’ should be for someone on the mission)

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Wait… 8998 win record… 3 wins to win the game… 8998+3=…

9001. Of course.

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EBWOP: Pressed Submit Reply too soon. Anyways, I support Kadleons idea because it’s how every resistance starts. It’s just how things work.

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1) What pros there are in RNGing the first mission?

2) What cons there are in RNGing the first mission?

3) What use do you find for the No Confidence power card?