The Kongregan Wars (quit dissrespecting this by refusing it - it's WAR.)

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Notes: Dude, get over it. for one, your condemnation, even if I’m abusive, only proves how much we’re enemies, and I cannot care whatsoever if you ban me.
Eden my eye… You wanted war, so live with it. Refuse this, my HONORABLE
method for such, and I will act on my profile.

There are only a few grounds I can accept for you to even refuse this rpg:
(1)Your no more than 15% an enemy of me, the old dev/Avadon.
(2)You are less than 15% caring/uncaring of the 1 game a week and permission laws for more fgf games.
(3)Your no more than 15% for nor against the nexus in the first place.
(4)Your less than 15% appreciative of the people on kongregate, and more than 85% in favor of kongregate itself.
(5)You have no clue who I am, or what the nexus is.

I ask for one decent post per day minimum, when your clearly active.

I will need just 2 more posts after this. Ninja this, and it will result in nexus
death when it becomes official. Further, close/delete this game for ANY reason,
other than it’s FULL FINISH, even if I’m the only one, and that will make me deliver on that situation in my sig. I don’t care you see this as foolish, and deserves to be in the writing section. It’s an RPG, like it or not. Live with it.

If you must CONDEMN, I will be the only flagger legal on this topic. That’s all.

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GRR… you leave me no choice on this.

1. Officially, you have no idea this game even exists. I’m resetting the nexus fully.
2. Let’s try to keep this fair and clean. For now, no power playing, Spamming, Godmodding, bringing up the nexus, and thereabouts.
3. As said above, if your active in a given day, please post at least once a day. Also, no exceptions to above.
4. Please, don’t encourage more laws. You know darn well I hate that.
5. This is WAR. I don’t care if you like it or not. if you have a problem with the things above, why don’t you abandon every game forever?
6. I will say what we locate. I’ve had run-inns about that. However, only the top kong admin can simulate the randomly located gate into kongregate itself, though I have a plot to
reveal just where it is later on…
7. Some people have an issue with ME playing my own games. DONT have an issue with this. That’s what this war is about.
8. OFFICIALLY, nobody knows this exists, but may play it. However, the people in this RPG have scientific proof that their reality is a connection between our RL games and existence.
9. Either you join or you leave. I’m sick and tired of your insolence over my honorable way to wage war. Opposition will be seen as a reason to interpret you as I see fit.

How to enter:

The plot is really just superficial. All you need is a character, explain your appearance and background, and go from there.
However… everybody’s development level is generally medieval status, except my empire, which has just taken to the stars, having just short of sci-fi status.

The plotline:

This is the war they asked for. Presently, it’s just a freeform reality where you can do whatever, not knowing anything about the connections, except that they exist.
Magics are widely unknown, due to the fact that not many believe in the supernatural side of the dimension, and those who do, often know that magincia is an enemy to the gods, forbiddens, and eternals that exist in the dimension for some reason.

What will come of the fate of this dimension? Only time will tell.

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You can enter now

Allen and Syllva

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 photo SciSold2.jpg


These two graduated at the top of their class, married, and had a dream about the future. Being the first people to actually command the delta force, their family was naturally born
leaders and tacticians. Due to this, they were the first space marine and pilot that ever achieved the legendry 5.0 gpa in the space academy. But due to their dreams, which they kept quite secret, their personal lives became troubled and problematic, though never with punishments.

They have just commissioned a spaceship and have but a few days time before they will be assigned to the craft. Their crew is looking forward to whatever adventure they will come
up with soon. However, many forces on their planet are apprehensive of a potential conflict with the religious forces, especially due to how advanced and well-developed they are in the first place. So, while open, the forces on the planet are a little suspicious of ‘outsiders’.

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Name: Alpharius (or is it Omegon? Or is it even Alpharius Omegon?)
Appearance: A man in a bluish colored set of armor with silver trim that occasionally looks like its blue parts are green at the right light angle, 7’2"… unknown skin color?
Background: Uhhh…you know…something about being a part of the empire in the stars…It’s complicated.

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Originally posted by GotterakaThing:

Name: Alpharius (or is it Omegon? Or is it even Alpharius Omegon?)
Appearance: A man in a bluish colored set of armor with silver trim that occasionally looks like its blue parts are green at the right light angle, 7’2"… unknown skin color?
Background: Uhhh…you know…something about being a part of the empire in the stars…It’s complicated.

Approved…. good luck. May rp on this.

Allen and Syllva

intro – Alderran Shipyards, Elite Residential Sector.

Allen: “What now? The same dream has been happening for nearly a week now, like it’s meant to be resolved.”
Syllva: “Who would believe that our destiny deals with Prometheus AND Magincia?”

Explanation: one of the odd things about their dreams is, no thanks to this ‘war’ is that ONLY they can see them. Not even the gods, forbiddens, and eternals can see it, let alone feel it for some unexplainable reason. And yet, whenever they talk of these weird dreams, even the religious people feel there is truth in their visions – usually. This is the translation of the ‘shroud’ law in this war.

Allen: “They would believe, all right, but just speaking of those cursed planets could get us a court marshal right there, if not some horrible form of death. You know we talked about
that already. But we may as well resolve it. I’m certain we’re not being tracked, especially with our reputation.”

Syllva: “Finally a ship. But weren’t we assigned to be part of the defense corps due to our high ratings? We are the top commanders of the elite spacefaring military division already.”

Allen: “We can be glad of that, I guess. But remember not to talk about those 2 planets. For now, we’re to investigate a nearby solar system for signs of an empire that seemed to
have been pleading for help. Trap or no trap, we need better interstellar relationships, even if religious tensions are extremely high.”

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Location: A town in the Alderran Empire, Town Hall.

…It’s complicated as to how crazily convoluted these cool attempts to control the town are. Within a few months, I had become a ruler of a small town. And it was all thanks to Omegon…uhhhhh…Alpharius I mean? Whatever. I’m glad with my followers mostly calling themselves Alpharius. Hell, some of them are even about the size of myself and still others wear copies of my armor. I even managed to take control of the distress signal and change it to something like"We are Alpharius, We are legion, We are one" and have that repeating over and over again just to mess with people trying to find out what the hell happened. Even I’m trying to figure out what happened…

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Delta Command
(this will be my usual for now…)

At Izar Spaceyards hangar #18, about 2 hours later. Timeline 010:00 planetary time.

Allen: “We’ve received your distress call and are sending a space fleet immediately. However, we have religious issues as we’re already extremely well developed technologically in
our present situation. Delta Squadron, Alderran Spaceyards, Commander Allen of the Solarians speaking. Please respond… if able to.”

Fortunately, they had reasonable translation technologies, and this language was quite easily converted. But the real problem came from Alpharius. Just then, a transmission involving one of the fringe colonies that was thinking about allying with the delta forces reported an occupation from Alpharius. Considering their level of development, it would take about 3 days for them to arrive at the main space yards in their society, which seriously lacked in an effective government presently, though officials were talking about becoming a technocratic society, and there were chances to greatly shorten it with a nearby society.


One of the officials reported that a nearby space fleet had picked up the signal from another planet, in a nearby solar system. It was likely that they would be just about to send a first contact team there, then report back. But the data was sorta misleading about it. They seemed to have long-distance communications, according to the data received, but it was unusually thick with bioflora, being a dense jungle planet with some deserts and unusual looking crystal oceans…

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Originally posted by drunkasawhale:

Not a fucking gain.

(auto-joined. I’m not friendly anymore… no warnings over opposition.)


 photo 207004.jpg

Another brawl of all things… They were modern, but at this rate, the tech forces in your squad would never salvage spaceflight on time. However, considerable headway was made in the area your squad was presently. You knew there was 3 bases that could still, combinded, not only re-develop the space program, but save the planet’s people from the elite death squads the overmind controlled in that place. Most, as you recalled, were slaves, but at least the whole planet was fully developed.

In addition to that, one of your solders had reported some serious security leaks, like the evil overmind was loosing his grip lately. Signs of 2 new resources: hydrites and arborium were being used in varying combinations against the overmind, from the safety of those bases. Now was the time for action, thus… Better yet, your team was the best sniper squad on the planet, and even seemingly impossible missions had been pulled off by your team. it was like destiny was on your side…

However, you had just 5 snipers in this modern-class sector, against a vastly advanced tech armada controlled by the overmind… And there was no way you would be brainwashed again… so surrendering was out of the question.

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(I meant what I say. If this closes, even if I’m the only one, I will take this further. Even if you purposefully try to make that happen, I care about my honor.)

Allen and Syllva

Location: S.S Jairon, just entering

Allen: “Now, listen up. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been having dreams for about a week now along with Syllva. After we investigate that other planet, I’m going to work on locating 2 rather controversial mythical planets in hopes of fulfilling the dreams that have besieged us.”
Sold4: “Is it the same controversial dream many of us know about, but don’t want to really talk about? Namely Promethius and Magincia?”
Allen: “You had the dream as well? Yes, it is those planets. Apparently, we’re being called for a legacy greater than just our own empire, but of the whole dimension.”
Sold9: “Damn… then that seals it. We are against the gods, forbiddens, and eternals. Sworn enemies of most religious forces.”
Allen: “How many of you have seen this dream?”
Sold8: “It’s on the news lately that just about everyone in our empire has had the same dream. Don’t worry, officials are keeping that secret safe for now.”
Allen: “So it’s quite safe to talk about it with our own officials… that’s good news. But presently, there’s only one thing we can do. We all know that there’s a distress signal coming from a nearby solar system. We must investigate, and possibly make some allies. That’s why we’re deciding to establish first contact with another society. They are expecting us to arrive in 3 days time, so let’s not disappoint them.”

The team entered the space cruiser, prepared for launch, then ventured out… 30 people were in the taskforce.

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Alpharius Omegon

“Thank you Alpharius,” I said to my adviser. “I shall send Alpharius, Alpharius, Alpharius Omegon, Alpharius, Alpharius, Alpharius, Omegon, Omegon Alpharius, and Omegon to take a group of ships and troops to land on that rock first and make a base there. Also, I want you to make sure that this planet is secured as well.” “Yes Alpharius.” My adviser said back as he started barking orders to get a fleet ready and have the troops ready. “Long have I waited for this moment.” I muttered to myself as I perused the battle map. I had people inside the space fleet, ready to rise up and take the ships over for our purposes. With only one push of a button, the rebellion would escalate.

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Delta Squadron

Just before they left, there was a delay. If there was one thing they had, It was security. Just as the shuttle began revving up it’s engines, reports came in from the agents that Alpharius was trying to overthrow their empire from within. Some of the newer recruits, clearly rookies, had blown their cover. Tensions were high enough, but it was clear that Alpharius would do everything to overthrow the delta brigade. Pondering this situation, Allen decided it was a forgone thing to control this planet for now. Giving the order for departure, the only forces that would be left would be Alph’s spies. There was little on this planet anyhow, save a moderate potential for their own spaceships, so they weren’t loosing too much – except the gate that was to be on this planet later on.

There were plenty of divided opinions where to venture to. There were plenty of possible areas, but they decided that the best area was the planets in the solar system where the
distress signal was. Signs indicated that one of the planets there had a forbidden, and a good one at that. But a few other places had quite a few ruins, perfect for hidden bases.

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Location: Unknown, It’s Complicated.

I soon got reports that some of the deranged people who thought they were really me and not someone just calling themselves “Alpharius”…or was it “Omegon”…? Either way, they blew their cover and were both arrested and quite possibly killed. My finger hovered over the button, but then I stopped. It was not time yet. Not by far. Or was it? I didn’t know. I could comprehend what would happen if I pushed the button. But no, it would be too early. “Alpharius to Alpharius, come in.” The radio crackled. I picked up the transmitter and said “This is Alpharius, what’s your status Alpharius?” “Everything’s going as planned, Alpharius. The planet will be ours very soon.” The radio crackled again. “Progress! Has the hostile fleet left?” I said. “Yes Alpharius. They’re going away for reasons unknown. But we have gleaned information about a gate that WAS supposed to be placed on this rock from a classified source of information.” The radio crackled yet again. “What kind of gate?” I asked. “I don’t know. But it seems very important, and by extension, this planet is very important. Alpharius out.” The radio stopped receiving transmissions. Now I had a few questions. What was this gate supposed to do? Why was this planet so important to the Alderran Empire? And just who the hell do they think we are?

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(bleh, I cannot just abandon this place, you know me…)

Answers that would take a very long time to be answered. But Omegon had some extremely classified information as well due to the situation. Just then, one of the officials reported that the squad was planning to venture to 2 rather dangerous planets: Promethius and Magincia – whereabouts unknown. And not just the usual versions either, but the ones rumored about in the legends.

Promethius, in the legends, was the planet that was in the center of the dimension. Anyone that was to visit there would cast the fate of everything existent. Magincia, in the legends, was one of the last known planets to weild the ancient arts. So… it implied they had a plan for utilizing the ancient arts in some way that would affect the whole dimension.

(ancient arts are magics.. and don’t bother asking, it must be earned in this rpg, VERY hard.)

However, to gain a fleet equal to theirs, it would take almost the whole planet, and even then, about 15 years to match them. They had been developing for quite some time, and it showed. Fortunately, there was a 98% likelihood those 2 planets were not in this galaxy.

Delta Corps

They would never discover the leak involving their plans to visit the 2 planets. It was due to how they had hastened the process. Realizing that risk, however, made them more careful with their preparations in this situation. At least the entire fleet, 2800 ships strong(not including fighters), numbering approximately 18 million people, was the largest spacefleet in the dimension presently. But the problem was that in hastening the process, the largest ships were only battleships, with the exception of Allen’s Capitol Warship.

Fortunately, they had the technologies to stay in space indefinitely, but their ships were slow, barely combat ready, and had virtually no pleasantries in this case, except their well-adapted fighters and bombers which would prove to be the most formidable assault force in the dimension.

It would take about 3 days to reach that new system.

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Location: Unknown, It’s Complicated.

It was time. Time to hit the button. If they were going after legendary planets, then it was going to be very serious. Since all myths are true to me, and I don’t trust a 98% chance of them not being in the galaxy, I had to hit the button. So I did. I pushed the button with a sheer amount of force that it went “Beep!” and transmitted a galaxy wide message. “1, 6, 4. 8, 8, 0. 7, 0, 4. 3, 9, 5. 3, 9, 5. 1, 6, 0.” The message repeated. It activated all of my sleeper agents and kick-started the rebellion. Arms and ship manufacturing companies and groups ceased production of their goods officially, but secretly shipped and produced their equipment for the rebellion. Gangs and police forces controlled by the sleeper agents took control of the various planets they were on. Rebels and sleeper agents blew up power plants and factories that weren’t loyal to the rebellion and weren’t of tactical importance. Entire regiments and divisions filled with or commanded by 5th columnists splintered away from the Empire’s armed forces, instead either supporting the rebellion or becoming neutral whilst taking the ships they were on with them.

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So… the gods were supporting Alpharius. It was the only logical conclusion. They may have not known the team’s opposition, and the delta forces didn’t realize this, but in the end, this would seal Alph’s fate with the delta forces. They would realize it once the gates would open – but NOBODY knew the ultimate destiny – just to kill all the gods, forbiddens, and eternals… Not even the delta forces knew that presently. For they were only given knowledge of the 2 planets that must be located for now, But the extent of Alph’s power was only a single galaxy presently – The one they both were at presently.

Unfortunately, not one of the fleet’s members were affected other than those defectors. All the key positions were still intact, somehow, no thanks to their security measures. Allen and Syllva were truly a credit to the stability of the fleet, and it showed. So, Alph just had connections to nearby planets, not the fleet…

Delta Forces – Allen and Syllva
day 2 of 3

Reports came in of more acts of terrorism and corruption, but few answers came to be. It was apparent that even some of the loyalists had gone against their own cores, as Allen and Syllva discovered rather efficiently. Fortunately, nothing bad came of these forms of corruption yet, but it was likely that there was defectors that would also try to gain more info about Delta’s Real plans. As they ventured to the nearby system, they located an asteroid belt, and decided to forgo mining operations there. They had to find a good place to hide, and it showed.

Allen: “I wonder what our destiny is. You know we have to make that gate, but what conjectures can you see?”
Syllva: “You should’ve read up on myths better. Think Astrea’s gate.”
Allen: “Bringing it back to that planet? I don’t think so. Once we set foot back there, so I suspect, they would try to kill us in a heartbeat.”
Syllva: “We have no choice. The gates in our dreams are our destiny. They must awaken. But there may be a way to placate them.”
Allen: “I doubt that. If they got a leak out involving the planets we are heading to, there is no way they would willingly let us do any major venture. They know that there’s that link between what’s called ‘kongregate’ and here. They may not know what it is, but any major fate here would reflect in who’s playacting them there.”
Syllva: “I wouldn’t be so certain. It seems that the one involving us is giving us quite a bit of freedom.”
Allen: “I don’t trust Alph very much. Don’t ask me why, but they have quite a few signs involving such. But at least we have 85% of the planet’s population in this fleet, and plenty of room to spare for more.”
Syllva: “We don’t have a choice. That gate must open first, and we must utilize it’s powers. Besides, we KNOW that the 2 planets are not in this galaxy. Others, it’s a 98% likelihood, but our fleet recalls better. Remember the ancient records that only we possess nowadays? This is not the center galaxy, and magincia would clearly have a higher concentration of mythical creatures in it’s galaxy.”
Allen: “I do. So it’s settled. Explore the system then head to Astrea’s Gate, facing the dragon in the legends.”

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Delta Forces – Allen and Syllva
Arrival – Volyntirian System

As they arrived, they were being hailed. "Humph. No offense, but anyone seeking such an epic adventure should be killed. We heard about your intents to locate Magincia and Prometheus. However, since you arrived here first, and since we’re too desperate to refuse, we will help you if you help us.

Clear the monsters on our planet, the one with the most ruins, and we will join you. But I warn you that these beasts are extremely large and powerful. The only reason we are
alive is because the animals deem the ruins sacred, and we are in a remote one. Do this, and we will show you where the destiny forbidden is in this system. Agreed?"

How could they refuse? It was an opening shut case. Better yet, if the destiny forbidden was here, that meant they would obtain a decisive edge in favor of their plans. So, they more than willingly agreed to the deal.

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Delta Forces – Allen and Syllva
The clearance

The bombers in the fleet made the mission possible. While quite uneventful, the pilots were glad of the diversion from their main goal of developing those gates. After about 2 hours on a bombing run, the majority of the threat monsters were cleared out, and the people in the base were rescued. It was a rather uneventful situation that put them ahead of the competition.

Gained 200 medical forces

Uryian: “I’m the leader of that base. We were assigned to medical research and development, focusing on biotech medicines. My name is Uryian. Thanks.”
Allen: “I don’t suppose that your against our project, and hello.”
Uryian: “Actually, I’m neutral of it, but most forces on the planet are against anything that deals with legendry planets and major events. Most people believe that tampering with the supernatural is meant to be forbidden, keeping the old ways intact.”
Allen: “I don’t blame you. But that’s part of the problem. Signs indicate that our goal is directly in opposition of the supernatural forces, as our signs indicate.”
Uryian: “Do you care for the preservation of life?”
Allen: “Yes, most of all. We would avoid any undue deaths and conflicts if we can help it.”
Uryian: “Ah, good, at least you don’t seem corrupt then. Anyhow, here’s the location.” He said, showing where…

visiting the destiny forbidden
35 minutes later…

Destiny: “So you arrive. But what’s this? It seems that some weird shroud keeps me from properly seeing your destiny, and I definitely don’t want to use my advanced power.
Permission to ‘look’ into your fate, then?”

Allen: “Hmm… granted, but only for my fleet.”
Destiny: “Much better. O-O What’s this? Aye, we were destined to be killed anyhow. My time is now. You heard right – killed.”
Allen: “Why must I kill you?”
Destiny: “I cannot see that yet. But your destiny is worse. The forces on your home world have turned against you, and they know about your destiny, at least partially. They know about the 2 planets that are to be visited, and have informed plenty of people. But… your fate is not doom yet. This galaxy, the only place that really knows, is no longer of use to
your society. Alderra may have the first gate, but that’s about it for now. So, your destiny is to cross thru Astrea’s gate.”
Des: “Now, here. You will need this destiny crest. It’s proof of your heritage over the dragon. Let’s just say that the dragon is another ‘wildcard’ in achieving ‘the plan’. It also will merge Alderra with the gate, but timing is key.” Destiny said, giving a special crest.
Allen: “What about killing you? I don’t want to execute that…”
Destiny: “I guess I can kill myself under your name…. but a word of advice. This is a war about honor and control. People reject this war unjustly, thinking they found eden, but in truth, they only care about their own laws and community nowadays. The maker really cares for the beliefs of not only himself but others as well. So, notice just how free he’s trying to make you be in this reality, and It will serve you well.”
Allen: “Thanks for willingly sacrificing yourself. I take it that I will discover the truth in promethius?”
Destiny: “If you make it there, yes. But farewell… Also, don’t forget to locate the Netherlands before taking on ‘the plan’….”

…. They left, glad that destiny was so willing.

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Alpharius Omegon?

Location: Unknown, It’s Complicated.

With the empire crippled harshly with little to no production, we had amassed multiple fleets and sent them out to patrol the territory we had acquired. Though the empire’s lapdogs think some of their key positions are safe, they aren’t. When the radio started crackling, I picked up the transceiver and answered “This is Alpharius, what is your status, Alpharius?” “Alpharius, they talk of heading to Astrea’s Gate.” My agent said over the radio. “And what does this supposed gate do?” I asked. “Apparently it leads to a place called…Kongregate.” The agent replied over the radio. “Sweet Imperator. If they enter the portal, who knows what would happen to the poor denizens inside?” I asked my agent over the radio. As I dreaded the answer, my agent said “They would become unknowing slaves of the empire. We must get to Astrea’s Gate and Prometheus first.” I said. “Yes Alpharius. Alpharius out.” My agent said over the radio and stopped transmitting. I turned to my admirals. “Have Alpharius, Omegon, Alpharius, Alpharius, Alpharius, Alpharius, Omegon Alpharius, and Alpharius Omegon rally some of our fleets to find Astrea’s Gate and Prometheus.” I ordered the admirals. “Yes Alpharius!” they shouted as they went to their radios and started ordering the expeditionary fleet to find Astrea’s Gate. I clasped my hands as I monitored the battle map. “Alpharius, can you send some more troops to the jungle planet we captured before we amplified the revolution?” I asked. “Yes sir, Alpharius. We are legion.” Alpharius said.

Expeditionary Fleet 20

Location: Near Astrea, in orbit.
Mission Time: 0844, shipboard time.
The fleet had arrived, and were orbiting the planet. “Omegon Alpharius, report.” Alpharius asked him. “Omegon Alpharius reporting in, Alpharius. The planet has been scanned, and we probably have a good lock on the supposed gate.” Omegon Alpharius said to Alpharius. “Good, I knew I could count on our new scanners.” Alpharius replied. “Should we do an orbital bombardment of the gate?” Omegon Alpharius asked. “Do it. Make the world burn.” Alpharius said, with a tinge of remorse. “If we have to deny the enemy their prize, we’ll do it by any means necessary.” Alpharius then ordered the ships to open fire on the planet. The shipmasters ordered the gunners to fire upon the planet in an attempt to either glass it or blow it to shreds.

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Originally posted by Nexus_Agent:

(nobody officially knows about that. It was a comment, not info. Also, you know what ‘Kongregate’ I’m talking about.)

(Alpharius has agents everywhere. And Alpharius…Omegon…or was it Alpharius Omegon? believes that all myths are real.)

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Originally posted by GotterakaThing:
Originally posted by Nexus_Agent:

(nobody officially knows about that. It was a comment, not info. Also, you know what ‘Kongregate’ I’m talking about.)

(Alpharius has agents everywhere. And Alpharius…Omegon…or was it Alpharius Omegon? believes that all myths are real.)

(edited… It’s likely that I may have a few other secrets I will keep to myself as well, but probably nothing too big here out…)

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Allen and Syllva
In the fleet, orbiting the systems there

What chance did the enemy have at reaching the gate first? Not even they knew where that thing was, and it required deep-space systems to get there as well. The best they could do was to make a cruiser designed for speed, and they would probably only just find the gate first. But this was a nagging concern.

Allen: “Do you know where Astrea’s Gate is?”
Uryian: “Yea. Where the remotest place of the galaxy is, the gate eminates, away from most societies. We used to have an observatory, but it was destroyed.”
Allen: “We probably shouldn’t do a direct path. If there’s anything we want to avoid, it’s conflict, at least for now. That, and our home planet is occupied by a tyrant that thinks we’re trying to instill control over the place the upper mortals call ‘Kongregate’, when really we are just trying to secure freedom for one person in particular and show how he seeks not control, but evolution.”
Uryian: “Freedom? Damn, that seals it. What else can you tell me?”
Allen: “He didn’t send too much dreams, really. That’s the apparent method for talking with us – for now. You know the full story now, and how we plan on heading to Astrea’s gate.”
Uryian: “Well, I’m glad we joined your society then. I sure hope we can get along with each other. It’s good to have such noble allies.”
Syllva: “We cannot afford to stall with that. It’s likely there are many insurgents that would find the place all too soon.”
Allen: “Your right… that leaves us no choice. The plan was to use Astrea’s gate on Alderra, then locate the legendry netherplanet, merging that as well – creating Darbenthia. This would net us a nearly invincible champion. Good thing we kept that old family secret safe…”
Syllva: “What about Alpharius?”
Allen: “He’s not in the lineage of the family. So, the most he could possibly know is that we are planning on using Astrea’s gate. I doubt he would suspect that we’re heading to necropolis as well… In fact, most people will think us crazy for even thinking about heading to that legendry planet of all places…”
Uryian: “Dang… that’s not going to be very easy to pull off. Is this an adventure of epic proportions?”
Allen: “It is. And I fear that we are just young enough to pull it off. Many of the officials agree with that perspective as well.”

To think the ones in this community thought that… too bad the shroud forbids that you properly know, and I dare not use the key, as I care for my sense of honor…
Take this blessing to keep this rp alive even if I’m the only one plz…

Ch#2: Astrea’s Gate

Explain: The gate has the power to enter every galaxy, emanating at the safest area in that galaxy from any dimensional disaster, but some galaxies are bound by cosmic keys, though nobody knows about that anymore. Unfortunately, Prometheus is bound by not just one but three keys, and not just any keys, but the legendry keys of wisdom, power, and might… and only the dragon knows this. (So sue me, that’s like Zelda… and yes, I liked that game.)

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(You forgot that there’s not only a rebellion going on, but the empire’s military suppliers have rebelled as well.)

Omegon Alpharius

Location: Unknown, It’s Complicated.

Ach. My informants keep telling me that my dreams are getting read by two hostile VIPs. I shall keep this brief…and keep ordering my admirals and generals.

L. Stillman

Location: In Allen and Syllva’s fleet, onboard their flagship.

I went to Allen and Syllva. I don’t know why, but I felt like giving a “tour” of the ship’s exterior to Allen and Syllva…via the airlocks. “Allen. Syllva. We’ve been compromised. Follow me. We’ve got to get off this ship.” I said to the two.

Flag Post

Allen and Syllva
There’s a reason why I ignore it. Tampering with any internal force will be seen as godmodding. Just be glad that I’m allowing you to have insurgents around the galaxy, that’s plenty enough allowance. Since you bring it up as well, I will be intolerant of anyone controlling my events either. Don’t worry, you will get plenty of chances to depose of me.

Allen: “You’ve forgot the level of security around the system. How could you forget the triple lock involving all the major systems?”
Syllva: “I sense this person to be a traitor. Think about our latest dreams.”
Allen: “O-O Your right. The only forbidden that was with our cause was destiny.”
Syllva: “But that means… we’re Dreamweaver’s. But how could we tell?”
Allen: “Something is helping us – it’s impossible, but that’s the only conclusion.”
Syllva: “Guards! Take this traitor away. It’s about time we used those medical facilities Uryian brought as well. Every last person must be checked for bugs and/or conditioning – Except Uryian. His dreams have been proven to be good.”

Uryian was not amazed at the request. After just a few hours, it was found that nearly 1/3 of the forces had been bugged, though not conditioned, and had they waited any longer, the entire staff’s purpose and legacy would’ve gone down the drain. As is, the only ones that were really untainted was all the security staff, as Syllva had dreamt long before now, but at least they had resolved the problem discreetly and covertly.


You know that the only medical faculties they have are controlled by Uryian now, however… But it’s apparent he’s by far too loyal now. What could’ve made him change?
I was going to deal with that once they had a little more development. The timing couldn’t have been more accurate in this case..
Lost a mere 15 people due to clear loyalty, but high-tier.
Luck has been horribly lost no thanks to the situation. Even the eternals are jinxing us now.
I’m generous with knowledge most of the time. Know that I’m a tactician over a warrior.

‘Proximity’ Opposition Chances:

Astrea’s gate is one of those chances.
It’s likely that they will see huge opposition from pirates and raiders soon enough.
Being strapped for ships and a taskforce, they are actually the only active fleet, but 1st in size – presently – for that. There are much larger fleets out there…
Due to above, you likely to have quite a few more chances to disrupt me.

Flag Post

Allen and Syllva
A couple days later…

Allen: “Blasted pirates. It’s a good thing those kineticore fighters are so advanced, and the pilots are well-trained from those ancient times.”
Syllva: “Something must be done about that. We cannot hold out indefinitely against such attacks. What if more advanced pirates arrive? It’s rather likely.”
Allen: “I’ve checked the ancient databanks for anyone that would serve our cause. Guess which race I discovered.”
Syllva: “The Arzarians? I doubt any of them still follow the old code of conduct of always helping the ones that need it the most.”
Allen: “You know how they are sticklers for the old traditions, and how well they did in that ancient war. It’s our only real hope for allies. Remember how we were the empire to actually free them from slavery, and the delta project? Not only did it save them, but us on several occasions. To this day, many empires are still jealous of our security potentials.”
Syllva: “Tally one up for your uncanny ability to look up the ancient records… I guess we have little choice then.”

later, at an Arzarian colony

Arz Sentry: “Halt! Identify yourself!”
Syllva: “ID signature 88412133 of the 4th tier ancient archives. We have class Omni#A1 Dreamweaver leaders. Goal: Prometheus and Magincia.”
Arz Sentry: “Then prove your the destined dream weavers. Once chance.”
Syllva: “Your being forced to give up the old ways of always helping the ones who need it the most.”
Arz Sentry: “Damn… and we had orders to destroy a fleet bearing your signature as well without giving any parley whatsoever.”
Syllva: “It’s good to see that some Arzarians still follow the old, noble ways. Even our immediate situation is rather desperate. Too many pirate attacks.”
Arz: “You may dock, but do it discreetly. By our sensors, your in a desperate situation for better weapons and thrusters. But we will only help under one condtion.”
Syllva: “The legend? As in, restore access to Astrea’s Gate? We wield the prime destiny crest. We will gladly approve if so.”
Arz: “It’s good that your one of the few forces to still have the ancient records. Most forces destroyed those records just because of the gods, forbiddens, and eternals.”
Syllva: “But can we really still trust your empire?”
Arz Sentry: “I’m a descendant of the Izanith family. There’s few left of us, and we are unpopular, but the arzarian forces still remember the loss of the astral gate, and would pay almost any cost, even our species, to reclaim it. With the fleet in the legends staring us in the face, I’m certain it will be all too easily negotiated.”

Chance for an assassin… but expect Allen to foil it.
You CANNOT know about ‘dream weavers’ – sorry. That would only fuel the enmity, wouldn’t it?
You, the enemy, are getting kydextrians later, a better insect race. Arzarians are more life oriented, while kydextrians are more power oriented. But don’t be fooled, Arzarian engineers are a whole lot better than kydextrian forces due to their more open education.