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BCLEGENDS is the co-host of this game. Unless I say otherwise, you must do as he says. He has the authority to decide the results of your actions in this game.

The main game thread is here.

A list of all player characters can be found here.

A list of all rooms in Telerius’s realm can be found here.

A list of all currently available arenas can be found here.

A list of all currently available dungeons can be found here.

If you have any ideas for arenas or dungeons, please tell me. More ideas are always welcome.

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As you slowly return to wakefulness, you only feel confusion. This is not where you have last fallen asleep.

The surface beneath you feels cold, hard, and flat. The ceiling above you is entirely unfamiliar. Wherever you are, you have not been here before; not have you ever seen before anything like the spacious room around you.

But strangely, your body does not feel hurt or uncomfortable in the slightest. You feel almost better than ever. In fact, you feel a power surging within you, a power that words cannot quite accurately describe; it feels both new and familiar.

Then you see it. Somewhere on your body, there is now a tattoo of pulsating and faintly luminescent colors, its intricate lines and shapes almost mesmerizing to your eyes. You don’t know exactly how, but you can quite easily feel that the beautiful tattoo is the definitive source of your newfound power.

And there are others around you, each of them equally disoriented and confused. Each of them with a similar tattoo somewhere on his or her body.

“Welcome to my domain, mortals,” you suddenly hear a male voice speak. Turning around, you see what seems to be a young man standing atop a massive dais some distance away from you. Though he appears human, his extravagant purple and gold body armor and cloak is unlike anything you’ve seen in any country or historical era… and his cold indigo eyes seem to pierce into your very soul. “You have been given power,” the man continues, “the power to conjure and command entities unlike anything else in your world. I have chosen you among the billions of your kind for a specific purpose. Fulfill my expectations, and you will be rewarded with even greater power, as well as the freedom to use your power in any manner you desire. I hope I will not be disappointed.”

Your mind races. You may not know exactly what is going on, but one thing is clear… Your life has just gotten a lot more complicated and interesting.

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Elements, Emblems, and Entities Oh, My

In this RP, the player characters are ordinary humans from a fictional version of modern Earth, who have been abducted by a mysterious godlike being. The godlike being, who calls himself Telerius Logian, has given each player character an “Elemental Emblem”, taking the form of a tattoo somewhere on the character’s body. The Emblem greatly strengthens its user’s physical capabilities, and allows the user to use what can only be described as magic. But more importantly, the Emblem reacts with its user’s soul to produce an Elemental Entity, a mythical creature with incredible powers, as well as its own intellect and personality. Through combat experience, cooperation with its master, and character development in general, an Entity will grow stronger, and unlock new abilities and forms. The godlike being, Telerius, intends to train the player characters to develop the strongest Entities possible, for his own unknown purposes.

Each Entity constantly maintains a telepathic contact with its master, through which they can talk and share thoughts, emotions, and sensory information. An Entity has its own free will, and is thus not compelled to always obey its master… but its master is also the source of its power. As such, an Entity and its master must learn to work together if they wish to become stronger. The master can summon or unsummon his or her Entity at will, potentially against the Entity’s will (though doing anything against the Entity’s will is not recommended). When not summoned, the Entity exists as a mental image in its master’s mind that can telepathically communicate with its master.

Each Emblem possesses two elements, out of the ten elements available to players. Do note that some elements may have certain overlaps on the types of things they can influence and create. For example, the Water and Chemical elements can both affect a liquid slime, and the Chemical and Plant elements can both produce poisons. The two elements of an Emblem may be different, or they may be the same. The order of the two elements doesn’t matter (e.g. Fire/Metal is the same as Metal/Fire).
Fire: The element of plasma, heat, and combustion. Very strong against Plant, slightly strong against Earth.
Water: The element of water, coldness, and ice. Very strong against Fire, slightly strong against Air.
Electric: The element of electricity, magnetism, and energy. Very strong against Water, slightly strong against Metal.
Chemical: The element of toxicity, corrosion, and chemicals. Very strong against Metal, slightly strong against Water.
Air: The element of wind, gases, and kinetic force. Very strong against Earth, slightly strong against Plant.
Earth: The element of rocks, crystals, and minerals. Very strong against Electric, slightly strong against Chemical.
Plant: The element of plants, growth, and nature. Very strong against Chemical, slightly strong against Electric.
Metal: The element of metals, alloys, and machinery. Very strong against Air, slightly strong against Fire.
Light: One of the “fantastical” elements, not really corresponding to anything in real life. This element resembles “white magic” found in many fantasy works, and uses the altruism in one’s psyche to heal, strengthen, cleanse, and smite. However, this element is not inherently good. Very strong against Dark.
Dark: The other “fantastical” element, not really corresponding to anything in real life. This element resembles “black magic” found in many fantasy works, and uses the selfishness in one’s psyche to harm, weaken, drain, and corrupt. However, this element is not inherently evil. Very strong against Light.
Divine: This is the only element that isn’t initially available to players. It is not clear what this element does, but Entities with this element do appear to be able to use more than two elements… And Entities with this element are always incredibly powerful.

Here is a picture of all the elemental strengths and weaknesses, and click here to see explanations for these strengths and weaknesses:

Elemental Emblems are divided into “tiers”. Fewer copies of higher-tiered Emblems exist, and an Entity made from a higher-tiered Emblem is very, very slightly more powerful and versatile than an Entity made from a lower-tiered Emblem, in the beginning, due to elemental resonance or something. This difference is small enough that it’s barely noticeable and can be overcome easily by skill and tactics, and will disappear altogether once the Entities grow and become stronger. The availability of Emblems is on a first come, first served basis, except the Light/Dark Emblem, which will only be given to the player whom I see as the best writer and roleplayer. The Emblems and their availabilities are listed below.

Tier 1:
- “Chaotic” Emblem: Light/Dark (1/1).

Tier 2:
- “Antipodal” Emblems: Fire/Water (2/2), Electric/Chemical (0/2), Air/Earth (2/2), Plant/Metal (1/2).
- “Pure Angelic” Emblem: Light/Light (2/2).
- “Pure Demonic” Emblem: Dark/Dark (2/2).

Tier 3:
- “Pure” Emblems: Fire/Fire (3/3), Water/Water (3/3), Electric/Electric (3/3), Chemical/Chemical (2/3), Air/Air (3/3), Earth/Earth (3/3), Plant/Plant (2/3), Metal/Metal (3/3).
- “Angelic” Emblems: Light/Fire (1/3), Light/Water (3/3), Light/Electric (3/3), Light/Chemical (2/3), Light/Air (2/3), Light/Earth (3/3), Light/Plant (3/3), Light/Metal (3/3).
- “Demonic” Emblems: Dark/Fire (3/3), Dark/Water (3/3), Dark/Electric (3/3), Dark/Chemical (3/3), Dark/Air (3/3), Dark/Earth (3/3), Dark/Plant (2/3), Dark/Metal (3/3).

Tier 4:
- “Normal” Emblems: Fire/Electric (4/4), Fire/Chemical (3/4), Fire/Air (4/4), Fire/Earth (4/4), Fire/Plant (4/4), Fire/Metal (3/4), Water/Electric (3/4), Water/Chemical (3/4), Water/Air (3/4), Water/Earth (4/4), Water/Plant (4/4), Water/Metal (3/4), Electric/Air (3/4), Electric/Earth (4/4), Electric/Plant (4/4), Electric/Metal (2/4), Chemical/Air (4/4), Chemical/Earth (4/4), Chemical/Plant (4/4), Chemical/Metal (4/4), Air/Plant (4/4), Air/Metal (3/4), Earth/Plant (4/4), Earth/Metal (4/4).

There are 181 Emblems in total.

Also, do note that an Entity’s appearance and abilities are dependent on its master’s soul. So if two people use the same elemental combination, they will produce two completely different Entities. Even if you win an Emblem from another user (see the Gameplay section for details), you will still produce an entirely different Entity, rather than the same Entity that the previous owner of your new Emblem had.

As each Entity grows and becomes stronger, it will unlock new and more powerful forms. Those forms will be listed here as they’re revealed in-game.

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The plot of the game will be divided into two “phases” that alternate.

In the game’s main phase, the player characters and their Entities are kidnapped to Telerius’s unnamed dimension, and forced to either team up with one another to fight against monsters in a survival round, or fight against one another in an arena round, to train and become stronger. Telerius claims that he will let the player characters go free after they help him achieve his currently unknown goals.

In a survival round, a few player characters must agree to form a group, and choose a “dungeon” from the list of available ones in Telerius’s main hall. After making that choice, the group will be teleported into the dungeon. Different dungeons have different layouts, environmental effects, and monsters, as well as different completion objectives, including but not limited to: defeating all monsters, defeating a specific monster, reaching the dungeon’s end, locating an item in the dungeon, and surviving against endless waves of monsters for a certain duration. Aside from the combat experience gained from these dungeons, sometimes players will be awarded with new Emblems.
A list of currently available dungeons can be found here. If you have any ideas for dungeons, tell me.

Player characters can also challenge one another to arena rounds. Before the arena round, all characters involved must agree on the battle’s conditions, including the victory condition, how many Entities each player must use, which arena it takes place in (different arenas may have different environmental effects), and what the victors get. In the simplest 1-vs-1 battle (no, battles do not have to be 1-vs-1), the loser will give one of his or her Emblems to the winner. Arena battles are the only ways player characters can win or lose Emblems. However, if one arena battle is deemed unfair by Telerius, he will declare it a tie instead.
A list of currently available arenas can be found here. If you have any ideas for arenas, tell me.

In PvE (player versus environment) battles, the outcomes of your actions are determined by either me or this game’s co-host, BCLEGENDS. For example, suppose you throw a fireball at an enemy monster; I will decide whether the fireball hits and how much damage it does, based on your character’s power and skill. You cannot determine the outcomes of your actions by yourself. In PvP (player versus player) battles, two players may contact one another ahead of the time to determine the battle’s results, but if they don’t do that then the battle will be parsed like PvE battles.

There are some rules regarding when and how player characters can challenge one another.
- If a player only has one Emblem left, he or she is in an “endangered state”.
- An un-endangered player can challenge another un-endangered player, but the second player has the right to refuse.
- An endangered player can challenge another endangered player, but the second player has the right to refuse.
- An un-endangered player cannot challenge an endangered player.
- An endangered player can challenge an unendangered player, and the un-endangered player does not have the right to refuse.
- If an endangered player loses to an un-endangered player, the endangered player will not lose his or her only remaining Emblem, regardless of the battle’s terms.
- Every player must participate in at least one arena round within a time limit. Otherwise, the player will be forced to accept the next person to challenge him or her. If that player is not challenged by any other player, he or she will be challenged by one of Telerius’s subordinates.
- Any player can challenge Telerius or one of his subordinates at any time.
- If a player has no more Emblems remaining, he or she will be eliminated. That player will regain his or her freedom, but will be forced to leave Telerius’s realm and never to return. However, if a player tries to lose on purpose for the sake of regaining freedom, Telerius will simply declare the match a tie instead.

If you’re eliminated, it is recommended that you make a new character, if you want to continue playing.

After each round, all injuries will be healed by the magic of Telerius and his subordinates. If an Entity is seemingly killed, it will simply regenerate from its master’s Emblem after an extended period of rest, at no penalty. However, player characters are strictly forbidden from killing one another. Accidentally killing another player character will result in immediate elimination, and intentionally killing another player character will result in Telerius killing your character without mercy; he can read your character’s mind to determine if the killing was intentional.

If you lose one of your Emblems, then that Emblem’s Entity will become an “Eidolon”. An Eidolon will retain its former memories and personality, but otherwise only exists in its master’s mind as a mental image. It can telepathically communicate with its master, but cannot physically manifest or affect the world in any other way. And if an Eidolon does not continue to maintain a strong mental connection with its master, it will gradually fade away until it ceases to exist. There are three possible ways to return an Eidolon to normal.
1. You can win back your Eidolon’s Emblem, or obtain another Emblem that has the same elements. Then you can manifest your Entity again like normal.
2. If you obtain a new emblem whose elements are different from your Eidolon’s, you can choose to project your Eidolon onto your new Emblem and manifest it through that. If you do this, your Eidolon will become a new Entity, with the same memories, but likely a slightly different personality and appearance, and certainly a different set of elements and abilities.
3. If you continue to strengthen your mental bond with your Eidolon despite not manifesting it again through either of the two methods above, maybe something good will happen to your Eidolon… However, pulling this off is quite difficult. The exact details of this will not be revealed until it actually happens in the game.

Even if you lose all Emblems and are eliminated, your Entities will still remain in your mind as Eidolons. You may not be able to participate in survival or arena rounds again, but you are still free to attempt #3 above, when you’re back home at Earth.

In the game’s freedom phase, after the main phase, the player characters will be temporarily sent back to their homes on Earth. During this phase, they may do whatever they want, and use their newfound abilities in any way they wish while on Earth. However, after a few days, Telerius will contact the player characters again, and forcibly bring them back to his world for another main phase. This cycle will repeat itself until Telerius’s goals are reached.

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To avoid possible disputes, there are a few rules in this game that must be obeyed at all times. Breaking one of the rules for the first two times will only result in a warning, but breaking a rule a third time will result in you being banned from this game.

-2. All Kongregate rules apply. Obviously.

-1. Do not respond to anyone who is attempting to derail this thread, or the main game thread. Flag and move on.

0. I am always right. I am allowed to break any of the rules after this one because I am the GM. Don’t even try to argue with me or twist the rules and use them against me, because I am always right. You can ask me to re-evaluate a decision, but ultimately I always get the final say. If I say a discussion is finished, it is finished; attempting to argue further is breaking this rule and you know what that means.

1. Don’t be a jerk. Try not to do anything that may possibly cause anyone to spit profanity at you. That includes but is not limited to killing, controlling, maiming, depowering, or doing anything unpleasant to another player’s characters without the player’s permission, or derailing the characters’ subplots. If a dispute occurs, try to resolve it via PM. If that doesn’t work, PM me.

2. All posts can be edited. If a conflict occurs, one or both sides will have to edit their posts. If I tell you to edit one of your posts, you have to. If you refuse to do so, your post will be declared invalid, non-canonical, and will be ignored by everyone else; responding to such invalidated posts also counts as breaking this rule.

3. Don’t be overpowered. If I spot your characters doing something they should not be capable of doing, you must edit your post. Otherwise your post will be considered invalid; retcons will be used if necessary. There will be a more detailed list of what I consider to be overpowered in the Signature Abilities sub-section of the Character Sheet section.

4. Only one character (plus his or her Elemental Entities) is allowed per account. There is nothing stopping you from making multiple characters using alts, but try not to go overboard. At most, three characters should be enough for anyone. I am exempt from this rule as I will be controlling many NPCs that are vital to the plot. You can create NPCs of your own, but if they become important enough then I may ask you to write a character profile for them and transfer them to an alt, turning them into full-fledged player characters. Yes, alts must be used; this is to discourage people from making too many characters.


Banned List

0. Everyone in my ForumMute list. If I can’t see your posts, you obviously can’t play my game. No, I’m not going to put my ForumMute list here, as that might derail the thread.

1. Gonkeymonkey.

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Character Sheet

All sections of this sheet must be filled out, and please do try to be detailed; people are supposed to be able to refer to your character sheet if some things are unclear in the game. Your characters must be approved by me before your posts can be considered valid. Also, BCLEGENDS, the game’s co-host, has the power to reject character sheets. So if he tells you that a part of your character sheet isn’t acceptable, you must change it, unless I tell you otherwise.

Please remember to update your character sheet whenever any changes to your character have been made!

This is the character sheet for your human character. As I said above, one character per account.

Name: Self-explanatory. Put aliases, nicknames, and titles here too if you want, but please do make it clear which is your character’s main name.

Gender: Self-explanatory. Includes all possible variations on human gender, e.g. intersexual, asexual, transsexual. Note that this indicates biological gender; things like gender identity go in the Personality section.

Age: Self-explanatory. Remember that your character is human, so his or her age must be reasonable by human standards.

Appearance: Self-explanatory. Please describe both your character’s physical appearance and his or her clothes.

Personality: You can flesh out your character as you roleplay along, but it’s still a good idea to give a general description of his or her personality. If you don’t know what to put, think about virtues, vices, intelligence, temperaments, religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs, sexual orientation, quirks, habits, etc.

Skills: What mundane skills does your character have? Examples include but are obviously not limited to singing, cooking, and martial arts.

Emblems: What Elemental Emblems does your character have? If your character has multiple copies of Emblems of the same elements, please list each one separately. Remember that your character only starts out with one Emblem. Having an Emblem allows your character to use magic of its elements; having more Emblems of any element increases your skill, but not power, in using that element. Each Emblem also passively increases all of your physical capabilities. Your physical capabilities, as well as the raw power of your magic, will increase as your Entity becomes stronger.

Biography: Briefly explain your character’s life before the game began.

This is the character sheet for one of your character’s Elemental Entities. As your character gains more Emblems, you must make a character sheet for each of your character’s Entities. Your character’s first Entity is expected to be as detailed as your character, but any subsequent Entities do not have to be as detailed.

This character sheet does not have Age or Biography sections, since an Entity is created when your character first obtains an Emblem.

Name: Self-explanatory.

Gender: Self-explanatory. Note that Entities are not limited to human genders; some of them may have genders that are entirely outside the human male-female spectrum.

Elements: What are this Entity’s elements? Remember, two elements per Entity.

Base Form: What type of creature, in real life or fiction, does your Entity resemble? This is only a very general description so that people can get a basic gist of what your Entity is like. If your Entity is some kind of alien thing that doesn’t resemble anything in real life or fiction, put “N/A”.

Appearance: Self-explanatory. Your Entity may have a “social” form that looks very close to human, but its battle form should at least have some non-human features. Your Entity’s appearance should reflect what elements it has, but its color schemes are not constrained based on element. For example, things like blue fire and neon pink lightning are entirely plausible.

Personality: Self-explanatory. Your Entity’s personality can be less complex than the personality of a human. Its personality should also be at least tangentially related to some aspect of its master’s personality, since the Entity is created from a part of your character’s soul. For example, your Entity may be your inner rage manifested, or it may be your conscience and voice of reason.

Signature Abilities: Your Entity has general control and creation of its elements, but it also has its own distinct fighting style, strengths, and weaknesses. For example, one Fire/Earth Entity may be a lava golem who pummels enemies with superheated melee attacks, while another Fire/Earth Entity may be a crafty goblin who tosses bombs that deal massive splash damage at range. Please describe your Entity’s fighting style here, and give a list of abilities that it frequently uses.
Before thinking of abilities, you should take a look at the first few paragraphs of this thread, so you know what abilities are overpowered and unacceptable in this game. If it’s too long, then just keep these two things in mind:
1. Nothing is absolute. If it exists, it can be countered by something.
2. Effectiveness is proportional to the difference in power. Clever tactics can get you far, but your abilities aren’t going to be very effective on an opponent that is overwhelmingly stronger than you.
At any point in the game, I can choose to nerf or otherwise change any of your Entity’s abilities in any way I want for any reason. Even if you somehow manage to convince me that your Entity’s ability isn’t overpowered, get the ability accepted, then use the ability in an overpowered way that I haven’t foreseen, I’m going to nerf that ability immediately, and retcon certain events in the game if necessary. So don’t even think about trying to munchkin in my game.
Please do realize that having more abilities does not make your Entity more powerful. Your Entity’s raw power level is independent of its abilities, but determines how effective these abilities are. Your Entity’s raw power level will increase as it gains more combat experience.

Due to textile breaking down, I had to put the list of characters in a Google Doc here.

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Signing. Can’t wait to see how this plays out, Blood_Shadow.

Name: Catherine “Sparky” Vulpes

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Catherine stands at 5’3" and is relatively thin with some muscle on her frame. Her shoulder-length brown hair is tied into a simple ponytail, freeing up her brown eyes and forehead. An orange and neon green diagonal striped t-shirt pops out from under her open yellow jacket. White shorts end just above the knee, exposing a good portion of her legs. Plain, white sneakers are worn, along with white socks ending with two yellow stripes near the top.

Personality: She is anti-social, and perfers to keep away from others. If forced into conversation, she will try to find a way out of it. If she does speak with others, it is mostly curt. If she does not dissuade the speaker, she just goes with the conversation while feigning interest.

She has a slight temper when things do not go her way, but when she realizes, she calms down. Seeing others injured sparks fear and hesitation in her, despite her cool attitude. Lastly, she is irreligious, not caring for or believing in any higher power.

Skills: She is good in physical activities requiring finesse. The majority of her proficiency is in gymnastics and racquet sports liked tennis and badminton, and hobbies like sewing.

Emblems: Air/Electric

Biography: Her early life was relatively carefree. In school, she focused on trying to best others scores on tests and exams. She got top score most of the time, but was not perfect in the least. Whenever she beat others, it was only by a few percentage most of the time. She even joined most of the sports she could and committed herself to doing her best. Doing this to try to making others view her as a outstanding person, but the other students did not see it as that, but rather as her being a show-off.

Her life slowly came crashing down around her as she grew up, leading to her living a unsociable life.

Name: Cunsune

Gender: Male

Elements: Air/Electric

Base Form: Fox that floats.

Appearance: Mostly likes its battle form when around others, and social form when alone with Catherine.

Social Form: Most often presents itself as a floating, relatively young, fit man with blonde hair with a long yellow robe that exposes a good portion of his chest. The ends of the robe fade into a white swirl shape. Sharp fangs can be seen out of the corner of his mouth when he smirks.

Battle Form: Looks relatively like a fox, whose fur is mostly white progresses to be a faint yellow colour near the tips of each hair. Floats in the air, and sometimes ends up spinning around in the air for fun. Sharp claws on the feet and golden eyes give it a slightly off-putting look. The gold eyes brighten when he is experiencing joy.

Personality: Being almost certainly eccentric, Cunsune likes to mess around in everything and most often cannot focus on something besides fighting for long periods of time. When he is bored, he thinks of new ways to keep entertained. He has a calm side, but does not show it infront of Catherine during his battle form.

Signature Abilities: He focuses on agility, dodging and hitting quickly. His melee attacks are forceful, while his ranged attacks are weak but can be used in numbers.

Disperse – Split into nine, smaller versions of Cunsune. Abilities are weakened in this state, but they are harder to hit. Each Cunsune communicates with each other constantly during this phrase. When one is shot down, he returns to Catherine’s soul, slowly recovering but they cannot be resummoned individually. When all Cunsunes are unsummoned, Cunsune can be resummoned whole. If any were damaged, the remaining can be unsummoned and resummoned as a single Cunsune, but the Cunsune formed will be proportionally weaker. Lastly, if multiple were already unsummoned due to damage, they retain an ability to talk with the others and Catherine.

Electric Spiral – While spinning around the enemy at a quick speed, he shoots lightning from his mouth in the inside of the generated circle.

Enveloped Claws – Wrapping his paws in electricity, he gives whatever ever they touch a shock that transfers to the target. The claws have more concentrated shocking power.

Current Shot – Drawing electricity from his body, he runs it towards his nose, where an orb is generated above the tip. The orb grows quickly in size before gradually slowing down. Upon thrusting his snout forward, the orb is released at a speed that is roughly similar to the thrust. Travelling for a short distance, the orb splits into many seperate, small orbs. The shots burst on contact, but the bursts dissipate after a short distance.

Air Cut/Air Slash – Swinging his paws, he sends a narrow, but nonetheless sharp, wave of wind at the target.

Wind Tackle – Cunsune speeds up and rams straight at the enemy with paws outstreched. On contact, he bounces off the enemy. He may also spin midflight to correct his course or crudely dodge incoming attacks.

- Spiral Tackle – Rushing towards the enemy, Cunsume spins rapidly to stabilize the flight to focus on hitting the enemy with speed. The lack of adjustment is crippling for this move, but he can stop midflight.

Shock Tackle – Beginning similarly to Wind Tackle, Cunsume charges but cloaks himself in electricity also. When he lands, he claws the enemy with both charged forepaws before boucing off.

Polarization – Cunsune can grant a charge to metal that comes in contact with Cunsune. Larger metal has a harder time being polarized.

Shock and Awe – Creating arching sparks around Cunsune, they burst after a few seconds to produce tiny blasts of light. If the sparks come in contact with something, they burst sooner.

Tail Tornado – Spinning the tail around above its body, Cunsune generates a small windstorm around it, drawing in dust, wind and various small, airborne debris.

Google Doc containing Maternex’s info.

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Sweet. R4Sign

Name: Eric Levine “Shadow” [Time for a change. kind of.]

Gender: Male.

Age: 16

Looking like a young, lanky teenager at just 1.6 meters tall, Eric actually hides many grisly experiences and a lot of maturity inside. Eric has black, short army style hair, with green, acidic pools for his eyes. Eric dons a pair of stylish sunglasses and wears a black, baseball cap, allowing him to be more inconspicious. Eric also usually wears a black leather vest and a cotton shirt. On his two feet are black sport shoes, with a green stripe running through them.

[Hey, I’m lazy as heck. Sue me.]

Good at communicating with others, Eric believes in his own religion – Man was God. Eric tries to do everything alone, except for gaming – of course, you needed a skilled party to dominate. Eric is great at strategizing, knowing what he should do and being able to counter most of other’s strategies – this was what made him so good at RTS games. He was attuned to helping others, often giving a helping hand where it was needed, especially to his good friends.

Eric is good at strategizing – he is great at RTS games. Eric also enjoys chess, being somewhat good at it. Eric is somewhat mediocre in sports, but he can at least kick a ball, and beat most of his friends in badminton.

Emblems: Chemical/Dark

Always the odd one out of a bunch and something of a nerd, Eric lost his parents at the young age of six – he was then brought up by two, loving, kind foster parents. He went to school, like an ordinary kid, played RTS games all the time. Pretty much acted like your typical nerd. Eric got his pocket money from ad.fly websites, earning about a hundred a month. During school, he got pretty good grades, but was somewhat of a truant – thanks to his grades, he wasn’t kicked out by his school.

Name: Viper (Unoriginal? Sue me.)

Gender: Netherdrake

Elements: Chemical/Dark

Base Form: Small sized wyvern

Appearance: Usually is in battle form, but when with his master or other wyvernlike entities, will enter social form.

Social Form:
Becomes slightly smaller, and starts gliding.

Battle Form:
Viper takes on a more viperlike shape, and becomes longer and bigger – his wingspan also increases. Pretty much like a tiny dragon.

Different from the other netherdrakes, Vi[er enjoys protecting. Protecting anything, in fact. In this case, Viper has taken to Shadow – anyone that poses harm to him, gets poison in the eyes. Apart from that, Viper is friendly to other wyvernlike entities, and enjoys making friends with them.

Signature Abilities:
Viper is usually more of a teamfighter, as he is easy to be burst down when alone. Viper fights by spitting balls of poison at his enemies. Without ever stopping. Until Viper runs out of poison, of course.

Poison Orb
Viper intensifies his venom, making his poison into powerful orbs – his inborn toxic breath quickly drains the vitality of those afflicted, damaging them over a long period of time.

Viper’s Strike
Shooting multiple balls of poison out at once, Viper slows the targeted enemy’s movement while also dealing poison damage over time. The slowing effect reduces over the duration of the poison, but by then, the enemy will be weakened enough to be finished off by Viper’s Nethertoxin.

Corrosive Skin [Passive]
Viper exudes an infectious toxin that damages and slows any enemy that damages it. The acid exudate also increases Viper’s resistance to spells.

Nethertoxin [Passive]
Viper’s poison turns wounds into fatalities, and fatigue into death. His poison saps an enemy’s power, turning it into his own power, enabling the poison to overpower an enemy.

[A cookie if you guess where the skills came from.]

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This is my character, Telerius Logian, the mysterious godlike being who has abducted the player characters and given them their Emblems.

Name: Telerius Logian.

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown.

Appearance: Telerius appears to be a Caucasian man in his early twenties. His skin tone is slightly paler than the average Caucasian male. He is 175 cm tall, and has a lean physical build that isn’t too skinny. His face is rather handsome, but looking at his facial expressions tends to give off the feeling that he is a lonely, introverted individual who does not like to socialize or associate with crowds of people. He has short, messy, straight dark brown hair, and indigo eyes; those eyes are more often than not rather cold and soul-piercing.
Telerius wears a set of form-fitting, somewhat futuristic and robotic-looking, extremely elaborate full body armor and cloak, in purple and gold. On its chest is Telerius’s symbol, a standard eight-point sunburst, except the four diagonal points point inward, into the center of the sun disk.
Normally, all of Telerius’s Emblems in tattoo form are invisible, unless he specifically wills them to become visible. The locations of these tattoos are listed below.
Divine/Divine: Forehead.
Divine/Fire: Right arm.
Divine/Water: Left arm.
Divine/Electric: A jagged scar-like diagonal line from right shoulder to left hip.
Divine/Chemical: Ring around neck, with wavy lines seeping down to shoulders.
Divine/Air: Heart.
Divine/Earth: Right leg.
Divine/Plant: Ring around waist, with vines creeping up to the rest of abdomen.
Divine/Metal: Left leg.
Divine/Light: Wing shapes on shoulder blades.
Divine/Dark: Stylized vertical line along spine.

Personality: Telerius’s personality is largely a mystery. When interacting with those he kidnapped and forced to participate in his trials, he is usually cold, formal, and businesslike, rarely showing any hints of emotions. However, when interacting with his Entities, his demeanor does seem considerably warmer… And at times, a more observant or empathic individual may see a troubled, almost haunted look in his eyes. Only time may tell what kind of person he truly is.
[More of Telerius’s personality will be revealed as the plot develops.]

- Intelligence: Telerius’s intellect exceeds even that of the most intelligent human alive today. However, do note that intelligence does not equate to wisdom or charisma…
- Scientific Knowledge: Telerius is immensely knowledgeable in virtually all fields of modern science.
- Combat: Even without the use of any Emblem magic, Telerius is an inhumanly skilled fighter, able to use almost all forms of melee weapons and martial arts with deadly finesse. No one is able to defeat him in hand-to-hand combat.
[Telerius possesses a myriad of other skills, many of which contain spoilers. They will be added here as they’re revealed in the game.]

Emblems: Divine/Divine, Divine/Fire, Divine/Water, Divine/Electric, Divine/Chemical, Divine/Air, Divine/Earth, Divine/Plant, Divine/Metal, Divine/Light, Divine/Dark.

Biography: Aside from being the mysterious godlike being who abducted the player characters and gave them their Emblems, Telerius’s past is completely unknown.
[Telerius’s backstory will be revealed as the plot progresses.]

I don’t think the character sheets of all of Telerius’s Entities will fit in this post, so I’m going to put them into a Google Doc here. It’s rather long, so you don’t have to read it right away; I’ll only point you to the right section when the information becomes relevant.

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Name: Kat Rythalia Wythburn (Don’t ask where she got the middle name Rythalia..)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Appearance: A willowy young woman with dusky brown skin, grey eyes, and brown hair in a pixie cut. Typically found wearing simple yet elegant black trousers and a dress shirt, Kat’s emblem is a curving tribal tattoo that first starts on her shoulder and dips down and away under her clothing. She has several ear piercing in silver, and wears a necklace with a pouch that holds mementos. She stands at around 5-10
Personality: A typically friendly girl, Kat always treats new people with great kindness and respect. She would be the person who would volunteer at the clean the beaches events and would speak up if she saw something she found unjust. However, Kat’s mouth often runs ahead of her brain, and she will end up in many awkward situations for having voiced her opinion before she realized that it may not be the most wise place to say something. Despite this, Kat has her heart in the right place, just that it does most of her thinking for her.
Skillz: Busker: Kat has spent time in the Underground performing with her guitar to support her self for college. Because of this, Kat is incredibly adept at spotting potentially dangerous situations, as well as being able to charm, coerce, and sing her way past any situation.
Military training: Having gone through the rigorous and grueling training of the United States Army, Kat is in peak physical condition, and is able to comfortably use a wide range of firearms with apparent ease, as well as knowing one of the COOLEST FORMS OF MARTIAL ARTS: Krav Maga. She also keeps her cool during a fire-fight, magical or otherwise.
Combat Medic: After having to stop a man from bleeding out in the sand after being hit with a cell phone bomb a couple times, Kat is able to handle a lot of blood and gore without panicking, as well as being able deal emergency first aid and trauma relief to those in need.
Emblems: Light/Fire
Bio: Born and raised in SanFransisco, Kat ran away from home when she was 17, ending up living in New York, where she played music as a Busker. When she was finally able to officially join the military, she decided to serve as a Field Medic, often risking her life in wanting to help others. (Meh, Don’t judge me, I need to make this thing fast.)


Name: Sypher
Gender: Male
Elements: Light/fire
Social Form: A Caucasian man of roughly Kat’s age, Sypher has features best described as elvish, with a slight frame, pointed ears, and red hair pulled back in a ponytail. He is also taller than Kat, standing at 6-2. He wears clothing similar to Kats, though he doesn’t have any of her tattoos or earrings, having only one small metal bracelet he wears on his wrist. A soft glowing aura surrounds him, illuminating the area near him. His voice is always cheerful, and is able to cure most diseases and wounds
Battle Form: Where Sypher’s social form represents Light and a cheery campfire, his Battle Form represents War and a forest fire. Turning into a seven foot tall Djinn, a spirit of fire, Sypher will rain fiery death upon his foes, summoning balls of flame to fling. When he is in battle-form, Sypher is incorporeal, he is able to avoid physical attacks, only Entitys can hurt him directly. He flies around the fight, using a whip and a scimitar made of fire. His eyes are replaced with glowing orbs that blind anyone who stares into them.

Signature Style: Owing to his powers, Sypher typically fights by dealing small and seemingly non-threatening wounds to his foes, a light nick on the arm, tripping up someone with his whip, however, since it’s nigh impossible to actually HIT the bastard, and that he never tires, he can wear someone down long before his energy flags.
Hell’s Whip: Sypher’s whip lashes leaves smoldering marks on anything it touches, burning the material it’s on with a consistent heat.
Spread Form: In a clever use of his powers, Sypher can escape potentially dangerous situations by turning his body into flame, and then rapidly moving across barriers, and then reforming into his fighting form. This ability when used further enhances the powers found in both Alter Combustion and Healing Flames.
Smite: A sphere of pure destruction results from Sypher’s body, destroying everything it encounters, turning it into ashes and dust. It has a two meter radius, and leaves him collapsed on the floor.
Healing Flames: Fire doesn’t have to destroy, it can heal as well. These flames, when enveloping someone, further helps Sypher’s natural healing ability’s, using both Light Magic combined with Fire.
Alter Combustion: With his natural ability’s, Sypher can increase the speed at which energy is released from the combustion process that his flames have enveloped. He can also reverse this process, turning something that would have released energy quickly into a steady burn. [E.G: Making a gram of cookie share the explosive powers of a gram of TNT. TNT doesn’t have magical exploding powers, it just releases it quickly.]
Sacred lights: Banishes the power of Darkness, illuminating the battlefield with holy light, cleansing everything from the corruption of Dark.
Generation of Fire and Control of Fire: Obvious, just feeling it has to be announced.
Personality: When in his Social Form, Sypher is easy-going and polite, always willing to have a good time, and is rarely upset. However, when he does become angry, his powers begin to shift, his aura turning a dark red, and his face shifting into a more disturbing visage, as his eyes begin to smolder and the temperature around him rises.

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Name: Derryk Nytecut (changed from Derrick Taylor)

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Appearance: “Disgustingly fat” is the first phrase that comes to mind. His lifestyle is far from ideal, and as a result, he has managed to put on a lot of weight across his body, almost all of it fatty cells. He also possesses significant amounts of full-body acne, lank back-length black hair, and significant amounts of patchy stubble; wears undersized and overly thick vision-correcting glasses over watery blue eyes; has skin that is pasty and pale from lack of sunlight, even before distortion by the extra fat; and is overall very physically unpleasant, right down to the deep-yet-simultaneously-nerd-like voice. His clothing is not up to par either, typically varying between a collection of anime, manga, and other cartoon and comic shirts, as well as a black fedora and blue denim jeans, all of which possess stains of multiple and sometimes questionable colours, and all of which are just tight enough to keep an unattractively hairy stomach and swollen belly button prominent in one’s vision. His one saving grace is that at 6’11", or 211cm tall, he at least isn’t grotesquely obese for his height, though at the time the story begins, he’s certainly forging towards an early grave.

Personality: Derryk is an, ahem, “exemplary” example of a full-blown anime and manga geek, as well as a Western cartoon and comic nerd, what the Japanese would call an “otaku”. In other words, possibly one of the least socially developed people in existence, preferring the company of the characters in his shows and graphic novels and whatnot to any real people save his mother, who, fulfilling the sterotype ever further, allows him to live in her house’s basement, and a small group of fellow nerds, who occasionally gather at his house to play tabletop roleplaying games and watch cartoons with him. Naturally, he’s not the most pleasant conversational partner either – likely to hit on women, and try to force his views of Japanese culture or his self-obsessed atheistic viewpoint on men, with not much variation from these unless he is forced into a corner, though with as little will as he has, this can often be done quite quickly.

Skills: The last time he was in education was high school nearly two decades ago, so he has no appreciable work skill or relevant intellectual study, and he clearly doesn’t do much physical activity. He can, however, discuss in detail the plot of nearly every anime and manga he’s ever seen, as well as the great majority of cartoons, comics, and graphic novels from the Western hemisphere… so I suppose he’s got quite a good memory? If that counts as a skill…

Emblems: Electric/Chemical (located on stomach), Light/Fire (located on left upper arm)

Biography: There really isn’t much to discuss. He did alright in education, but frequently watched cartoons and read comics in his tweens, and by the age of sixteen, he was practically obsessed with that sort of culture, quickly beginning to embody the sterotype; after just about succeeding in high school, he proceeded to do nothing that had any sort of tangible positive impact on society for the majority of his life, ultimately resulting in his father leaving the family, and he hasn’t even left his house since changing his name from Derrick Taylor to Derryk Nytecut five or six years ago. So yeah, not great.

Name: Alison, or “Allie” for short.

Gender: Female

Elements: Electric/Chemical

Base Form: Anime Green Skinned Space Babe, literally.

Social Form: In short, anime Fetish Fuel personified. In long, she’s a “moeblob” of a late teenager, literally appearing in a pseudo-anime style, with Caucasian skin tone, an extremely attractive face possessed of large green eyes and a small, thin-lipped mouth, as well as ankle-length blue hair (not so long, considering her height of 160cm), a large chest and hips, a skinny waist, and green antennae rising from her head to a length of 30 cm. Her clothing consists of a thick pink turtleneck jumper, large glasses for Meganekko-ness, a skin-tight knee-length pink skirt, and prim black shoes.
Battle Form: Abruptly gains 30cm in height, though not losing any of her bodily proportions for this; her skin and hair both change to a green colour, her eyes turn bright blue, her antennae increase their length to 50cm, and her facial structure changes slightly, her eyes becoming slightly smaller, and her mouth becoming slightly larger in terms of both physical size and lip fullness. Her clothing also changes, to a skintight black leather catsuit that starts at her neck and stops on her thighs, just below her groin, and she loses the glasses. Still Fetishistic, but in a different way to her Social Form.

Personality: In her social form, Allie is, as previously mentioned, Fetish Fuel personified – a Dojikko, and hence very clumsy, to the point of tripping over her own feet quite frequently; a Shrinking Violet, and hence very shy; and a Meganekko, and hence ridiculously smart for some reason. Certainly much smarter than her summoner, at any rate. The basic personality aspect she’s created from is the part of Derryk’s soul that longs for “my perfect waifu”, hence explaining her attractiveness, though with that said, she is extremely against doing anything sexual with someone like Derryk in the first instance. To note, her personality changes slightly in her Battle Form, losing most of her clumsiness, and modifying her intellect to include various battle strategies, though as these are frequently drawn from the animes Derryk watches, they tend to, with few exceptions, not be any more complex than “dodge enemy’s attacks whilst looking cool, then hit them with as many attacks as possible whilst looking cool”.

Signature Abilities:
Allie’s fighting style involves a lot of ranged attacks and damage prevention – being based off of an anime character, she is very agile and fast in her Battle Form, though perhaps less so in her Social Form, for the relative lack of coordination it holds. The majority of her abilities are either some form of reasonably powerful ranged offensive attack, or designed to prevent her from taking damage in the first place; relatively speaking, she herself isn’t particularly durable for her power, and will likely be taken down easily with just a few good hits taken, though again, good luck dealing the hits out in the first place.
Zapper: Charges electricity in her antennae, then fires it at an opponent at extreme speed. Power and range both increase with charge time, though the rate at which they increase decreases as more charge is built up; one Zap can range anywhere along both spectrums, from no more than a static shock in a pinch, to a long-ranged beam-like bolt of lightning after a second or two of charging, right up to the electrical equivalent of a wave motion cannon, though at this extreme, charge time would be far greater than is practical for a one-on-one combat situation.
Chemical Burn: Generates a liquid cocktail of potent green chemicals in her hands and/or feet, which can be used to propel herself from the ground and through the air, or fired as spherical projectiles or in a flamethrower-esque manner to cause chemical-based damage to whatever they land upon. The effects of these can be further increased by passing electricity through the chemicals, allowing them to deal electrical damage to opponents, or even igniting with enough of a charge; in the case of propulsion, such an ignition increases boost speed dramatically, whilst for damage, opponents are simultaneously electrocuted, chemical burnt, and chemical fire burnt (though such a fire cannot be controlled by her beyond initial ignition, since the ignition occurs as a result of heavy electrolysis).
Volt Barrier: Forms a barrier of high-voltage electrical energy around herself, disrupting and dispersing most energy-based attacks that are thrown at her, and causing much damage to any physical object that tries to pass through it, including both living and non-living sentient beings.
Hallucinator: Generates chemicals in a similar manner to Chemical Burn, but these are purely hallucinogenic in nature, being unable to propel her like those of Chemical Burn, though they can be fired, electrified, and ignited in the same manner. If a living being that is not Derryk or any of his Entities makes contact with these chemicals, they will rapidly begin to experience hallucinations not unlike those of a bad LSD trip, though with the effects beginning much more quickly and with far greater intensity; obviously, the more of this chemical the target is in contact with, the greater its effects. The chemical does not affect non-living beings in small doses, though a very large dose can initiate hallucinations in such beings, with the dose needed decreasing as her power increases relative to theirs.
Paralytic Agent: Generates chemicals in a similar manner to Chemical Burn; these ones have a much higher burn point than Chemical Burn or Hallucinator, a necessity given that they are flooded with electricity that, upon touching a target, forces paralysis on a target for a given period of time. Said time period is usually “as long as the chemical remains on or in the target’s body”, though if an extended period of time passes, the chemical may run out of electrical energy and stop being as paralytic in nature as it otherwise would be; that being said, most sources of electrical energy not intended to disrupt and remove the chemical can, in addition to their normal effects, supply the chemical with more electrical energy, and so refresh the energy needed to fuel the paralytic effect the chemical applies.
Detonation Rifle: Fires a hardened spike of chemicals at a target, propelled for maximum speed and penetration; once it is embedded into the target, a massive electrical charge ignites the chemicals stored within, detonating the rifle shot inside the body of the target, with chemical effects applied including any potential combination of the chemicals Alison can already create, in addition to the damage dealt by the initial explosion. The shot also detonates automatically if it hits something too hard to impale, or if it shatters on impact with the target.

Angeline form is here.

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Name: Krista Gabrielle

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Krista is a girl with a pale complexion and average height. She’s got a triangular face, and light-brown eyes, along with waist length black hair, with a short teal strand that rests in her forehead. She’s got a slim build.
She wears a light brown jacket above a navy blue polo shirt, with a white neck, along a pair of dark blue jeans and grey shoes. She has two earrings, one on each ear. The right one is shapped like an elongated light-blue diamond, and the other one is a dark grey cog. She’s also got a necklace, which holds a small triangular-based pyramid shapped black gem. At the start of the story, she has a bruise near her right eye. She tries to cover it with hair.

Personality: Krista is a shy girl who tends to stay away from the others. She’s not very talkative and, when talking, she will either answer as short as possible, or talk very quickly, sometimes stuttering. She tends to be scared of people

Skills: Perceptive: Krista is quite perceptive to her enviroment
Memory: Krista has an above average memory.
Drawing: Self expanatory

Emblems: Main Emblem: Metal/Fire.

Biography: Krista comes from a though family, filled with debts, money problems and bad luck. Also with abusive parents. The school life wasn’t any better. Due to being in a public school in a bad neighborhood, she was always mocked on because she didn’t had the stuff required and because she didn’t like the music they listened, nor she had sex, nor any boyfriends, nor anything. She grew tired and, the night before she was transported to this other reality, she had escaped her house when his father got fired from work and was extremely furious.

Name: (The) Therean.

Gender: Undefined, but it’s treated as a male.

Elements: Metal/Fire

Base Form: Tank.

Appearance: The Therean takes the form of a black tank. Its got the size of a car. The overall appearance shifts between the modes it uses.

Personality: Very protective over Krista. The Therean usually doesn’t lets anyone get close to her unless Krista tells it otherwise. It’s hard to gain its trust.

Signature Abilities: The Therean power relies on his “modes”, which changes the focus of its power for different purposes. The different modes change the Therean’s appearance.
Normal mode: This mode has no focus on any purpose, so it’s more balanced. The Therean’s turret is got a single cannon while on this mode and it’s got one long track at each side. The projectiles it fires are normal
Combat mode: The Therean’s turret gains two more cannons, and the turret can move faster. The cannons can aim higher. The Therean also moves slower in this mode. The Therean can fire normal and explosive projectives in this mode.
Defense mode: The Therean’s turret is concealed inside its body and the body armor gets thicker. Spikes emerge from the body and the tracks. The Therean cannot fire any projectile in this mode, but it can move faster.
Speeder mode: The Therean turret whole body modifies itself to be more aerodinamic. The tracks get split in half to form two on each side. The turret is concealed and a small machine gun appears in the frontside. This gun is fixed. The Therean’s speed is dramatically enhanced in this mode
Long range mode: The Therean tracks turn into “legs” that get fixated to the ground. The cannon gets longer and can fire bigger projectiles. The Therean cannot move in this mode, and its defense capability is very low, but its firepower and range are incredibly enhanced. The Therean can fire normal and explosive projectiles in this mode.


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Drew: “Deadshot” Drew

Gender: Male

Age: Drew is roughly 27 or so

Appearance: Drew is quite a dresser. Being an upstanding lawyer, he sports a very formal black suit, coupled with a red tie, Black dress shoes and Black dress pants. He has crimson cup-links, complimented by red buttons on the jacket. Due to a distinguishable scar, he wears a black hat with a red feather. Flashy? Maybe. Cool? Sure! Anyhow, Drew makes it obvious he is a man of leisure and high-class.

Personality: On the outside, Drew stands very tall, and often makes eye contact. While he seems like a very social person, he actually is quite the opposite; he is somewhat quite, and has troubling continuing conversation with some people, notably those that are confident. Regardless, he is a very proud, brave and protective teammate who will go to reasonable lengths to protect his friends. He often alternates; times he can be merciful, others he will tear his enemies to shreds. He can be emotional for others, but other times be as stoic as Stonehenge.


Martial Arts: Drew has been a talented martial artist since the age of 5. He specializes mainly in self defense, grappeling and disarming weapons.

Dual Wielder: Drew is very adept with dual weapons, namely claws, dual swords and fists.

Logic: Drew previously was a talented Defense Attorney, making him great at thinking reasonably, calmly and pointing out holes in people’s testimonies.

Writing: Drew has always loved writing, often making many fan-fics in his teenage years, to more business related works as an adult.

Emblems: Fire/Earth

Biography: Drew was your average man. He was once a rapscallion, but after getting caught stealing, he went to court. After being wrongly convicted for years by corrupt judges/prosecutors, he vowed he would become a defense Attorney to make sure no one sees the same fate he did. Passionate about his job, he was renoun for his defense.

Name: Deadshot

Gender: Male

Elements: Fire/Earth

Base Form: Eagle


Social Form: Deadshot in a social form is a eagle bird, infant-wise. It has few feathers, but more with light pebbles. and often likes to fly high, but always within sight of Drew.

Battle Form: Now this is a whole other story. Deadshot grows massive in size. It essentially looks like a “Golden Eagle” (Look it up; it’s awesome). However due to begin Earth/Fire, instead of it’s traditional appearance of feathers; it instead has razor-sharp, light-yet-durable obsidian covering all of it’s bodies except for the outline of it’s wings (it’s wings are obsidian) and it’s eyes. All crevices viable on Deadshot are bright red with fire, and the outline of it’s wings have a beautifully deadly inferno surrounding it. It’s claws have lava at the tip, and it’s beak is a more smoother obsidian, allowing for more violent cuts/pecks. It salivates a special lava that wears away armor and flesh, and controls it’s creation at will.

Personality: Deadshot is surprisingly cool-yet-collected, similar to Drew. However, like a War Hawk, Deadshot is always itching for a fight to either show off or test itself. As reckless as it can be, it has the ability to think logically like Drew and know when to stay away.

Signature Abilities:

Hit and Run: Deadshot relies on speed; he’s in, he’s out. He was there before you knew it.

Distraction: Deadshot relies on exploiting his small size but flashy stature to aggrivate enemies, putting attention him when Drew is in trouble.

Obsidian Skin: Deadshot is pure obsidian, so he’s very sharp. Any melee attack will hurt.

Face Claw: Deadshot can claw at the enemies faces’s, blinding them.

Fire Breath: Deadshot can breathe fire at his enemies.

Lava Saliva: Deadshot salivates lava; leaving behind lava puddles the enemy needs to avoid.

Burrow: Burrowing underground, Deadshot can hide in wait.

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Name: Meshech Galitz (Samal Galitz if he doesn’t know you.)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: Meschech Galitz is a 5’10" Israeli man with brown hair cut into a buzzcut. He also is fit and wears a golden-olive colored uniform with a purple beret, which has the Givati Brigade insignia on it.
Personality: Galitz believes in Judaism and is a stern man. He also doesn’t like it when people ask him to cook non-kosher food because it conflicts with his beliefs. He does yearn for fun and free time, which he has sometimes but not for long.
- Tactics and Logistics: As a Samal in the IDF, Galitz naturally has military training and understanding of tactics.
- Cooking Judaism: Before being part of the IDF, Meschech learned how to cook kosher food by his parents. He won’t cook anything non-kosher though, due to his religious beliefs.
- Exercising Coach: Galitz tends to disapprove of overweight people, and he might try to force fat people into joining him on his exercising.
Emblems: Main Emblem: Metal/Electric
Biography: Meshech Galitz was part of the Israel Defense Force for 20 months before being abducted. He had one brother and two sisters, of which Meshech was the second youngest. During his youth, he looked up to his parents as idols until his mother got killed by a terrorist attack. After that, Meshech, his brother and sisters, When he was 18, he was conscripted into the IDF as part of the mandatory service. Before getting abducted, he managed to acquire the purple beret used by the Givati Brigade.

Name: Aleph Ratel (Though Galitz tends to call it Autokrator.)
Gender: Male? It’s kind of hard to tell.
Elements: Metal/Electric
Base Form: A combat droid.
Appearance: Basically, it’s a bipedal combat machine with digitigrade feet (For lack of better word.) and has armor on it with googly eyes on the head-thing. Its metal armor plating is painted in a desert camouflage pattern. Aleph Ratel’s left arm has a lightning gun mounted on it.
Personality: Fun-loving, but heavily focused on tactics.
Signature Abilities: Basic abilities are as follows:
- Lightning Stream: Aleph Ratel unleashes a stream of continuous lightning. This tends to electrocute and hurt you know. It can damage the target more if said target is wearing conductive metal on him/her/it/whatever.
- Overcharge: Aleph Ratel overcharges its energy battery, making any energy attack used by Aleph Ratel stronger than usual. However, this -causes any energy attacks by Aleph Ratel to have a longer recharge due to the battery overheating and requiring cooling down.
- Heavy Punch: Aleph Ratel swings its fist in an attempt to punch the target. It can be boosted with Overcharge, making it an energy attack as well as a physical attack, though it takes an even longer time before Aleph Ratel can use Overcharge with Heavy Punch.
- THE METAL LIVES: Once in a long while, Aleph Ratel can regenerate some of its wounds. This tends to be unnerving to other people and entities.

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FelineForumer, BCLEGENDS, and Behemoth542 are accepted.

DrOctaganapus2, you’re missing your character’s biography. Add that, and you’re accepted.

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So DrOct, I notice that your character’s clothing and profession don’t really match. He seems to have started off as some form of vigilante hero, then segued into a lawyer halfway through… and by the way, it shouldn’t be possible for him to become a renowned defense attorney by the age of twenty three, given how much time is needed to attain a degree in law at all, and especially considering how much time was previously spent in juvenile detention by him. Also,

Dual Wielder: Drew is very inept with dual weapons, namely claws, dual swords and fists.

I think the word you want is “adept”. Just change everything I mentioned so that it makes sense, and all should be well for him; I might suggest putting a few more years on him and giving him more lawyer-esque clothes, if you want to streamline the process.

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So DrOct, I notice that your character’s clothing and profession don’t really match. He seems to have started off as some form of vigilante hero, then segued into a lawyer halfway through… and by the way, it shouldn’t be possible for him to become a renowned defense attorney by the age of twenty three, given how much time is needed to attain a degree in law at all, and especially considering how much time was previously spent in juvenile detention by him. Also,

Fixed that. As for the age thing; I was well-aware the age is unrealistic, but now that I think about it, not sure why I chose to make him so young. Anyway, I made some fixes.

(Hmm, butchered a lot more grammar than I though. Must be tired ¯\(ツ)/¯)

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DrOctaganapus2 is accepted.

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Name: John Matoris

Gender: Heterosexual Male

Age: 24

Appearance: He’s about six feet tall, but rather skinny with black hair, light skin, and wears a black t-shirt, tennis shoes, and blue jeans.
Personality: An intellectual boy, he has never really excelled at the athletic things in life. He’s an athiest, and has quite a strong mind against pure criminal acts. He has a tendency to lie rather too much, and isn’t very friendly. He keeps into himself and is a bookworm.

Intelligence: Having an IQ of 135, he excels rather well at his studies, and along with this, makes him a good tactician, and all around is good at most intellectual pursuits.
Speedreeding: 150 Words Per Minute. Reading ftw.
Speedtyping: 80 WPM.
Cooking: Want a souffle?
Computer Person: A good hacker, programmer, etc.

Emblems: Light/Water

Biography: He lived in New York for many years, going to a good private school, and graduating at the top of his class. He moved to Los Angles after getting a degree in Game Design to work at Silicon Valley, and got a job at Game Freak He worked at Pokemon X and Y, and while mostly having a programming job, and then suggested the Klefki to the higher ups, and they just sorta stared at me, wondering what drug I was on, and said ok, and this…then this. He likes to think that this is his punishment for making it a Pokemon.
Name: Darias

Gender: Male

Elements: Light/Water

Base Form: Walrus

Appearance: A bright yellow walrus with blue stripes over it’s skin, as well as very long blue tusks. It’s social form is about 3 tons and 10 feet long (Slightly bigger than the normal max size for a walrus.), but it’s battle form is about 20 feet long, five tons, and shining bright yellow with it’s body pure yellow except for it’s tusks.

Personality: It hates criminals, and likes to say that it’s using it’s water to “cleanse” the world. It’s proud, but generally lazy. It feels a strong enough bond to it’s master, but feels slightly odd at his masters love of Walruses, and glee at having a Walrus for an Elemental Entity.

Signature Abilities: It may manipulate large amounts of water into waves, spheres, or any shape you can think of. He can also create water, though not as large amounts. He can create large flashes of light from his tusks to blind the enemy, and can also create bright orbs of exploding water. He may also shoot large amounts of pressurized water from his mouth, or create light around him. His light also allows him to temporarily power up a given individual, heal them, or clean dirty things. If he concentrates he can condense water to form ice, which he can move at will.

Oh, and this is reminding me of the manga “Psyren”. Any relation?

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Ooh, I’m looking forward to this. Even when it ends, at some point in the hopefully distant future, it will have been a good run. I’ve been itching to get back into some RP, and this looks like it.

Name: Randall Zhao

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: A pretty typical male Asian, he has sharp features and a large build. He’s about six foot three (~190 centimeters) with short, black hair and dark eyes. When not at work, he can typically be found wearing nondescript shirts, jeans, and tennis-shoes. He is by no means buff, but he has muscles on his bones and little fat on his muscles, as indicated by his faintly visible six-pack.

Personality: He is considerably more intelligent than the average bear, although he tries so very hard not to be a dick about it. He values logic and sees clearly that emotion has a tendency to cloud judgement, which which seems contradictory when compared with the fact that he is also very sentimental person who is something of a hopeless romantic. He has a penchant for dry, often somewhat esoteric humour. He is not quick to anger, although he will not hesitate to point out when something is getting on his nerves.

Cook: Like most intelligent people in this day and age, he’s smart enough to use google and figure it out when he wants something to eat.

Pianist: While initially, when his parents tried to get him to teach piano, he didn’t take to it very well and quit within a year, he later decided that he wanted to learn, and so he did. He’s not brilliant, but he can play a few fancy songs when he feels the need to.

Reader of People: He read a book about this once, and picked up on it fairly well. He’s no human lie-detector, but he’s better than most at picking up on nonverbal cues.

Medical Expertise: He’s a doctor. Specifically, he’s a dentist, but he’s retained enough of everything he learned in medical school to know quite a bit about human anatomy and its various systems.

Typist: With the amount of time he spends on the internet, it would be odd of him NOT to be able to type over 110 words per minute.

Emblems: Water/Water

Biography: His childhood was pretty typical among those whose parents had just moved to the United States: his parents were always stricter and harsher and, while this fostered a curious mind and a healthy intelligence, things which allowed him to get ahead in school, it took him until about the eighth grade or so to become socially normal. After that, he was your average somewhat nerdy guy for a time. He met his sweetheart in medical-school: she was everything he’d ever dreamed or, at least, everything he knew he could realistically expect; she was as smart as he was, ambitious, witty, funny, and everything about her just seemed to click with him. Once school was behind them, they settled down in Oregon together, got married, and had no children, just like he’d always dreamed. As far as he was concerned, this was a happy ending; things could continue like this and he would be content with life.

Name: Alice

Gender: Female

Elements: Water/Water

Base Form: Her base form is a round blob of water, which is her center, with appendages which function as arms and legs. The number of appendages varies with what is required.

Social-Form: She appears as a dark-haired woman with a modest figure. Absolutely nothing about her appearance is notable except for her notable lack of notable features.

Battle-Form: Even in battle, her form tends to be humanoid, with the central structure located where the chest would be in a human. While it would be technically possible for her to float about by heating a bottom layer of water into steam, she usually keeps legs around because propelling herself off the ground is much more practical.

Personality: She is Randall’s inner pragmatist. She was the ‘dry’ in his dry-humour. If she was the main character of a television show, nobody would watch because she is almost completely devoid of emotion.

Signature Abilities:
Watery Being: Her form is not rigid, but is merely an area of about 4 feet around her center, which is about a foot wide, where she can manipulate water into appendages, armor, or whatever else suits her being. In this area, water that is in direct contact with her being can be manipulated with higher speed, power, and precision than from a distance.

Condensation: Her being is literally made from water and as long as there is moisture in the air, she can regenerate damage. However, there is a finite speed at which this can occur and, if her core is too badly damaged, she will cease to be.

Freeze: By moving heat energy very rapidly out of her being, she can freeze nearby water, especially her appendages, into ice, be it to use as a blade, a spear, a shield, or an elaborate metaphor.

Hypermobility: As a result of her simple structure, Alice is able to maneuver very quickly and shift her core so that simple water will take hits.

Self-Projectile: By separating herself from appendage-water, Alice is able to become very light and actually throw herself at a target, using what remains around her to fashion a pointy end or just a sheet of ice, if need be. As it turns out, this is also useful for running away.

Well, I hope this works.

As it turns out, my plugin was totally trolling me with electric vs atomic thing. I guess it’s fire double water, then.

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and got a job at Game Freak He worked at Pokemon X and Y, and while mostly having a programming job, snuck in that goddamn key Pokemon without anyone knowing

This is a tad bit unrealistic, Bloody. I don’t think game development works like that. Please change it. Aside from that, your character is fine.

Oh, and this is reminding me of the manga “Psyren”. Any relation?

Yes. This game is somewhat based on one of my earliest RPs, which was explicitly based on Psyren.

Even if it doesn’t last


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Blood_Shadow, I updated my Char. Going from a random sign logo to an actual person.
I’m suprised nobody wanted the coolest (In my opinion) Emblem of White/Black. Oh well, all for me.
I’m not totally sure how I can play it, see if you like my spin on the idea. I need to keep working on it.

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I Think Possibly Complete?

Name: John Bugh

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: John is a bulky bearded man, standing at about 5’10" tall. the dark brown hair on his head is fairly short but his facial hair covers nearly his entire face and reaches down to the top of his chest. He wears a red flannel shirt and dark brown pants

Personality: John believes there is a constant force in the world similar to Karma where those that give, receive. He is a man who holds himself to his words, however he is also a man of few words. If he says something he means it. He dislikes fighting and will try to avoid it if he can.

Craftsman: John is a great architect and built his own home.
One with the earth: Knows how to live off the land to an extent. Knows which plants are poisonous, which ones aren’t, and which ones will put you in a heavily altered mental state.
Cooking: Living on his own for several years he has learned how to cook.

Emblems: Earth/Metal

Biography: John grew up in a jewish family. He was never very fond of the faith though and chose to leave it as soon as possible. He didn’t get along well with his parents because of this but they respected his wish to be excluded from religious events. He found joy in the peace and quiet of nature. He eventually built himself a home out in the woods near his hometown. There he makes his living as a lumberjack.

Entity Name: Orich

Gender: Genderless

Elements: Earth/Metal

Base Form: He appears to be similar to a Golem from old Jewish folklore, made completely out of a strange, rocky, biege metal.

Social form: He takes on a human shape similar to a hairless john when not fighting.

Battle Form: When in battle Orichs eyes glow red, he grows to 1.5 times his size, and his human shape is replaced with a mass of metal chunks.

Personality: Calm and Loud. Hates cowardice.

Signature Abilities:

Blast – Orich fires a chunk of his body at an opponent, usually his fist. A new chunk quickly takes the place of the body part. The chunk fired quickly disintegrates into nothing when it touches the ground.

Sword – Orichs arms turn into large intimidating blades.

Shield – Orich puts his arms together in front of him to create a giant shield big enough to protect the entire front of his body.

Ax – Orich puts his hands together into the shape of an ax and swings them down onto his opponent.

Hammer – Same as Ax but it’s a hammer.

Lance – Orichs arms turn into giant piercing lances.

Spear – Orich pulls off one of his arms and turns it into a large throwing spear which he throws at his opponent. The arm is quickly replaced by new chunks of metal and the thrown spear quickly dissolves once it touches the ground.

Cage – Orich throws a chunk of his body at the opponent. In mid-air the chunk splits into eight curved poles which upon hitting the ground reach toward each other until all eight poles are connected.

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Originally posted by SypherKhode822:
I’m suprised nobody wanted the coolest (In my opinion) Emblem of White/Black. Oh well, all for me.

Gonna just have to mention this, but I’m pretty sure you can’t pick the Chaos Emblem as a starting emblem. It has to be given to you by Blood for good writing and characterisation; at what point such will be decided, I don’t know.