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BCLEGENDS is the co-host of this game. Unless I say otherwise, you must do as he says. He has the authority to decide the results of your actions in this game.

The signup and discussion thread is here. Please keep purely OOC posts there instead of in this thread.

A list of all player characters can be found here.

A list of all rooms in Telerius’s realm can be found here.

A list of all currently available arenas can be found here.

A list of all currently available dungeons can be found here.

If you have any ideas for arenas or dungeons, please tell me. More ideas are always welcome.

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Telerius Logian

Telerius gazes at the one dozen or so people lying down on the floor of his great hall, the people he’s kidnapped, their minds kept asleep by his powerful Dark magic. Though these people may never see it, the man’s eyes are filled with reluctance and regret. Forgive me… He murmurs, and closes his eyes. A moment later he opens them again, those eyes now hard and resolute. It is time.

…are you sure we shouldn’t have put them on beds instead, Master? A soft, feminine voice says in his mind, the voice of his closest and most trusted partner, confidant, and lover.

Telerius briefly chuckles. I thought we agreed that we will not be making any last-minute changes to our plan, Cynthia? And besides… It would look quite bizarre if we were to put beds in the middle of this grandiose hall. I do want to keep some semblance of credibility, after all.

We could’ve carpeted the floor, at least, Cynthia says. You know, to give them something soft and fluffy to lie down on.

…and that is something you should have told me earlier, Telerius shakes his head and silently laughs.

And the first dungeon should still totally be a sewer area, Cynthia wryly adds.

Credibility, my dear. Credibility… Then Telerius’s expression turns serious. He is immensely thankful that Cynthia has once again lightened his mood, but now he must do what needs to be done. We should begin.

He raises a hand high above his head. An orb of soft, soothing purple and white light forms in his palm, then dissolves, spilling forth its healing energies and washing over the unconscious people in the room. All of them immediately begin to wake.

“Welcome to my domain, mortals,” Telerius begins to say in a magically booming voice that echoes across the entire hall. “You have been given power, the power to conjure and command entities unlike anything else in your world. I have chosen you among the billions of your kind for a specific purpose. Fulfill my expectations, and you will be rewarded with even greater power, as well as the freedom to use your power in any manner you desire. I hope I will not be disappointed.”

I think that might’ve been a tad bit overdone, Master, Cynthia giggles slightly. You know, the voice and all.

Hey, at least I am not having Leviathan do this, Telerius retorts. But even as he playfully banters with Cynthia in his own mind, on the outside his face remains a cold and emotionless mask. “The power that I have given you, each and every one of you, is called an Elemental Emblem; you should already feel it surging within your body and mind. With it, you will be able to call forth an Elemental Entity, unique only to you, possessing powers that cannot be even remotely described by your current understanding of science. But in exchange for this power, I have taken away your freedom. I do not want to do this, but it is something I cannot avoid.” For a moment, sorrow and regret again briefly flashes in his eyes. “I need you to become strong for my purpose. As such, you must use your newfound power to conquer my trials; then you will regain your freedom.”

Summon me now, Master? If I’m not there, you might end up scaring these poor people a little too much, Cynthia says with a little smirk.

Hey, surely I am not that bad. With a wave of his right hand, Telerius’s entire body begins to exude a brilliant purple glow. The glow becomes sinuous streams of purple energy that elegantly weave around one another, until they begin to take on a lithe and feminine form. In a few seconds Cynthia is fully formed, her warm and radiant beauty providing a sharp contrast against Telerius’s cold and formal demeanor.

“Hello,” Cynthia says with a sweet and welcoming smile. “This is my Master, Telerius Logian,” she gestures toward Telerius, “and I am Cynthia, one of his Elemental Entities; he has just summoned me from his Emblem.” Her smile becomes warm and encouraging. “Each of you can now summon your own Elemental Entities too, if you want. You will know what to do.

[No, really, you will know what to do. Simply focus your mind on your Entity, and you can talk to it and call it forth.]

[Upon creation, your Entity will know what it is and who you are. It will have a rough (but possibly incomplete and inaccurate) understanding of your personality, as well as knowledge of some (but not all) of your important memories. However, it will not know anything about Telerius, or about the situation you’re currently in.]

[The great hall you’re currently in mostly sports a smooth white marble look, with lots of faintly glowing light purple futuristic Tron lines and magical-looking symbols, a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi; the purple is a color that isn’t hard on the eyes even if you stare at it for a while. As said in the introduction post, Telerius is standing atop a large raised dais; and Cynthia is floating to his right and slightly behind him. Please add in any details you can think of, as long as it’s realistic and doesn’t make the great hall look silly, because I really suck at details like these.]

[Also, Cynthia is meant to be beautiful like a goddess. If your character is attracted to females, he or she should at least have some sort of reaction toward Cynthia.]

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John Matoris
As I begin to try to comprehend what is currently happening to me, only one thought crosses my mind “She….has great, great tits.” as a blank look crosses my face as I sorta stare and drool a little I hear someone clearing their throat. I rub my eyes and turn around to see a….Walrus? I then proceed to say “What….the fuck are you?” as he squirms in indignity he says “My name is Darias, and I am what has formed of your Light/Water emblem!” I then wait for a moment and say “And….you’re a Walrus?” He stands still for a moment than says “No, I am not a Walrus, this is just the form I take based on your personality and thoughts, and it is only PARTIALLY like a Walrus.”

I stand there for a moment and after a minute yell “YES, I HAVE A MAGICAL WALRUS!” Darias then says “I said I’m not a…” “I HAVE A MAGICAL WALRUS! YAAAAAY! I’LL NAME YOU FLIPPY, AND-” “SHUT UP YOU IDIOT, MY NAME IS DARIAS, AND I AM NOT A WALRUS.” As a moment of silence ensued I said “Darias, may I ask you something?” and he replied “Certainly.” and I said “Do her tits look great to you too?” he then stared at me and then muttered something about me being an idiot. I then heard a muffled “Yes.”

“We’re going to be great friends, won’t we Darias?”
“I’m not going to hold my breath.”

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Kat: I sit up, blinking.. The cool marble floor I’m on has what looks like shots of quartz in them… Cool. I’m still not fully comprehending what the woman told me, all I remember is that she’s enough to make me question which team I’m batting for… I touch my shoulder, and am surprised to see a blue tribal tattoo swirling down my shoulder. A quick look down my shirt and bra confirms that, yup, it goes ALL the way down there. Kinky. My mind grows a little hazy for a second, and then there’s a man standing before me, offering me a hand up. Taking it, I pointedly ignore the screaming idiot with.. The walrus? “Hello, Kat. My name is Sypher. We’ve never met, but I think of you as my best friend.” Woah. Sure, alright. [not that I really had any…] “Hi.. Zifur?” He smiles, “No, _SY_pher.”
Shit. I can’t pronounce the name of my magical best friend thingy. I try again, and get it right. Sweet.
I look up at the man, Terius? “Why are we here? I’m just an Army Medic.. I haven’t done anything amazing, I may have saved like.. Twelve lives? That’s not that impressive… And.. Master? Slave? Is this some sick-ass BDSM romp you’re going on? Did someone mistake me for someone else?”

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John Matoris
3 Minutes Later
“So….you AREN’T a Walrus?” “NO GODDAMIT.” “……So…..we’re supposed to work together right?” “Yes.” “Ok then, I can only imagine you have some water powers, and from this situation, we’ll probably have to kill things. Does this mean I can ride you in combat?” “…..you have to be…kidding me…” “Is that a no?” “…..If I let you ride me will you shut up?” “Sure.”
I then proceeded to size up how Darias was, and said “Yep, this should be a good size to ride in combat. So, erm, previous exchanges aside, we should probably ignore the fact that it seems we aren’t getting along well, and meet the other people.” “I pointedly agree, as this is your first rational thought that doesn’t involve staring at Cynthia’s boobs or Walruses.”

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[Why am I usually the only person that role plays in third-person? Also, will there be tri-element entities?]
Eric Levine ‘Shadow’
Eric opens his eyes. Ugh, what the hell happened? His second thought was – Aw shucks. I was so close to winning that game and beating those morons up. Shadow looks around, and the first thing he sees is… some sexy Caucasian girl with wings? “Oh hey. That looks like some stripperific elf out of a game. Minus the ears and the stripping, of course. That’s smexy.”

Struggling to tear his eyes away from the girl, Eric sees a wyvern-drake-thing gliding towards him – it lands gracefully on his shoulder, and whispers to him softly. “I am Viper, formed of the Dark and Chemical elements.” Viper clears his throat, and speaks in a more louder, royal voice. “Ahem. I am your servant, master.” It then mumbles something similar to “yeah right.

Awkwardly, Eric shrugs his shoulders, causing Viper to fly off and glide in a perfect circle, stopping right in front of Eric. “So.. you’re a dragon?” Eric scrutinizes Viper carefully. “As you can see by my size, which is just three metres long, and by my wingspan, which is only TWO metres, I am obviously NOT a freaking dragon. I, am a Netherdrake.” “Okay. Why are we here?”

Because you summoned me?” “Yeah, whatever. I’m going to check on that guy and his walrus thing.”

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Also, will there be tri-element entities?

[Normal Entities cannot have more than two elements. However, Telerius’s Entities apparently have more; the reason for that will be revealed later in the game.]

Telerius Logian

Telerius resists the urge to sigh at the BDSM comment. See, Cynthia, this is why you should have stopped calling me “Master”. So that misunderstandings like these will not happen.

Not exactly a misunderstanding, Master, Cynthia says with a giggle and a suggestive lilt of her tone, but only in her mind; on the surface her soothing smile has not changed.

“The fact that you have an Elemental Entity before you is reason enough for you to be here, mortal,” Telerius answers Kat’s question in the same coldly formal tone. “Not all of your kind is capable of what you have just accomplished. As I have already said, I chose all of you for a reason… though I doubt that you will have the necessary knowledge to understand even if I were to explain it to you. So simply enjoy your new power while you can, Kat Wythburn; you may not have the freedom to use it until you pass my trials…”

[Also, you guys realize that Telerius only began talking after you all woke up, right? He’s not one to waste his breath.]

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Arcady Feldman
Let’s just do what everyone else is doing and it’s all going to be fine, I think to myself. And everyone else is summoning summons right away. Even that host far-off in the distance, and his… summon? It has to be, surely, people aren’t that perfect. She looks more like a Shirley than a Cynthia indeed, though, Cynthias are blonde and wear coats. I finish giving her a long look, although I’ll probably keep leading glance surveillance – it’s time to get down to business.
Noticing people having tattoos, I look for mine, looking down my cardigan collar and its sleeves. Nothing. Dismayed, I stuff my hands into my pockets – then, feeling something strange, I pull my left hand away from my body, stretching my pants’ waistband. There’s my tattoo – on the side of my thigh. Alright.
I don’t really have a way of taking a proper look at it, and I’m sure not taking off my pants to do so, so I just imagine it. It’s… lines. It has to be lines, right? That’s what tattoos are. The weave of lines in my mind reshapes itself to resemble what it really is as another presence fixes them. Another presence in my mind? That’s disturbing, get out here!
And it obliges as the iron-crowned man appears. We stare into each other’s eyes, face to face, for the briefest moment – then gravity takes hold and he falls headfirst to the floor. With a crunch and a crack of stone, he stops, the spikes ending up slightly below floor level.
“.whoopS” he says. “.hope the landlord won’t minD”
I take another glance at our ‘landlord’. Since magic is clearly real here, it’s likely he can fix this – chances are he built this place without much effort. And then, since I’m looking in that direction, I look at his summon again.
“Don’t worry about it.” I reply.
We stare at each other. It’s kind of awkward.
“.your name is arcadY .that’s an odd namE”
“Comes with being a migrant, I suppose. I’ve got some mixed-up genealogy.”
“.I knoW”
Well, that’s disturbing. We continue staring at each other. It’s as weird as it sounds like, considering his eyes are roughly a foot off the ground.
“.my name is egiooL ?you weren’t going to ask ,were yoU”
“I probably would’ve later in order to have a way of referring to you.”
“.if you say sO”
“Either way, you… have my permission to explore around. Lots of people here, we can probably find out more about them if we search separately.”
“.okaY” Egiool responds, then scampers off on his little spike legs – and, sure enough, the floor mended behind him. I look around. There’s another woman, this one tall, short-haired, and not so… imposing. That’s probably a good word. The summon looks like she’s supposed to reduce people to stammering, at which point she just laughs at them. This woman’s summon is even taller than her, they’re both taller than me, and they both look very kempt and friendly. And I suppose I just got a lesson from… something regarding introductions. Let’s learn. I walk up to the tall ones.
“Greetings. My name’s Arcady. What’s yours?”
Egiool, meanwhile, finds another youngling like his master, except this one wears leather, black and sunglasses, which suggests he’s probably way cooler. While he’s walking over to a source of commotion and thus probably won’t take notice, his summon might – especially since it looks familiar, somehow. Top Gun? Top Gun.
“!holy shit ,it’s yoU”

[Reminder: Egiool sounds like this, just more fluent and with a different voice – but the principle is the same]

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[Is it just me, or is a large majority of all Entities Fanservice?]

William Harbringer
Kidnapped. Very well. Standard tactics; indulge the kidnapper, get him to trust you, search for routes of escape.

Then I listen to the kidnapper talk on, and he starts to seem like a bit of a lunatic. _Magic: the power of apparently influencing events by supernatural forces. _ Is this possible? Consider possible evidence. His voice is larger than the laws of physics allow, furthermore; he has summoned what appears to be a young woman. If this is a trick, it is well-planned. The other humans seem genuinely confused. Stress registers are off the charts- they’re really kidnapped, not pretending.

I observe the situation, and count 37 evidences of magic, although from initial observations it appears to be more a force of physics, like gravity, rather than a supernatural force. Enough to convince myself. An unlikely conclusion, but the only possible one- magic exists. Telerius is rational and from all appearances, not insane. Therefore he must have brought us here either for his amusement- from his reaction and demeanor this does not seem likely, though it is a possibility- or to fulfill some unknown plan. Acquire more data before acting.

I consider possible routes of action and decide, after following seventeen steps of the decision tree, to attempt to summon an Entity as instructed. A tattoo is imprinted directly on my chest. I focus on it, and with a shimmer of blackness a beautiful young woman appears. Hmm. Attractive, extremely so. Miniskirt, tight shirt. Blonde hair, just the way I like it. Extremely nice tits.

She smiles at me, lazy and feline. “Hello, Master. My name’s Outline. Pleased to meet you.”
I tilt my head to look at her. A good time to test the theorized telepathic link. Hello, Outline. You are very physically attractive. As I am your master, would you consent to have sex with me sometime in the near future?"

She laughs. “Of course,” she says out loud, and winks.

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(I haven’t summoned my entity yet.)

Upon looking around, I freaked out, cursing in Hebrew as I backed away from the other people. Then I started shouting “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED WHERE AM I WHY AM I NOT IN CAMP YEHOSHU’A?” and generally freaking out. After a few minutes of freaking out, I calmed down and looked at the ben elef who kidnapped those people. “The fuck are you?” I asked.

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Azorel Nilm
“Ugh, Where am I?” I ask as I scan the unfamiliar room. There seems to be a lot of other people here as well. At least I’m not alone. Turning my attention to Telerius I listen to his words carefully. “Elemental Emblem?” I mumble under my breath. “We’re chosen?” I look around cautiously at all the other people, they don’t look particularly abnormal. Looking back towards Telerius I notice a faint glimmer of regret, a change in his demeanor I was not expecting, considering he kidnapped us in the first place. I prepare myself to stand up but notice something odd. “pu…purple energy?” I watch as the swirling energy forms into the shape of a beautiful woman. Compelled by her beauty I stare in awe as she talks. She had the most beautiful face I’d ever seen. She glances my way and I turn my head away, I don’t want her to think I’m staring. My face begins to turn red and I get an uneasy nervousness. My face feels like it’s on fire, as I try to focus my attention on something else so I won’t have to listen to her melodic voice.

“Huh?” Noticing the back of my hand has green ink on it I attempt to rub it off. “It won’t come off.” I rub harder. No, no, no it can’t be, but it was. “I have a tat…tattoo.” Dammit! I hated tattoos. Why oh why did he give me one. I begin sulking before hearing a voice. “It’s alright Azorel.” I turn around to see a small plantlike creature with many vines and leaves growing out of it. “Who… who are you? And what are you?” It bends downward, as if rejected. “I’m your entity of course, think of it as a part of you projected outward. So in a sense I am you. But at the same time I’m not.” The plantlike creature hops into me knocking me over. “We’ll have a lot of fun, yes!” It says while laying on my stomach.

“Wait a minute? If you’re a female, does that mean I’m actually feminine?” I ask stunned. The plantlike creature places a small branch to the top of its head. If you could call it a head, more like a flower type thing. “In a way, but like I said I’m only a part of you. So if anything this is probably your more gentle female side, the one you use the most.” I turn away. “So you’re basically saying I’m like a female.” The entity faintly laughs. “Does it really matter? Oh and please call me Metalvine.” The entity stands up and hops off of me. “Pleased to meet you.” It holds out a vine for me to shake. I get up as well and reluctantly shake its hand. Surprisingly the metal thorns on its body seem to be soft. Probably just a coincidence or something. “So shall we talk to the other people?” Metalvine asks while wrapping a vine around my arm and pulling me towards a random stranger. Seems like I have no choice in the matter.

(Feel free to have me approach any one of you guys)

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[Damn you, Blood_Shadow, I actually forced myself up early from my spring break slumber to see what has happened..]
[P.S: People, Y’all need to stop linking TVTROPES to me. I have like 15 tabs open now.]
Kat: After falling silent from my outburst, partially distressed over his knowing my name, I blink when I see a short blond kid talking with me. The first thing I notice his how European his accent is. “Uhh, hi! I’m Kat. This is… Sypher? Do you know anything about this place?” I glance around, there’s an IDF soldier yelling in Hebrew at Telerius and his consort. An angsty, disinterested teen wearing what looks like something he found at a Cyber-Punk convention is talking with the Walrus man.. There’s a lank, disinterested teen that gives me the shivers when I look at him.. I feel Sypher stiffen next to me when he looks at him. This… Boy is not a good person…. I would watch my back around him.
Nodding my head, I gesture to Arkady to check in on ANOTHER teen who has a.. Metal plant? laying on his body. Shit, thats weird.
[P.S: People: Teenagers are the most obnoxious breed of human in the world. They’re metamorphosing from a child into someone worthy of having a conversation with. Telerius must really want to Angst it up in here.]

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Krista Gabrielle

I woke up in a strange place. It’s weird. There’s a man in a weird body suit talking to us, about how he “transported” us to another dimension. I’ve been kidnapped. I won’t be able to see my family again. I.. I… I’m… Alone… Forever…
I start to cry. I’ve never felt so lonely in my life, not even when Daddy hit me and broke my nose, making a bruise appear on it, which made everyone call me “Clownie”. These… strangers… they’ve got weird creatures with them. They’re… not alone… I don’t want to be alone… I don’t want to be harmed… I don’t…
“Calm down, child” I hear a deep voice say.
I look up to see… a tank… a black tank. It emanated an omnious and powerful pressence. It was intimidating.
I scream and crawl away from it.
“Sorry!!” the tank yelled. “I didn’t mean that, Krista. I’m triyng to help you.”
“H-h-h-h-how d-d-d-do you k-k-know my-y-y na-a-ame…”
“I’m a part of your soul, as the person over there explained. The term is “Entity”, but my name is the Therean. And I’m here to protect you."
“P-p-protect… me…??”
“Yes. To help you and protect you from all harm.”
“Is… is it… true…?”
“Yes. You’ll never be alone, not again.”
I start crying again. But, for the first time, not tears of sadness. Tears of happiness. I stand up and run over the black machine and try to hug it.

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Derryk Nytecut
Holy shit that lady is hot.
That’s my first proper thought about everything that’s happened. Not “woah, where am I?” or “what’s all this about magic?” or anything like that. Nope, I’m just going to go ahead and ogle the ridiculously attractive lady who looks like a mixture of Neptune and Noire, both from Hyperdimension Neptunia, for a good long while. Yeeeees I am, that’s totally going to be fine with me. Don’t even need to summon anything just yet, that can wait, if what the guy said is any indication.
U-um… I’d quite like to be, uh, s-summoned…
…i-i-if that’s okay by you.
…oh, this must be the Elemental Entity he was talking about! Sweet, I have a hot babe in my head!
…y-yyy-eah. Yeah, you do. Please summon m… me.
Well, if that’s what she wants, that’s what she’s-
And, um. If it’s n-not a p-probl-lem, please actually, uh, t-talk to me when ad-d-d-dressing me. It, um…
Oh, right, sorry. Heh, guess I didn’t realise I could talk to you like that for a moment, haha… man, this is like one of my Japanese animes!
…just summon me, p-please.
Well, I’ll go ahead and do that. I close my eyes and focus for a moment. When I open them again Jesus Christ I am literally the luckiest person in existence.
Before me is quite possibly the single most attractive person I’ve ever seen. More attractive than the Cynthia lady, even. She’s petite, she’s got an hourglass figure, she’s got delicious huge eyes and a small mouth, she’s dressed up in pink… oh man, I can already feel myself getting aroused. More than I was, rather.
“Hhhhh… kkhheeey…” I begin, standing from my previous position. Oh jeez, I probably shouldn’t do that actually, they’ll see… well, whatever, my stomach fat will cover it anyway.
“Ish schomeching wrong?” I ask, my voice and facial bulk really making my words less intelligible than they might otherwise be.
“You, uh… you’re r-r-really t-tall.”
“Why, yesch I am,” I respond, attempting to put on as much suaveness as I can, and failing somewhat miserably. “How doesch it make you fheel?”
“Aw, now that’sch juscht rude, ischn’t it. We schould exschamine easch other more closchely, I think…”
With that, I begin ponderously strutting towards her, and getting rather more concerned as she gets more and more horrified at my approach. Does… does she not like me? Oh, she doesn’t like me, does she?! Oh god, it’s not like my Japanese animes at all! I’m still going to be the loser otaku! I mean, it might be like an anime, but those are always attractive guys, not low-orbiting hamplanets like me-
“Uh, I c-can still, uh, hear y-your internal, um, buh, um… monol-logue. We d-do have a t-two w-w-way connection, t-to a-an ext-tent, but-”
Shit, she thinks you’re an idiot, Derryk! Quick, do something sexy! I manage to get over to her at last, a little bit sweaty from the exertion of walking a few feet, and place an arm around her shoulders ohhhhh she tensed up. And gave a terrified squeak. Oh Christ, I’m going to die of embarrassment. Or she is. Or maybe both of us. I quickly remove my arm, and she stops being as tense as she was, nearly.
“Uhhh… sch-scho, you scheem… schexchy.”
“…y-yes. I, uh, guess so. I m-mean, uh, I w-was generated to be, uh… um… oh jeez…”
“She begins awkwardly fondling her antennae wait she has antennae she’s an alien. Or an insect lady. But more likely an alien. Ohhhhhhh, that’s equally hot and depressing.
“…well, as, uh… a-aaaah… um, as your p… ‘perfect waifu’.”
…please kill me, God. Or Telerius, who seems to be the practical equivalent of God, given that I’m here now. Seriously, I’m literally the worst person in existence for generating someone so perfect to fulfil my own desires in that way. I’m not good at social interaction, is the thing, so what ends up happening is that even without my immense weight and, uh, everything else, I just end up looking like an idiot who can’t talk to people. Sort of like Goku, I guess, except even he isn’t that socially terrible… or really very socially terrible at all, come to think of it. I really need to re-watch Dragon Ball sometime, I’m starting to forget what the characters are like. Maybe just Z, but the original series might also be fun…
“W-we were having a, um, d-discussion, master?”
“…whuh? What’sch with-”
“It, um, seems… slightly appropriate. S-sort of.”
“…wait, I’m confusched. You’re having, like, aneuryschmsch at me, becausche I’m not really attractive, but, uh… ‘maschter’?”
“Well, C-cynthia s-said it… oh, I n-need to have a m-m-m-moment to m-myself, excuse me…”
She begins wandering off, but doesn’t get two meters before tripping over her own feet, and into a crying woman and her giant tank. [Krista and Therean.]
“Ah! S-sorry! I’m n-not good w-w-with my, uh, f-feet…”
Oh God she’s a Dojikko too. I am the worst. And still very thankful for the stomach fat- hang on, is that-
“Oh, schure, put the glowing green and yellow tattoo on my schtomacch, why not? Juscht make my ridichulousch weight more obviousch, why don’ch you, GOD?” I yell at the god-like being on the dais. Freaking jerk. I don’t even know what elements I have yet…
E-electric, and, um, Chemical. If I’m n-not mistaken. A-also, you, uh… you did just y-yell that out for, uh, f-for e-e-everyone to, uhm… hear.
…fuck me running.

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Arcady Feldman
“This place, no. I’m new to it, likely as new as you are.” I respond to the question, then walk over to the tall guy also walking towards us, pulled by his summon. In tallness, he ranks right between the other two. Everyone’s so tall here.
“Greetings. My name’s Arcady. Yours?”

[Fun fact: Azorel’s 6’, Kat’s 5’10", Sypher is 6’2" and Arcady’s maybe 5’7", give or take an inch, don’t manipulate miles]

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Kat: Before Arcady can reach the teen, I grab him, “Arcady.. Listen, I know this place seems neat, and everyone seems really friendly, but listen.. Stick with me, okay? I know what I’m doing..” I have no clue why I just did this.. I mean, hell, I have no other connection to the kid other than that we just met, but he won’t last a day if things get rough.. After that, I introduce myself to Metal Plant kid [Azorel Nilm]

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[I actually laughed at BC’s post.]

Krista Gabrielle

While hugging the Therean, a… pretty lady trips next to us and she starts apologizing.

“I-It’s ok, lady. Don’t worry. I-I’ll… help you…” I swipe the tears off my face.

“By the way… Therean… what can you do…?”
“Change into other shapes or modes, as I put them. If you mean my elements, these are Metal and Fire. Still… are you sure you want to help her…?”
“Why not? She seems nice.”
“She’s another entity. And she may hurt you.”
“You… think so?…”

That… scares me… I don’t want to anybody to hurt me… But… I want friends… And I-

“Oh, schure, put the glowing green and yellow tattoo on my schtomacch, why not? Juscht make my ridichulousch weight more obviousch, why don’ch you, GOD?”

I hear that and I start laughing. First time in what seems to be forever. I lend a hand to the lady and try to help her to stand up.

“Here, I’m Krista, nice to meet you. And you?”

“Calm down, Therean. I’ll… try luck with them… They seem nice. Still… I don’t want to be hurt… So tell me if you see something too fishy… Or bad…”
“… Ok …”

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(Ew, long-ass posts.)

“Ah to hell with it.” I said. I checked myself to see if I got injured, but I noticed a tattoo on my arm. A tattoo that I never got. “Okay what’s with the accursed tattoo?” I asked as I stared at it. While pondering this tattoo and why it’s on my arm, I heard a humming noise like an electrical hum behind me. I turned around and saw some kind of combat robot. “What are you and what the hell is going on here?” I asked it. “Just call me Aleph Ratel, okay? I don’t know either. From what you probably should know, that person with the strange garb kidnapped you and a bunch of other folks,” It said to me. “I’d much rather call you Autokrator, does that sound good?” I asked it. “Sounds good to me. Now, when will the fun begin?” Autokrator began musing to itself. I decided to try and find someone to talk to.

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[Fun fact: Azorel’s 6’, Kat’s 5’10", Sypher is 6’2" and Arcady’s maybe 5’7", give or take an inch, don’t manipulate miles]

[And Derryk Nytecut is 6’11", and fat to go along with it. BOW BEFORE ME YOU SUB-6’11" SUB-250kg PEASANTS]

“Um… A-Alison. O-or Allie for sh-short, I suppose… w-what about your, u-uh… Entity?”

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I just updated my post, Minna, if you want tah see.

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(And Meshech is 5’10" as well. Coincidence? I think so.)

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Deadshot Drew

Groggily waking up, I arise to a marvelous sight; a large, majestic hall with unreal amounts of marble and purple. Wait, where am I?! Who are these people?! Was I kiddnapped?! What do they want? Money? Information? What the hell..?

However I can’t deny the kidnapper(s) have great taste. This hallway could be nicer than Valhalla! Upon regaining my sense, I notice some man in a very nice mix of purple and gold discussing to me and all the other people, who seem to be waking up. He seems to be talking about “Entities”. Suddenly, he summons a beautiful woman. Damn, she looks like Mrs. Universe. The speech ends with us being told we can summon an Entity.

I then proceed to making a possibly over-done constipated noise as a half-asleep attempt at meditating. I simply curse myself under my breath, looking stupid. I then feel a sharp pain in my right shoulder. I see a giant tatoo of a Red/Brown hue on it. Cool.

HUH?! WHAT THE..?! This is gonna look bad for my next job interview…” I say to myself…If I ever make it in time; how long was I asleep?!

“For a while actually, Your Honor.” I hear behind me. It seems like a pretty scruffy voice, kinda like an old man’s. “Why thank yo-AH!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!” I say as I turn around to see a giant, overly-blue Walrus and a…uh…“Rock Bird” behind me. I assuming a ground fighting stance, shouting BACK! DON’T EAT ME! HELP!!!” as I crawl back.

“Hey, shut up. Last thing you need is to make a scene in front of Telerius.” the bird says as it motions up to the man speaking earlier. I’d question why the hell a bird and giant walrus are talking, but I throw myself back asleep.

Suddenly I’m awoken again by a sharp pain. I grunt as I see the bird earlier pecked me awake. “Don’t you think you’ve slept enough for one yea-day?”. I re-gain my focus and the bird says “So what’s up Your Honor :3” as he tries to make a cute face. Actually, it is kinda cute. I take a gulp and say “Uh…I’m D-” the bird quickly cuts me off again and says “Your Drew, I know. I am your Entity, you know.”

I shrug, trying to be cool and say “Oh, I knew that. (Totally didn’t) What’s your name?” I ask it. “Glad you ask! My name is Deadshot! Hey, quit talking to the bird and go talk to some others.” I nod in agreement, getting up, dusting my suit off and walk up to the young girl and guy with the giant walrus.

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John Matoris
I stumble around for a moment, and approach an enormously tall man who seems to have summoned something that’s MASSIVE fanservice! “Hello, I’m John Matoris, and this is my Wal- I mean Elemental Entity, Darias, and I heard something regarding DBZ over here, so I’ve decided you’ll be my first ally! So, what’s your name?”
[Urp, sorry Dr, I didn’t see your post, editing.]
As I notice my Walrus wander off towards some girl, and someone with some weird bird, I still stay here, because who else in here will have any anime talk.

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[Derryk never said anything about DBZ. That was in his head thoughts.]

Derryk Nytecut
…wait, he’s actually talking to me? Despite my being an obese acne-riddled glasses-wearing nerd? Oh, joyous day! Better get him on my side, before I can screw up!
“Hyeh! I didn’t acshtually schay anytching about Dragonball SchZ, but it’sch nische to know schomebody appreschiatesch the intellectual art that isch anime!”
“Scho what’sch your favourite epischode? Mine hasch to be number ninety schixch, “Exchploschion of Anger”, I mean did you schee how badly Freizcha got his asch kicked during it, oh man Goku really schowed his genoschidal asch what wasch what then!"

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[Keep the purely OOC posts to the signup thread, guys.]

[Please read this post, guys. However, the doors to all of those rooms are currently locked.]

Is it just me, or is a large majority of all Entities Fanservice?

[Well… Out of all of Telerius’s Entities, only Cynthia and Leviathan are explicitly intended to be sexy. Mirai looks like Hatsune Miku, and is thus more cute than sexy. And his two other female Entities are just fairly attractive because I don’t like to make a female character ugly if I can help it. Aside from your Entity, and BC’s, and arguably Knoob’s, I’m not sure which other ones are fanservice.]

Telerius Logian

Heeeeey, Master, can we meet them yet? Telerius hears a bright, perky female voice in his mind. Leviathan.

AAAAAGH! NO! NONONONO NOT YET! Lethea’s bubbling and sizzling voice says. Ten more minutes, Master! I – NO! DON’T EXPLODE! AAARGH! NOOOOOOO…! MY GLORIOUS NEW INVENTION… *sob*

I had no part in… whatever she was doing for the past hour, Master, says the soft and quiet voice of Lapis Lazulia. I tried to talk her out of it, but, you know.

Sounds like a few of you aren’t ready yet, says Cynthia with amusement in her telepathic voice.

Telerius lets out a low chuckle to himself. And I suppose I will give our… guests some more time to become acquainted with one another. “Seems like some of you are getting along with each other well,” Telerius says out loud to all the people before him. “Please take the next half hour or so to become more familiar with one another; cooperation is required if you wish to overcome my trials. I will return shortly.”

And with that, Telerius and Cynthia both disappear in a flash of purple energy.