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Welcome to the Information Thread!

If you have any questions, concerns or problems with the Forum Games Forum, this is the place to ask. To see the history of the forum, click here to view our archive.

Last Update: 3:10 AM (GMT) on July 21st, 2016 by adv0catus.

Table of Contents

1. What is the Forum Games Forum?
2. Forum Guidelines
3. Announcements
4. Tutorial
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Terminology
7. Forum Games: Assets & Utilities
8. Birthdays
9. Off-Site Contact Information
10. Nationalities

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The ‘Forum Games’ Forum is the sub-forum for creating and participating in text-based games. Such games include but are not limited to: roleplaying, mafia, competitions and strategy games.

If you want to discuss your favorite video game here on Kongregate, please posting a thread here. ‘General Gaming’ is for discussion of all games on Kongregate that don’t have a specific forum, or video games in general (PC, console, handheld, etc.).

Thank you!

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The original guidelines thread can be found here.
arcaneCoder’s thread can be found here.

After much consideration, Kongregate gives you the Forum Games Forums! Here is where you can make, participate in, and most of all—enjoy the wonders of Forum Games. While this was previously reserved to Off-Topic, forum games have become fairly popular and have now been given the honor of their own forum.


1. Follow the Conduct Guidelines. Please don’t be a jerk, it’s not nice or awesome.

2. Do not derail threads. Please keep any off-topic discussion in the General Thread.

3. Please follow the host’s rules for their game. If you disagree with a particular rule, please bring up a reasonable discussion about it politely. It is best to do so in a way that does not impede the game.

4. Inappropriate games will be locked. If a game is deemed unfit for the Forum Games Forum, it will be locked at the forum moderator’s discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, games that break site-wide expectations of behavior. If your game is locked, privately message one of the forum moderators for assistance as needed.

5. Bump games with meaningful content when necessary. Throughout most of the forums, bumping is discouraged, but it is understood as a necessity here in certain cases. Use good judgement when you bump. A forum moderator will speak to you if they find your bumps do not follow this guideline. As always, it’s up to the forum moderator’s discretion.

6. Limit threads to two per game. This includes a sign-up thread for the game. If you require more than two threads for your game, contact one of the forum moderators.

7. When a game is finished, please add a [Finished] tag to the thread’s title and lock the thread. You can lock the thread by deleting the first post in the thread. You are encouraged to reserve the first post for this purpose. If you’re unable to delete the first post, you may flag it and request that a forum moderator lock the thread for you.

8. Once again, don’t be a jerk. Please show respect for the host of the game and if you have any issues, discuss them calmly and respectfully. Please respect the regulars, they’re more familiar with the forum and can assist you if you have any problems or questions.

9. There is a limit of one game per week. This means that you have to wait 7 days from the start of any previous game before you can start a new game. If you wish to have more than one game running at a time, please request approval in the Master Thread. If you do not follow this guideline, it’s up to the forum moderator’s discretion to limit your future game hosting abilities.

10. If you see a thread that does not belong (or it’s a game that violates the guidelines), please flag it and do not post in it. All you need to do is flag the opening post and ignore it. A forum moderator will address the issue accordingly.

Any specific discussion about the Guidelines should be posted in the dedicated thread, which can be found here.

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Types of Games

Joining Forum Games

1. Play the game! Many people sign-up for a game, and then never play. While in games such as Roleplays, this may not be as much of an issue, but it can ruin others, such as Mafia. So if you’re going to sign-up, make sure you can play!

2. Use proper grammar. While this isn’t required, it’s definitely an important courtesy. It’s not necessary to make sure every post is perfect, but make the post legible. If your post has to be read more than once because it cannot be understood, there’s a problem.

3. Follow the game rules. While this mostly applies to roleplays, some other games have rules specific for the game. Follow them, or risk being kicked from the game by the host.

4. Don’t post to increase post count. This also applies to mostly Roleplays. If it’s a serious Roleplay, chances are a one-to-two sentence post isn’t going to cut it. If the host took the time to think up the game and was kind enough to put it up here for you to experience, return the favor. Take the time to make a decent post with some detail.

Making Forum Games

1. Participate in other games before making your own. There is no substitute for experience, and seeing a few of our veteran’s games can give you inspiration for your own. Also, even though it isn’t really absolutely required, it helps if you are at least fairly well known around the forum, since people will see your quality work as a player.

2. Use proper grammar. This is even more important for making a forum game, especially when you make a title and description for your game, although it isn’t an absolute requirement outside of an Role Play. However, it just matters that your posts be mostly legible; you don’t need to capitalize every ‘I’ or place every comma.

3. Get a good idea of the game. This is very important for long term games. A poorly made game will fail quickly. So please, before you click “Post Topic”, look over your game, and think “Would other people be able to play and enjoy this game?” if not, then take a little while to correct some wrinkles in your game.

4. Commit to the game. Even with a great idea, lots of willing and active players, games (usually) can’t last without an active game host. If you’re going to make a game, you need to be sure you can commit to it.

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What is FGF?

FGF stands for Forum Games forum. Forum Games was once part of Off-topic.

What are Forum Games?

Forum games are text-based games you play over the forums. While pictures and graphics can be involved, it’s fundamentally based off posts made by users.

Those Guidelines… they’re more like ‘suggestions’ than ‘rules’, right?

No, sorry. We’ve had those Guidelines in place (in one form or another) since the forum was created. We politely but firmly ask that you respect and abide by them.

Can I talk about my favourite video game here?

No, sorry. This is not a video game forum.

I saw something really cool, can I make a thread about it?

No, sorry. However, feel free to tell us all about it in the General Thread!

Can I make any game I want?

Sure! As long as it follows our Guidelines, specifically Rule #4.

What about approvals and waiting, and stuff?

It means is that you need to wait a week between making games (think of it as a cool off period) and if you already have a game running, you just need to ask in the Master Thread if you can run another. Once three Regulars approve it, you’re good to go!

If you would like to add any FAQs to this, please post below!

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“Bah” Post: A post made by a player after they’ve been eliminated. This post usually reflects their frustration and a general wish of luck to an alignment/faction. This post does not contain any game-related information.

Bastard: Used to indicate to the players of a game that nontraditional modding or game procedures may be present in the game. If a game will have (or could have) bastard elements, this fact should always be revealed to the players before the game begins.

EBWOP: Stands for “Edit by Way of Post”. In games where editing and deleting posts is strictly forbidden such as Mafia games, an EBWOP is used if a player wants to add to or clarify their previous post when it is the last post in a thread.

Game Related: If a thread title has “Game Related” in it, it means the thread is not a forum game, but it has something to do with forum games.

R4L: Shortened term for “Reserved for lock”, the first post in a game thread. When the post is deleted, it will automatically lock the thread. The host usually does this when the game and post-discussion is over.

R: Shortened term for “reserved”. This is used to hold the needed number of posts for the thread, so the host can include the necessary information for the game.

Reserve: If a user signs up for a game, but all the slots are full, they will hold a reserve spot. This means if a player becomes inactive, the reserve player will then take their place. Can be referred to as Replacement.

Role: A role is a character you play in a game, typically a Roleplaying game or (more commonly) a Mafia game. In a Mafia game, roles are generally privately sent to the players by the host.

Sign-ups: This means that the game has at least one open slot for a new player to join the game. This usually happens before the game has started, but sometimes occurs during the first phase of the game as well.

V/LA: Shortened term for “Vacation / Limited Access”. If you know that you’ll be absent for some time but will be able to post occasionally but irregularly, you can claim to have V/LA.


DQ’d: Disqualified. Due to a reason, determined by the host, the player is removed from the competition.

Redemption/Requalification round: When eliminated players get the chance to join the competition again. A competition may or may not have such a round.

Screenshot: A screenshot of the game, with the green plug visible and the high-scores tab open.

Qualifier: A game that is played to see who gets into the competition. Most commonly at the beginning.


Bandwagon: A large amount of votes on someone because someone else voted them, for whatever reasons or lack thereof.

Confirming: When a player posts in the thread, confirming they’ve received their role. This allows the host to know that the players have received their role information and have publicly acknowledged that. It also indicates that the player understands the information given to them and there’s no pending inquiries.

Day: The phase in a Mafia in which people vote.

DK: ‘Daykill’. The elimination of a player via an ability during the Day phase, or the actual ability itself that performs the aforementioned effect.

FoS: ‘Finger of Suspicion’. Used to indicate that you find someone suspicious but are not going to vote them, for whatever reason (often because you are voting for someone even more suspicious). Sometimes the version ‘HoS’ (Hand of Suspicion) is used, which means ’They’re bad or I am!’

Hammer: A quick bandwagon, usually orchestrated by the Mafia. Also, in a mafia where majority lynch is used, the final casted vote before majority is reached.

Host: The person who runs the game.

Lynch: Elimination of players via gaining the most votes during the day.

Majority lynch: The elimination mechanic where the day ends when the majority of the remaining players vote (for the same person).

Night: The phase in a Mafia in which people use actions.

NK: ‘Nightkill’. The elimination of a player via an ability during the Night phase, or the actual ability itself that performs the aforementioned effect.

Protect: Protecting someone from a Lynch/Night Kill.

Reveal: Revealing someones role to yourself or the team.

RNG: ‘Random Number Generator’, or ‘Random Number God’. In a Mafia-specific context, it means to randomly pick someone to vote.

Scum: Mafia-sided player.

SI: ‘Scum Idiot’. A Mafia-sided player that acts in a way that hurts their alignment.

Town: The large side that does not know each other in a Mafia game.

VI: ‘Village Idiot’. A Town player that acts in a manner that hurts their alignment.

For a more comprehensive list of mafia abbreviations, click here and the Glossary.

Role Playing

God Mod: To control another person’s roleplaying during a game; to abuse “God-mode” cheats.

Meta Gaming: When a character acts on information that they can’t/shouldn’t know.

If you would like to add any terms to this, please post below!

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Below is a list of assets that are provided for free to use in your forum games:

Note: There currently appears to be privacy and/or security issues with the site, as well as the images not appearing when embedded in posts. Use at your own risk.

To access this series of images, utilize the following URL:


Where X is the specific card URL and the image file format is always PNG. Each card URL will start with the number of face value of the card followed by the suit. Some examples are: Five of Diamonds (5D), Ace of Spades (AS), the Ten of Clubs (10C) and the Queen of Hearts (QH).

To access this series of images, utilize the following URL:


Where X is the specific card URL and the image file format is always PNG. The URL can be anything from 0%, represented as 000, to 100%, represented as 100.

Below is a list of utilities that are provided for free to use in your forum games:

If you would like to add any forum game assets or utilities to this, please post below!

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Created: November 23rd, 2011.
Updated: June 5th, 2016.

January (8): Firespread (1st), Gonkeymonkey & thijsel (2nd), Gastly101 (8th), CowFriend (11th), Pigjr1 (26th), TailsTheFox12 (27th) & Zzzip50 (31st).

February (7): racefan12 & undeadcupcake3 (1st), hamuka (8th), ilovekirby12 (14th), Blood_Shadow (20th), JaumeBG (21st) & Jimbo14 (29th).

March (7): qwertyuiopazs (1st), RaceBandit (11th), REALinsanemonkey (14th), yui113 (17th), adv0catus (22nd), Xandrya (27th) & Twiton (28th).

April (3): speedy250 (1st), TwistedCakez (21st) & FelineForumer (22nd).

May (7): SilverEvil (6th), RiddleofRevenge (11th), DragonArcherZ (16th), Woon1957 & RandomTurtle (18th), sarothat410 (24th) & InfiniteExpanse (27th).

June (7): tracymirkin123 (3rd), occooa (7th), AdeebNafees & coolo2011 (10th), Stone667 (19th), T6salt (29th) & S_98 (30th).

July (4): gammaflux (6th), BCLEGENDS (27th), sebba (29th) & Taiboss (30th).

August (6): Pokarnor (3rd), puzzledan (8th), Myhome16 (13th), Squidward568 (18th), uzzbuzz (23rd) & SamsterSamster (28th).

September (2): Spikeabc (1st) & MyNameIsNothing (26th).

October (8): King_Matt (7th), XYTWO (14th), CYrusmaster (20th), kingzak13 (21st), devourer359 (26th), arkenarken (27th), djrockstar & TheAznSensation (28th).

November (8): BLOODYRAIN10001 (5th), ZigZagZombie (6th), MasterCheif987 (12th), Rosate (17th), reaper765 (18th), Kadleon (21st), Minnakht (23rd) & nikeas (30th).

December (5): Bluji (1st), Behemoth542 & Darkboy5846 (9th), Knoob85687 (13th) & Helltank (19th).

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Steam: Bluji
Twitter: BlujiKong

Steam: FaunaFlora

Email: Gevock@live.com
Skype: Gevock
Steam: gevock


Skype: brandong2290
Steam: adv0catus


Skype: xerberos542

Steam: BLOODYRAIN10001


Email: Vegis.artur@gmail.com
Skype: Tribalwars.maniac
Steam: 76561198047480343


Steam: DJRockstar1

Steam: 76561198083773227


Steam: 19650717

Skype: helltank.cy
Steam: aliphantelephant


Steam: 76561198084634887

Twitter: kingzak13
Xbox: kingzak123

Skype: OrangeOfPurple
Steam: 76561198036909469


Skype: myhomie16
Steam: 76561198060204114


Steam: nikeasdabest


Skype: superrevised
Steam: Rhink

Steam: 76561198037412807


Steam: Pigjr1


Skype: Jojo Rakadan
Steam: JojoRakadan


Steam: SamsterSamster

Steam: sarothat410

Skype: strykerstab
Steam: rvn04hwg

Steam: 76561198156402155


Email: imtttttt@gmail.com

Skype: therealtaiboss
Steam: Taiboss

Steam: tiesoul

Skype: TGSthegreensparrow
Steam: RacistBasist


deviantART: breakmebaby
Skype: roguebehaviour
Steam: Xandrya


Email: theeggman0608@gmail.com
Skype: davpr0806

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Created: April 13th, 2011.
Updated: February 11th, 2016.


Bangladesh: AdeebNafees.

Cambodia: TheAznSensation.

China: Zzzip50.

Hong Kong: Pulsaris.

India: Drovoxx & Kadleon.

Israel: Kidudeman.

Malaysia: S_98 & Woon1957.

Philippines: speedy250.

Qatar: djrockstar.

Singapore: Helltank.

Taiwan: CowFriend.


Austria: Taiboss.

Denmark: Kranix & pludrpladr.

England: BCLEGENDS, coolo2011, KingofLlamas, kingzak13, Morrrr, Mysterymason, RandomTurtle, SamsterSamster, Squidward568, T6salt, Twiton & walfordking.

Estonia: Gonkeymonkey.

Finland: Bluji & CYrusmaster.

Hungary: hamuka.

Netherlands: thijsel.

Poland: Minnakht, nikeas.

Russia: SupHomies.

Scotland: Knoob85687.

Spain: JaumeBG.

North America

Canada: adv0catus, Blood_Shadow, Darkboy5846, FelineForumer, occooa, reaper765, uzzbuzz, yiu113 & ZigZagZombie.

Cuba: Xandrya.

United States: BLOODYRAIN10001, devourer359, EbilWulf, Firespread, Fogfun, Gambi69, Gastly101, HappyYay, Jimbo14, MasterCheif987, MyNameIsNothing, Pigjr1, Pokarnor, Precarious, qwertyuiopazs, racefan12, Rosate, Sabin7, sarothat410, SilentSam, SilentSand, SilverEvil, Spikeabc, TailsTheFox12, tracymirkin123, undeadcupcake3, XYTWO, yiu113 & Zeeco.


Australia: arkenarken, GottaAskTheMan, Johanna_T, REALinsanemonkey, RiddleOfRevenge & sebba.

New Zealand: DragonArcherZ & JaumeBG.

South America

Argentina: Behemoth542.

Brazil: TheJesterOfPain.

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This post is reserved for future use.

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This post is reserved for future use.

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This post is reserved for future use.

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This post is reserved for future use.

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I realize at the exact moment of posting this, the thread’s intention is unknown, as it’s a thread full of “.” posts. However, I’ve been thinking the last few days about the Master Thread (again) and want to try this out. Normally, I’d ask Gevock first and if he okayed it then go ahead. Since he’s unavailable (real life is so gosh darn inconvenient sometimes) and I’m impatient as heck, I figured I’d just do the thread and see y’alls reaction.

The Master Thread is great, it’s the control center for the entire forum. However, it’s trying to be more than what it should be. It’s purpose is to track all the games on the forum, as well as the regulars and their wins. The extra stuff is bloaty and mostly ridiculously out of date. The Master Thread shouldn’t have a FAQ, a Tutorial or anything like that. One, because that’s not what the intention of the thread is. Secondly, no one reads it. No one reads it because it’s weird for it to be there and because the information is ridiculously out of date, and in some cases, flat out wrong.

The intent of this thread, as you will see by the name, is to be the ‘Information’ thread. Remember the Q&A thread we had stickied before it was locked with the new Guidelines? It’s that, and the Guidelines and the ‘This is not General Gaming’ thread and all the information from the Master Thread rolled into one. It’s a one-stop shop (a bit of a work in progress still) for all things informative about FGF and what it is. Presumably, this will be stickied for easy access, and the other two redundant stickies will be not stickied any more (although, it’s reasonable for Gevock to keep the Guidelines thread, since he posted it and dat F) and it’ll make room for more games on the first page. Win-win!

The redundancy of this thread and the Master Thread will stay until everyone decides which one they want, then the unwanted duplicate will be disappeared. :)

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This does seem a bit redundant, but then again the master thread does still need some organizing (Personally, I only use it to check games, and scrolling down all of those rules does seem unnecessary).

I think this thread is fine if it is able to combine all of those overlapping stickies (forum game guideline, note this is not general gaming) and better organize in general.

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By the way, I am Canadian, you can add that in ;)

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Aww, I’m still not a Malaysian. xD

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Originally posted by ZigZagZombie:

By the way, I am Canadian, you can add that in ;)

Originally posted by thenewampkit:

Aww, I’m still not a Malaysian. xD


- adv0catus

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I’m Dutch and my birthday is January 2nd. Might want to add that in :P

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After much consideration, Kongregate gives you the Forum Games Forums! Here is where you can make, participate in, and most of all—enjoy the wonders of Forum Games. While this was previously reserved to Off-Topic, forum games have become fairly popular and have now been given the honor of their own forum.

Hasn’t it been a few years since FGF was made? Do we really need to include it in the information thread?

Regardless, good job guys, this looks much cleaner than the older threads. Not completely sure what the purpose of master thread will be now though.

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So I talked to adv0 and we trimmed up some of the fat on the stickies. Got rid of the guidelines thread, the thread of Z’s and sticky’d this as replacement.

The guidelines thread is still the right place for rule discussion and if there is a giant influx of non-fgf threads, I’ll reevaluate the need for Z’s sticky, but I like this look for now. I’ll remind anyone unfamiliar reading this that this thread and the master thread are endorsed by the forum moderation, but are not run by the forum moderation.

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I’m Brazilian.

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Originally posted by thijsel:

I’m Dutch and my birthday is January 2nd. Might want to add that in :P

Originally posted by Cwovictor:

I’m Brazilian.


- adv0catus

Originally posted by occooa:

My birthday is June 7.