[Completed] Kongregate Mafia *game over* squidward survived (locked)

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thanks to terrible toaster for the second one
this is the kongregate mafia

rules are much like any other mafia game
days and nights are both 48 hours

1 kingzak13
2 ruudiluca dead again
3 squidward568
4 Ryanwayne123 dead
5 lycn1 dead
6 TerribleToaster dead
7 hotman021 dead
8 PlainBlandMan dead
9 walfordking dead
10 Slater9731 dead
11 Revi_M_Fadli (replaced bitpik) dead
12 zedd236 dead
13 tomtomtombob dead
14 randomturtle dead
15 sabercow dead
16 Fogfun dead
17 Imagemonster dead

1 rokun

the two teams are team jim vs team emily

(ban is the same as night kill)

team jim
jim greer X1 can ban 2 players
fuzzybacon X1 can ban 1 player
alisonclaire X1 can ban 1 player
mod X1 knows everyone on thier team (no telling anyone)
gamers X1 is unknown can protect self from ban once
artist X1 has the ability to research two people (please whisper me)
forum mod X1 knows everyone of evryone (no telling)
troll X1 can save one person from ban

team emily
emily g X1 can ban 2 players
greg X1 can ban 1 player
arcanecoder x1 can ban 1 player
mod X1 knows everyone on thier team (no telling anyone)
gamers X1 is unknown can protect self from ban once
artist X1 has the ability to research two people (please whisper me)
forum mod X1 knows everyone of evryone (no telling)
troll X1 can save one person from ban
if there is anyone problems with any of this please inform me

controller of the web 1X can kill anyone in the blink of an eye

will add more in a little while

i am the controller of the internet

ifyou don’t post every 50 hours without a reason then you can be kicked

no bandwaggoning

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there is a land hidden deep in the world of the internet where a group of people went to detatch themselves from the rest of the world

this land was known as kongregate

it was a land of tranquility except for the troll attacks
but the staff learned how to handle it and the trolls where stopped

but on a crisp calm day in the summer of 2009 all hell broke lose

one of the main admins caught a diesease and decided to try and bring down kong
the other one protected it

within a couple of months everyone had split onto the team they would work with

this is the stry of how brother fought sister for the control of kongregate
which team would win


the world of kong was in heck
teams had split close friends into bitter rivals
no one truly knew who was evil and who was good
they could only assume they were the good

the teams began a fight for control
a 8 on 8 battle had began
they entered a hidden land and they where trapped with masks
they had to choose on person to die
who would it be


the team decided to kill hotman

he begged to them he was good and was working with both of the teams

this just shown he was scum
a giant flaming hammer appeared
and a man shouted BANNED

hotman the team jim mod has been banned

the team walked over to a volcano for the next round
but a camp appeared and the team went to sleep

night story

this is a very good bed time story
it made me sleepy

the god of the internet was offline
one of the moderaters had decided that it was time for someone to get banned

one of them climbed into the tent and grabbed his hammer
time to ban motherf&*^er

BANG a hammer shot to the head left the person with brains in his bed
the mod snuck back to the tent

ruudilica/ arcane coder is dead

the next morning
everyone awok from their slumber except ruudilica
randomturtle opened the tent to wake ruudilica

he screamed when he saw blood and brains everywhere

they had to decide who would carry the body

challenge 1 results

everyone said squid toaster and ryan should carry the corpse

they put it on a stretcher and went up the hill

nothing happened to ryan
nothing happened to toaster
nothing happened to squid

they carried the corpse up the mountain without a problem
except from the occasional vulture atack

when they reached the top they tipped his body down into the lava

as they did this they where caught by the ankles and trapped

they must vote someone to fall in the lava to get free

day 2 story

it was a split decision
but in the end everyone decided it was time to kill lycn
everyones hooks where released and they fell in the lava
a bullet flew threw lycns head and a flag was stabbed in his back it said banned

everyone else fell in the lava and just passed through
they landed inside the volcano base
there was a large chunk of land

everyone landed
a voice from no where said you may leave tommorow
until then sleep here

a small hotel was built in seconds

everyone went to sleep

night 2

as revi slept
someone kicked in the door
time to die bitch

he threw a hammer and revi began running
he ran to the bathroom
he was trapped

revi injected himself with something and passed out
the person grabbed him and put him on a rock out in the lava

it would slowly sink
he would die by morning

as he walked back in someone looked out the window and saw them
someone knows who you are

the next morning everyone walked out
then they saw revi on the rock

he woke up causing it to sink
he fell in
revi m faldi team jims troll has died

everyone was traumatised by this
a stone path appeared and they left the volcano
with the next stage in their quest clear
they began the trek to a forest
on the way tigers surrounded them
they only want one of you

day 3

everyone decided it wastime to kill imagemonster

the tigers pounced
they ripped flesh from every part of him
everyone else began to run
they could hear his screams in the distance

as they arrived in the forest
the voice continued

you have to choose where to sleep
the green grass or the blue grass

challenge 2 results
everyone ran for the blue grass thinking it would be safe
it was (other than the occasional animal turd)

everyone on the gren grass got a bomb strapped to them

this will appear later on

night 3 story

everyone slept safe and sound

the next morning the people continued to walk to the forest

but then something happened

the bombs began to glow
some in red some in green

day 4

everyone voted
it ended in a draw between zedd and sabrecow

slaters bomb was about to go off
slater yelled i am not going alone and he jumped onto zedd and sabre

everyone ran behind a nearby bush [on some blue grass]
someone poped up to see what happened
the bomb went off and blood went everywhere
the blood flew through the bush
everyone was covered in blood and guts

slater, sabrecow and zedd236 are all dead

the mysterious voice talked again
wow that was not meant to happen
as we lost one person too many i allow you to revive one

challenge 3 results
it was decided that ruudiluca would be revived
he was teleported to the team
he just stood there shocked he was alive again

then that voice started again

tommorow we shall have a challenge
featuring ruudiluca
walfordking for being a moron and trying to continue the vote
and one more person who we vote overnight

a hotel appeared and everyone entered

night 4 story

everyone slept sound in the hotel

then the next morning three people where whisked out of bed
ruudiluca, walfordking and fogfun

they arrived in the court yard
you have been selected the voice said

four drinks then appear from nowhere
one of them is water
one is a magic potion
another has random effects
and the last one causes auttodeath

there are four colours

1. blue
2. clear
3. black
4. clear

choose wisely

as for everyone else
everyone else can get voting
you can vote for anyone on this list
4 Ryanwayne123
6 TerribleToaster
8 PlainBlandMan
13 tomtomtombob

they will die

day 5 story

everyone decided that it was time for plainblandman was to die

his bomb went off
his blood stopped a few inches from everyone

then everyone ran over to see the random event
walford choose his potion but the other two refused
walford drank his and spat i back up and began acting like he was dying

then the voice started
dude it is just water

the walford stood up and said i know that

the other two refused to drink a potion

at this point they where both imploded

they crumpled up into mini black holes

walford then walked out the dome quite traumatised by this

he joined the others in getting back in the hotel
it is night

night 5 story

nothing had happened again

everyone was being put in a false sense of security
this would cause more trauma when people die

day 6 story

everyone decided to kill tomtomtombob
he screamed “no” and ran for it

he ran through the forest to escape
but the team was hot on his tail
then someone jumped out infront of him and he fell into a nearby swamp
he couldn’t get out
he drowned to his death
tomtomtombob is dead

the man walked up to the team
what are you doing on my land he said
we are looking for the awnser to our exsistance and to learn who is on each team
oh you want the fountanin of life
do you know where it is asked a team member
yes he said
it is up the mountain of death through the swamp of comatose and in the annilation valley

can you show us to it asked a team member

yes but one problem he said
what someone asked
im a cannibal and you look delicous
just kill one team member and i can eat them on my way up the mountain

challenge 4 story

everyone decided to kill ryanwayne
the man jumped on him and stabbed him in the spine

he then began eating his arm
that is tense said squidward

so what the man replied spitting blood and muscles

lets go
the remaining four walked up the mountain of death
as they reached the top they noticed something

it was a machine that would get ou down the mountain to the swamp
but it needed a sacrifice
who would it be

final day part 1

the team unanimously decided to throw tt in the grinder
he just screamed no

he was then pushed over the barrier into the grinder
he was pulped

then a cannon began acting up
it covered them in the blood of toaster

then a sledge appeared under them and the slide down the mountain
it was fun
during the whole thing the farmer continued eating ryan
they slid into the swamp of coma

into a panel in the middle a swamp
1 person must be drowned in the swamp
and the others shall be teleported to the valley of death

final day part 2

the swamp opened up and walford was sucked in
the final member of team emily had died

squidward and randomturtle where catapulted to the valley of death
they ran towards the fountain

it began to talk
there is a awnser to your question
all i need is a sacrifice

everyone on kongregate can vote

final story

randomturtle would die
he was instantly vaporized and squid was dropped next to the fountain
he found a bag that appeared with a note on it

the note said “dear remaining member of team i hope this stuff will help you continue your life”

inside the bag was enough food
a plane ticket to any country
and a coin of life

squid dropped the coin of life in the fountain and he could ask one question
i have been through alot sice this started and i have survived all the possible deaths to ask one question
who was the good team he asked

the fountain water grew into a body shape and a man walked out
the man talked with the same voice as the voice that was following them

he just said
this war has not decided who was good or bad but who survived

the man then dissapeared in a big expensive looking fade away

squid looked at the fountain as he had trouble understanding
the old man walked up and said
that means that it doesn’t matter who was good just the ones that survived

squid just nodded and walkded off

as the two people walked off into the distances
you know i got a daughte about your age the old man said
right squid replied

end of the game
squidward survived

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current goal…….. night

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this is kongregate mafia
and you have been flagged

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how can you play? It would be unfair as you know everyones role.

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i am basiclly controlling the game

you can’t vote me andi cn’t kill you unless you break web rules

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You can do that without even having to make a role for yourself

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Ok when do we start?

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Originally posted by sabercow:

Ok when do we start?

we start when some people show up

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Shows up.

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Confirmed and shows up.

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Oh yo, I’m here as well.

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I still don’t get this.

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If you are not signed-up for the game please don’t post in the game thread. For more on games read here.

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Can’t wait to get started ;)

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Finally, i’m back from that stupid fair!
Confirming role, and showin!

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we have 24 more hours and then the vote will start

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Originally posted by flyingman:

So in nearly one month since the sign-ups started you game is finaly up and running after loads of excseive bumps.

yeah pretty much

now stop commenting or i will report you

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Report him for what?