Dreams (Epilogue: Déjà Vu)(FINISHED) (locked)

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Thanks to Ozzy for the banner!

Also, a wiki is at:

So yeah, its started. Just write your story. This will become a game, just not yet. You must wake up first. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds.
Something I forgot to mention:

You don’t really know this is a dream… not yet anyways. All you know is that this isn’t right. It feels… off.


Dreams(Prologue) Pg.1
Ch.1 Waking Up Pg.6
Ch.2 Patrick Pg.9
Ch.3 Moving Out Pg.12
Ch.4 The Swarm Pg. 14
Ch.5 The Plan Pg. 16
Ch.6 Contact Pg.17
Ch.7 Betrayal Pg.17
Ch.8 The Bank Pg.18

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hmmmmm… i dunno just wait?

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“What is this?” I ask out loud. I look around my body and see nothing but darkness, and the slight outlines of objects in what appeared to be my room. Nobody has responded to my question, which was not a good sign. I slowly got out of bed, keeping my senses alert at all times. On my feet, I walked over to my bench and grabbed a small gem. I put it in the pocket of my trousers; I felt as if I had some kind of bond with it. I walked up to the nearby window and saw nothing. There were no signs of life outside; only a cold and powerful wind.

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Originally posted by Fogfun:
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“What is this?” I ask out loud. I look around my body and see nothing but darkness, and the slight outlines of objects in what appeared to be my room. Nobody has responded to my question, which was not a good sign. I slowly got out of bed, keeping my senses alert at all times. On my feet, I walked over to my bench and grabbed a small gem. I put it in the pocket of my trousers; I felt as if I had some kind of bond with it. I walked up to the nearby window and saw nothing. There were no signs of life outside; only a cold and powerful wind.

It hasn’t really started…

Oh well, I’ll save it as my first post. :P

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so we start when the signups are full?

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Originally posted by Fogfun:
Originally posted by pludrpladr:

so we start when the signups are full?

No, when my question gets answered.


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Prologue: Dreams

Here’s mine.
Unknown location

I open my eyes. There is ringing in my ears. My sight is blurred. Everything starts to clear up though. I hear gunfire. A shell lands in the distance. I get up. A man runs up to me. “Johnny! You’re alive!!”

“Who are you?”

“What, did you get amnesia? That explosion was pretty big. I’m your childhood friend, Phil!”

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“Fifty-two channels and nothing but static, heh.” I give a little snicker to myself as I turn off the television. It is dark and cold. I go back to the original room and look through the closet. I pick up two jackets, gloves and a beanie. I put them all on and then walk into the kitchen. I search for food and only find canned goods. “I need light…” I walk into the backyard and collect some sticks. I put them into a formation and then try lighting a fire with matches I found in the kitchen.

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I walk through a barren waistland in which I only see death or terrified people.

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Back at base

“So you’re telling me you don’t remember anything?” Phil asked.

“No. Nothing, not even my name.”

“You should see a doctor about that.”

“I’ll be fine.” I say.

I hear an announcement over the intercom: “Soldiers move it! We have reason to believe the rebels are about to attack Westfield Public Hospital. GO GO GO!!!”

As we ride towards the hospital, I ask Phil what this war is about.

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“A little bit of light in this dim place…” I give out a long and hard sigh. Although I didn’t remember much, I remembered that the world wasn’t meant to be like this. I go back into the house with a stick that is lit on fire, to be used as a torch. I continue to search my house while being careful not to light a fire. After a few minutes, I manage to find a pouch that is attached by the belt, and attach it. I also fill the pouch up with canned foods, and have a pocket knife attached to my belt. I go outside and force one of the cans open with my knife. I then cook the jerky inside.

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In the truck

“You see in 2104, the Almighty Supreme Rulers of This Land passed the Bill of Imagination, outlawing it. Since then, these stupid people have been rebelling, saying that ‘Imagination is important!’ and that kind of sh**.”

“What do you think about it?” I ask

“Me? I don’t care. I got a wife and two kids, I don’t need to worry about imagination. I only do this job for the pay.”

We arrive at the hospital. “EVERYBODY OUT!!!” screams the driver.
After we get out, he turns the truck around and leaves, along with the other trucks.

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“Set up perimeter.” Says a corporal.

Me and Phil lie down on the grassy knoll. I pull out a pair of binoculars and watch the hospital. Phil takes out a sniper rifle and gets ready.

All is quiet. I can feel the tension rising. Suddenly, a loud noise. A van is speeding directly towards the hospital. Everyone opens fire.

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The van suddenly skids out of control and flips. After a minute of no movement, we get the command to approach. Me and Phil, being at the front, get there first. I open the back doors of the van. Inside, a lady is lying there, bleeding. I notice she is pregnant. A man who appears to be her husband is dead, sitting at the wheel with a bullet through his skull. The lady opens her eyes and looks at me. “I need medical help!” I shout in my com system.

A corporal walks up. “What is it private?”

I show him the woman. I then go up to her and try to help her. I hear a bang, and the woman’s skull explodes. My mask blocks the gore from hitting me, but I can’t see too well. I quickly wipe it off and spin around. The corporal is putting his pistol back in its holster. I stare up at him. He looks at his men. “The rebels did this.” he says.

They all shout,“KILL THE REBELS!!!”

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‘Well, I’ve had the most wacked up dream ever… I dreamt there were two parallel dimensions, one which was similar to present day Earth, and one which was… completely different. It was sort of like an ethereal realm, inhabited by ghosts and spirits and such… I think. Anyways, both realms were in danger of being destroyed by sentient black holes or something, and I was about to be killed, but then I woke up, and realised I couldn’t remember anything.’
‘Well, this is certainly interesting.’ the doctor said. ‘But, are you sure you didn’t just bash your head against a wall in your sleep or something? I mean, that could be the cause of…’
‘No, I think I’d know if I had hit my head against a wall in my sleep.’ I say. ’I’d need to hit my head pretty damn hard to get amnesia from it.’
‘Well, if you think that, then who am I to disagree with you? I can’t see a lump on your head, at any rate.’
‘So, will you find out why I’ve suddenly lost my memory?’
’I’ll try.’
‘Thanks, doc. I have to go now.’ I get up and leave the room.
‘Feel free to come back at any time,’ the doctor shouts after me. ’That’s what I’m here for.’

[FYI, my character is in the dream still, he just doesn’t realise it yet.]

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As the corporal walks away, I run up to him. “Why did you do that???”

He turns. “You must be new here.”

He chuckles and walks off. I approach Phil. “Why did he do that? That lady didn’t deserve to die.”

He looks at me. “What are you talking about? The rebels did that. Didn’t you see the explosion?”

I turn back. Several meters behind the van is a large crater I hadn’t noticed before. I approach it. It definitely was caused by an explosion… but I never heard one. And I know we were the ones who had killed those people, not them. I got in the truck and went back to base. I fell asleep.

Nightmares. The pregnant lady staring up at me, begging me to save her with her eyes.

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I awoke, screaming. Nobody heard me. That lady, why did he kill her? Why? And then blame it on the rebels? I got out of my bed and left the tent. It was cool out, around midnight. I walked to the edge of the base and stood on a cliff, staring out at the ocean, feeling the wind blow. “Hey.” someone said.

I turned around. Someone had apparently woken up too. They stood next to me and stared out at the ocean as well. “You had a dream about her, huh? The lady in the van.”

“Yeah. How did you know?”

“I saw her too. So did all the others. But I haven’t been brainwashed like them. You and I both know the rebels didn’t do anything.”

“Who are these rebels anyways?” I asked. “I’ve never seen them.”

“They exist. They just don’t do half the things their blamed for. It’s to boost public support for the Rulers.”

“Why do the other soldiers believe that the rebels did it?”

“Because, that’s all they’ve ever known as evil. The rebels. If a car gets stolen, its the rebels. Someone gets murdered, the rebels did it.”

“Yes, but they saw the colonel do it. It wasn’t like a random murder.”

“True. But like I said, they hate the rebels to the point of believing anything that is anti-rebel. Even if it is obvious the rebels did nothing, they don’t care. It helps fuel their anger. Look, we should head back to base. They’ll be wondering where we went.”

We both head back. As I lie in bed, I wonder about all the man had told me. I realized I hadn’t even gotten his name.

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Originally posted by pludrpladr:

my dream kinda sucks… can i change it to somthing cooler?

anyways i continue to the castle of the broccoli king as an army of vegetables some flooding against me

Yes, but only because it’s early. Erase all of your older posts.

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k thanks

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ok dreaming of being in the portal game… just the aftermath, while im in the clean up department.

i go around in the testchambers trying to find sospicious stuff.

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Edit: Yawn Night you guys. Its 2am here.

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starting room
I wake up in a strange cube room, not knowing anything of where I am, or who I am, or anything. I feel in my pockets for any items, nothing! I then decide to get out of this room by going on one of the doors on each side, 6 Doors, left right, forward, back, up, down.
I go to the one in front of me.I Open the door By twisting the Bar, Right as I start to get in the next room, A fire lights from all sides. I get back into the other room as fast as i can, I suddenly realize it will be much harder to survive then i thought. Suddenly, I hear a voice, I look in Each of the doors, other people! 5! Im not alone!

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I have gone back to my house. I know it is my house, because I woke up in it. I start to make myself a sandwich.

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The next morning, we get another mission on the intercom. Apparently, some ‘rebels’ are holding people hostage in a bank. I notice Phil isn’t there with me. We approach the bank carefully. Recon shows there are 5 rebels, each with an ak-47.

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Yea, you’re definitely allowed to keep sign-ups open, if I remember correctly. There’s been plenty of games which have allowed people to sign up in the middle of things, as a matter of fact I think that we have a game going on right now that still has open sign-up slots for people to join in.