(Finished) Dr Who Mafia 3! Winner is..... squidward568 (locked)

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Right folks, This is it! My 3rd Dr Who Mafia with pently of twists and turns, just like the tv show.

There are at least two Drs in this Mafia with a very special skill. I will be putting up who stars in this Mafia, but the special skills will be whispered to you.

kongregate rules are now in play.

Now the rest of the rules.

Days/Nights will be 48 hours

You can role reveal without proof.

You can talk at night.

You can ‘No lynch’, but it will count as a vote. No more than 3 votes per day.

No arguing with me.

Once you die, you can post once more.

Vote the non-active first.

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People playing.

1. Squidward

2. Flyingman: died

3. kingzak: Died

4. Raynwayne: Died


6. Randomturtle: Died

7. Jimbo: Died

8. Flashdeath: Died

9. keybearer: (Died)

10. Fogfun: Died

11. Sadfire: Died

12. Pludrpladr: Died

13. Gevock: Died

14. Skyler: Died

15. Plainblandman: Died

16. Pleasedonot: Died

17. Mysterymason: Died

18. Revi-m-fadli: Died

19. Ppl: Died

Owner – walfordking

Mods – Squidward, Flyingman and kingzak

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The roles.


Vinvocci – Stops Nightkills

Master – All the things

Judoon – investigate or nightkill

Water Zombies – Nightkill

Pyrovile – Watch out for water zombies and nightkill

Sontarans – Nightkill


At least two Drs – Regenate into another Dr

Wilfred Mott – Have the votes recounted and can win a random event.

Donna Noble – The last one to vote will die

Captain Jack Harkness – Protect someone

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Now the Drs had finished the Daleks off, there was another threat to mankind. A bigger threat.

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Clues to Roles

Halt moon

Police kills









They are not in the right order, so if you are a dr who fan, then you should have no problem sorting these out.

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Two races have been wiped out.

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I’m ready to go!
Will comfirm when roll is gotten.

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Hast thou enough reserves?

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I think you probably mean ‘Timelord’ rather than ‘Doctor’, walford. Seeing as the Doctor is only part of a race, whereas the Timelords are the Doctor’s race… if that makes sense? Otherwise,

Originally posted by squidward568:

I’m ready to go!

Will confirm when role is gotten.

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KZ in the hiz house

i am here

what are the special abilities of each charecter

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Roles are being done now, so please bear with me.

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ok i am bearing

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I beared it n got my role

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Hooooray! I’ve given everyones role out. The game stats now. Day 1.

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I run around a bit looking for stuffs

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Originally posted by randomturtle:

I run around a bit looking for stuffs

you don’t run around in mafias

you wait for tasks

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Role Comfirmed

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oh yeah

i got my role

so what now

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im not playing, but i think you should try and move the plot.

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Your all idiots seariously. Days mean you vote nights mean night kills.

Votes Randomturtle for lack of IQ and knowledge of what a mafia is.

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I am not an idiot. I know what to do. And don’t call me an idiot.

Votes Randomturtle for lack of IQ and knowledge of what a mafia is.

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Would you think Id call walford a idiot as he also posted and seeing as nearly everyone was getting confused I put all instead of listing names.