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There’s loads of rules for this game, but the most important rule is to follow kongregate rules at all times.

It is set in modren Egyptian times and it’s a RP, but with a difference.

This game will have you fighting each other as well as avoiding the traps and creatures. You all are locked in a pyramid.

Now the common rules.

No godmodding.

No arguing with me.

When you go out of character, please use brackets (like this!)

No saying, “I’ve got a chest and I find a magic sword.” I will say what you have got in the chest, plus I will tell you what you have to find.

In the shop, only buy items that are in that shop and what you can afford. See shop for more details.

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Basic rules of the game.

You can do your own stories, but please be realistic. Everyone will start at the same point, but you can’t attack anyone until I say so.

Just to make it simple, I will post the rest of the rules on the page we are on as well as page 1 as you come across them. No one wants long boring rules.

Could everyone bring their bios with them and then you could change them.

The only rule for now is, you are all human.

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The shop.

This is where you will all start from. As long as you are in here, no harm will come to you. You can’t stay in here forever thou. After you move from the shop, no more than two of you can enter as long as you are on the same level. more on this later.

You can only carry one weapon at any one time, If you find another weapon then you must decide which one to keep.

Just simple weapons to start off with.

Penknife: 9 GP

Small knife: 7 GP

Small Sword: 5 GP

Bow: 3 GP & Arrows: 2 GP each

Axe: 7 GP

Mace: 8 GP

Now for the Armour

Chainmail: 6 GP

Helmet: 4 GP

Shield: 6 GP

Breastplate: 6 GP

Gloves: 2 GP

Now for the special items

Mirror: 2GP

Backpack: 8GP

Provisions: 2 meals for 1GP. (You can have as many as you can afford it. Doesn’t count as item.)

The mirror is a very useful thing to have. Another thing as well, you can’t carry more than five items, unless you have a backpack. you can carry unlimited things in a backpack.

Provisions are your food, so if you have no food then you will suffer.


Right, that’s all you need to know for the time being. Each day I’m on, I will post more rules on page 1. So be sure to check here every so often.

Theres a lot of rules yet to come.

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Creatures you could encounter. You choose which creature your character to fight. They are giant unless it says so.



Golem (Just bigger than you are.)
(Stone, sand and so on.

Imps (small, but some are friendly)

Skeleton (human size)

Mummy (Human size)

There are more creatures later on. Don’t forget you have rooms as well. Not all rooms will have creatures. I will say if there is a creature in that room. You can still choose the creature you face.

Make sure its a different creature each time that you face otherwise it will become boring.

How to attack.

1. I will be controling the creature. The creature will just have attack, strength & defence. I will say if its going to attack you.

2. Hits will mean take 1 away from attack. Misses then you can add 1 point to your fortune.

3. If your attack goes to 0 then you lose that fight.

4. If the creatures attack goes to 0, then you have won.

5. If you are in a room and are locked in, if your attack is to 0 then you die.

6. You must have a weapon to fight, if you have no weapon then you escape. (see rule 7)

7. If you run away then you have to take 2 off attack and take 3 off fortune.

8. If you keep hitting then the creature will keep hitting. You always start!

9. The creature will nearly always copy you. (See later in game for more details.)

10. To save space on the game thread, all fights must be done via whisper.

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Character Name: Oliver Young




Back pack
4 meals.

History:He loves to explore that why he became a explorer. At an early age he always wondered off to find out what was at the next corer. Now she wonders on to find the truth about egyptions.







The pricing seems a bit off. How can a penknife be a better meele weapon than a mace or axe. The arrows are also rather expensive. 10gp for 5 arrows that doesnt seem alot. I would maybe atleast swap it around 1gp for 2 arrows.

The armor is also a bit off. How can chainmail and breastplater be of same value when chainmail is a lot weaker than a breast plate. Also what armor do we were on our legs.

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“Everyone was here finally. Before you leave this shop, you must all pick at least one thing off the shops list to take with you into the pyramid. If you find any gold, then you can return here, as long as you don’t find any stairs or lifts. Now choose something and good luck to everyone. There’s one more thing, I’ll be here to guide you all through this, hopefully!” Said Toby the shopkeeper.

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So no weapon, huh? Oh dear Flyingman jr. Go straight for backpack, I would have gone for a weapon straight away. You don’t know what’s out there. Oh well, you can’t change your mind now.

Flyingman jr, change your gold to 0.

As you have no items yet, the backpack is useless for now. Next time don’t jump the queue. Wait for the story to come up first.

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Character Name: Duncan Steel

Job: Treasure Hunter

Weapon: Small Sword

Armour: None

Special: Mirror, 3 Provisions

History: He had been fascinated by legends and treasures since he was a kid. He had finally reached his chosen “career” as a treasure hunter.

Attack: 2 + 3

Strength: 2

Defence: 1

Sneakness: 4 + 1

Fortune: 1 + 1

Gold: 0

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Character Name: Joey Quiver
Job: Treasure Seeker
Weapon: Small sword
Armour: helmet
Special:2 provisions
History: After a while of looking in the desert for riches,and no luck, he came to this bulding,that lead him here,thinking he just hit the motherload.
Attack: 3
Strength: 1
Defence: 2
Sneakness: 1
Fortune: 4
Gold: 0

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Hero, you can only have 10 skill points.

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hmm,thought it was 20.

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10 of them go to gold.

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Character Name: Wilson
Job: Explorer
Weapon: Small Sword
Armour: Gloves
Special: Mirror, 2 Provision
History: Grew up hearing stories of an Egyptian artifact from my grandfather. After he passed, he gave me something in his will. A key. It opened a storage room… filled with truth that the artifact was real. Ever since I have hunted for it, trying to unlock its mysteries.

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The minimum provisions you can have is 2. You can’t have just one. 2 provisions for 1 GP. Can people upgrade their bios please? Thanks!

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I say this again as you seem to have ignored it.

The pricing seems a bit off. How can a penknife be a better meele weapon than a mace or axe. The arrows are also rather expensive. 10gp for 5 arrows that does seem alot. I would maybe atleast swap it around 1gp for 2 arrows.

The armor is also a bit off. How can chainmail and breastplater be of same value when chainmail is a lot weaker than a breast plate. Also what armor do we were on our legs.

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well, how do you know what kind of metal each is made of? onemight be made of bronze and one moght be made of diamonds.

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Lol diamond suit dream on.

In general if a person does not state what materials a suit is made off than you assume all objects are made of common material. For armor that is steel.

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yes, I can see where this confusion started from.

Anyways I enter the pyramid.

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I can’t say too much at this stage, but I’d say this, think outside the box. Hero is wrong. All will be revealed thou. Remember what I said in the sign ups.

You, Flyingman jr, had said how can a penknife be a better meele weapon than a mace or axe? A penknife is…… Well, let me ask you a question Fly. What are you going kill while just having a backpack?

You have got to agree with me, a weapon is better to have than a backpack anyday, to start off anyway because a creature has to be guarding something like a treasure or some GP.

Do you think I would give your character treasures or some GP without a fight?

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[So can we start playing?]

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I have fists and I can be creative. There are tons of make shift weapons you can use. Lets say Im fighting a mad dog. I dodge it charging at me and then grab its neck. Also you never said we had to split up. I could have a team mate with me who does the killing while i do the storage.

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Yes when you have brought your stuff from the shop, then start.

Oh dear, poor flyingman jr. Now don’t give the plot away. (That’s aimed at me.)

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I enter the pyramid.