[Game] Zombie Town Squad Survivor -Rokun and tbenn14 Slot- (locked)

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(There will be no Banner since this is experimental version more people will get to play in the real version)

You have defeated the Overlord and now you got attacked by the zombies, you have locked yourself in a mall with four other people. You must wait for the Helicopter to arrive in about 2 months.

1.Helkaine-(Thomas Keeper) (Scavenger)
2.tbenn14-(John ‘Noob’ Doe) (Scavenger)
3.hero122-(Joey Quiver) (Scavenger)
4.zedd236-(Kajak) (Scavenger)
5.squidward568-(Drake Revenge) (Scavenger)

(Everyone Please post your Sign Up sheet here! Then play!)

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Sorry got to Lock this for a bit.

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http://www.kongregate.com/forums/36-forum-games/topics/73453-game-sign-ups-and-directory?page=3. Please use this to sign up your game.

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Name: Thomas Keeper

Perk: Scavenger

Primary Weapon: SCAR Assault rifle W/ grenade launcher attachment.

Secondary Weapon: Double hunting knifes.

(Im using my alt as my main got silenced for a day.)

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After that Overlord incident, we all had to escape quickly. “Hey, Look! There’s a mall! Let’s go hideout in there!”
That was 2 hours ago. We had baracaded all entrances we could find. Now to clear out the place. I suggested that we go to the food court.
This was shut down fast…You will have to do your expiriment some other time..