(Game) Insanity! Chapter 1! The Town Hall (locked)

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when did this start

i didn’t ever see the signups

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This is a RP.


Follow kongregate’s rules at all times.

No godmodding.

Keep it as real as possible.

No arguing with me.

Out of Character speak like (this) or [this]

Have fun.

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Everyone who has signed up for this game, must do a bio.


Rank: Army and Cop only.

Job: City folk only.




I think you all know what you have to do.

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Army and cop perks

Hawk eyes
You can see further than the rest.

Shot in dark
You can shoot at night without missing a target

City folk perks

Home Comforts
Any household item you can use for a weapon. For example: kitchen knives, chair legs and stuff like that.

There are more perks to come. You could add your own if you wish like Crimsonblaze. 1 perk each player.

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People playing the game as soon as they have done a bio.


Zedd: kajak

Brojack: Rhaine


Flashdeath: Tyler


Theaznsensation: Chuck Chan

Crimsonblaze: Ace Idit

City Folk

Fogfun: Wilson


Flyingmanjr: Mark

Minnakht: Matt Bryant

Rokun: Rokun Tomonari

Army will start at the blockade, Cops will start in the police station and City folk will start in their homes. You can move around the city, but with the army, There should be at least two at the blockade. The infected are the Non-players in this game. Its a big city. City will be called Ashville, unless anyone has a better name for a city.

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Ashville was in a state of emergency, the army had a blockade up at the only way in and exit to the city. People were going mad for no known reason. A handful of people were trapped inside the city and they couldn’t get out. They all had to survive the madness.

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Name: Ace Idit.

Rank: Officer. (Lowest rank as he is new)

Perk: Optimistic: No matter how bad the situation is, he is able to encourage himself and others to keep on going. (basically makes others immune to fear or depression while I am around)

Appearance: Dark brown hair. Above average height. Green eyes. Pale skin.

History: Raised in a calm and caring family, Ace was always happy. This happiness caused him to become an optimist. He was rather bright at school, and was extremely fit. Wanting to make a difference, he joined the police force. After a year of training he has finally become a full member.

“So the army has interfered?” I said. I look at the chief who responded with a disappointed nod. We weren’t sure what exactly was going on yet, but there had been an increase in homicides as of late. The government was so worried that they had quarantined the city and sent the army to interfere.

“Okay, I’m going out to do a little bit of patrolling. Would anybody like to join me, I’m still a bit new to this policing thing?” I ask halfheartedly as I look at the small group of policemen who weren’t patrolling at the moment. I looked down to make sure that my gun was in its holster, my radio was attached to my belt, the extra clips were in their pouches and my baton was equipped.

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Very good Crimsonblaze. I like that perk as well.

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Name: Chuck Chan

Rank: Chief of Police of Ashville (He devoted his life to training for this)

Perk: Good Leader (can encourage others to calm down and arrange things)

Appearence: Black hair, Around 6’0". Brown eyes. Asian. Average muscles. Missing his index finger on his right hand (past works).

History: His mother and father were killed while he was at a very young age. Friends and family encouraged him on. He then vowed himself to stopping crime. He spent the rest of his life training until he reached the position. He made many good friends at the police station, and learned to become a good leader over time.

“I sat back as I heard the announcements declare a state of emergency. I immediately went out to my men. Ace Idit said “So the army has interfered?” I nodded my head with disappointment. Many of the men were calm, as they had been trained for something like this. I started to plan our next step, hopefully cooperating with the army."

[Am I doing it right?]

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Very good Theaznsensation. Very good perk as well. You are doing right.

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Name: Kajak

Rank: Army Private

Perk: Light Footsteps (he is harder to detect at night)

Appearence:Gray eyes, brown hair, about 5’6",muscular,carries around a wallet in his shirt pocket.

History: His family was killed when a bomb hit in his hometown. On that very day, Kajak vowed to join the army and destroy the evil men who killed his mother and father.

The highest ranking army member at the blockade took charge. All we had to do was shoot the infected. But it wasn’t enough. They were gaining on us, slowly at first, but now quickly. I decided it was time. I ran. The captain shouted to us “Retreat to the second barricade!” But I didn’t hear him. I was going to the police station to help my friends.

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Very good Zedd. Everyone is doing very well.

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Name: Tyler

Rank: Army Special Operations.

Perk: Unburdened: Is effected less by any equipment carried.

Appearance: Rather small for his age, averagely dark black hair, brown eyes.

History: From a family that had been in the military, Tyler learned early to be tough. He enlisted to services early, age 14, and then was sent to the Special Operations after his first successful deployment.

“So, when do I go in there?” I asked my commander, who stared out at the town. We were at the Northern blockade, and had just faced off against a group of the infected people. Now it was decided that they were going to deploy me to find the cause.

“Immediately”. He said, he turned to me, a grim expression on his face. I nodded solemnly, then headed into my room. I picked up my stuff, rifle, extra rounds, and the other random things that could be used at some time during the mission. I packed the last of it, double checked and then walked into the gate. I was cleared for exit. then walked out stone faced into the depressing landscape this place hand become.

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Very good Flashdeath.

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Name: Mark

Rank: NA

Job: Window licker ICT speicalist

Perk: Can access any computer within or without the city by using any other computer

Appearnce:Dark hair and eyes. Average and white.

History: Normal fellow with a normal life. Got a job in ICT at the age of 18 once he passed his advanced diploma in IT and is paid alot. He is an expert in computers and even built a anti hacker softwere for MI6

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Name: Rokun Tomonari (lol use this name at every game)

Job: Lawyer, was Cop and is Trained Marine for 3 years

Perks:Military Rights: Can Persuade and can do the same as Home Comfort (Can Persuade and can do Home Comfort)

Appearance: Thin but just right black hair brown eyes, Military Jacket and Camouflaged Pants

History: I am a Lawyer, I was a 3 year Marine when I was 21. I got in a injury in the leg from a semtex, thank god it wasn’t sticked onto my leg. I then rested and got cured when I was well 29 and I became a Cop. Then this Outbreak happened, I was gonna move to my Cousins just 2 weeks after this Virus happened well It didn’t happen, I didn’t reach to my Daughters Wedding I couldn’t go, atleast my techy cousins sended me a video. But It didn’t change the fact that I’m still stuck in this hell hole.

(Could I make Up a Perk?)

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Flyingmanjr, please do your history. The rest of it is fine.

Rokun very good. Yes you can make up a perk, but only if it goes with this game.

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Name: Pointless as usernames are more than often used

Rank: I dont see this as in any importance

Job: Im sure this is also pointless

Perk: Only semi usefull thing

Appearnce: Not gonaa help at all

History: Yep place where I was born will change the cause of events.

Though as I dont want to argue Ill put in a vague history.

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Well in respone to Flyingman jr, it does help because then you have a sence of the character you are playing.

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Name: Matt Bryant

Rank: Locksmith/everything-repair man… or is it a job?

Perk: Resourceful: Is skilled at finding equipment and finding use for equipment.

Appearance: 37 years old, about 5’ 4’’ and then usually hunched what makes him very short, bald. Usually has a pair of goggles on the forehead, moving them to eyes for work, green eyes. Fairly light. Surprisingly strong for his appearance. Carries an empty backpack ever since the outbreak or such, and wears overalls with many pockets and a vest with even more pockets, as well as a shirt and an utility belt with various tools and a coil of cable attached to it, and lots of duct tape. Also wears some old hat with its shape long lost.

History: Born in a typical family in a city a but away from this one, he has been a student and such, and while he liked Physics and such he never liked the advanced Maths things, what ultimately led to not going to some college or such. Instead, he has always had a talent of dealing with mechanical things. He moved to Ashville to prove his self-sustainability, and there he did various jobs… checking and repairing cars, bikes, and such physical work. As such people are rare nowadays, he has been earning a proper living and doing what he likes… and then the madness outbreak had to spoil it all.

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Very Good Minnakht, its a job as you’re a City person, not rank.

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Name: Wilson
Job: ‘Handyman’ (Basically, I’ve worked throughout the city.)
Perk: Key to the City- Access to documents not able to be accessed by others (i.e. maps, keys to certain buildings, etc.)
Appearance: Black hair, orange eyes. Tall.
History: I’ve been in this city all my life; I know my way around the place. I have maps of the sewers, the schematics of buildings, etc. When the Outbreak occurred, me and my family holed up in the basement. We were fine there, until some idiot lighted the entire neighborhood on fire. They were separated from me in the blaze, and now I search for them through this hell-hole of a city.

[Is this an ok perk?]

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Army(still wanted a work ;3)
Shot in dark
Ski mask,Red Eyes,White hair,Healthy,Pale
A man who loved seeing men fall to the ground bleeding left his family at a early life in Russia to join US army to never look back on his family seeing that love is a weakness to this man never letting people close to his heart.Hearing of the outbreak he was Over joyed to come shoot some potshots on man-like creatures.

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Very good guys.

@ Fogfun, yes, only just.

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(hope you don’t mind…if start.)
I pull out a Cheytac(sniper rifle) and start roaming through the city looking for some game.