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Story: The humans have gone. Defeated by the ice age. They could not adabt to the cold as well as any other animal can. Now it is a fight for world dominence a time for another animal to take controll.

Description: You choose an type of animal to be. (Mammel, bird, sea creature, artic creature and desert creature.) Each type of creature has a homeland a place that needs conquering by the other types to claim dominence.

Mammel: Homeland is the dry ground
Bird: Homeland is in the clouds
Sea creature: Homeland is in the sea
Artic creature: Home land is in Artic
Desert creature: Home land is in the desert

It is ovious that mammels cant fly and artic creatures can not live in the desert so you have to buy it. So you need to get points. Points are used by posting correctly and particepating in a game. Though points are lossed for spamming.

Thick fur: can enter the artic
Strong Legs: Can enter dry ground
Wings: Can fly
Fins: can enter the sea

Each upgrade costs 5 points you start off with 4. You earn 1 point for every page you contribute on. Though for every post you make that is in porr quality you will lose from 1-4 points.

1: BCLEGENDS ( a honey badger called Blade) (wings and fins)
2: JaumeBG (Iberian lynx called lince) (Thick fur
3: TheAznSensation (wolverine called AZN)
4: Flashdeath (a eagle called swoop.) (strong legs)
5 Fogfun ( a Hawk called Avard) (strong legs.)
6 Squidward (a Peregrine Falcon called dive) (fins)
Sea creature
7 Walfordking (Salt water crocodile called Croc)
8: speedy (candiru called gill)
9 1234567 (sea creature called dbeast)
Artic creature:
10: Minnakht (Lynx called Gorrath)
11 Zedd (artic wolf called one-eye) (strong legs)
12: rokun (Snow leapard called blaze)

Setting: You all start off at your homeland. You have just been recruited by the head of the homeland to go out and destroy every other spiecies that isnt yours. Today is the day you shall set off. (This means that one of the 4 types will win..)

1: No godmodding
2: Follow all kong rules
3: No traveling to other spiecies homeworlds without buying the upgrade
4: NPC’s are allowed but there is a difference between having a few allies to having an army

Additional information:
All mammels are on the same team there job is to kill all the others speicies like birds. This applies to every group.

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How do we contribute? Do we just post anything or do we have to say something specific like saying what our animals does?

Btw, +1 point to Lince = 5 points.

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I assign the points.

Younget 1 point for particepating on any page.

To post its just a normal rp.

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As I now have 5 points, I’ll buy an upgrade please; I’d like thick fur.

Lince now travels to the Artic!

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[Right then. Let the games begin.]

Hah. Stupid humans, thinking they’re so high and mighty… they’re all dead now, though, and I’ve just been asked by the honey badger leader to destroy every other species that wasn’t destroyed by the ice age. Or which isn’t a mammal. Anyways, I have another badger as an ally for this task, called Speed. She (for she is a female badger) is actually quite sexy. I may ask her out once all the other species are wiped out. For now, though, she is strictly a business partner.
‘So, Blade,’ she begins. ‘How are we gonna do this?’
‘Well, we’ll probably be able to kill animals in the immediate area, and possibly in other ground-ish areas, but apart from that, I have no idea.’ I reply.
‘Well, let’s go for the former now, and we can cross the latter bridge when we come to it.’
‘Sure, whatever.’ I go off to kill something.

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(jaume its a classic rp you can say what the hell you like as long as it obeys the rules. I.e. As I walked out from the cave i was sleeping, rain suddenly started gushing down. I quickly went back in to hide from it.)

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[Assumedly, I got a point from my last post. If this is the case, I’d like to buy wings, please. This gives me a good excuse for going to other places to kill other animals, and allows me to access sky areas.]

I realise my back is starting to hurt quite badly. I ignore it, and carry on.

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(wings just gives you the ability to fly. If you even touch a area you cant go in you disintergrate.)

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I climb down the tree I spent the last night on and hunt for rodents and such. It was a pretty long night, and I’ve got to eat to maintain body heat. It’s cold around here.

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Originally posted by Flyingman_junior:

(wings just gives you the ability to fly. If you even touch a area you cant go in you disintergrate.)

[I know this, although the disintegration thing is quite random. I meant to say that I can go to dry ground areas that are in other countries, and hence kill animals in those places.
Assumedly, you have awarded me the point. Hence, I purchase wings.]

All of a sudden, the pain in my back spikes massively. I feel the skin around my shoulder blades split open, and when I look back…
I have wings.
‘Holy crap, holy crap, what the living hell is this…’ I say to myself, although Speed has also grown wings, and is in a similar state. I run around in a circle in an attempt to get a better look at the wings I have sprouted, then move them into my normal vision area. They are black, and look sort of like bat wings, or those human’s made up ‘demon’ wings. Speed, on the other hand, has wings with white feathers, like a bird. Or one of those human’s ‘angels’. Interesting.
‘So… now what?’ I say to her.
‘Well, this is… interesting, to say the least.’ she replies. ‘Uhm, we could test them out, possibly?’
‘Well, okay, I’ll have a go.’ I flap my wings, and soon find myself about ten meters in the air. Surprisingly, I find that flying comes naturally to me. I expected it to be harder than this. Speed is also in the air, and having a great time about it.
’Shouldn’t we get going?’ I ask. ‘I mean, this is exciting and all, but we have a job to do.’
‘We could do both. I mean, it would be faster in the air than on the ground.’
‘Touche. Come on, then.’ I fly off in a direction, with Speed following swiftly after me.

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Croc is just floating around waiting for his first meal of the day.

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“Yes sir,” I say and bow my muzzle to the pack leader. Today I would set out with 3 other wolves of the pack to destroy every other animal in the area. Their names were Chippedtooth,Rabbitbane, and Smallnose. Rabbitbane was the only female in the group, but she belonged to Smallnose. I wasn’t going to fight Smallnose for her just yet. We finally set off into the endless tundra.When sunset arrived my paws ached and we needed a place to sleep. Just then, I heard a baby polar bear’s paws scraping against the icy ground. The idiot. We quickly brought him down and ate eagerly. We still needed a place to stay.Chippedtooth managed to make a snow leadge near the body. Out of respect for it’s spirit, we would sleep with it for tonight, then bury it tomorrow after breakfast.(I’m having fun with this)(I also want to buy strong legs)

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[Looks cool]

I flap my wings once, and instantly I rise about 50 feet into the air. I hover around the immediate area. I watched below me, searching for any other prey there might be. I spy a lone albatross maybe a dozen yards underneath me. I silently hover down above it, then quickly take it down by jamming my claws into its spine and my beak into its skull. It goes limp, and I grab a firmer hold onto its body. I fly away to the rest of the flock. I lie its dead body down and feast on it along with a few other of the members.

[I would like Strong Legs now.]

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[Are we allowed to team-up (temporarily obviously)?]

I sit on the tree branch, looking out into the distance. The tree I’m on is perched on a cliff over the ocean. I sit there, the wind blowing across my back. Its very peaceful now, without the humans. I hear the sudden flapping of wings, and turn to see Sent, the ‘messenger’ for our leader, coming towards me. He lands on the branch next to mine, and turns towards me. “Nibat has a mission for you.” he says.

Nibat is the leader of our aerie. He decides who does what, and how the food is split. I simply nod at Sent, and he flies off. I stay on the branch for a moment, wondering what Nibat wants from me. If its anything to do with fighting, he can shove his request up his ass. He knows I don’t fight after the incident. I spread my wings and fly off.

[5 points now.]

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Can team up with whoever you want but think about it carefully as at somepoint if they are not a bird then you will have to fight them at some point.

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Swim Swim. “Oh, Hi Croc.”

[5 points]

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[Oh wait, so we have to kill off the other types of animals? Not out own species? So I don’t have to kill the other birds. Ok, you should put that on the OP, as I think some are confused. Thanks though!]

I land next to Nibat. He doesn’t even turn to me, but still stares off into the distance. A couple other hawks are perched nearby, for protecting him. It wouldn’t be the first time someone who he called for attempted to attack him. Nibat suddenly speaks. “Are you proud of being a creature of the air?” he asks.

I think about the odd question for a moment, and then reply. “Yes.”

“Then I have a mission for you,” he responds, “you must kill off those of the other environments. The ones of earth, water, and ice.”

I try and keep my calm. “You know I can’t do that.” I say.

“Ah, but why not?”

“You know exactly why not.”

“And nothing would change your mind? Nothing?”


“That’s too bad for your son then.”

Another hawk flies in; it’s claws contain a bundle. It places the bundle on a thick branch, and then perches next to it. Within the bundle is my son, Cray. He has been tied up by some rope-like material. I turn towards Nibat. “What have you done to him!” I yell.

Cray is my only family left… without him, I’m nothing. Nibat speaks. “Nothing… yet. If you do not what I want, your son will suffer.”

I am extremely pissed with Nibat now… but there’s nothing I can do. “I’ll do it. But you better hope I don’t survive, or I’ll make you extinct as well.”

I fly off to begin recruiting others for the mission.

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[Wait, so you only have to kill off species that aren’t in the genus you are? So, I don’t have to kill off all mammals then? I would put that in the OP. I would also change ‘fins’ to ‘gills’, as you can’t breath underwater without gills, but it is possibly to swim without fins. You could put ‘fins and gills’, but whatever.]

Speed and I are flying along, attempting to find something to kill, and possibly eat. I see a fairly large bird of some kind flying along. I fly up behind it, and strike. It is killed instantly. Landing, I attempt to rip the bird in half. Speed is soon helping me out, and we eventually get an even share of the bird, after which we continue on our way.

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I yawned, tasting in the familiar air of the arctic. We had finished the burial ceremony hours ago , and we were still headed southward.(Yes Russia I think counts as arctic). in the middle of summertime, the sun would be hot and beating down on our pelts until we buried ourselves in the remaining snow. But this was winter, our element. “So, which way do we go now?” I asked the others. “The farther we head south, the hotter it’s going to be,so we should go east to eliminate that area,” Smallnose suggested.

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Spots a fish

“Dinner Time!”

Gill sweeps into the fish unnoticed, blasted its gills, and ate the falling gills.


[if we are a fish and we buy the strong legs upgrade, can the fish go on the land?

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I see a small rodent on the ground near us. I rush towards it, snatching it up in my jaws and crushing it with a single bite. Seeing another one running from the scene, I motion to Speed, who grabs that one and eats it. We then continue.
‘I thought we were honey badgers?’ she asks after a few minutes. ’Wouldn’t the name imply that we eat honey, not other animals, like a carnivore?’
‘Actually, I’m pretty sure we’re omnivores.
‘…damn, I have to get these human terms out of my head. They sound so… human. And ugly.’
‘Amen to that.’

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I spend the rest of my day lying around and sleeping with not much motion, like felines should. And in solitude, like felines should.

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I flexed my wings and soared out of the clouds. I had to kill any other animal. I pointed my beak down, and dived. I was going extremely fast. Clouds soared past me as i shot through the air. I brought myself back up after a few seconds and started scanning the ground for helpless prey.

I would like fins please. Because i have fins, here is another of my stories….

I finally saw a fish swimming deep down in a lake. I smiled, and dived. The fish didn’t even see me coming, even when i was 1 metre above it. It was alive one second, dead the other, and in another second, it was in my stomach. I smiled, and shot out of the water, feeling delighted. Now, i was going to go high up, look for another fish, big or small, and dive for it.

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It started to rain slighty. Animals these days dont mind a little rain but it soon got worse. Rain gushed down smashing the ground. Lightning shock the sky while thunder scared the animals. The winds howled causing mini tsunamies chucking sea creatures everywhere.

(All animals must find some shelter in a way.(Though I might drift the stroy off a bit so poeple can start racking up those points)

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Holy crap, a storm has just hit us. Quickly, we land near a cave and run into it. If any other creatures come along, we can kill them and eat them. For now, though, we decide to sleep.