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1st Part
August 15, 3592. The day Hell broke loose. 3 months earlier, Project MIDNIGHT was created. This stimulated subjects’ called “Midknights” nerves to the point where they can manipulate objects outside the human systems. In short, they gain the ability of telekinesis. The general public accepts this and believe it is best for the military. But some people have realized that the system that they use to bestow these abilities has about twice the percent that die than the FBI says. This leaves it to be 65%. Those people have broken away from the military and formed a rebel society Hell-bent on eliminating Project MIDNIGHT once and for all. The rest believe that this the best thing since sliced bread, and swear their life for protecting it. Now, fight a war to find who wins.


James (hero122)
Robert (squidward568)


Zedd (zedd236)
Derek (tyleror)



Psionic Powers: Crush 1, Brainshock 1
Kills: 0
Hits Left: 20
Weapon: Pistol
PsiFP: 0


Psionic Powers: Crush 1, Brainshock 1
Kills: 0
Hits Left: 20
Weapon: Pistol
PsiFP: 0


Psionic Powers: Crush 1, Brainshock 1
Kills: 0
Hits Left: 20
Weapon: Pistol
PsiFP: 0


Psionic Powers: Crush 1, Brainshock 1
Kills: 0
Hits Left: 20
Weapon: Pistol
PsiFP: 0

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Ready. And the problem is you have too much. Spread it out over multiple posts.

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do not use this in a post -. use this insted _.

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2nd part


Name || Damage || Cost (PsiFP)

Pistol || 1 || 0

SMG || 1.5 || 100

Assault Rifle || 2 || 500

Sniper || 10 || 2500

RPG# || 15 || 5000

(#=This weapon can harm teammates)

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And 3rd


Name || Damage (Level/Damage) || Effect (Level/Effect) || Cooldown || Cost (Level/PsiFP)

Crush || 1/2, 2/4, 3/6 || 1-3/Harms the target || 5 || 1/0, 2/250, 3/500

Brainshock || 1/0, 2/0, 3/1 || 1-2/Disables a target’s Psi for 1 event, 3/Disables a
target’s Psi for 1 event and harms them || 2 || 1/0, 2/100, 3/200

Throw || 1/0.5 || 1/Harms the target and paralyzes them for 1 event || 7 || 1/500

Sheild || 1/0 || 1/Protects against Psionic attacks for 1 event || 10 || 1/1000

Godly Evolution# || 1/4, 2/8, 3/12, 4/16, 5/20 || 1-5/Harms 3 random targets ||
1/500, 2/1000, 3/2000, 4/5000, 5/10000

(#=This weapon can harm teammates)

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AND 4th

I will say a situation, you will each respond an a few ways:

Attack [player]: Attack a player with your standard weapon.

[Psionic ability] on [player]: Use a Psi move on a player, recommend not using “Shield”
on an enemy.

Attack: Attack a random opponent with your standard weapon.

[Psionic ability]: Use a Psi move on a random opponent.

Flee: Flee the battle, will count as taking a hit.

Stats: I will post showing the stats of all players.

Gun Shop: I will post showing the “Weapons” table.

Psi Shop: I will post showing the “Psionic Powers” table.

Buy [gun]: Buy a gun.

Buy [psionic ability]: By a Psi move.

Rest: Rest for this event.

Search: I will post a different event for the same day.


I will roll a dice for everyone attacking. That will assign them a number. Every other number will be assigned as a NPN (non player number). Then, by means that are top
secret, I will decide who lives and dies. This only applies to the RPG and Godly Evolution,
because you cannot aim these, and the “Attack” and “[Psionic ability]” commands when
you specify no target.


PsiFP are gained by killing. Every kill awards 100 PsiFP. Every time you rest for a day you
are awarded 10 PsiFP. These can be used to buy things.


When all people on a team rest, everyone will automatically rest, gaining 10 PsiFP. Every
time you rest, 1 day passes. Searching is different, however, because you do not gain
PsiFP, and no days pass.


Simple. Look at the appropriate shop, and choose what you want to buy. When shopping
for Psi moves, you must purchase level 1 first, than level 2, then 3, etc.


You need to regain your focus after each use of a Psi move. The “Cooldown” under each
Psi move in the Psi store shows how many events are between each use of a Psi move. If
you try to use a cooling Psi move, I will tell you it’s cooling, and you will instantly use your
normal weapon in the same manner.


If you get hit enough times, you’ll die. Your health is indicated by the “Hits Left” counter
under your stats. If you die, you can no longer participate, but you can spectate. If all
players in a team die, the other team wins.


There are three ways of winning:

1) All the players on the other team die.

2) Winning by kills.

3) Winning by PsiFP.

After 30 in-game days the total kills and PsiFP for each team will be counted and the team
with the most kills/PsiFP wins. In case of a tie, the game will go into “Overdrive mode” and
add 5 in-game days. During Overdrive, PsiFP rewards for kills are doubled, and PsiFP
rewards for rests are divided by half. If the game is STILL in a tie, The winner will be
chosen at random.

Before beginning, all players must post in this thread saying that they are ready

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So far 1 player is ready. hero122, squidward568, and tyleror must confirm before we can begin.