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This is only a small part of the main game.

Year 2025. After the WWIII closely whole Earth changed from green and teaming
with life to dead, barren planet. Radiation had severly changed most of animals to
strange creatures. The last 2% of human population is now fighting for life with
mutated animals. You and 9 other people (that’s 10) are in one of scattered bases
that are the only places on earth with humans. You and the rest must do everything
to be alive. Manufacture tools and weapons. Defend from the creatures and (if
possible), destroy the thing that is controlling them.

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1.Actions avaible for every class:

A) Rest (Players doesn’t need to use it, however i or EC will put this action after certain hour of work or after certain actions)
B) Scout (Scouts for hostile creatures and enemies)
C) Sleep (Ends the day, sometimes even rest is not enough, only EC and me can put it somewhere)
D) Guard (Like Scout, searches for hostile creatures and enemies, unlike Scout, player will be actually be ready for fight, but it is less efficient than Scout, else somebody has good Perception)
E)Scavange (Some parts are unique, mean they can’t manufactured. you must find them)

2.Scientist actions Only:

A) Research (Technology name here) (Focuses on one project, much quicker than MultiResearch)
B) MultiResearch (actually, this is more finding new possibilities than researching every project at once)

3.Doctor actions Only:

A) Heal (character name here) (Heals target person, you may write Heal (Me) if you’re injured.)
B) Help Researching Medicine projects (If a Scientist researches something that is somehow linked with Medicine, doing this action boosts the research project progress)
C) Make medicine or Stimulants (Medicine is used when somebody is sick. Stimulants temporarily increases one of the Stats)
D) Autopsy (Something like research, except for doctors and to learn something about glooples)

4.Worker Actions only
A) Manufacture (Name of item/building/vehicle here) (Manufactures certain weapon or tool, longer working means more tools or weapons manufactured)
B) Build (add-on name here) (builds a certain add-on to the base (like turrets))
C) Help Researching Weapons and Defence projects (If a Scientist researches something that is somehow linked with Weapons and defence, doing this action boosts the research project progress)
D) Draw blueprints (New feature, worker(s) have to draw these to unlock something)

5.Scientist Researched Projects:

Weapons and Defense

Mobile Gravity Control Module (15 h was required) (Benefits: 1/3 Gravity Gun Research, Gravity mine Blueprints)

Particle Accelerator (1 Day was requred) (Benefits: Energy particle Research, Particle Turret Base Add-on)

Gravity control module (12h was required) (Benefits: Particle Accelerator research, Implosion charge research, Mobile Gravity Control Module Research)

Implosion charge (6 h was required) (Benefits: Implosion charge weapon)


Worm-hole creating (14 h was required) (Benefits: Worm-hole sustaining research)

Worm-hole sustaining (2 Days was required) (Benefits: 1/3 Gravity Gun Research, Crash safe suit Research)


Stimulants (5 h was required) (Benefits: Make Stimulants action, life sustaining research)

6.Scientist Research’able Projects:

Weapons and defence:

Energy particle Research (1 Day) (Benefits: Energy Particle Turret base add-on)

Mobile Gravity Control Module (15 h) (Benefits: 1/3 Gravity Gun Research, Gravity mine Research)

Crash safe suit (2 Days) (Benefits: 1/3 Gravity Gun Research)


Life sustaining (1 Day) (Benefits: Revive action (50% chance of success))



7. Autopsy.

Gloople (1 h) (Benefits: ?)
Stickie (1 h) (Benefits: ?
Meltie (1 h) (Benefits: ???)

Quest related
Tony (1 h) (Benefits: ???)

8.Worker Blueprints:

Advanced fast jeep (Drawed, Unlocked: Advanced fast jeep item)

Basic bot (12 h to draw) (Unlocks: BB (Basic Bot) Parts item)
RGL (1 Day to draw) (Unlocks: RGL (Rapid Grenade Launcher), RGL Ammo Blueprints)
Crash safe suit (2 Days to draw) (Unlocks: 1/3 Gravity Gun Blueprints)

Gravity Gun (Locked, Draw Crash safe suit blueprint and research Mobile gravity control module)
RGL Ammo (Locked, Draw RGL blueprints)

9.Base add-ons

Particle Turret (10 h to build)
Energy Particle Turret (NaN)


Laser Pistol (inf+)
Colt .45 (inf+)
MAG-08 (inf+)
Cigarette Pistol (inf+)

Heavy weaponry:
RGL (Rapid Grenade Launcher) (4) (Unable to build)

RGL Normal Ammo: (70) (Unable to build)
RGL Shock Ammo: (45) (Unable to build)
RGL Implosion Ammo: (22) (Unable to build)
RGL Radioactive Ammo: (11) (Unable to build)
RGL Antimatter Ammo: (6) (Unable to build)

Explosives and mines:
Frag Grenade (inf+)
Smoke Grenade (inf+)
Implosion charge (0)


Multitool (inf+)
Tool case (inf+)


Glooples and fluids:
1x Gloople
2x Stickie
2x Meltie
1x Gloople fluid
1x Stickie fluid
2x Meltie acid

4x Basic fast jeep
4x Basic cargo jeep


Robot parts:

0x Basic bot chasis (Unable to build)
0x Basic bot wheels (Unable to build)
0x Basic bot head (Unable to build)
0x Basic bot blaster (Unable to build)
0x Basic bot arms (Unable to build)

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i’ll research my multi tool.

i wonder what will be added to my screwdriver wrench.. will there be a new tool or will it become stronger?

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I will research the gravity control module, 500 hours to 1700 hours, and scout from then until 2100 hours, then sleep.

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Originally posted by FlameFlight:

I will research the gravity control module.

Walks up to Jaye
“Hi, what is your name?” I ask him

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“It’s Jaye, nice to meet you…um, what is your name?”

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“I’m ç. (pronounced by ç, “Variable Cross C”)" ç replied.
Just call me Variable if you wish!

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Day 1 end.
FlameFlight researched Gravity control module, 40+ EXP.
New research projects are avalible: Particle Accelerator, Implosion charge.
Check out the Scientist researchable projects!

Speedy250 researched Multitool usage: DNA reader. 35+ EXP

Scout Report: Enemy will attack in: 1 Day (Day 2)
Enemy wave info:
Gloople: 40 units
Meltie: 8 units
Stickie: 16 units

Difficulty level: Easy as pie.

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[Would like to join, where?]

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Originally posted by TailsTheFox12:

[Would like to join, where?]

There is a link to the signups in my first post.

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List of Test Run Players:

1. FlameFlight (Scientist)

Name: Jaye
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Description: Blond hair, eyes that seem to change from hazel to sky blue depending on the light, tall for his age, fairly strong, loves being around technology.
Specialization: Scientist
Weapon: Ranged – Colt .45, Melee – Tool case (Contains many potential violent weapons and is also useful in research.)

Level: 2
Experience: 158/250

(Stat points to spend: 0)
Str: 3 points
Dex: 4 points
Perception: 4 points
Intelligence: 4 points

2. Speedy250 (Scientist)

Name: ç
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Description/look: Eyes that change from green to blue depending on night and day, to change a little identity. Brown hair, short, and nice.
Specialisation: Scientist
Weapon: Multi Tool: a weapon with many tools but they are weak the more upgrades the more tools and the stronger it appears. Cigarette Pistol: A very dangerous pistol. Ammo replaced with dangerous cigarettes.

Level: 2
Experience: 33/250
HP: 80/80

(Stat points to spend: 0)
Strength: 4
Dexerity: 4
Perception: 2
Intelligence: 5

3. Sabin7 (Doctor)

Name: James McCray
Sex: Male
Description:An energetic man who makes friends easily. Not suited for combat, but when he is angered can be incredible strong. Is also rather short, at 5’ 7" , has coal black hair with pure brown eyes.
Weaponry: Ranged Rusty handgun, Melee – 9-iron (A golf club.)

Level: 2
Experience: 184/250
HP: 60/60

(Stat points to spend: 0)

4. magik98 (Yeah, i also want to play my own game lol)
Name: Paul Splitfire
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Description: Black hair, brown eyes (with a small piece of blue on left eye), loves inventing things, likes making new friends.
Specialization: Scientist
Weapon: Laser Pistol, Machete

Level: 2
Experience: 185/250

Str: 3 points
Dex: 3 points
Perception: 4 points
Intelligence: 5 points

5. TailsTheFox12 (Doctor)

Name: Jeremiah Zwinger
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Description/look: Blond with ever-changing eyes, this man of European descent certainly doesn’t look it. Fighting for his life with a just a few people might be a pretty good experience for him, as he is quite the introvert.
Specialisation: Doctor
Weapon: Ranged: Fire Arrows, Melee: Silver Candlestick

Level: 1
Experience: 90/250
HP: 80/80

(Stat points to spend: 0)
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 5
Perception: 4
Intelligence: 2

6. Saberpanda (Soldier)

Name: John Maxfield
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Description: War veteran, Light brown hair, The quiet guy
Specialization: Soldier
Weapon: Ranged – Colt .45 w/ silencer (If silencer is available to use) Melee – crowbar (can be used to open locked doors)

Level: 2
Experience: 171/250
HP: 100/100

(Stat points to spend: 0)

7. Marckvdv (Doctor)

Name: Blaine
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Description/Look: Short blond hair, can get claws if he got angry. Friendly but if its needed he’s very strong. Comes from russia. Bad english.
Specialization: Doctor
Weapon: Ranged: Glock, Melee: Lead pipe

Level: 1
Experience: 0/100
HP: 40/40

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4
Perception: 2
Intelligence: 4

8. SaintGame (Worker) [Finally!]

Name: Saint Game
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Fescription: 6 foot 3 inches, black hair, believes in divination and cartomancy (thus, carries tarot cards.), has an affinity for gems (emeralds especially), marksman, brown eyes, brother to saberpanda.
specialization: worker
weapon: mind if i have an aa12 automatic shotgun?(32 rounds per drum! sweet jesus…) melee: hooligan tool (highway type. a tool that can be used to access almost any barrier. can break through steel due to the highway cutting claw.)

Level: 2
Experience: 113/250
HP: 80/80

(Stat points to spend: 0)
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 4
Perception: 1
Inteligence: 5

9. Brojack437 (Soldier)

Name: Rhaine
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Description: Silver hair,short for age looks like a 10 year old
Specialisation: Soldier
Weapons: Kimber 1911 and combat Knife

Experience: 80/250
Hp: 80/80

(Stat points to spend: 3)
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 3
Perception: 3
Inteligence: 2

10. kilozombie (Doctor)

Name: Chargo Eetre
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Description: A depressed man with anger issues. Short, black hair, with a very grim expression. His fists may as well be frozen clenched.
Specialisation: Doctor
Weapon: Old spear, Walther P99

Level: 1
Experience: 80/100
HP: 80/80

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 4
Perception: 2
Intelligence: 2

(deleted EC’s, nobody wants to be them.)
(EC request: PW me)

NPC Players [you can talk at any time to any NPC that’s in team]

11. (Scientist)
Name: Amy
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Description: Peacefull scientist, except when angry, then better hide or you’re dead.
Long, black hair, green eyes and anything that a young women should have.
Weapons: Ranged – RGL Launcher (Normal ammo), Melee – Twin long blades

Level: 3
EXPerience: 250/625
HP: 30/80 (Deep wound, bleeding)

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 3
Perception: 6
Inteligence: 5

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[back to the game]

“Guys!” i said. “We will need to prepare for a small battle. Jaye told that there will be few melties, do not touch them or their acid if you don’t wanna be dead.”

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I whack glooples with my wrench.
The gloople splats.
“Woohoo!” I screamed

(i upgrade my cigarette pistol to have infinite bullets)

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I take careful aim from 25 feet away from an enemy, and use my spring-loaded tape measure to splatter it. I realize it was a meltie and somehow(don’t ask how I save acid, I don’t know) save the goo as I carefully place it in a sterile plastic bag for research. From there I mostly just use my Colt, though on several occasions I used both the normal gun and a length of steel piping to speed up effeciency.

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I carefully aim the Stickies with my laser pistol (Trying to not completely destroy them, need corpses or their fluid for research), and after they are wiped out, i concentrate on melties.

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Items got so far:
1x Meltie
1x Gloople
1x Stickie
1x Stickie fluid
1x Meltie acid
1x Gloople fluid

Enemy units:
Time: 6:30 (during battle i more precisely tell the time)
Battle started: 5:00
Battle details:

Jaye splattered Meltie! +4 EXP
ç splattered Gloople! +1 EXP
Jaye contained some Meltie acid! +2 EXP
Paul evaporated Stickie! +3 EXP
ç got hit by Gloople! -1 HP
Paul Evaporated two Stickies with one shot! +6 EXP
Jaye succesfully dodged Meltie acid! +1 EXP
ç splattered 3 Glooples with one shot! +9 EXP
Paul cutted Stickie in half with Machete! +4 EXP
Jaye CAPTURED Meltie! +12 EXP
ç CAPTURED Gloople! +3 EXP
Paul CAPTURED Stickie! +9 EXP
ç contained some Gloople fluid! +1 EXP
Paul contained some Stickie fluid! +2 EXP
Jaye got stunned by Gloople! -2 HP
Paul is sticked to Stickie goo! -4 HP

What’s your next move? ( i will change the Game sheets after the battle)

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I blast ciggarettes in some glooples. Some kind of experiment.
(amorphous+ – _ – )

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I put my gun away and begin to twirl the length of pipe like a baton, spinning it faster and faster, carving through anything in front of me.

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Catch! I shoot my ciggarete gun to the ground, for flameflight to grab it and light a gloople up.

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[I’m not sure exactly what you mean…the recoil of the gun made it launch at me? Or you shot a cigarette at me so I would use it as a firey weapon?]

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I shot the cigarette to to the ground for you to pick it up. It landed on it bottom so it was still on fire. You can burn a gloople to experiment.

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I have an idea…I place a slowly burning substance in the ends of the pipe, insulate the inside, and light the ends on fire. It doesn’t get hot enough to melt the steel, but it does catch the goo from the various enemies, which I would use later.

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I accidentally slip, landing on a gloople, then smashing it.

( join my game backyard bugville please )

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I shout, “Jaye, help! I have gloople goo all over me!”