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This will be the Official Story thread to put your Stories in.


5 (Not including Prologue)


It all started with this cloning project called Project X, everything went down hill from there. Cities with those laboratories reached something called Black Sun, a stage which those cities will get Quarantined and Scorched. We all knew that was the only good idea, but we were wrong. As the United States Government launched Black Sun it was already to late… Soon farms had the virus, making the food we eat uneatable, then it became worse. It also spreaded to the water supply, but if it spreaded to the water supply it could also infect swimming water too, making a Global Catastrophe. Some people thought it was Armageddon, some people thought worse, the Anti-Christ, but we all knew that it was something else, something much, much worse…

Chapter 1: Black Sun Op.

“Everyone secure the area! This City must be sealed off from the world immediately!” I quickly replied, “Yes sir!” Others followed, we continued to swoop the roads for any signs of ‘Trouble’ it was clear. We secured everywhere, but one section, section 3, the Downtown wasn’t. It was the source of the plague since thats where the lab was. “Okay well be cleaning out the D.C. also!” “D.C. sir?” Our Leader snapped back “Yes D.C. Now keep moving!” After about a couple of minutes we reached our destination. Our leader put his hand to his fourhead and swiped his sweat to the ground, “Here it is boys! D.C. Downtown. Secure the perimeter!” We all did a sweep of the area, I looked through a window of a store and found a dead body, I opened the door leading to the store and entered. I grabbed my gun which I just couldn’t find, “Oh shit, wheres my gu-” I grabbed hold of my 45. Pistol and pointed it at the body, I kicked the body and it moved “Argh!” It grabbed hold of me and started biting me. I shot it a couple of times but it wouldn’t let go. I kicked my foot at the air and the Zombie flew and hit the wall, I shot it again. “Phew!” I grabbed my radio and said (RadioCom) “Guys beware, theres Zombie Like things, I just killed one.”

Chapter 2: Armageddon, Anti-Christ, or something worse?

Five Years Later~ I looked around me and found out that I was in a hospital, “What the?!” I saw a nurse go inside the room, she screamed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Its A-a-a-a-a-a Awake!” “Wait why, why a-” I said, but as the nurse ran out, I looked at myself and saw that my arm has spikes on it “Woah…” I fell unconscious that day. I suddenly woke up in the street, I hear cries of suffering and pain. “Dude wake up! They’re coming! We need to leave now!” I looked at him straight in the eye and said “What do you mean? Who’s coming?” He sighed and grabbed my hand and began pulling “The zombies you idiot! You got knocked out while running for your life now come on!” I shaked my head all thinking it was a dream, but it wasn’t. I played along and ran, I never looked back, back at my girlfriend, Cindy, my parents, Kate and John (Lol), my other friends, Jake, Joe, John…

Chapter 3: Zombies? Seriously?

We kept on running as fast as we can, we went towards this alleyway into this secret passage way inside a room. I peered through inside and saw fire, “Come on, stop staring into the torches now lets go!” I stopped blankly staring into, a torch and crept through inside. As I did I saw everyone, Cindy, My parents, My other friends. “How ya been son? Didn’t get bit didn’t ya?” I say nervously “Uhm… No, Dad.” My dad looked through me and said “You sure?” My mom cut the conversation and yelled, “Don’t torture our son like that!” “Relax honey, just getting into the mood like in those Zombie Movies!” My dad grinned while just saying it. “So know what? Just stay here like holed up rats?” My girlfriend Cindy said. “Well we should have means to protect ourselves.” John, my other friend replied. “Well since I’m the oldest, smartest, and age appropriate I’ll do it.” My dad said, “Do what, Dad?” I replied, “To get us some weapons, I made sure that this rat hole we call a Hide out I made if there was a Air raid full of weapons watch!” My dad crept through a small opening and pulled 8 M16’s and one Revolver out of the Closet that hid perfectly in the wall, “Here you go son, a M16. Take one all of you I’ll get one M16 for myself and heres a Revolver for you honey,” “Why thanks John a bad weapon for a bad wife I suppose…” “What do you mean Bad wife? I treat you respectable!” My dad angerly said, “Here we go again, except in a middle of a Zombie invasion”. I said sarcastically. “Fine well deal this after this mishap of a Zombie Outbreak is over got it?” “Fine whatever,” My Mom said while having a bad look on her face.

Chapter 4: The Happening

We hid inside the ‘Rat Hole’ for about three hours until my dad got fed up, “I cant take this kind of crap! If I want to hide here for all of eternity I will, but not in a Fucking Zombie Invasion!” My dad stood up, got his weapon and got out of the hide out, my Mom followed. We heard screaming just after they left, “Oh no, whats happening to them?!” My girlfriend Cindy said while holding my arm, we suddenly heard Chopper noises from the outside. My friend John stood up and said “Guys! Its a rescue helicopter!” He ran out and began shouting, “HEY DONT LEAVE US! WERE RIGHT HERE!” As he caused a racket I began hearing growling noises, then, suddenly “ARGH! Its biting my arm!-” I went outside and saw John getting eaten by a Zombie. I shot the Zombie but attracted more, “Guys come on! We cant stay here for long, the Zombies are coming!” After about 5 minutes we found ourselves running from our Doom all across town, My friend Joe just couldn’t handle it, so as Jake. They were eaten, alive…

Chapter 5: Hide and Seek

We crouched inside a counter of a 7-11 and saw the Zombies peering through the store window, they moved away. “Phew, that was close,” Matt my best friend whispered to us, “Everyone still have their guns?” I say to Matt and Cindy “Yeah, we get em.” Both of them said sycronized, I got up from my position and went towards a food dispenser and got ourselves some canned food. I went towards Matt and said “Barricade the doors and windows, use whatever.” “Got it dude,” He then goes toward a soda can dispenser and pushes it towards the main door and flips it, afterwards he gathered some wooden planks from the Storage room and made a wall to secure the windows. “Good, we should be safe from the zombies until we run out of rations.” “Rations?” Cindy said “Rations is another word for food, Cindy haven’t you heard of that word?” Cindy replied almost confused, “Yeah I… Heard of it.” Matt replied sarcastically “Yeah, great! Were also stuck in a Zombie Mayhem! And also your parents where so lucky enouqh to be in a Safe Haven while were stuck in a Death Trap! How great!” I shout towards Matt. “Just shut up! We dont need your sarcastic bum hole trying to beam words out of your Ass!”



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I don’t think forum games is the right forum to put it in.

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Originally posted by speedy250:

I don’t think forum games is the right forum to put it in.

This is the thread that you can put your forum game stories in.

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Originally posted by rokun:
Originally posted by speedy250:

I don’t think forum games is the right forum to put it in.

This is the thread that you can put your forum game stories in.

I think you should change the title a little then, or atleast the description.

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Originally posted by speedy250:
Originally posted by rokun:
Originally posted by speedy250:

I don’t think forum games is the right forum to put it in.

This is the thread that you can put your forum game stories in.

I think you should change the title a little then, or atleast the description.


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I have been waiting for somewhere to put my stories up!

Welcome to the end. If ypu think that hearing this is bad, you should wait for the days to come. Dark days are ahead.

Chapter 1: The Future.

As soon as Max opened his eyes, he leapt up and smacked his alarm clock so hard it stopped. Max was a tall, muscular 18 year old, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He had just finished college, and was ready to go to university. He got A’s in all the core subjects, and a B in PE. But before he did that, he had to go to the college assembly. Max thought it was extremely boring.

He crawled out of bed and pulled on his red and blue school uniform. It hardly fit him anymore, but it would have to do. He heard his mum call to him.
“You awake, honey!” He smiled. He could hear the sweetness in her voice.
“Yeah!” Max called back Then came a more grumbly voice. It was his Dad. He was never happy.
“Get the fuck down here now, genius!” His dad yelled. Max sighed. His language had never changed, even when Max was first born. He naturally hated Max. Max went out of his room and grabbed the key. He locked his door and climbed down the stairs.

“Where the fuck did you put my keys, you bastard!” Tim yelled at Max.
“Uh, you just offended yourself.” Max smiled back.
“No jokes. This is serious. I could miss my payment!” His dads voice was getting louder. Max decided to wipe the smile of his face and reach into his pocket. He pulled out some silver, glinting keys. He handed them to his dad.
“If i hear one, small thing thats wrong today about you, you leaving this house.” Tim yelled. Then he turned round and walked off. Max smiled and walked out of the house.

The college was busy, as usual. But it was nore busy now. Parent had come to watch there children go to university. Apart from Max Rane. He walked into the assembly hall with his friend Daniel. He was a much smaller, book-worm type person. And, he was also a mute. He couldn’t speak, even if he tried. Earlier that year, someone had grabbed his tounge and nearly yanked it out. He was a mute ever since.

Max and Daniel went to a new row if seats and sat down, ready to listen. Almost on cue, the head teacher clapped her hands.
“Everyone! We are here to welcome our pupils who are going to University! Please give a round of applause to these pupils who acheived A’s in the core subjects, Maths, English, and Science!” She smiled. The list of names were a few, and some pupils who didn’t have parents started calling out “Geek!” as all the people went up. There were about 20 pupils with this grade.

Max and Daniel were number 14th and 17th. Max went up first, and everyone stopped calling everyone a geek. They knew how strong he was. However, when Daniel went up, people called him a “Toungless rat.” Max was angry at that. He wanted to go over there and punch the man in the face so hard he would never forget it. He imagined him punching the man and the man smashing through the walls, then having an ambulance called.

He was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t see the same man standing infront of him.
“What did you call me?” He asked angrily. Max didn’t know what the man was talking about. He knew the man was not to be messed with. The man was about twice the size of him, and had muscles the size of double decker buses. Max just simply replied.
“Go away.” Max replied. The man punched Max in the face. Max twisted around and kicked out with his foot. It caught the mans chin. Blood exploded out of the mans face. The man bought a hand to his injured chin and his eyes seemed to glow red. They really did.

The man picked Max up and threw him through the window nearest to them. Max howled in pain as the glass shattered around him. He hit the ground hard on his shoulder. He lay there for a moment. The glass paraded all around him. He screwed his eyes shut. In about a second, the man, or demon, appeared next to him. It picked him up and threw him into the wall.

He crashed into the wall. Bricks fell apart around him. The demon stared at Max like he was the most evil thing in the world. Little did the demon know that itself was the most evil thing in the world. Max was in so much pain he didn’t notice Daniel in the corner of his eye. Daniel started to speak. Max opened his eyes and stared at Daniel.
“The end is coming. Demons will come down to earth. If you think this is the end, just wait. For this is just the beginning.” Daniel spoke. It wasn’t the words that scared Max. It was the chilling cold voice it was spoken from. Daniel then disintergrated. Just like that. Gone. And there was nothing Max could do about it.

Chapter 2: The calm before the storm.

Max stared in shock at the ashes of Daniel. He didn’t notice the Demon getting ready to punch him. The demon threw a punch on the ground, where Max was laying. Max looked just in time and managed to roll out of the way. The demon grunted on contact with the concrete. It seemed to make it much angrier.

Max scrambled to his feet and began to run. He knew he couldn’t outrun this…. thing. But he might be able to trick it. He ran through the large doors leading to the exit. He slammed them shut on the way into it, then hit the fire alarm. Water splashed from the ceilings, mixing with Maxs blood. He hit the lock button and leapt into the air.

Max grabbed hold of the lightbulb and tried to yank it out. He could hear bangs on the door. He pulled harder. The bangs got louder, and the door started to break. Max yanked one more time, and the lightbulb cable snapped. Max crashed to the floor and started to fill the lightbulb up with water. Just in time. The door disintergrated and horror walked in.

Max knew that, in mythology, demons were seriously injured by water and glass. Together, they could kill one. Max lobbed the aquatic lightbulb and it flew through the air, poised and ready to destroy the deformed figure of the man. The glass hit the demon, and the demon disintergrated.

Max stood there. Silence. It was eerie. Then, just as he was about to be sick, there was a massive roar. Max edged closer to the door. Mistake. Outside were thousands of demons. They seemed to have come from all the people in the hall. He leapt backwards as they spotted him. He began to run. Very fast. The demons growled and flew after him.

Max decided to try and find some survivors. After he outran these demons. Which was impossible. Some of them even had wings! He kept running. His uncles voice sudenly echoed into his mind.
Drive! Cars are faster than feet!
He couldn’t see any cars in sight. Then, a horrible thought hit Max like a blow to the chest. The gates would be locked. Max sighed, and kept running. The demons were catching up. It was like trying to outrun a lightning bolt. Impossible.

He finally reached the gates. He hesitated. That was his mistake. A demon smacked into him, sending him head first into one of the bars. He felt something grab at his shoulder and throw him over the gate. Max landed with a thud on the other side. He scrambled to his feet, but was pushed back down by another demon. Max groaned and kicked out with his feet. His foot missed by miles, and a demon picked him up and flew into the air.

Max felt like he was parachuting from an aeroplane. Apart from he was going upwards. The wind rushed past his face so fast he thought he was strapped to a rocket. He knew that he wasn’t. He felt a drop of rain splash onto his forehead. He then heard a loud bang of lightning. A storm was brewing.

A splash of rainwater hit Max. The demon howled in pain. Max finally saw what they were doing. They were going to bring him up this high, then drop him. Max frowned. That wasn’t what they did in mythology. They were known for disintergrating people. This didn’t make sence. The demon grinned, and let go. Max screamed as he dropped. He thought he had spent ages flying through the air, but it must have been a few seconds. He finally hit the ground.

He howled in pain. But he was still alive. He frowned and turned around. He wasn’t on the floor at all. He had landed on an aeroplane.

More coming soon!


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Originally posted by scorpion1m:

this thread is well old

You just made me sad.

1.) You bumped a 3-years-old thread. This makes me sad.

2.) You returned to FGF. This also makes me sad.

3.) You had nothing, absolutely NOTHING to say. This makes me very sad.

However, it’s nice that you bumped a thread that’s actually useful for the storymakers here. This makes me less sad.

Overall sadness factor: (3×9001)-100=26903