(Game) Dr Who Mafia 4! Back in Action. Day 12. Special Ending Challenge. Part 4. Clues revealed. Winner is revealed. (locked)

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Right, it’s back due to popular demand. I’ve got 22 players which has surprised me. There’s one role I’m not sure about yet and that’s the Smiler. That’s this weeks eipsode.

With 22 people in this Mafia, that’s a lot of roles.

The Smiler looks like Mafia to me as he is sinister in the trailer of Dr Who. I thought I better start this now.

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Always play by kongregate rules.

No badges or pictures of Vote for Zedd or at anyone else.

Days and Nights will be 24 hours minimum so that everyone will get a chance.

No arguing with me.

If you haven’t posted or whispered me for two days/nights then you die, without a good reason. (ok I know about Flamelight)

You can role reveal, but with no prove. If I know if you are cheating then you will be kicked from the game.

Once you die, then don’t be a jerk about it. (Yes this means you kingzak)

You can talk at night about the days events.

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Players playing.

1. Soundfxman (Dead) Dr Paul

2. JaumeBG (Sarah Jane)

3. kingzak (Dead) Smiler

4. Squidward (Prisoner Zero)

5. Gandalf (Dead) Dr Slyvester.

6. Abusedzebra (Dr Matt)

7. Morrr (Amy Pond)

8. Fogfun (Dead) Dalek

9. Flamelight (Cyberman)

10. Its a alt (Dead) Dr David

11. Helkaine (Dead) Dr Chris

12. Zedd (Dead) Dr Colin

13. Speedy (Dead) Cyberman

14. Sgtawesome (Dead) Dalek

15. Luetria (Dead) Cyberman

16. Tailsthefox (Dead) Dr Patrick

17. Participation (Dead) Dalek

18. Wizard (Dead) Dr Jon

19. kranix (Dead) Cyberman

20. kilroy (Dead) Dr Tom

21. Isonno (Dead) Dalek

22. Robofire (Dead) Dr Peter.


Gandalf (if he likes)

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Daleks: Exterimate anyone at any time, but you must put Exterimate someone for example. Otherwise your kill will be viod. You must put Exterimate someone in the day thou. Only I will know who you are thou.

Cybermen: Same as Daleks, but you must put Delete instead.

Prisoner Zero: Two votes per day. One on thread and another one by whisper.

Smiler: Protest: that person lives. Forget: person dies.

Its the first one to whisper me at night that gets killed.

Non Mafia

Dr Who: Can regerate once. like a bulletproof.

Amy Pond: Protects a person at night

Sarah Jane: Can fix things. like a scienist

Captain Jack: Hosts the game.

You may be wondering, only 8 roles. Never fear! There’s more than one of some of them.

For those who haven’t seen Dr Who. The Dr isn’t a Dr at all, he can regenerate into another Dr. There’s been 11 Dr’s so far.
Hope this helps.

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Dr Who 1, William was trapped by an evil force in space. One of them escaped. Could this be the real Dr or was it something to do with an Alien race?

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Results of the special challenge.

JaumgeBg 1 out of 7 right still

Squidward 2 out of 7 right still

Abusedzebra 2 out of 7 right

Morrrr 1 out of 7 right

Flamelight 1 out of 7 right

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JaumeBG 2

Squidward 4

Abusedzebra 2

Morrrr 4

Flamelight 1

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there we go
all my posts gone

also signing in

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You sort of lost me with most of the explanations…from the top down:

Daleks & Cybermen: They have to announce it in the thread or secretly message you during the day phase, which?

Dr. Who: So this player is immune to being killed at night once?

Sarah Jane: What is there to fix, or will that come up later?

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Flamelight, Cybermen and Daleks have to announce it on the thread during the day. At night they must whisper me.

Dr Who is immune for one night to being killed at night once as long as they tell me on that night.

Sarah Jane Fixes Sonic Screwdrivers, Tardis and people.

Hope that answers your questions.

Here’s a big clue!

Yes, I did swap this around. Daleks and Cybermen.

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All Roles done. Day 1 starts now.

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so… randomly, ill go with robofire for not knowing him.

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I vote gandalf5166.

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i hope i don’t get killed by the mafia.
I vote gandalf5166 for repeatedly flaming at me >:(
Oh, and cybermen and daleks will just have to wait until night, a hint for “them”,so that they won’t be lynched right away

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once agian the first person who posts starts a bandwagon…

well then I vote


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Originally posted by its_a_alt:

once agian the first person who posts starts a bandwagon…

well then I vote


wizard posted robofire first.

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I’ll vote for Alt then.

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Well as we have nothing to go on, I vote gandalf5166.

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i change my vote to gandalf now

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I vote for Alt.

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alt. The person I vote for.

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since he’s not online, and i’m bored.

Gandalf: 4
its_a_alt: 3
AbusedZebra: 1

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i vote for gandalf, he does flame alot

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Originally posted by walfordking:

No badges or pictures of Vote for Zedd or at anyone else.

i hate you

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