[Game] FAW V: The Nightmare Begins. SWBR. CLOSED. Winner will be revealed!

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The world is falling. Darkness is gripping the world like a freezing cold vice. A friend is possesed. Nightmare is rising. Everyone thinks this is a never ending nightmare.
But the true nightmare has only just begun.

Welcome to FAW! A world with supernatural creatures, a god who abandoned the world, and a team. The team fight to save the world, and themselves. After a while, they find themselves alone on the world, everyone else dead. You fight for survival.

Join now. If you dare.

Made by Squidward568, creator of the hit series of FAW. Yes, i know thats what your signing up for now, but i just thoguht you might want to know that i was the original creator….

Anyway, there have been 4 of the games so far. This is the fifth.

Sign up here!

Use this bio to join!


Good luck.

1.Unown Entity (BCLEGENDS. Is currently controlling five characters – himself, Alex, Catherine, Fred and Charlotte.)
2.Raig Aida (Craigkiller)
3.Zackary Seld (Flashdeath30)
4.Mega Z (Kingzak13)
5.Grim (Grim_weeper00)
6.Martin Carpen (Minnakht)
7.Cambazooty Jackson (PlainBlandMan)
8.Hob (Walfordking) (Walfordking is now playing as Gin, Toby and Hob at this moment.)
9.Chris Crippler (Squidward568) (Is now playing as Nathan, Jake Crippler)
10.David Burnanen. (CrimsonBlaze.)
11.Jaye Granger. (FlameFlight.)
12.Marius Embelus (Randomturtle. Is also playing as Para-site.)
13: Alex Stryka (Slater9731)
14:Miles ‘Tails’ Prowler (TailsTheFox12)
15:Lightbringer (Fogfun)
16:Zeux Schurbuster (Aldrin)
17: Knuckles (KnucklesTE12)
18: Sonic (SnoicTHedgehog)
19. Orika Moon (Goes by Radclaw) (Radclaw1)
20.Jeremiah (TimeStrike)
I have also deleted all the inactives. So, there are only 16 players left.

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Mission 0.
This is continuing where we left off. For all the new people, we were fighting a bad guy called the Hypervention. They are incredibly strong monsters, they take the form of what you are most scared of, and they can suck all your life out of them. We have to destroy it, before it destroys us.
Mission Rank: B.

Mission 1.
RANK: Easy.
Weakness: Head.
Length: Short.

Mission Rank:C.

Mission 2.
Attempt to destroy Nightmare!
Rank: Very Hard.
Weakness: Unknown!
Length: Very long.

Mission Rank: A.

Mission 2.1
Destroy Para-site.
Rank: Medium.
Weakness: Unknown.
Length: Medium.

Mission Rank: B.

Mission 3
Unknown data

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Player of the Mission.

Mission 0: Crimsonblaze and Flashdeath30 (1/2 a point each.)

Mission 1: Minnakht (1 point)

Mission 2: BCLEGENDS (1 point)

Mission 2.1: Randomturtle and Kingzak13 (1/2 a point each)

Mission 3: Currently unavailable.

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OK. We are starting the game now.

I open my eyes. I was alive? Shouldn’t i be dead, after what the Hypervention did to me? I can’t beleive it. I get up and see the team looking at the Hyperventions true form. I get up and notice the tree wasn’t strangling me anymore. Something must have got its attention. I growled, and leapt forward, claws as sharp as a knife.

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can i have a quick recap of what happened at the end of last game
or a link to previous game would be nice

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Kingzak, i think you left on a cliffhanger where Mega Z had been shot.

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[Squid, I think I may not be playing for a while, I’m going to read the last four chapters and that will definitely take a while.

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Originally posted by FlameFlight:

[Squid, I think I may not be playing for a while, I’m going to read the last four chapters and that will definitely take a while.

[A while indeed.]

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OK. You only really need to read the 4th chapter. That tells you mostly everything. But you can read the others if you want to.

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‘So, shall we attempt to kill this thing then?’ I ask the other Shadleans.
Well, I say ‘others’. Remove that word entirely, because I am nothing like them.
I am Nightmare. I shall be the death of this Universe, and all other Universes too. I have far more than enough fuel for my machine now, what with all the visions (i.e. the nightmares of others) that I destroyed. However, killing this creature and taking a section of it shall serve to bring even more power to me once the machine is activated. For now, though, I am masquerading as my predecessor. This a disguise, in place to hide my true features until the time is right, which should be very, very soon.
‘Yup. Let’s do it.’ replies Fred, one of the Shadleans I mentioned, as the others agree with him.
Shadleans, as a species, are ghostly beings of five main shades usually ranging from pitch black to pure white, with 25% gradients between each main shade between the two. Their lower body amounts to a foot-wisp of sorts which never actually touches the ground, and their facial features (eyes with round, white pupils and a mouth) can be of five colours, one for each shade. For example, my predecessor was pitch black with red features, whilst Fred is pure white with blue features.
I am not a Shadlean. Whilst my true form’s bodily shape is the same as a Shadlean, more than a glance would reveal that my pupils are shaped like a four-pointed star, and that I actually have no mouth at all. As mentioned before, though, I am disguised as my predecessor, who was a normal Shadlean.
He was also an amnesiac, and one of the five leaders of the Shadlean planet, Scarlanexx. These Shadleans make up the other four. For now, I must pretend I am him, and hope I am not discovered…
…which brings me back to the events at hand. I fly into the air with the others and begin firing energy beams at the Hypervention.

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I see the Shadleans attack. I swipe at the dragon like beast, but it simply swipes me away with a swing of its hand. I get back up as quickly as i came down, and roar. If you haven’t read the other chapters, you will find that i act kind of like an animal.

Truth is, i am an animal. A wolf, to be precise. And the roar i just did? Its called a super-roar. Powerful enough to crush a wall, or even disintergrate it. Unfortunatly, it would take more than that to kill the Hypervention.

It brings its hand up and touches the wave of energy. It spins in the air for a moment, then comes right back at me. I duck, and the wave flys just above my head. I sigh, then go back to attacking, with no effect.

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Originally posted by squidward568:


Kingzak, i think you left on a cliffhanger where Mega Z had been shot.

i remeber that
i was shot at a altar (prayer not wedding)

as we rejoin mega z his fate is unknown
his body was taken to the nearest hospital

a dramatic zoom in from the hospital hallway to his room is shown then it stops

his condition was critical said the doctor
it continues into his mind

it shows his spirit moving around his head
it eventually comes out his head

holy f^&k i am dead
mega zs ghost then looks at his condition
oh i am in a coma thats much better
i have to find who shot me

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(Hob, Toby and Gin thought that they defeated the boss with the team. But they didn’t.)

It was only an illusion. (They don’t know that, not yet.) “What do we do now?” Said Hob. “Its finally over.” Then Toby woke up, so he saw Gin already awake.

Gin said, “I think Hob has finally gone. He’s been talking in his sleep all night.”

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[Cool, was waiting on this, but for a suggestion: Perhaps letting new players have some power? I mean, we all pretty much have some, so a new person entering it should be granted even footing]

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(We don’t know what Toby’s power is yet. Toby is quite new. I think you should discover the power. Nothing overpowering.)

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I have added the power thing into the bio.

I run behind a tree and duck, to stop another burst of energy from hitting me. I held my breath. This isn’t going well.

[Also guys, remember the stats that we had? Everyone who has posted on the first and second page get 1+ for everything.

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Somehow, I feel more powerful now. I don’t know why, I just do. I continue to attack the creature, as do Unown, Charlotte, Catherine and Alex, the other Shadlean leaders.

[And character recaps are pretty much complete now. Expect them.]

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I slide under the Dragony thing and stab it in the back of the chest on the way out. It hardly does anything. The dagger disintergrates. I leapt forward and pulled out a laser gun, aiming for the Hyperventions head. That hardly does anything as well.

I grip SoulRipper, and start running. At supersonic speed, i start swiping at the Hypervention with ClawBiter. The Hypervention roars in pain and swipes me away. Its not that easy to defeat for people that use close combat.

“Guys, this isn’t working! We need a plan! A very good plan!” I yell.

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[i signed up can i play now]

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mega z ghost began thinking
how do i bring someone out a coma

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Originally posted by randomturtle:

[i signed up can i play now]

Yes you can.