[Game] Star Mecha: Gundam Chapter 1: Traitor or What? (Sign-Ups still Open!) (locked)

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As the three Factions fought to get the Uritirium the Colonies had it, they gathered all the Best Scientist they could get and made, the Gundams. Made from the best Metal out there, Gundanium they were basically Unbreakable. But still the war Rages on.


1.FlameFlight-Jaye Schwartz (Age: 27, Gender: Male) [ Faction Leader ]

2.TailsTheFox12-Jeremiah “Wing” Zwinger (Age:24, Gender: Male) [ Faction Co Leader ]

3. [ Faction Battalion Leader ]

4. [ Faction Grunt ]

5. [ Faction Grunt ]


1.Hero122-Joey Quiver (Age: 17, Gender: Male) [ Faction Leader ]

2.SilentSam-Samuel Stevenson (Age: 20, Gender: Male) [ Faction Co Leader ]

3. [ Faction Battalion Leader ]

4. [ Faction Grunt ]

5. [ Faction Grunt ]


1. [ Faction Leader ]

2.Brojack437-Rhaine Vincent (Age:19, Gender: Male) [ Faction Co Leader ]

3. [ Faction Battalion Leader ]

4. [ Faction Grunt ]

5. [ Faction Grunt ]


1. [ Wing Zero ]

2.squidward568-Jake Crippler (Age:17, Gender: Male) [ Dragon Wing ]

3.BCLEGENDS-Shade (Age: Mid 20, Gender: Male) [ Night Shadow ]

4. [ Machine Gun “Joe” ]

5.its_a_alt-Manfred “No Mercy” Conspern (Age: 31, Gender: Male) [ Sand Doom ]

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Name:Joey Quiver

Armor Type:Heavy

Faction Type: Bloody Crusaders,Leader

Bio: Born on one of the Alliances planets. he worked with the manufactureing section,he acasionaly stone parts to tinker with, and was a supporting rone in designing the Gundams. he later stone some copys of the plans,and sided with the crusaders.

History: Trained the lower level Gundams, and overthrew the Bloody Crusaders. Youngest
being to lead the Crusaders.


Name: Manfred “No Mercy” Conspercy

age: 31

gender: male

Armor Type: Juggernaut

Faction: Gundam, Sand Doom

Bio: Big Guy 7 foot 9 and lifts weights constantly. Has dark eyes and A head full of messy blond hair. Boxes in his spare time, and is smart even though most people think he is stupid. He is a genius with mechas and is always outfitting his mecha with new gear. He always has the same exasperation bored, with a frown, even when in the heat of battle. He has a clam mindset and is always thinking even when things don’t look good.

History: Born a low level peasant on a desert planet that was being mined for metal. He was inducted into the Star Mecha school at 15, he was hated by everyone for his skill and No mercy policy. He is always thinking outside of the box, and constantly working on his mecha. He never stops working. He likes to lead, and is willing to do anything for the gundams. He isn’t afraid to kill and regulary does so.


Name: Shade

Age: mid-20’s; exact age is unknown to all but him

Gender: Male

Armor Type: Light, but see below

Faction Type: Gundams; Night Shadow

Bio: Shadowy, ghost-like being who floats a few contimeters above the ground; the lower body basically amounts to a wisp. Pitch black ‘skin’ with red eyes and white pupils.

History: Nothing is known about his early history, as he lost his memory after volunteering for a highly questionable experiment that turned him into what he is now. He eventually turned up at the Gundam HQ, and rose through the ranks to become Night Shadow, one of the five Gundam leaders currently in rule.


Name: Jaye Schwartz

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Armor Type: Normal

Faction Type: Alliance, Faction Leader

Bio: First, youngest, and oldest leader of the Alliance, Jaye Schwartz is sharp-witted and especially enjoys strategy and technological advancement. He is willing to do a lot of things for the people he watches over (though admittedly not everything). Having on-the-job training may not be a great way for him to learn, but it’s better than nothing.

History: Born and raised on Earth, a believer in all the things America stood for long ago, Jaye fights for those principles and has never forgotten them. Was very successful in college, one of the brightest students in the world, at least until he volunteered to lead the Alliance Faction and was chosen by majority. Now, while he still experiments with his ideas, most of his work is day-to-day trying to figure out how to effing survive.


Sign Up Sheet

Name: Jeremiah “ Wing ” Zwinger

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Armor Type: Normal

Faction Type: Alliance, Co-Leader

Bio: Jeremiah, or ‘Wing’ to his friends, is handy with spaceships and everything about them. Not a type yet he doesn’t seem to know everything about. Right-hand man to his elder friend Jaye (Yes, Flame and I know each other), he always tries to ‘go the extra mile’ and keep spirits up.

History: Born in transit to Earth from Pluto, he has always had a dark and mysterious side, roughly rubbing against the crypticness of the lifelong friend he soon met. Jeremiah has been in more than one near-death situation and has quite a bit of experience on the field, despite his young age. However, he is somewhat an introvert and has always been disinclined towards prestiege.


Name: Samuel Stevenson



Armour type:Juggernaut

Faction type:Bloody Crusaders, Faction Co-Leader

Bio: Human-like, grey rock hard skin. Bald.

History: Born to the middle class on a Bloody Crusader world. Spent his childhood working in the mechanics bay, and eventually joined the Bloody Crusader’s as a mechanic. Met and helped Joey Quiver with the overthrow.


Name: Jake Crippler.

Age: 17

Armour type: Normal Armour.

Faction Type: The Gundams. Dragon Wing.

Bio: Brown Hair, Brown eyes. Dressed in a camoflauge top and trousers.

History: Born in a laboratory, he started to learn how to make alliances. He then joined the Gundam, in hope to have
something worth fighting for.


Name: Rhaine Vincent

Age: 19

Armor Type: Heavy Armor

Faction: The_Freemen 2

Bio: small,aggrisive man i’d say 5’3,Silver shaggy-like hair, Dark Red eyes,has no care for others would end a Child’s life just to be able to awake in the morning

History: at the age of 5 he was forced to polit a mecha against another child if nethier child attacked the machine would self-destruct when the chance spring he ran from his unit to join the Free Men

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Starting Points

Gundams start in the Gundam Science facility Dorm rooms

Squidward568- In A-3 Dorm.


its_a_alt- In A-2 Dorm.

The Alliance start in the Alliance Military Facility Dorm.

FlameFlight- In B-7 Dorm.

TailsTheFox12- In B-5 Dorm.

Bloody Crusaders start in the Bloody Crusaders Hidden Training Facility Dorm.

Hero122- In Training Room

SilentSam- In F-2 Dorm.

The Freemen

Brojack437- In The Treetop hideout in Sector 3.

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( Rules )

1. Normal RP

2. No Godmodding

3. No finding stuff magically


5. All Rules above and below this must be followed or will be banned/kicked from the game for (2-5) days.

6. To not do Rp do this: (example) or [example]

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World Broken because Uritirium Compounds are all over it and have broke the Planet

World of Sector 12, A former Alliance Planet. Broken by the war, broken by the Crusaders. Bloody Crusaders. (If you played the Star Mecha 1 game this is the one you played the big battle on)

The once HQ of the Alliance is now a wrecked place full of disabled robots, or robots that have broken out of the system continuing like nothing ever happened

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If you want to play please do this and post it here:
Name: (Full name)

Age: (17-40)


Armour type: (Light, Normal, Heavy, Juggernaut)


Faction Type: (Leader Co leader e.t.c)



(1 day Ban)

(1 week Ban)

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Rhaine Vincent
[Ehh I don’t really know how to start this sense I haven’t played any of the Gundams till now :I]
I set up a training exercise in the trees for the troops.I made traps and NPC that will automaticly turn their mecha off if they are shot or trip a wire their mecha’s have the same weapons to keep the machinary from being repaired
Afterwards i do a combat exercise with the lazer swords [like sparring Also i like showing who i am :I]

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Jake Crippler

I got out of bed and looked at all the science equipment around me.
“I can never get used to this stuff….” I sigh, and hit a red test tube. It shatters and covers me with liquid. I sigh and dry myself off before it could do any damage. The towel i dried with disintergrates into ash.
“Ouch.” I mutter and mix a green liquid and a red one in together. I smash that one, and keep it on my hand this time. My hand doesn’t turn into ash. Instead, the bones started to strengthen and the muscles grew stronger.
“I did it!” I shouted in joy. I made a strength liquid. I walked outside my dorm. A long corridor was there. I brought the red liquid and the green liquid with me, and walked down the corridor.

[Am i doing it right?]

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(Yeah you guys are doing it right)

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Rokun Tomonari (was one of the Original Gundams)

I open my hatch on my Mecha, I began riding it throughout the facility. I sense someone nearby, I think to myself “Who is this I wonder? With this much power he might be… No, he cant, he just cant.” I make my way towards the training facility and see a bunch of Recruits. “You guys… Suck, who’s your Battle Master?” One of the recruits shouted at me like he was pissed “Battle Master Agrad sir!” Hey, I’m not a Gundam anymore.
“Well you look like one with that cool Mecha sir!” The recruit replied back, "Hey, get back to work I didn’t say to chat I said who your battle master is now move on!

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Jake Crippler

I went through a large door.
“I have done it, sir! I have created a strength potion!” I smiled at the boss.
“Show me.” He simply replied. I pulled a small bit of the carpet and poured a small bit of red liquid on it. It disintergrated the whole carpet. Then, i punched the boss.
“That didn’t really hurt…” He muttered. He hadn’t budged even the smallest bit after that. I smiled. I mixed the two liquids together, and poured it all over my body.
“Now then….” I said, and punched him in the face. He flew backwards, smashing through the wall and falling. I stare. That was a 100 feet drop. I leapt out.
“Mecha, arrise!” I yell, and a mecha leaps out of the small shed and grabs me. It nosedives into the ground. I leap off before touchdown, and land smoothly.
“Go,” I say to my mecha, and it sighs and goes back to the shed. The boss stood infront of me.
“Give me some of that potion, genius!” He beams at me and grabs the potion.
“Do i drink it, or pour over my body?” He asks.
“Well, if you were a sniper, drink it. It would help your lungs to strengthen to you can hold your breath for longer. But i suggest we mix lots of it together and put it in everyones shower instead of water. It cleans and strengthens!” I smile. He nods an agreement, and i go back inside.

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Joey Quiver

I grabbed the plazma gun from the table and entered the mecha,then entered the woods. I crushed the brush as I walked through,I saw a little bit of movement, and I sliced it off with my secrite weapon. Trees and plants around shriveled up,some froven,some burning with acid,the rest on fire.
“Nice work. If you head out like that for the assult,were sure to win.”said the labcoats who were survaying the test.
“I know.”

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[I’m a little confused as to how squid’s boss survived a 100 foot fall after being puched in the face with enormous force without any damage whatsoever. But seeing as to how it doesn’t affect me…yet… I only partially care]

Samuel Stevenson
I wake up, get a fesh uniform, and head out to the garage to do a check-up on my mecha. Sure we have subordinates to do that kind of thing, but I prefer to do it myself when it comes to “Junkyard”. After doing so, I head out to the woods. I think Joey wanted to test out something our labcoats cooked up. I arrive, and find that a large chunk of the woods has been given random conditions. Some of its shriveled, some of its frozen, some of its being melted by some kind of acid, and the rest is on fire. Yep, Joey was here. I head back to the base, seeing as to how they’re not out here anymore.

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Joey Quiver
I walk out of my mecha as I see silent sam walk in.
“Have you seen it? the M.A.D.N.E.S.S. Is almost finished. All we Need is the improbablity drive finished,otherwise It just effects plants.”

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Samuel Stevenson
“Yeah, I saw what you left of the woods out there. Unfortunatly, I don’t think the labcoats are going to finish the improbability drive anytime soon. Its way too improbable for that to happen. shrug Is there any updates from Io?”

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Joey Quiver

“Not that I know of. But still,the only way we’ll win is with the “M.A.D.N.E.S.S” and It’s already cost enough. Any ideas for more money?"

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Samuel Stevenson
“Well, we can always ask our good friends the alliance for a little cash and carry from their supply trains” I laugh.

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Joey Quiver

“Sounds like a plan. Suit up in about 10 minutes. Also, Look for any transparent cars,they carry loot like this.” I point at an iron plated mecha,hung up. It was the first of many mechas that we created.

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Samuel Stevenson
I salute to Joey, as he is my superior, then head out to “Junkyard”. En route, I wonder about the paradox of looking for a transparent car. Being transparent would imply that light passes through it, thus your eyes do not register it. Doesn’t really matter, we have sensors that’ll detect them, even if they are invisible. Once I get to my mecha, I make sure I’m all loaded up with bullets, rockets, power cells, and a certain little thing we call “Element J”. I then pass the rest of the time playing some Solitaire on my HUD.

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Joey Quiver
after everyone’s suited up, we take off. after 3 minutes of searching,no trains come by.
I radio “Anyone know what’s with the dead space? This is the busyest time of day.”

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Samuel Stevenson
“No clue. Intel said there should be a large freighter heading through soon, but I don’t see it.”

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Rokun Tomonari

I went towards the Science Lab looking if any of these geniuses have made anything new, besides they always have something new. As I made my way just half way I see some guards with Mecha’s just outside the facility. I walk towards them and shout at the Radio, “Hey guys, sense someone?” Both of the guards say, synchronized “Nah…” I say ashamed “Oh well, your day is not this day.” I walked pass them, I opened the facility and left my Mecha just outside. As it was a rule there, I check up on them and I see the scientists talking about there latest project.
“This is awesome! Now those scumbag Bloody Crusaders cant get our money, this is genius!” One of them said, another spoke loud. “Ok, now we have figured out a answer for the problem that those Bloody crusaders always give us!” The lead scientist replied to both of them, “This thing, has been designed to not get seen by anything except for fire. Wondering that these Bloody Crusaders always make a mess of things. Though wondering that they don’t know this, they cant get the money in the supply trains.”

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( Special Event! )

The Bloody Crusaders are trying to get money from the supply trains that are supposed to be for the Alliance, but as they waited there the Gundams have secretly made a project to protect the Alliance trains from this very thing. The bad part about it is that this can be seen by fire, but the Bloody Crusaders don’t know about it!

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Joey Quiver
“Well, you stay here with the main roadblock, I’m going to be right back.”
I takeoff to a nearby planet,cantillen. They recently joined the allience,and being the planet is fairly weak, It’s a good time to test out M.A.D.N.E.S.S. the multi asult dimentional nicrostimulating event saber sword is going to be able to rip apart shortcuts around the univerce and summon or troops. It’s also able to make an infanite amount of weapons,created from the darkmatter of space. I fly down to the earth,destroying trees and houses. I hen fly back. “Anything new YET?”

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[Back at the campers]
Samuel Stevenson
“I still don’t see anything. Hey Snipes, you got anything on the long-range?”
Samuel Stevenson
“I don’t like this. There should have been something come through by now. But we would have read it on our sensors. In my experience, this can only mean 1 of 2 things. 1) They had technical difficulties and were delayed for the next day, or 2) its a trap. And more often than not its the latter. Stay alert everyone, we don’t need any casualties.”