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In a world where war has taken over the minds of the people. Where sports have been all but forgotten. One game aim’s to change it all. KRUSH! A sport for everyone. It has violence, action, thrill and suspense. Krush pits 2 teams of 6 in a race to score. The game has 2 halves. Many diferaant types of people are atracted to playing KRUSH. The positions are:
Runner: The offensive player. The 2 runners work together to progress the ball to the oponents goal and score.
Blocker: The defensive player. The 2 defenders work to stop the runners from progressing the ball.
Psyker: In the future Psycics are common. Not like the Tarrot card reading, crystal ball weilding carnies but real psychics. They use their mental abilities to help the other payers.
Goalie: The last line of defence. Goalies block the your oponents shots.

Each player must choose his stats and abilities.
Stats: How good you are at certain things.

Speed: speed effects movement. You use speed when making long movements or quick getaways.

Skill: Skill is shooting and passing. It effects your chance at scoring and also is used in many abilities.

Strength: Strength is your ability to hit stuff. It gives you a better chance to know that guys teeth out and is used it abilities.

Defence: Defence is your ability NOT to get hit. It makes your wounds hurt less and the ball will go past you less.It is also in abilities.

Will: will is Psyker thing only. Dont evan try if your not a Psyker. It control’s your ability to use Psykic energy. It is also in abilities.

For each point you put in a skill is dice I will roll for your chance. So one skill point in will is one die rolled when using a will ability. Most abilities work on a 4plus. But some are diferant such as the abilities that require me to play 2 people against each other. In this case I pick the highest number only.

Here is a chart to show you what abilities go together.
Shooting the ball : shooters skill vrs. Goalie’s defence
Tackling/Fighting: Attackers strength vrs. Defenders defence
Stealing the ball: Stealers skill vrs. Ball holders skill.

Here are the abilities each position can have. Each ability uses AP
You get 2 action points per play. Use wisely.

Runner: Charge: You run…You run so far away.(You move at 2x your base speed.) 1AP

Juke: You doge them…brake ya’ ankles. (increases defence by 2x for the next turn) 2AP

Shoop-da-woop: BAGGGGGGH! (a scoring chance that uses strength instead of skill) 1AP

Bouce pass: “off the wall, into your hands.” (You throw the ball at the wall so it bounces into your friends hands. Uses skill.)1AP

Shatter: “I’m gonna make your jaw become 3 diferant pieces.” (an incredibly strong attack)2AP

Grab: Holds the player there.(uses strength to hold them in place.)2AP

Disorient: Slams your arms into their ears. (causes your oponent to be unable to move or use any AP next turn.) 2AP

Trip: Trip’d ya up(uses skill to take the ball)1AP

Get it outa there: you heard the man.(Throws the ball to the offence at a high sucess chance)1AP

Bad Mo’ Fo’: Yessir(A strong barrage attack)AP1

Fly: you believe.(You(or someone else) Levitates off the ground. This ability continues each turn using 2AP per turn and a will check.)2AP

PYRO: disclaimer The KRUSH comisioner and the KRUSH league do not advocate the unsupervised use of fire. (launches a fire ball at an oponent)2AP

Speed: RUNNNN!(You increase the speed of another player.)1AP

Gust: WOOOSH! (blows the ball away form oponents if its on the ground WILL CHECK) 1AP

Ball Control: You move the ball with your mind.(Can be used to steal,pass or help pass or shoot)1AP


Imovable object:“My offence is down, my defence has their head up their ass’s and the psyker just missed. The odds are so in my favor”(increases defence for the next turn)AP2

Animal: You go ape S*&t on the runner.(Steals the ball by using strength) 2AP

One tough cookie: Your not gonna crumble.(Increases defense and strength for the next turn) 2AP

Team player: There is no I in team.(inspires your team giving them a higher chance of sucess.)AP1

WHOMP!:In the face!!!(A powerfull attack that uses strength.)AP1

Please use the following format when creating a character.

Stats:(you get 10 points to assign)
Position:(take them before there gone only 2 pyskers and goalies(1 per team)
Bio:(if you want

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Ah. I see. It’s like ultra-violent Smashball.


Also, Psychic. Not psykic. And psychic, not psyker. Psychic is a noun describing both the work of mind manipulation and a living being that uses psychic powers.

You also didn’t put the AP on some moves. (Team Player, WHOMP, Bad Mo’ Fo’.) Golie (it’s spelled GOALIE) doesn’t have a use. Or AP.

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Psyker is purposly misspelled and Goalie is a position not a move

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Wow this was not very popular was it :)

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I personally won’t join, but keep going, I’m sure some people will sign up, it sounds like a good game.

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You should put Goalie in a different section than the moves section, then-

Oh wait, nevermind. It’s a category mark.

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yeah sorry if its unclear

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So anyone

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if it dies it dies

just move on

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Hey, since this is dead, you should probably open your slot in the signups thread.

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Yeah good idea ill try a new game soon