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What if, all of a sudden you were ripped away from your life, but you didn’t know what life you had?

What if you knew your name, but nothing else?

And what if you had no idea where you were, expect for in this small, blank room, and if you suddenly were far more powerful than a normal being?

Tragically for you, what if is now a reality.

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[Items in Bold are required.]

I’ll start with seven, if more are needed, then I will move on.

1. Jaye [FlameFlight]
2. Hart [kilozombie]
3. Miles [TailsTheFox12]
4. Miclar [superfastjelly]
5. Jake [gandalf5166]
6. Paul [magik98]
7. Koi [KingOfIndia]
8. Freddi [Dman18]
9. Abe [sgtawesome16]
10. Wilson [FogFun]
11. Adam [Minnakht]
12. Leo [wizard96]

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Okay, here is how the game will start. Just post yourself basically to give a very minimal overview of how this will go. Experiment with your abilities, but for some reason, the room, blank in every way, prevents it from working.

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Well. I’ve been conscious for roughly 37.14 seconds. Already I have gotten as far as “I think, therefore I am”, calculated the rotation speed of the planet, the orbit, and been absolutely stumped as far as who I am, how I got here, and what the hell is going on. Despite my memory loss, I have figured out that my body is clearly too complex to have began this way. Otherwise, I would suspect I had just been born, not that I had lost my memory.

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I… I… I what. I am Adam. And… and… what now?

I look around. And see a room. A blank, white room. I might have known what is it… if I… no. If I know what is a room, I can tell rooms with white walls and no features are bad things.

I feel some power. I must escape. I… summon a little flame on my fingertip.


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Ow…what just happened, other than during the three and four hundred thirty-six hundreths minutes since I woke, in which I had thouroughtly examined the surrounding room and myself. I still didn’t know how I knew exactly long had passed, but I was getting to the point where my curiousity about the hourglasses on my arms would cause me such curiosity that I would examine them. I didn’t know how I knew that was goingto either, but the mental image had already gone through my head and left, leaving a lot more questions. For instance, I knew almost nothing other than my name and the scant answers I had deducted about myself and my environment. I run my hands over the dual insignias. They seem to glow briefly, but that’s about it.

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darkness. sheer darkness. nothingness. and then… the light, it comes.

i wake up. i say aloud "where am i? why am i here? who am i?

on my sleeve, it says “leo”. i am almost certain it wasnt there before?

i then survey my area, and see… nothing. absolutely nothing. nothing but white. i try to walk, but hit a… a wall… i think?

a creaking noise. i go tense, fearing the sound

but then, something bizarre happens. i turn into steel. however, the effect only happens for a few seconds, then it all dissapears.

i lie down, and cry.

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I looked around it was all just a color of nothing! all try to remember something BUT ALL I CAN SEE IS MY NAME KOI

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[Chill the caps?]

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Walls,all i see is walls.i sit and look at my guitar.hoping for memory to return.I focus and touch a string and it’s texture,strenght,color,and thickness grow wings out of my back,i become afraid and the wings retreat.I sit curled in a ball wondering what has become of me.

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“The…” I mutter out loud. I know I’m Hart, and… “Goddamnit, where’s the rest?!” I stand up and start yelling. Suddenly, I stare down at my hands. They start to split into two equal, gray claws.

I pass out.

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I open my eyes. A blaring white light on a nondescript white ceiling stares back at me. I sit up and close my eyes as the circles float about. Once they clear, I open my eyes again. I’m in a nondescript white room. I lift my hands up and look at them. Am I dead? No…. Something tells me I’m not. I stand up and walk to a wall. I place my hands on it and trace them along it, feeling for any grooves. Nothing. However, at the last instant, I swear my right hand disappears for a brief second. I swipe in front of them same spot, but it doesn’t happen again. “How odd…” I whisper to myself.

Then again, it’s probably just my imagination. I walk to the center of the room and sit back down, waiting for something to happen.

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I woke up in a small wight room, not much in here. I can’t remember anything that happened earlier, actually i barely remember anything. Wait, my name…….. i think……… i think………. i think its Abe. “Wait….” i say to myself while i start to come to it. I start to remember something else. I started to remember all of my basic knowledge, actually most of my knowledge. The only thing i cant remember is my life, how strange. I start to walk around the room looking for an exit, i found none. I decided to just lay there and fall asleep, just to wait for something to happen.

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[Don’t worry guys, something occurs in the morning. This is kind of just an activity check.]

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[Define morning.]

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[so we post or what? i gotta go soon]

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read the prologue (third op)

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i gotta go soon

Then go, it might be a while.

Define morning

7 hours.]

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[i’ll be on after school]

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[How many IG hours will have passed? Because my character, and Flame’s, would know, so you’ll have to keep us updated on these things.]

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[Very well then, in game, the characters will have spent ~ half hour before something happens.]

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I am so angry with myself for presumably being captured. I shouldn’t be here, this is where they put the mentally unstable! If only I knew what had happened! I let the anger and rage consume me, and carry me like a river. Eventually, I visualise a bank along a river, where there are many wolves. I drift to them, but they don’t attack me. they seem to be more intent on looking at me. Looking at myself, the mental image shatters as I see four furry legs, with paws and claws, and the effects are traveling up my body. This realisation of what’s happening shocks me, to such an extent that my legs instantly revert to human. Due to this, I crash to the floor, yell, and continue my frantic search for memories I know in my heart aren’t there.

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[Note to self: Sleeping in sucks, also I hate my clock.]

With everyone waiting, they were wondering when anything would happen. They were not disappointed. Everything went dark, seemingly a power failure. Fortunately for you, this made a door, though one you never would have thought would be there, slide aside, opening a path into a hallway.

The power might return soon, and if it does, who knows if you ever get a chance like this again? Out in the hall, it is a twisting snake of passages, but not a soul other than you around.

[Okay so, don’t go finding each other I.E. I see someone etc. I’ll decide what happens when you start exploring and such.]

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[sorry for a bit late posting but just realized that the game is open]


I feel weak. I open my eyes, slowly. I’m in some kind of room. Empty. When i stand up i see a blank notepad and pen laying on the floor. I grab them and start writing anything i remember.
As i don’t know the date, i’ll simply write Day 1.

“Day 1”
“My name’s Paul. Stuck in some kind of room. Empty room.”
“I should find how to get out of this place. Maybe there’s more people?”
“I’ll write something more after a while”.

I put notepad and pen to my pocket.
Strange, i can almost feel how my body works.
Bored, as there’s nothing much to do, i walk around.
Then i do some exercises. I can feel heartbeat, feel the blood flowing through veins, rushing to give cells food and O2.

I just moved my right arm and focus on it, to check how i will feel.
Suddenly i released some blood from my right hand.
I wrote another note to notepad.

“Focusing on my arm released some blood from my hand. Hmm…”

I focused on hand, then on small pond of blood. When i focused on pond, it started to levitate, form to ball, then square… Seems that i can use eighter body or arm to manipulate blood.

“Now i realised that i can force spilled blood to change shape, velocity or state, just not sure about that last thing”

Curious about state. I again forced blood to levitate, then change shape to ball. It was liquid through. I tried to change it’s state to solid. And i did it. A medium to small ball of blood. Heh.

“Just tested state change. I must concentrate more on blood, but the result is perfect.”

I change shape of ball to square again, pyramid, cylinder, plate. Then i changed blood back to liquid and i absorb it. Enough of fun. I start searching for anything or anybody.

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theres no use crying about it now.

i get off the ground, and see a bed. i am definitely certain about it not being there before.

i go to sleep, hoping something would happen.

it does. when i wake up, i look at the invisible walls. one of these walls shines brighter than anything ive ever seen before. i walk through it, not knowing what i would find…