Survival of the Fittest (locked)

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I will give you a description and you must pick a,b,c,d and nothing else this is a voting game and the answer with the most votes gets to be picked and you will go on from ther first you must give me a char. sheet so i can tell you apart…

Name:First and Last’s initial
Job:(Gatherer, Hunter, Watcher, Builder)

Okay heres the first one…

YOu are above the Atlantic Ocean and you are looking out the window(your in a plane) when you see the wing burst into flames you no you have to take action but what do you do…

Gear:5 days of food, 3 days of water, Parachutes(only can be used once)

A.go to the pilots den
B.grab a parachute and jump out of the plane
C.buckle up

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Name: Walter G.
Age: 22
Job: Hunter

I’m going with A. We want to wait as long as possible before jumping, so we’ll be closer to land.

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name: leo j.
age: 21
job: watcher

i choose a as well.

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Name: Max W.

I also go with A because all the adults are there

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Name: Rex R.

Age: 24

Job: Builder

I choose A since it is the most reasonable answer

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Okay A it is

You run towards the pilot den and you see that they are gone…

Gear:5 days of food, 3 days of water, Parachutes, Flare Gun(2 shots)

A.try to drive the plane
B.jump from the plane

Max W.—-Pick only one

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B definitely.

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Name: Samuel S.
Age: 22
Job: Builder

A, because there is a bandwagon forming.

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But A is stupid.

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i think he didnt read everything. right now, you, as an underqualified, weirdo who just happened to be in a plane crash, have a choice of failing to fly a plane to your death or jumping out with regulated government approved parachutes meant to save your life.

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Okay you grab the parachutes and jump from the plane and just in time for the plane blows up when you get into the water you see a few islands to the east and one of the survivors(not player)gets draged down but not before he screams shark you look around and you see the tail of the plane, and your gear, and the islands to the east…

a.start swimming
b.throw food to distract the sharks
c.shoot at them with the flares
d.get on the tail of the ship and paddle to the islands

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You are not told you are an unqualified weirdo, you’re just in a plane.
C, because it are the awesome
answer changed because flares the shark be very inaccurate, and don’t work as a weapon unless the shark is above the water.
i shall go with B, we all know how bloody steaks pacify a shark (sarcasm)

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D, all our food is in those packs. I’m not sure if I got that right though, are packs are on the tail of the plane, right? If they aren’t, then B.

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e. ride on the sharks backs
simpsons reference ftw!
id say d, because the sharks would have a harder time eating us from there.

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You and the survivors swim towards the tail all of you made it except for 4 more survivors and you start paddling towards the islands…You finally made it to the island but dark is comming soon…

Gear:5 days of food, 3 days of Water, Flare Gun(2 flares)
Building Materials:50


A.Look for sticks to make spears
B.Go hunting


A.Look for Building Material
B.loo for food


A. Watch the sky’s for planes
B.Watch the ocean for boats
C.go help with another job(pick from the others)


A.Build tools
B.Build living facilitys

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Hunter A.

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watcher A

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Builder B.

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YOu all go to your jobs and the hunters make 2 spears the watchers find no Planes and the Builders built a small cottage so you all go to sleep and in the middle of the night you hear rustling outside…

Gear:Spears(2), 5 days of food, 3 days of water, Flare Gun(2 Flares)
Building Materials:25


a.go look
b.stay with the others


A.go get more survivors
B.Stay with the others

a.look outside
b.stay with the others

A.grab building materials to use in a fight
B.stay with the others

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watcher a.

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Name: Leo J.
Age: 21
Job: Watcher
Personal Gear:Binoculars

You look outside and you see a boar going through the food supplies…

A.tell a hunter
B.take matters into your own hands


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