[SIGN-UPS] Escape the Art! (locked)

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Escape the Art!

OK, so I thought I would start my own art game, because they were really popular back in the art thread. The premise of the game is it’s an RP, with the visual assistance of art.

Sign-up Form

Name: Billy

Hat: red stripes

Skill: strength, intelligence, or egg layer

How to Play


Once the forum is updated with a new log and image, you give you’re character a command. A command is given for the character to interact with another character, object, or surrounding, or multiple things.

ex Billy uses the axe to chop down the tree

ex Sam digs a hole

This command will either be: accepted and done or denied for reasons given.


Sometimes an ability is required for your character to do an action. Usually it’s the intelligence or strength ability. The egg layer ability gives you the the chance to add a new character to the game, at a cost of 5 food and you must have another user to become that character.


You will find some objects throughout the game, and to use them you just refer to them.


These food are for your characters to eat; every 3 days your character will eat one.


1. TailsTheFox12 ~ Miles, intelligence

2. Fogfun ~ WilsonHat, intelligence

3. wizard96 ~ Leo, strength

4. SilentSam ~ Sammy, egg layer

~ ~ ~

Waiting List

1. gandalf6166

2. rokun



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Slot 17 is definitely not dead. It’s the most active game on this forum, so go and get another slot.

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Originally posted by gandalf5166:

Slot 17 is definitely not dead. It’s the most active game on this forum, so go and get another slot.

I apologize, the signups were dead and I assumed it was the game (idiotic move) so I took Benjak’s slot, because he can’t even spell his own name.

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Someone else took that slot, but they didn’t actually have a game, and I happen to hate him, so you’re good. I sign up for the purple umbrella dude.

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Sounds like an interesting premise…I’ll play the person with the red hat.

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I would like BRB if you please. kthnx
Oh, theres a sign-up form. Do we pick from the list of abilities?
Name: Sammy
Hat: BRB
Skill: strength

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Name: Miles

Hat: Red

Skill: Intelligence

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no!!!! i wanted brb! oh well.
name: leo
hat: jail

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[I thought it was a mime hat.]

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Name: Wilson
Hat: Purple
Ability: Intelligence

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Name: Rob

Hat: White

Skill: Strength

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*Sorry, gandalf and rokun, but you were a little late (gandalf’s form wasnt correct) but if you wish I will put you on the waiting list! Also, I am forcing Sammy to be an egg layer, because no-one picked it ;)

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[The names don’t look right compared with the signups…]

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[Can i be on waiting list?]

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[Yeah, Rokun isn’t Leo, Wizard is. And where you put Wizard, it is Tails.]

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Sign-ups over! I will begin the game shortly…