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RP Tales

The Child

1. Fight For Control

(i) Fight For Control [Sign Ups]

2. Foul Play

(i) Foul Play [Sign Ups]

City in Chaos

1. City in Chaos

(i) City in Chaos [Sign Ups]

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Well, alright chappies. This is going to be set in the RP Tales world. Which even I can’t remember much of. Anyway, basically, there’s a city in civil war.

We’re going to have two sides to this war, the Royalists and the Republicists, yay for standard sides. You get to choose who wins. This is a human war, but the other species will get roped in as always. Unfortunately, both sign up threads got deleted, for whatever reason, so I can’t remember the bio.

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Hory shite.

I was looking through old ass threads one day, and I saw:

Fight For Control

Lemme see again how aged this is…

EDIT: Fucking early ’09

EDIT2: Forgot to sign up.

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Coulda found something from earlier I suppose. RP Legends, etc.

Still no idea for the bio.


That good you think?

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Yes, but for us new(er)users who were not here to see the sign ups page, can you tell me a little more [I.E. What races, anything else of relevance that should be known about these categories.]

EDIT: Just so this doesn’t get locked, as I really wouldn’t ant it too, just go to the last page of the sign up thread and take slot three, since it is currently open.

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[Nothing is happening here…]

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Were waiting on RMcD.

Note: You don’t need to use “[]” here, since there isn’t a game, thus no need for out of game typing.

EDIT: He hasn’t been on in three days…

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Force of habit, sorry…

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Sorry about that, I get distracted. I don’t know if I can work up the regularity to visit Kongregate repeatedly anymore. Which is a shame. I really wanted to see if we could get it going again.