(Interactive Story) Zombie Survival XL [Story in progress] (locked)

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There are 4 Skills that are currently available: Killers, Builders, Scouts, and Gatherers.

All of them can shoot weapons and fight zombies, but they are a bit specialized.

I’ll provide a description for each.

Killers are the backbone line of defense. If these guys are injured or killed, then the Zombie side is lookin’ pretty good. These guys are the guns, and protect the camp (if you made one) and it’s inhabitants, or wherever the group is. They have the most knowledge about weaponry and the zombie’s weakness. (20% damage) Best at: Overall combat. Specialized for killin zombags.

Builders use any resources to benefit the survival of the group. They build fortifications, traps, (I’ll get really creative with these) and anything that needs to be constructed. Without these guys, your group would have a difficult time with anything. (10% build time 10% structure/trap strength) Best at: Special weapons

Scouts are the intel. They get the information, the current situation, the area, and anything that surrounds them. They also find out about updates on the pandemic. They are usually intelligent and can research the zombies behavior and body in order to find weaknesses. They are armed with a Sniper rifle and are important in escorting the Gatherers to get food and supplies. Along with all that, they are a bit versatile and can help other people in the group out. (Ability to collect Intel) (They can’t be sensed by zombies as quickly or easily;undercover) Best at: Long Range

Gatherers might not seem to be the hottest skill to pick, but they give everything the rest of the group needs to survive. Killers are no good without guns and ammo, and builders and scouts are no good without food (As they would be dead, haha). An added bonus is that Gatherers can serve as Medics. (Ability to carry twice the amount of supplies a normal person usually would) (Ability to heal and treat other members) Best at: Close Combat

Finally, I am going to talk about the scenarios a bit more in depth.

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Scenarios come in two parts: Part 1, and Part 2. Maybe even a Part 3 if it’s crazy enough.

Part 1 will state the problem, opportunity, or scenario.
Part 2 will show the result.
Part 3 will show the result and pose a continuing problem. (I only use these for in-depth situations that require further explanation.

Additional Notes:

The beginning of some Parts will show an estimate of your group’s current stock on food, weapons, ammo, and other supplies, such as medical and building supplies.
Certain actions require resources.
Problems happen!
Inactive players could occasionally… be eaten by zombies.
I can write about a certain player or players doing certain actions. (Cool parts =D)
Explosions! Headshots! Cool stuff! All of these are going to be results of your actions.

Having trouble with explosives? Read the explosives guide here.

And lastly…
Always survive to the next night!

This is a list explaining who is mostly active, and inactive. Those inactive will all be sent PM’s, and will be in danger of being messed with in the story. I mainly write mostly about those who are active in this forum game, because they enjoy it. People that are inactive also tend to be left out in the story. This will be updated regularly.


*Yiu113 (Iraca)
Achooo (Allegro)
*SilentSam (Samuel)
*PlurdrPladr (Mike)
Wizard96 (Leo)
Hero122 (Joey)
Jitty (Sam)
Duncan (I_like_gamez)
Cowfriend (Voter)
Roaste (Voter)
Mylar (Voter)
Dodderz (Voter)
imcool78 (Voter)


Kilozombie (Joe Ferks) <—He is busy with his own game I believe

*Tbben14 (John Doe)

*Poogie101 (Johnathan) <—Last time i’ve seen a post from him was on Pg. 4, I liked his character though. Only one post.

*A star means good if your active, bad if your inactive.
I base activity on how much you vote and post. I still would appreciate it if voters would be active.

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Current Players:


Sam Croffer (Jittyot)
John Noob Doe (tbben14)
Leo (Wizard96)


Duncan Steel (i_like_games)
Joey Quiver (Hero122)
Joe Ferks (KiloZombie)


Jake Miller (Gandalf5166)
Mike Clastery (PlurdrPladr)
Johnathan (Poogie101)


Samuel O. Stevenson (SilentSam)
Allergo T. Shoo (Achooo)
Iraca (yiu113)

Other Voters:

All skill spots have been closed.
[EDIT: If you would still like to be involved in the story and vote, I can make that available to you. Just say “I’d like to be a voter” or something like that, and I’ll put you in the voter slot.]

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Chapter Index

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check the sign-ups sticky. doesnt seem like it though, sorry

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Chapter Index 2

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Char. Name: Jake Miller
Age: 27
Current or Previous Job: Computer Specialist
Skills (Killer, Builder, Scout, Gatherer/Supplier): Scout
Bio: Ah. I’m feeling too lazy to create a bio atm. Might make one later.
Scout B.

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Char. Name: Samuel O. Stevenson
Current or Previous Job: Groceries Bagger at Food Lion
Skills: Gatherer
Bio: eh, ill make it later.
Gatherer B.

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Char. Name:Sam Croffer
age: 18
current or previous job: Bagel store cashier
Bio: After many long days of work sam would go to the firing range to get gun practice. It wasnt until the zombie pandemic that he had a chance to use his skills.He is tall and skinny with shrt spikey hair. His eyes are a pale greyish blue and he is a pale white color.

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To introduce new people to the game, im going to write a book-like format about them. Here’s the first.

Chapter 1

The Introduction

“Jesus Christ.” I muttered under my breath. I couldn’t believe it. There was no way it could actually happen. This has to be a hoax… Is it? I’ve seen it in the movies before but… The newsman kept talking. He was sweating.

“Four days ago a rare strain of the Virus Plasfardi, a new virus, has been discovered amongst the public in China. It’s results have been catastrophic.” The newsman on the television went on. “Experts suggest that over have of the population of China has already been infected.” He coughed violently. I could tell this wasn’t a hoax. It was real, and my eyes couldn’t come off the screen. “The effect of this virus is instantaneous death, brought on by the rapid decomposition of the brain and other vital organs. Then the virus takes on a regenerative-like cycle in which the dead host is able to walk again, craving for live f-fl-flesh.”

His teeth chattered.

“Speculates say that the virus came from a Chinese Bio-chemical weapons lab in Lang-fang; south of Beijing, China.”
This isn’t happening. “Hey Jake”
He went on. “No official accusations have been made yet against the Chinese Government.”
What’s going to happen to us… “Jake?”
“However, the virus’s adaptive properties are currently being researched. A vaccine seems highly unlikely biologists say.”
Where are we going to go… “Jake, you there man?”
“As a result, all US borders have been closed, and all flights have been canceled coming to and from the United States. A dramatic economic hit is expected.”
What are we going to do… “JAKE!!!”
Snap! It was as just if I just woke up.
“Are you alright?”
Oh yeah, i’m in a Food Lion, checking out.
“Yeah i’m alright Samuel.” I wiped my brow. “Im just having some difficulty grasping this… Do you believe this?”

We both looked at the Television. The newsman was still talking about the epidemic.

“Ladies and Gentleman, this is a Zombie Epidemic.”
The teenage girl behind me in line just turn around and looked at me square in the eye with a profound sense of disbelief. “This this for real?”
I looked down and shook my head. I had no idea what to tell her.
Her eyes widened. “Oh my god, oh my gawd!”
That moment, she just ran back into the aisles of the store.
Samuel looked at me. “Well do you want paper or plastic?”
At this point, I didn’t think it even mattered. "Plastic I guess; but seriously, what do you think of that?
The cashier sighed. “Well, honestly I don’t know what to think of it.”
I frowned. I knew this was a serious problem.
Samuel continued. “Look man, have some beer, and you’ll get over it.”
I thought to myself. Hmm beeer. At that moment I tried to mentally slap myself. No! No beer, zombies. Zombies are a way bigger problem.
“Uhh, no i don’t think I need anymore beer.”
Samuel Stevonson looked at me smirking. “Well me and Sam are gonna go to that hip-new dance club, wanna come?”
I pondered for a second. “Sam?”
“Oh, you know, Sam, Sam Croffer. The Bagel Cashier.”
I slapped my forehead. “You know what, I almost forgot his name. I’ll go.”
Samuel smiled. “Awesome, we’ll be leaving here in 30 minutes.”
“Wait, what time is it?” I asked.
Samuel replied. “It’s… 9:15 PM”
I cracked my fingers and grinned. “This is gonna be sweet.”
A half-an-hour later, we left. And what we were about to see was something we were going to remember for a long time.

Along with next scenario!

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[Dude I would would purchase this book in real life :)]

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[I like.]

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Char. Name: Duncan Steel
Age: 24
Current or Previous Job: Construction Worker
Skills (Killer, Builder, Scout, Gatherer/Supplier): Builder
Bio: After graduating high school with a relatively low GPA, Duncan went to find a job that had nothing to do with an education. He decided to work for a construction firm, fulfilling his needs for what he wanted to do. He was recently fired for sleeping on the job.


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Great! Thanks for your support guys. We now have 1 person in every skill. Ill try to make it interactive as possible, but we can’t get to the juicy stuff until some more people come in =D. Note*-Samuel and Sam are two different people, if you don’t already know.

Chapter 2

The First Encounter

What we were about to see would shake us. None of us really seemed too worried about the Epidemic; I mean, the borders were closed, right?

Jake Miller and his two friends left Food Lion around 9:45, just at the time where they were getting off shift. They were headed to the new dance club that opened recently downtown.
“This is gonna be sweet man,” Samuel said with exuberance.
“Yeah I know,” Sam replied. “Here let’s get on the sidewalk.”
The three friends walked quickly over to the sidewalk, being sure not to get hit by a car in the middle of the night.
“I don’t know man,” Jake said, “Tonight feels kinda weird.”
“Weird?” Samuel Stevenson asked.
“Yeah, I feel it too,” Sam Croffer cut in. “This night is so… empty…”
“Oh come on, its not that bad,” Samuel said.
Jake looked at Samuel and exhaled. “I hope not. How much more walking by the way?”
Jake, being somewhat observant, noticed all the dark alleys in between the buildings. Jake shivered. Normally, they weren’t bad at all, but the thought with zombies in them frightened him.
Samuel took a glance at his watch, “Oh don’t worry, we’re almost there. Just about 5 more minutes.”
Sam Croffer looked at Jake.
He must have seen the zombie epidemic on the TV too, he thought.
Sam looked around suspiciously.
Thankfully I brought a knife and a gun. Sam thought. Those days at the firing range weren’t wasted.
The group kept trudging along the sidewalk, until they heard a scream.
“What the hell was that?” Samuel asked anxiously.
Sam replied, “I have no clue, let’s go and see if we can help.”
The group hurried, and jogged up the street. The heard another scream, and they broke out into a sprint.
When they got to the location of the scream, they couldn’t believe it. It was a zombie.
They were just outside of a Liquor store, when a sceaming man ran out of the shop.
He was holding a shotgun.
The zombie was on the shop window, and when it saw the man came out, the zombie jumped on him like dog.
What should you do?
[Note: This question is for everybody]

Should the group:
A. Jake runs up and kick the zombie in the stomach. While someone else tries to kill it.
B. Run the hell out of there.
C.Have Samuel grab the shotgun, and try to shoot the zombie.
D. Sam pulls out one of his weapons to try to kill the zombie.)

[Don’t worry, as these will get shorter. However, I got a couple of plans. I will make room for more people later.]

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I say D. The other two involve getting too close to the zombie, and if we help, we probably get a shotgun, so B is lame.

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I would very much like a shotgun, but I agree with gandalf. Not about to be collateral from a zombie. D

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[UPDATED: Added new thingy that shows how many votes are up. This should make things easier.]

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I can still sign up right? If I can, here’s my sign-up.

Character Name: Allergo T. Shoo
Age: 13
Current or Previous Job: Cabbage Picker
Skill: Gatherer
Bio: A black hair’d Asian with brown eyes. Allergo is forced to join the group of survivors because of the current infection.

Oh yeah, this is the first time I’ve done a group forum game, so go easy on me. :D

Edit: I used to be a builder, but gatherer seems better, so I changed.

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[Achooo, vote on the current scenario. :D]

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Oh sorry, I thought the letter beside the skill in sign-up the like which slot you want to be in (A, B, C, D)

Okay, sorry for the mistake. I choose A, probably the most reasonable answer, save the store owner!

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[Did you read all four? And read all our responses? I realize you’re new, that’s why I’m explaining it instead of calling you stupid. But in an RP like this you want to read everything that anybody has posted since the last time you checked it. Because you don’t really know if its relevant to you or not. Because I posted some pretty clear reasoning on why D is the best choice. If you read it and don’t agree, then fine. Then you should try to convince us that your choice is better than mine. That’s the way this style of RP works. You have to contribute, because we’re all in this together, so if us two make a bad choice, then you’re screwed too. And nobody likes the guy who says “I told you so” unless you REALLY told us so. On another note, if you’re saying something out of character, then put it in brackets.]

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I’ll go with D.

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Oh, I see. Thought this is like Dead Frontier: Outbreak, where you need to contribute to both compassion and tactic. I agree with you, I’ll choose D, too. Thanks for helping me, Gandalf!

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Well, the thing about the compassion is, we’ll still end up saving the guy anyways.

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Originally posted by hero122:

in specific,who did you get the idea from?

What do you mean, and who are you talking to? Please, just cause it’s the internet doesn’t mean that you don’t have to make sense.