Uno!(The forum edition) {Please join, it will be fun!} (locked)

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Scrap the cards, lose the shuffling, it’s the Forum edition of Uno!

Now then…

In this Forum edition of Uno, a person who does not play is designated as the “Dealer”

The Dealer, who is acting fairly and without Favoritism, gives 7 “Cards” to each player. Then, the game begins with traditional Uno rules.

In case you don’t know, the rules are found here

To ease Confusion, we are only playing until a player has no more cards. Once that player has no cards, he/she is declared “The Winner”. Also, if you have to draw a card, you only draw ONE card, and if it is playable, play it. If not, your turn is over, and you keep the card in your hand.

Now then…

The matches will be played in a Territory WAR online chat room. The Dealer will be present, and will know which 7 cards goes to which player BEFORE he enters the room.

Each player will then be whispered what their cards are, and the game will proceed.

NO LYING! If we suspect that you are lying, we will contact The Dealer asking which cards are in “The Liar’s” hand. If you ARE lying, you will automatically be given 6 cards.


2-10 players enter the Territory WAR Online – Room #6 chat room
A Player, who is designated as the dealer is in a regular chat room.
3l3tric (or anyone designated by me) Will contact the Dealer with each individual name.
The Dealer will whisper each players cards to that player.
The Game will commence with standard Uno rules.

When a Player has to Draw a card, he/she will contact the Dealer via whisper with one of the following messages


Deal 2

Deal 4

NOTE: The Dealer should be familiar with all the Uno cards. He/She should also have a checklist, noting which cards have been played, which cards are in a certain player’s hand, and which cards are in the deck.

It may sound complex, but don’t worry. It will make sense when you begin playing.

Now then…

You MUST sign up to be in a match. I will designate the times of the matches.

ALSO: The “Loser” of the match (The person with the most cards when one player wins) will automatically become The Dealer for the next game, UNLESS they are unavailable for the next game.


First, go to Territory WAR online, and make sure you are in Game Chat room #6

Then, the conversation will go like this

3l3tric: OK, the player order is TheAznSensation, Nabb, Greg, 3l3tric, ExampleMan. Please wait while The Dealer gives you your cards.

to dealerman112: The Players are ready. Name 1/5 is TheAznSensation

dealerman112:Cards sent

to dealerman112:Name 2/5 is Nabb

dealerman112:Cards sent

to dealerman112:Name 3/5 is Greg

dealerman112:Cards sent

to dealerman112:Name 4/5 is 3l3tric

dealerman112: Cards: Yellow 1, Yellow 3, Blue 7, Blue 1, Red 9, Draw 4 wild card, color change.

dealerman112: Cards sent

to dealerman112: Name 5/5 is ExampleMan

dealerman112: Cards sent

3l3tric: OK everyone, you should have received your cards. If not, please contact the Dealer. The Dealer will now designate the Starting Player, and has designated a Green 5 as the starting card.

Greg: Green 2

3l3tric: Color Change to Red

ExampleMan: Draw 4 for TheAznSensation

(TheAznSensation) to dealerman112:Draw 4

(TheAznSensation) dealerman112: Your four cards are Color Change, Red 3, Red 2, and a Blue 7

Nabb: Red 0

Greg: Liar!

to dealerman112: I suspect that Player 2/5 is lying. Please review his hand. He played a Red 0.

dealerman112: Player 2/5 is Lying. Sending him/her 6 cards now…

Greg: Red 0

3l3tric: Draw 4 for ExampleMan…

Etc., Etc.


For now, I am giving a pardon to The “Lie Caller” (In the lying case above, the lie caller was Greg)

If you call a lie, and you are wrong, you DO NOT have to draw any cards.

Also, for Dealer Reference, there are NO blank cards in this deck.

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You have been accepted, wizard.

ALSO: If there are only 2 players, One will be designated as Dealer. This player is instructed NOT to use favoritism.

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Originally posted by wizard96:


The time limit has been expanded, the round begins on *:39!!!

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ill join!

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Boomy, you have been accepted.

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I am closing this game due to a lack of interest.