(Game) Kong Style Apprentice. (locked)

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BCLEGENDS and me are doing this game jointly.

Firstly we would like to remind you not to break any of kongregate rules while doing these tasks.

There are two teams, each has the same task. The winning team must have the most votes/views depending on what the task is.

The losing team has to go to the boardroom, where one of you is fired.

BUT when there are two of you left, you can choose who you would like back to help you in your final task.

You have already been put in your teams, so we would like you to choose a name for your team and a project manager/leader for the first task.

You keep your team name for the game, but the project manager/leader changes with every task.

If BCLEGENDS wants to add any more rules, then he can do so.

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Team 2









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First of all.

Pick a team name.

Pick someone as your Project manager.

Must post this info in this thread.

The first task.

you see the Ads at the top/bottom of these forums. You must make an Ad for kongregate.

Each team must choose different forums on kongregate.

You must tell us where it is.

The winning team must have the most votes.

No voting for yourselves.

We’re not allowed to vote.

In the losing team, one of you will get fired.

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For the team name, i think we should have:
French for Congregate. Kongregate wasn’t a real word, so i got the closest!

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Are we communicating in this thread, or by whispering? And what programme are we making the advert on? Also, what exactly are we doing? I mean: are we advertising one particular forum or the Kongregate website? And where do we post the advert once we have made it?

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You can talk in this thread. So BC and me know what you are doing. You’ve got to put your Ad in a forum on kongregate. For example: Team 1 goes to put their Ad in Off Topics called Off Topics and Team 2 puts their Ad in Forum Games Forum called games.

The Ad has to be about kongregate, you can do about the games, forums, profiles or anything to do with kongregate. The Ad can’t be bigger than the Ads you see around the site of kongregate.

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OK. For my team, I volunteer myself to be project manager. If anyone else wants to be project manager, feel free to put yourselves forward too.
My ideas for team names:
(I’m putting all my ideas forward so everyone can respond more quickly)
I like the word ‘turquoise’ and I think that would sound good. ‘Butterfly’ sounds good too, as does ‘Schmetterling’ – butterfly in German. For a more professional name, I like ‘utopia’, along with ‘rainbow’ and ‘fortune’. ‘Der Mannschaft’ (the team in German) or ‘mille’ (1000 in Italian) might be good, or ‘sphere’ or ‘ellipse’. These are all just ideas, so you can say what you think of them and come up with some of your own.

Questions for walford:
How long does this challenge go on for?
Isn’t it spamming if you put an advert in the Forum Games or the Music forum, or something like that, even if it is Kongregate related?
These adverts are picture-based ones, right? (I’m assuming they are, just checking for sure)
Also, where are people voting for their favourite?

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@ Morrrr, We both will give you some time to do this task. I’d say 4 to 5 days.

Well, that’s up to you. That’s to questions 2 and 3.

In your thread.

We’re giving you all a chance here, a free for all task. Next task you might not get off so lightly.

We can’t help you in anyway possible.

If you can’t do a free for all task, then you haven’t got a hopes chance.

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I see a problem. If both adverts are not in the same thread, people can’t compare them and choose which one they like best.

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Glad this has started. Rules I’ll add are as follows:
For this round, you cannot make more than one thread to advertise, and if your thread is locked, you cannot make another one – it’s your job to keep the mods from locking it via an explanation of your choosing.
If the threads of both teams are locked, the round will end immediately, and views/votes counted up.

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How would you make an advertisement?
I volounteer myself for project manager.

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Morrrr you can take the team leader job if you wish, I don’t want it(for now at least)

For which forum will we be doing our ad, and what text will be there to explain what it’s for?
Who will do what concerning the ad in question?
What will it look like?

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OK, this is my idea. We can do the advert in the Kongregate forum, where we will get serious answers and it won’t look like we’re spamming. JaumeBG can do the post if he wants as he is well-known in the Kongregate forum. I was thinking that it could look like this:

Three strips. Two red strips at the top and bottom and a much bigger white one in the middle. The white one has a picture of a crack (it can be something else) with lots of ants (like the ant on the Kongregate logo) moving around it. The ants will be spread out across the white strip to look like Kongregate has many users. The red strip at the top can say something like ‘Games. Chat. Badges. Forums. Art.’ in white text. The red strip at the bottom will then say ‘Kongregate’. Notice that the colours of Kongregate (red, black and white) are used. How about that idea?
My concern with this is that it may be hard to do. We cannot use an expert logo maker for this, so we will have to do it ourselves.
Is there someone in our team that posts on the Arts and Collabs section or is good at computer drawing?
By the way, we still have to decide on a name. You can see my ideas in an earlier post, and you can say what you think of mine and come up with some of your own. Also, I’ll see if anyone else wants to be project manager, if no-one has expressed their interest by tomorrow afternoon or something like that, I’ll be the project manager.

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Great idea!!!

I’m not good at computer art, but I could do the concept art!
I’ll start right after the responce

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That sounds really good, Morrrr! And the description of it is cool too, let’s see if this advertisement can turn out well. So what are we advertising of Kongregate? Kongregate itself?

And yes, I could post it on the Kongregate forum!

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Yes, Kongregate itself. Glad you can post it on the forum!
Jerimo, what exactly are you intending to do?
And do either of you have photoshop or a drawing/art sort of programme like Coreldraw or something?
I will go around and whisper all of the other users asking the same question. Also, what do the pair of you think regarding names?

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But if we cut in three then we would need to take a side ad(tall) or else it’s goning to be insanly small

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Jerimo, yes, maybe a “skyscraper” ad, those tall ads, would be the best type.
Morrrr, no, I don’t have Photoshop or any similar programme.

What about a cool word for our team’s name? Like “Oxigen” or as you said, Morrrr, “Sphere”.

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I’ll make a rough copy of your idea

-Infinitesimal thinkers
(Not sure how it’s spelled)

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A skyscraper ad wouldn’t really work though. I mean there won’t be much space for the ants to spread out. Anyway, we’ll see.

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Sphere sounds most awesome.

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Team 2 now has 8 people, at the moment, there’s only Squidward playing.

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I prefer Oxigen, it’s an oxigenated word…
If we have to vote for team managers I bring my support to morrrr

What do you mean with “a “skyscraper” ad”?