[Game]Virtual Reality Ep. 2 - Mission 8 3/4 - Pick a Rune, Any Rune.

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[Reserved for Locks, Barriers, Walls, and all other types of detaining mechanisms.
DISCLAIMER: This has nothing to do with a game called ‘H@CK’ on a forum called ‘Roleplayers’.]

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Prolouge – (Out-of-date)Advertisment

Suppose that in the future, gaming systems had increased in quality to the point where a person didn’t just see the game, hear it, move and the character moved, or any combination of the above, but they quite literally were injected into the base game template, ceasing to exist in real life but for a backup genetic copy, any number of which could then be sent into the game to assist if necessary. Complete loss would eject them back into reality. Of course, to the outer physical world, no time passed at all but in the player’s mind. This technology might be wildly popular in the future, possibly, but the future is now. At least, somewhat. A group of eleven of the best young video gamers will be chosen to test this new technology. Over varied games they may go, but the overall experience they had will be the detemining factor in if this is mass produced. Will you be one of those first eleven, who leads the charge?

(Sign-ups open!)
1. (gandalf5166) Jake – Link – Legend of Zelda Series
2. (FlameFlight) Jaye – Miles ‘Tails’ Prower – Sonic series
3. (flashdeath30)Nara – Gandrayda – Metroid Prime: Corruption
4. (wizard96) Leo – Samus – Metroid series
5. (walfordking) Richard – Mr. Moneybags – Monopoly
6. (magik98) Paul – Mechafighter – Robokill
7. (squidward568) Chris – Ichigo Kurosaki – Bleach
8. (BCLEGENDS) Alex – Giygas – Mother 1
9. (KnucklesKTE12) Luke – Knuckles – Sonic series
10. (SonicTHedgehog12) Seth – Sonic – Sonic series
11. (Minnahkt) Matt – Carl Johnson – GTA:SA
12. (TimeStrike) Jeremiah – Shadow – Sonic series
13. (NonSequitur51420) Ivan – John Vattic – Second Sight

Episode One Recap:

The players found themselves as various video game characters shortly after entrance to the system. Half an hour later, in both their and real times, an elecrical mishap brought them – and their worlds – together into one new, strange world. They have completed various quests, all become Level 99 (the highest attainable level – at least for now), recently christened themselves VG, and descended into a fissure an earthquake left. Here is where the story picks up once more.

For some odd reason, there seem to be recurring peals of thunder as we go down. This really doesn’t make sense…what’s even stranger is that I can’t pass through the walls.

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1. Jake – Normal
2. Jaye – Normal
3. Nara – Normal
4. Leo – Normal
5. Richard – Kicked for being idle.
6. Paul – Normal
7. Chris – Normal
8. Alex – Normal
9. Luke – Normal
10. Seth – Normal
11. Matt – Normal
12. Jeremiah – Normal
13. Ivan – Normal
14. Mike – Normal


Phazon Corruption: 0.01%

Name Progress: Vidonaut Gamewalkers

Elemental Affinities: Primaries successfully implemented.

Detailed Player Information:

No description really necessary. From Legend of Zelda.
No special abilities, just a sword, and a tunic stuffed with awesome items.

Miles ‘Tails’ Prower
Orange two-tailed fox, origin of mutation unknown. Appears in pretty much every Sonic game since the second.
Flight, Swimming, Technological Knowledge & Ability.
Other relevant information: I like pancakes? Has astrophobia.

Primarily purple, female. Appears in Metroid Prime: Corruption
Shapeshifting, [and from what I can gather] limited energy wave projection attacks.
No exact age, as ability to alter shape makes it utterly impossible to judge. However, psychologically, tests put her age around a child’s.

Arm cannons, her energy beam, and different element rockets.
She is almost always wearing her suit, but she can take it off if she wants.

Mr. Moneybags
Very rich and can bankrupt you. Can also send you to jail.

Mechafighter(Human controlled mech)
Can use weapons others simply cannot carry or use.
Can use up to 4 weapons and can mount up to 4 shield recharges or other addons.

Chris Crippler.
Ichigo Kurosaki
Orange hair, is a soul reaper, from Bleach. (He does have a video game.)
His ability is San Getsu, and his Bankai. And turning into Hollow Ichigo.
Basically from Bleach.

Alex Rushman
Looks somewhat similar to Mewtwo, but without a mouth as such…this gives a better description of him. Can be found in Mt. Itoi in Mother 1.
Character Abilities: A variety of PSI and PK abilities, including PSI Starstorm and PSI Rockin.
The Giygas from Mother 1, which has self control and is still powerful, unlike the Giygas from Mother 2: Earthbound, which has no self control whatsoever and is goddamn creepy anyways.
[Char image]:http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081215155029/earthbound/images/a/a4/MEB10.PNG

Luke Scnk
Knuckles the Echidna
Red echidna, found in most Sonic games.
Extremely powerful, good at digging.
(Insert irrelevant info here) Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds, just happens to have them with him all the time for safety these days.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Blue hedgehog. ‘Nuff said. Has own game series and appears in a whole bunch of games.
There’s a lot of irrelevant information, but nothing I know of to put here right now.

Carl Johnson
Black, about 6’ in height and pretty athletic, wearing a white tank top, a green hoodie and green jeans. GTA:SA.
Can run great distances, easily beating triathlons, drive any car, fly anything, operate anything, and shoot pretty much everything too, from pistols through rocket launchers to double sawn-off shotguns. And reload quickly. And store pretty much everything from the above on him too. It’s surprising what can he do…

Shadow the Hedgehog
Jet black hedgehog with some red outlining; appears in a lot of Sonic games though I couldn’t name them all.
Speed, Stealth.
Um…epic character? Seriously, though, he is quite ‘cool’, to use some slang.

Ivan Townes
John Vattic
Half-bald, wears glasses, otherwise (sort of) average TPS character. Game is ‘Second Sight’.
Physic abilities (Telekinesis, Healing, Psi Pulse/Blast, Charm, Projection/Possession).
Nah, nothing extra.

Mike Clastery
Ezio Auditore da Firenze
The Italian Renaissance, Venize, AC2
Awesome parkour tricks, and assasination.
Nope not really.

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[Hooray, it’s back up!]

There’s thunder! Immediately, in instinct, I take over the body I share with another and begin to panic.

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[Huzzah, next part. Why are we suddenly at mission nine, though?]

I float downwards, into the fissure.

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I follow Tails and Giygas.

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[Because the last one was eight. The one with phazon.]


“Okay, so we’re past that. Thunder, thunder… I wonder what’ll be next.”

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[I’ll be gone to summer camp next week…until I get back, I’ll leave a notice in the title.]

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[I sez somethn funy about this delay]

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[Gosh, my head hurts…I’ll update regardless.]


VG now faces a dead end – a wall of sandstone which has the qualities of supercompressed carbon – engraved with some runes. It seems that perhaps each person should take one of the fourteen power cores (how they got there is anyone’s guess) from the wall. The runes read as follows:

[Moved for formatting.]

The only apparent connection is that an energy core must be with someone in front of each rune.

[Translate if you will. Beware – I have the only true cipher key, though, which is along these lines…

- – - BEGIN CIPHER – - -

The numbers of the heart have to earn their applesauce name. What is the square root of Pi? Underneath all members of applesauce the bodily functions are the applesauce embers of the runic fire. Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Enter, recruit, into sacred grounds. Is the weather fine in Nova Scocia? ‘Fourscore and seven years ago…’ Have you your moccasins? Requirement Five: Before applesauce entering applesauce camp, applesauce return applesauce evenly applesauce paired applesauce verses applesauce. Within Willy’s Westinghouse, wabbits were watching, were they? Dedicated to everlasting applesauce friendship: committment and returns. How much wood would Chuck Norris chuck if Chuck Norris chucked him? About applesauce those sinks in every dorm…broken, applesauce the lot. Does energy equal motivation times cups of coffee squared? For others, I will ably serve. How do you like your eggs? Buoyant in the lake, not in incinerators. Is two plus fish seventeen? Applesauce can incriminate the best regarded innocents. Time for a change of pace, eh? Escape this street. Do you speak French fluently?

- – - END CIPHER – - -

Too long; didn’t read? Don’t blame you. You would have to look long and hard for this. Might be useful, though…]

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The keyword is applesauce?

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1. Fire
2. Light
3. Under the atomic(Funny how this is in Arabic. Racist, but funny.)
4. Wind
5. Life
6. Metal(Slovak? How’d you think that one up?)
7. Voice
8. Water(Slovak again.)
9. Mechanical
10. Physics
12. Spark
13. Screw or spin

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[If only, Gandalf, if only…as I said, that’s not the true meaning. You have to break the encryption for truth, otherwise you’re just guessing. Oh, and seeing as some didn’t translate back the way I had planned…3 is Subatomic, 7 is Sound, and 13 is Bolt. Or is it? Btw, here’s list.]

I. огонь

II. Lys

III. تحت ذرية – KTE12

IIII. Vent – NS51420

V. 生活

VI. Kov

VII. Ääni – STH12

VIII. Voda – Minnakht

VIIII. механичен – BCLEGENDS

X. Fisica – FlameFlight

XI. Erde – gandalf5166

XII. Chispa – TimeStrike

XIII. Parafuso

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I know, I just figured that translating would help a little.

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Oh. Ha. Under the atomic = subatomic. That’s what literal translation gets you.

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Having taken one of the power cores, I start looking over the symbols. I recognise most of these…

I’m fairly confident I can fill in the blanks, so I start wondering what the strange paragraph carved in English means. I have an idea of what it might, but it’s a bit too confusing to confirm. I stand in front of the tenth rune and hope for the best, inadvertently crossing my fingers and my tails.

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What the heck is that written work supposed to mean? I just ignore it and pick the twelfth at random.

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Oh, heck, I don’t recognise these foriegn languages.

Neither do I. I reflect on the fact that I’m comminicating with my other self for the first time. I don’t think we’ve officially met…name’s Luke.

Knuckles the Echidna, at your service. Most of the time, that is. Do you have any thoughts on which of these to use?

I think we should use the third. It’s, regarded as a lucky practice in many cultures.

Perhaps…we should work in a unified manner, though.

How so?

On the count of three, focus on me. I’ll do the same for you. I think it’ll make a difference, though I don’t know why.


What just happened?
It seems we are as one.
Hmmm. Well, let’s just get to the rune.
We (?) pick up a power core and stand in front of the third symbol.

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I look over at my cousin. Something seems different about him. Oh, well. I take a core and stand at the seventh rune.

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I take one of the clindrical white energy storage containers and go to the fourth rune.

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The ground starts glowing at the places characters are standing with their cores.

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‘Well, if that’s the idea…’ I grab a power core and move over to the ninth rune.