[Game] Survival Race

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“Search these guys. Their names are Kent, Cash, Zakhep, Maddie, Vladimir and @#$%. Their somewhere in this world, and I know that it will take a year to do that. But if we use this, their blood samples, I think we’ll find them in no time…”
Carrie White
SRUE Director


Kent woke up at nine in the morning and the sun was pretty much up. His black hair shining through the sun’s rays. He ran down stairs and finds himself alone. Fortunately his parents left a note on the fridge.
“Your dad and I went shopping. Eat the pancakes on the table and don’t open the door! Love, Mom.”

With curiosity on his face, there was a loud knock on the door. He quickly approached it and hesitated. His shaking hand on the doorknob, he twisted his wrist and the door swung open. There were two men in black suits.
“Mr. Kent?” the first man asked.
“Y-yes? How may I hel-” he paused, both of the mens hands clutched Kent’s arm, dragging him to the black car. The second man whacked Kent’s neck, causing him to be unconscious.

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