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Lock Sticky: [OFFICIAL] Guild Rules Reminder and Update 1 1,124 Sep 21, 2018 2:02pm
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Comment Gold Beach boys 1 0 11 minutes ago
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Comment **Fun and competitive Rogue Saiyan Warriors looking for players** last 72 417 13 minutes ago
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Comment Squanch madness is looking for SFC players who communicate and use all siege and rumble attacks to join our full participation team last 42 124 21 minutes ago
by NicholasE226 view
Comment FutureAmericanKingBobHill #269 Siege/ #601 Rumble. Sister Guild to FutureKingBobs American Family. NO MONEY REQUIRED, NO LINE REQUIRED... EVER! Have MULTIPLE open spots! Join us for the upcoming SIEGE! 12 135 27 minutes ago
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Comment Ninja Dolphin Squad love my pod 17 siege rank last 34 306 52 minutes ago
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Comment Grab ‘Em Right By The Persei! last 228 2,518 59 minutes ago
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Comment Pickle Rick is Looking for a Few Good Ricks! last 45 474 2 hours ago
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Comment Finished 44th chilled guild but if you play rumble and siege come join 8 80 2 hours ago
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Comment WubbaLubbaDubDub! last 40 338 2 hours ago
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Comment Guild Garbanzo: Looking for members last 137 1,470 2 hours ago
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Comment SlurmLoco, a top 20 guild is looking for players! Fair, fun, and longevity. Come join us! last 39 447 3 hours ago
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Comment Koomanjari is recruiting 1 5 4 hours ago
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Comment PhoenixPersons420 is looking for 3 members. Ranked #118 R & #208 S. 3 35 4 hours ago
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Comment KAH!: KILL ALL HUMANS! | no mergers, no feeder Guilds | 100% INDEPENDENT AND SOLID | JOIN NOW 22 150 4 hours ago
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Comment Robotics looking for well oiled machines last 77 623 5 hours ago
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Comment "Night Stalkers original" - looking for some more members last 46 5,859 6 hours ago
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Comment A guild for the Dad's out there. 2 21 6 hours ago
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Comment Deutsche Gilde - Nordferkel sucht mitglieder 1 11 7 hours ago
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Comment Snu snu looking for awesome players! 1 5 7 hours ago
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Comment Snu snu alliance is looking for active players 2 93 7 hours ago
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Comment Guilde française recherche membre francophone actif last 33 736 8 hours ago
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Comment GUILD OF THRONES ~ TOP 10 SIEGE AND RUMBLE GUILD! 18 90 8 hours ago
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Comment Bite my shiny metal... 9 59 8 hours ago
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Comment Mgmt lock old thread .. RUMBLE TIME AGAIN .. GOONIE NIBBLERS ... WHAT'S TO SAY .. WE LIKE TO GAME .. DO YOU .. WE ARE SO TIRED OF BEGGING ... SO ... 1 5 9 hours ago
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