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Originally posted by Gremlion:

Ugh, reincarnation of calvindang with necroposting power! Quoting 2011!

Oh my goodness! Insults on the internet! What’s the date?

Father forgive me for I have sinned. I failed to notice the date on the post I responded to. I’m a terrrrrrrrrible person and I know it.

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Originally posted by RhavinStark:

This is a high quality TD game and imo the best by far. So much effort and creativity has gone into it. Little intricate details in every aspect of this game is amazing. I played this game without this guide and i loved it. Exciting moments and edge of your seat stuff. Like when a monster is so close to the orb and you may or may not get it. Reaching high lvl gems by earning them bit by bit with careful planning and some times a gamble here and there.
Using this form of play ruins and degrades the game. My belief is they didn’t remove this style because it likely brought search hits and popularity with players who heard and wanted to try it.
My point is its fine to try this out but if you really want to get the maximum enjoyment out of this game do it the hard way. Earn every step and enjoy every moment and detail. :)

I agree. From my experience though, all you need is one or two grade 19 traps (lime/orange/yellow) with as many amps around it as possible (also lime/orange/yellow). Once youve achieved that, Ctrl + Click ends Endurance easily. No idea why anyone would want to go past grade 19…..

Gremlion, my point was that all you need just to do Endurance is grade 19. Yes of course its possible to do more if youre summoning every wave and whatnot… but that gets boring…

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these are 2 years old tips. Game were heavily optimized since then. Top-end computer could sustain 2k lime in trap at max. Some laptops couldn’t go higher than 350.

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Since this thread is such badly out of date, I’m going to lock it to prevent any more confusion.