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Thanks and sorry.
This is why I always try to name the recipient of my posts. :DDD
Interestingly enough, there’s a long-term “cap” in all three stats, which tends to change only after huge point-jumps.
My resonance is firmly at 300%, while my replenish was also sitting at 300% forever, till I did the first leap on a pylon.
Focus though was constantly building up, till around 1800-2000%, now I froze it at some 2000% (which is enough for a start of 1T.G6/7-8A.G2 and some angering leftovers) and increased replenish to a whooping 450%, some few full endurances behind me.
So, currently my system is: boost focus, until I have enough surplus over those 2000% to raise replenish by yet another 50%, resonance still firmly sitting at 300%, probably not gonna change at all, due to very high costs.
Just sharing my info. :DDD

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Originally posted by Kaytti:

Sorry to double post:
Here’s what I mean:

Do you happen to remember the ratio between the different color gems? I can tell mana is highest but im used to using just mana and chain hit and want to try urs.

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Actually, cyan component isn’t needed in manafarm gem, because it reduces power of orange and lime components.
It’s not like you’ll have problem with hitting monsters when you can anger up to 1000 monsters per wave.
And with new update you won’t need more than one monster on trap.

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Got my Highest mana pool today! The new patch has nerfed shock inside a mana farm but the speed of which mana increases is insane.

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Did even better in my next game! Increased my best gem from 36 to 43 and took the same time as it used to.

1 trillion mana pool :)

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I agree that cyan does weaken the orange and lime, so perhaps it’s best to get it as small as possible as time progresses. At the beginning I find cyan a good idea as you don’t need a super powerful lime to hit many monsters.

As for the ratio… I make a 1:1:2 cyan, lime, orange and then from about grade 15 onwards, I add 1:1 orange lime until about grade 30 or so. I might add a bit of cyan along the way.