can't play the game

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the game loads fine up till the title screen but as soon as i hit start game it just stops responding followed by the flash plugin crashing. i probably should’ve brought this up before but i never bothered and after a few months i decided i’d like to try this game again now, but that won’t happen unless this is cleared up.

honestly i haven’t a clue what the problem is, i mean i have premium and iirc my save in slot 1 was lvled well into the thousands with the majority of the board cleared.

if anyone has a solution lemme know, i’ll dig around and delete the saves on my computer if that’d help (not sure if thats the issue though)

edit: just checked and if i leave the page up without trying to change tabs or minimie the browser (an attempt to bypass or lower the lag spike) it won’t crash the flash plugin BUT the list of save files you get to choose from won’t come up at all.

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pardon the double post but no help here? older versions of the game (hacked and unhacked on other sites) work fine but i’m not gonna waste my time buying premium everywhere as its kinda dumb to do that.

well this sucks

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try another browser, will you? Be it even IE.

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I have experienced this several times, quite randomly maybe when you can’t connect to Game In The Bottle websites.

Usually I restart the browser and sometimes it works.

The save games are unaffected but for sure I suggest you should archive your save files at intervals.

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:/ IE = same thing, a massive lag spike where the game seemingly freezes then nothing once that passes except i can tell its still running properly as the clouds in the background continue moving normally.

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Bad thing. Try reinstalling Flash player, the game doesn’t seemingly have serious crashing bugs.