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I brought my account over from Edgebee once I found out the game was present here. It has been a heck of a few days playing it.

The 30 minutes days was cool at first, as I could get much needed development in shorter periods.

When I played on Edgebee I hadn’t joined anyone’s guild and after I could afford a couple of upgrades, Blacksmith and Backroom Store Carpet, I was wishing I could see them realized. Without joining a guild it wouldn’t have happened. So I mostly stopped playing it and instead tried other games.

So when I resumed playing it, I was surely looking forward to my already paid for upgrades. Joining a guild was pretty easy. My guild-mates were as excited as I was about the game, so I was helping them and they were helping me. Once I got my upgrades, I thought it would be cool to give my mates something else to contribute to, so I bought a Tailor expansion, completing the set. (I had started with Sorceress and Carpenter.)

After that I just needed to manage my days so I wouldn’t go bankrupt while my new crafters were busy researching all kinds of stuff. It was quite challenging. But when I got a couple of quests done, I got 25k gold from one and 100k from another one. From then it was easy to keep my bankroll over 100k. :-)

After I started diversifying away from Vials of Healing I started making more money.

After lots of failures doing optional quests, I stopped doing them as they were costing me good items I could sell instead. I only do the ones that aren’t as optional as the guys keep on bugging us over and over. So I just click to do them and then take my time with helping mates and so on.

I’m level 26 now, and my workers are around levels 30, 25…

Here’s how my store currently looks like:

Sometimes lag adds up to the stress.

I think I’ll be taking it easy now. I’ll be dropping from the guild as I’ll be slowing down my playing to a bare minimum.


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I can agree that it’s too time consuming, with the new 30 minutes, I spend more time on this game than ever. Though, it’s a fun relaxing game. The bankrupt stress has never gotten to me, I’m keeping stable at 25k-35k until I research huge-worth items.

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Hi estava. :o

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I agree its time consuming.But not so much if you put some skills(at least 3) on adventurer.You will,each real day,probably get 900 g from them.And thats a lot of addition.Imagine,i spend 400 g every day on materials,employees and it helps for 2 days,enlarging the time before its too late to do anything to avoid bankrupting!