How do shopkeeper skills work exactly?

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Anyone has an idea about how the shopkeeper skills work in detail? I mean two skills wich are supposed to increase crafter research and crafting skills.

I’ve experimented a bit and when i’ve put 15 points into research, the research times got significantly shorter. But when i put 20 in production skill the crafting times dropped by like 1 hour or so on items with 5h production time.

Anyone got some information?

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Just general information, I will state out the most important ones:

- Silver-Tongued; Used well if you depend on suggesting items or haggle them at the same time, can also be used in order to create an opportunity to finish a quest with higher success rate.

- Famous; Great as an early-game skill, generates more costumers.

- Mercantile; The most useful skill in late/end-game, increases the amount of what the people offer you as their base. If you suggest the same percent of value stays in tact so it is an amazing skill to use in combination with Silver-Tongued but you might want to focus on 1 stat rather.

- Adventurer; The other skill for late/end-game, which I personally find less interesting due to the fact that it does not give exp at all. Money at some point will lose its value because you won’t be able to buy anything anymore but I personally think this is 1 of the best skills in early/mid game.

- Innovate; Good in the beginning but you will probably regret spending points on this later in the game, this mainly because researching recipe’s does not only take up space later in the game but also because you can research an item just once. Crafting has far more value since you can make items endlessly.

- Leader; Better than Innovate in my opinion, crafting items early in game is great because you can stock items up fairly easy with this skill, this skill also works well with Famous to generate income. Later on in the game having 5 costumers in your store along with people finishing items in just 2-3 hours can work irritating because you want to try to make as much income in a fast period of time.

To sum this all up:
I find Mercentile by far the best skill by far the best skill, exp will make you level up and makes you increase your skills faster but I would suggest to combine it with skills like Leader and Adventurer for the best results.
I don’t know how much you value time but later in the game you just will end up focusing on creating the most sales in the shortest amount of time.

I hope this helps.