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I really want to like this game.
It’s well made, fun and relaxing.
But it’s dependence upon having someone else build your shop upgrades for you is something I just can’t even begin to get my head around.
Why would anyone consider that to be a good mechanic I cannot fathom – having others speeding the progress of upgrades makes sense, but completely relying on them is just silly and really puts me off the whole game.

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I sell my stuff based on % actual value over usual price, so how about putting a % with the difference of both when hovering over the actual price so I don’t have to calculate on every sale?

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I think it would be nice to have access to the shop before starting a day, to purchase any shop add-ons/check store stocks/look at achievements/view accumulated days (considering you can’t at the ‘Next Day In xx:xx’ screen). The ‘Next Day In xx:xx’ screen should be completely done away with. If there is some magic way to manage your shop while waiting already, disregard this post, but I haven’t been able to see any way to do it yet.

I think the button to start the next day should just appear at the bottom left corner of the shop screen (replacing the pause button when a day isn’t already in progress), and the timer should be placed just above that (replacing the accumulated days counter when it reaches zero to signify you have no more days).

Also, just to cover all of the bases, I feel that clicking continue on the post-day report screen should take you back to the shop with no day in progress (even if you still have accumulated days), to allow you to get anything you need done before the day starts if you feel like doing so, and allow you to click the ‘Start Day’ button when you decide to.

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I’d love the ability to ‘batch’ produce items…ie. if a ring takes 1 hour and I want 5 of them, and have the materials for all five, I can choose to produce all at once. That would really save my mouse hand some work!

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@SadCookieCat The improvements system I imagine was put into place to initiate guild-making and initial reliance on guilds. Before challenges and LP bonuses were introduced guilds offered nothing except a community where you could get points round the clock.

@caligirl51 Several petitions were made for mass crafting, but none of them have been successful so far.

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When a customer brings you resources you can expand your bins to accommodate whatever the guy brings in from within the customer dialog.

When a quester brings you resources you don’t have that option and so lose anything above what your storage can handle.
The quest dialog needs to be changed to match the customer dialog (because losing 20+ of rare resource ‘x’ is aggravating beyond belief, especially given that the only way to know if these guys are bringing resources is to click on them, but then it’s impossible to do anything about the “spillage”).

So yeah, an expand resources button on the completed quest dialog – pretty please. :puppy eyes:

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That’s odd, I always have the option to expand when a questor comes in with resources, not that I can afford it at this point. However, there is something you can do about it. Reload the page. You might lose some customers but the questor will come back in and wait as long as it takes for you to expand the bin or use up enough of the resource to make room. If it takes that long, he’ll return day after day until you click on him.

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I always have the option to expand when a random guy brings resources, but never when a quest guy returns.

That being said, thanks for the tip about reloading.
Although you shouldn’t have to basically quit and restart to perform a basic thing like that….

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Okay, slight confusion on my part here.
Normal completed quests, as in “give me an item and you get stuff in return” do actually have an expansion option.
But the story quests, as in “go and find x in location y” don’t.

So can we has a button on those story quest thingies?

(Double post. Hoo! Scootaloo!)

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Originally posted by DanKrieger:

The problem is: you guys are thinking this game is from a dedicated developer, who listens to their players and improves as feedback comes in. This is EDGEBEE, an corporation who plans to suck all the willforce from every player until it is forced to pay, and only listens to the players when their audience falls to a level below what they determine.

I agree with dan, i bet edgebee shelled out a ton of money to kong so that it could get badges on all its games, which is the only reason im here.

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Ok, I get you now. I finished all the story quests months ago. For that check out the wiki page, . Among many other things, you’ll find a list of story quests and the rewards that will help you plan ahead. If you know to expect a chunk of resources you can make sure you have enough space in the bin.

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Ask confirmation to use EVERY items that cost tokens, AND also EVERYTHING that costs tokens like recipes.

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Originally posted by UselessUser:

Please provide suggestions for Swords & Potions here so that EdgebeeStudios may see them and improve their game.

Suggestions For Gameplay and Function:

1. An additional tab in the Guild interface that shows each member’s individual total contributions given and contributions recieved.

2. A modifiable production list that will order a worker to produce items continuously, one after one.

3. A pop-up trade window that can be used to trade improvement points between individual players, in or outside of guilds. Confirmation of trade required.

4. A Guild-Communication-Channel that would enable a private chat room within guilds.

5. A “Send to All Guild Members” mailing option.

6. Reverse Engineering; Allows a player to use an item to research its recipe quicker. However, the item is destroyed in the process.

7. Training work-shop; Allows a player to send their worker away for a period of time to gain extra stat points or a beneficial temporary effect.

8. Personal Adventurer; a personal (and daily paid) shop’s adventurer whom you may equip with the items you produce and can embark on quests of various difficulties (each of which grant different types of rewards).

9. Introduce the random event of experienced workers or characters that offer temporary services to produce extra items or to perform extra researching.

10. Permanent guild improvements that benefit the entire guild. Example: Guild Market, Bank, etc.

Suggestions for Player Convenience:

1. Allow a player to see the percent chance that a suggestion or haggle will happen before selecting those options.

2. Implement a re-connect feature that connects a player back to the server if they’ve been inactive.

3. Allow players to complete their extra workshops independently.

4. A log that tracks adventurer’s quests; the successes, failures, items given, and reward(s) obtained.

5. The ability to disallow workers asking for position in your shop. One suggestion; a “Hiring” sign.

6. Sales Assistant; Automatic NPC that deals with overflow of customers.

7. Guild Savings Account that would take either a portion of the guild fee or a seperate donatable area that would act as insurance in case if a guild member becomes bankrupt. To preserve balance/fairness, the insurance would only work when that player becomes bankrupt and only pays for the player’s worker’s fees.

Suggestions for Player Preferences:

1. A bigger improvement points cap, larger than 1,000.

2. Allow players to hire multiple workers of same profession in order to boost production and research times.

3. Allow the Blacksmith to be clickable as he moves towards his forge after completing a recipe.

4. A more advanced thug system.

5. Additional Guild benefits; a boost to production or worker’s improvement skills based on the size and/or guild fee.

6. More achievements with various rewards including tokens and permanent buffs.

7. More independent recipes for carpenter.

8. Friendlier customers.

9. A form of bracket system for thugs that either prevent or significantly reduce the amount of reward for burglarizing a much lower level player.

10. An option in the game’s settings that disables and/or hides all real-money purchasables.

All further suggestions will be updated onto the list above.

Please explain your suggestions if you feel that it is pertinent and refrain from posting complaints unless if you plan on offering solutions to them.

I think that “knowing the percentage” is a bad idea personally, because that would make the game way too easy, so if you knew you’re gonna obviously fail the haggle, you won’t do it, but if you didn’t know, it makes the game a bit more challenging.

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It’d be a great idea to be able to queue orders for the workers. As the queue gets longer (after 2nd or 3rd item, perhaps have guild benefits that can increase this), the workers will suffer morale penalty that becomes greater with the difficulty of the making of the item(s) in the waiting list and the lenght of the list. (So much stuff to do, so little time.) But it should be scaled so that the ones the worker already does pretty quickly, like in an hour or two, can be stacked up to 5 without penalty, since they pretty much could do them with their eyes closed. Alternatively, the workers could be given a to-do list at the start of the day (optional, doesn’t need to be done for every day) where their tasks for the day are given. (The last item can stretch to the following days.)

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There should be a “Begin day” button when starting up the game at first. Sometimes I’ll load up the game, click on another tab, come back and realize that I just lost a day and some money(profit) because the game immediately began.

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i love having the thug in the game. But how about reducing the time on burglerles or enabling us to be able to aquire a gang of thugs.

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I’m not sure if anyone put this yet, but the ability to haggle multiple times with one customer would be nice. And the ability to haggle after suggesting a different item would be nice also.

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haggle then suggest

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Show the amount in stock of the item that’s being asked when doing a mouse over.

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Originally posted by josten:

haggle then suggest

You can’t haggle then suggest if you don’t have the original item the customer wants.

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Queue system would be an AWESOME idea. PLEASE implement this Edgebee.

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instead of having three days it should be a week then we can get more out of the game that way because i hate waiting until the time runs out and i want to play bad

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Great PR edgebee. Shows us that you really care about your players. NOT!

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Allow crafters to donate Improvement points to one another. The Tailor’s list is rather nearly always empty while the carpenter’s list continues to grow. The points I have sitting on the tailor just go to waste.

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People seem to have this thing about thugging someone then instantly moving to another district to avoid any retaliation.
It would be nice if said district restrictions could be waived for anyone that has attacked you.