Anouncement: Rules Regarding Guild Recruitment (locked)

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Hello there, Swords & Potions players. :)
Since the game has recently gotten badges, quite a few of new players are looking for guilds to join. This is totally fine, however, please don’t fill up this forum with “I need a guild!!!” or “Join my guild!!!” threads.

It makes it much easier for us all to discuss the actual game if we use this thread as far as guild recruitment goes:

Please make things easier for everyone and post in the sticky thread we have instead of posting a new one. If you post a new thread for your guild I’m afraid it’ll have to be locked.

If you want a place for your guild to have guild-only discussions, the forums here on Kongregate are probably not the best place.
You might want to create a free forum like what can be found here
or here.

Thank you for your cooperation, and happy gaming. :3