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There are plenty of these but I noticed a lot of new players asking the same thing over and over, hope they look at the forum or the wiki at

Lets Start With The Basics

Swords and potions is a game that is about constantly researching and crafting items to make money. You will start with two crafters of your choice, many say stick with Tailor and Blacksmith and I agree with that. There is no hard set starting crafter choice that is honestly better than the others however it is a little easier to start with the latter.

Do not use your 200 starter tokens for anything other than respecing, you will not get any more free tokens unless you get a lucky daily spin. Always keep several days of profit in your bank at all times, you will never go bankrupt if you follow that simple rule. Do not over level your workers meaning they start costing more than what your average daily profit is, you do not need to always level your workers.

Other than that you should know customers seem to want everything but what you have and that is why they have a suggest button!


Why do people keep asking for things I do not have? Well so this function has a purpose to be honest, all you have to keep in mind is a dagger for a dagger and the like is the only way you will be able to suggest for a while.

It may seem tempting to throw some points into Silver Tongue but I can say without a shadow of a doubt you will never really need it and it is the only seemingly broken skill in the game that never really helps even at excessive skill levels. Costumers will start to take one type of an item over another, more info in the wiki on that.


Simple concept of trying to buy or sell something for a higher or lower price. Buy low, sell high is the concept here and that is why I say the Mercantile skill is so important.

If you do not want to do math simply haggle if the number is red instead of green, as you get more and more Mercantile skill you will never see any red at all. There are a few tricks to it but that can be covered in the wiki.

Worker Stats

Lets be honest here, the only skills that even matter are the last two and the first one. The first one is Learning, it allows your crafters to level up faster. The last two skills are how fast your crafters will make an item, the first one is for basic items that do not use up rares or have a glow to them, the second one does the opposite.

Train your workers so each of those skills are in multiples of 25 as every 25 points makes your crafters work faster, it is that simple. As for your Thug which comes in randomly I would not even try to get one till a level 50 one comes in and keep trading it up till you get a level 100 one in the Palace.

After that your Thug really only needs 2 skills set at a decent amount; Stealth and Learning. I say that so you can actually level him up without upsetting anyone and then you can trade him in again at level 200+ for another level 100 one. You get bonus points in the starting stats of workers when you trade them in for a lower leveled one. More info on that in the wiki.

Leveling Up

When you level up you will notice you get skill points and there are several skills to choose from. Now you may ask… what are the best skills in the game? Honestly it comes down to only two for a long time which are Mercantile and Adventurer and by a long time I mean till you throw 500 – 750 points in each one.

Throw in 10 in Famous to help kick start your shop so what you craft has a higher chance of being sold as more customers will end up stopping by your store.

I personally recommend throwing quite a few points into Mercantile till you have 100 – 200 points in it before touching Adventurer. Why? Because this skill sets the bar above what most customers will ask to pay for your items and it will be a while before you actually need quest items to level up.

Some even say this skill makes customers buy what you actually have in stock, I can say it seems like it does however I can not say it is a hard set fact. After that catch Adventurer up and then keep it at a 2 adventurer per 1 Mercantile ratio (2 Adv : 1 Merc) or a 1:1 ratio if you think your getting ahead of yourself in adventuring.

If you still feel like you are not having problems with adventuring you can always just get your Mercantile to 500 then catch adventuring back up but only till you notice lower adventuring is slowing you down.

Why a set amount in each skill? Well there is no cap for your skills however depending on who you listen to somewhere between 500 – 750 points those skills no longer get a noticeable bonus.

With Famous some say respec and put your 10 points somewhere else but honestly when your level 300+ you will start getting a surplus of quest items (Items that adventurers come back with) that sell at such an outlandish price (often 1 – 5 levels) that you want more customers to come in to have a chance on getting rid of them.

From a tip I set it at 25 and never looked back helps more when you start getting improvements that give a bonus to how many customers you get like your racks and flooring. More info in the Wiki.


What are improvements? These upgrade your shop to add bonus stats to your workers and even allows customers to have more patience (They wait a longer period of time), add more of a bonus to your Mercantile skill, bring in more customers and bring in more adventurers.

The first thing you are going to want to get is your two other workshops hands down, you will instantly start making more money and you can start making the other half of the items customers and adventurers ask for. You need 20k to make your first workspace and another 20k for your second.

More importantly you will need a Guild, more on that later. Work on your floors, rugs, counter and drapes before you start going into anything else. Next work on your other improvements that help your workers work faster like the Carpenters saw and such.

If you do not know what a certain improvement does just hover over it for a couple of seconds and it will tell you. More info in the wiki.


What is a guild? Well a Guild is a group of real people that exchange improvement points to help upgrade other members shops and to compete with other guilds to see which one will gain the most money. You will notice most guilds want you to be level 50 – 300 before they will let you join their guild.

You are obviously not there yet however just a simple few shouts in chat asking for help on your first two workshops will usually net you a guild. Most guilds will kick you out if you do not log in within 3 – 5 days so make sure you log in at least once a day.

Never under any circumstances leave your guild after you get the improvements you want, it is both rude and I highly doubt any other guild would want to take you in. The only time that is acceptable is when no one helps you out but you help everyone else out (You complete most of the improvements seemingly by yourself) or the guild was solely made to exchange points and disband.

As for the Guild Challenge if your guild is ranked 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place your guild will gain LP points and only your guild leader can use them. LP points lets your guild acquire licenses that add a bonus to everyone in the guild permanently. For more on the subject pay a visit to the wiki.


Someone came in and asked for money.. what do I do? Pay them every time because more often than not you will get more in return and it will keep quest lines open.

There are four types of Quests, one where someone asks for money, someone gives you a hint and when an adventurer comes in you can continue that quest by clicking on the quest icon, you need to contribute a few co op points to make or repair something or a combination of the three. Just do them all, it never hurt anyone and adds to many gains to not want to pay 5k – 500k to someone.

If you do not have the money you can either ask them to wait or refresh your page. If you ask them to wait they will leave end of the day and they will keep coming back till you can or want to pay them. If you refresh your page they come in acting like you never clicked on them. More info on all the quests in the Wiki.

What about Adventuring quests? Well that is why Adventurer is also important, each level both increases the amount of Adventurers that come in and the success rate of each Adventurer.

You can not give a mage a dagger when they asked for a staff and expect them to succeed however the same suggesting feature really shines here with a high enough Adventurer skill level (200 – 750 points). They will still take a Dagger if their class can use one as it is still weapon per say and walk out with a smiley face which means they will likely succeed.

If they walk out with curse marks or a frowny face it is safe to assume they will not succeed. When you reach Royal Bazaar and Palace, Adventurer becomes the most important skill for a long time till you get all your bins to 90 and all your improvements done. More info in the wiki.


Chest (Improvements)

At the very back of your workshop to the left of your back door you will see a table with some items on it and a few things mounted on the walls.

Next to the table there is a chest, that is where you can buy improvements for your shop but keep in mind you need to be in a guild to get those improvements, those numbers under a crafter portrait is how many points other people need to contribute to it so you can get the improvement.

You can not give yourself any co op points from your workers.

Book (Recipe Book)

Shows all your recipes you researched and how many items you own individually.

Scroll (Day Report)

Your current Day Report, you will see this same screen at the end of every day followed by your leftover resources. Be sure to click the fill all button, the last four resources you will gain through quests.

Chalkboard (Ranking)

Your Guild and your personal ranking compared to other people.

Trophy (Achievements)

Above the chest you can view how far along you are in certain achievements, what the rewards are can be covered in the wiki.

Banner (Your guild)

You can either make a guild here or after someone sends you an invite which you can view from your mailbox, you can see who is in your guild along with a few other details.

At the bottom left corner of this screen you can also click on the open book which shows a detailed log of everything that is happening in the guild, it can also be seen from your News Icon however you will not see how many points you have contributed to others or what other people are contributing to others.

The star icon tells you how much money your guild has made so far in the challenge, this screen will also be seen at the end of the day.

The yellow shield icon shows how many licenses your guild has as well as how many licenses points the guild has won so far. Only the guild leader can use those points if you remember however it gives you a better idea of what to get and look forward to if you make a guild yourself one day. You can always just stay and help your current guild out if everyone is active, it only takes 5 – 10 active people to make it to the top guild ranks.

Once you hit Palace and start selling off your adventuring items you got you will contribute to your guild a lot more on top of leveling quite rapidly till you hit level 1500 and even then only a few of those items will level you up.

Christmas Event Functions

Christmas Tree

You are now able to craft gifts, they are found at the bottom of the list of things you can craft and each worker can make one individually. You do not really need to make more than 20 – 60 of them for the entire event.

You can send someone a gift by first making one, clicking on the tree then typing in their name. Instead of spaces you use underscores. A dude named The One is now The_One.

Just ask for one in chat or game chat and you usually get one, just be sure to return the favor or have a couple on hand for those that ask for one.

There are a few more things to cover but this is just a beginner guide and there are plenty more covering the same things in the wiki and more advanced info on each subject.

Have fun and good luck!

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Short Recap If Your Afraid of Walls Of Text

This is a beginner guide, not a guide designed for players that are level 600 and up.

Don’t use your starting tokens, use them to respec.

Skills That Matter

750 Mercantile (Get more gold per item without haggling)
750 Adventurer (Get more items at a higher success rate with more adventurers coming in)
10 – 25 Famous (Get more customers)

Famous lets more customers come in before you get your improvements. Respec if you don’t like it afterwords. 750 seems to be the top level before they they start to not make a difference. You won’t need silver tongue till you have these skills, silver tongue is not a necessity till you want to experiment the gains. Some say it barely does anything, others say it gets rid of your brightest rods which you won’t get a surplus of till later.

2:1 ratio of adventuring and mercantile (2 Adv:1 Merc) is suggested by many. I got by with 2 Merc:1 Adv till I had 500 Mercantile points, then I caught adventuring back up.


20k for first workshop, 20k gold for your second. click on chest in back to purchase them. Join a guild after you are level 20 – 50, you can not put co op points (found when you click on a worker, it is the blue bar) in your own improvements. Co Op Skill affects how many points you get when you craft items. Get your floors, counter, and drapes done and build what you can afford in between.

Worker Stats

Crafting skills (Last two) are important till you reach a high level, so is learning and co op however you will need these two skills to be high (75 – 200). Don’t level up your workers till you need it, train them till your crafting skills are multiples of 25 for faster crafting.


Always pay. Always. You do not want to miss out on the bonus skill points. The money and items help but can be missed. Can’t afford it? Tell them to wait or refresh your page, they will come back.

How To Not Game Over

Always keep a few days worth of total salaries and rent in your bank. It is a simple and effective method that will stand the test of time. Don’t over level your workers, if you do not make 2k a day and your workers and rent cost 3k you will game over. Helps to also keep the achievement awards that give you gold in your mailbox till you need it.

Read wiki if you need more information an any material provided, this has all been said before.

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Very helpful. Thank you!

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I am at level 11 and i had enough money to open a third workshop, but it said that require work from all 4 workers to build it. Does it mean i have to wait until level 20 and join a clan to ask for people help?

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Originally posted by Corn102:

I am at level 11 and i had enough money to open a third workshop, but it said that require work from all 4 workers to build it. Does it mean i have to wait until level 20 and join a clan to ask for people help?

You need improvement points from other players, so yes, you need to.

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How do I compare two workers of the same type but different levels? I mean like workers keep coming to shop asking for a job and they’re of a different level than mine, so how do I know if they’re better than the one I’ve hired or not? Is there a formula as to how many points a worker will gain each level?

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You can compare the different stats on crafting, research and such. Generaly trading up to a higher level worker is owrth it.