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Please provide suggestions for Swords & Potions here so that EdgebeeStudios may see them and improve their game.

Suggestions For Gameplay and Function:

1. An additional tab in the Guild interface that shows each member’s individual total contributions given and contributions recieved.

2. A modifiable production list that will order a worker to produce items continuously, one after one.

3. A pop-up trade window that can be used to trade improvement points between individual players, in or outside of guilds. Confirmation of trade required.

4. A Guild-Communication-Channel that would enable a private chat room within guilds.

5. A “Send to All Guild Members” mailing option.

6. Reverse Engineering; Allows a player to use an item to research its recipe quicker. However, the item is destroyed in the process.

7. Training work-shop; Allows a player to send their worker away for a period of time to gain extra stat points or a beneficial temporary effect.

8. Personal Adventurer; a personal (and daily paid) shop’s adventurer whom you may equip with the items you produce and can embark on quests of various difficulties (each of which grant different types of rewards).

9. Introduce the random event of experienced workers or characters that offer temporary services to produce extra items or to perform extra researching.

10. Permanent guild improvements that benefit the entire guild. Example: Guild Market, Bank, etc.

Suggestions for Player Convenience:

1. Allow a player to see the percent chance that a suggestion or haggle will happen before selecting those options.

2. Implement a re-connect feature that connects a player back to the server if they’ve been inactive.

3. Allow players to complete their extra workshops independently.

4. A log that tracks adventurer’s quests; the successes, failures, items given, and reward(s) obtained.

5. The ability to disallow workers asking for position in your shop. One suggestion; a “Hiring” sign.

6. Sales Assistant; Automatic NPC that deals with overflow of customers.

7. Guild Savings Account that would take either a portion of the guild fee or a seperate donatable area that would act as insurance in case if a guild member becomes bankrupt. To preserve balance/fairness, the insurance would only work when that player becomes bankrupt and only pays for the player’s worker’s fees.

Suggestions for Player Preferences:

1. A bigger improvement points cap, larger than 1,000.

2. Allow players to hire multiple workers of same profession in order to boost production and research times.

3. Allow the Blacksmith to be clickable as he moves towards his forge after completing a recipe.

4. A more advanced thug system.

5. Additional Guild benefits; a boost to production or worker’s improvement skills based on the size and/or guild fee.

6. More achievements with various rewards including tokens and permanent buffs.

7. More independent recipes for carpenter.

8. Friendlier customers.

9. A form of bracket system for thugs that either prevent or significantly reduce the amount of reward for burglarizing a much lower level player.

10. An option in the game’s settings that disables and/or hides all real-money purchasables.

All further suggestions will be updated onto the list above.

Please explain your suggestions if you feel that it is pertinent and refrain from posting complaints unless if you plan on offering solutions to them.

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after my bs completes a recipe dont have him go back 2 the forge because i end up losing a hour b4 i can click on him again

i also think we shuld get a chance to get a free toekn from quests bcuz no1 likes paying for games

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sffan, eedgebe makes money out of tokens, and if u see the number of ppl who pay for this game, edgeebee has no interest watsoever to give tokens (aside 100 at first account), exept if they are planning to do a “avant gout” of wat it would be like to attract more customers at some point. uselessuser, your ideas are not only terrefic, they dont give any problem to edgeebee. Oh and can we have stuff we can pay with tokens pricd at 10 tokens ( like 7 in game temporary bonuses for example) that would be great

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1) More independent research for carpenters from level 25/30. The amount of things I can make with a solo carp is much less compared to all the other workers.

2) Give us some benefits for paying guild fees. (Such as making Co-op Points scale with the fees paid. The higher the fees, the more quickly our workers gain co-op points.)

3) Guild-Communication-Channel. (Either give every guild a private chat channel, or give us a “Send to All Guild Members” button in the messaging system.)

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edgebee wouldnt pee on you, if you were on fire.

good luck with ur suggestions.

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kaboomba, I actually planned on sending EdgebeeStudios an e-mail of all the suggestions put on this thread.

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Having a reloading button when u have been gone to long and the session has been closed. it would be nicer then to have to reload the whole page

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High level recipes for Sorceress that dont require tokens and/or rare ingredients

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My idea from the comment area got 15 [+]s before it got GTFO’d by the other comments.

That idea is that if you have an item in your posession you DO NOT have the recipe for yet, you can research the recipe 25-33% faster! This would be explained as “studying the item in question” to do it faster. Which makes sense and would allow you to research the few basic recipes \ items fairly quickly.

Make it so if the game “logs you out”, you can click on some kind of button that sends a handshake to your server, rather than having to F5 the page which causes tremendous lag . Simoultaneously, F5-ing a page causes severe errors with the game 4\5 times, this needs to be fixed, it severely breaks the game.

Idea : Training. You can send a worker off for training. it ALWAYS lasts 12 hours regardless of when you start it. It will improve the worker’s stat by 1. Which stat it improves is random. Can be learning or research or his main\secondary skill . There is a 50% chance to improve by 2 points, 10-20% by 3 points. There is a fee attached , the fee is LEVEL X LEVEL X 100 . [So for example, a level 16 blacksmith could be trained for 15600 coins. May have to tweak price formula as this seems excessive but you get my idea].

I understand the idea behind guilds, but I don’t understand the guild fee. Why is that there? what purpose does it have other than to DISCOURAGE guild joining? I had to abdicate once because I paid more because of a guild fee [277 one day 1719 the other wtf!). In turn NOBODY in 3 days ever touched my stuff that needed improving. Get rid of the guild fee. Seriously.

While on the subject of “Improvements”, KEEP the guild having to improve YOUR items, howeverREMOVE the need for the guild to finish your workshops.
What I mean is, make it so if you want a third and fourth workshop, YOU have to put in the labor points yourself. Makes sense right? I’m thinking you could unlock improvement menu when you buy the third workshop from the chest menu and have it need 10000 improvement points [for the third]. Any IP would be accepted [for obvious reasons]. For the 4th, make it 25 or 33000 so it’s still fairly hard to reach but way easier than having to rely on flaky guild members wth a flaky guild fee >.>

[FIX IDEA] For blacksmith : To avoid wasting an hour because he has to heat his furnace up, simply move his workshop to where the Tailor’s is. Closer to the door means if you click him you may just save that one hour. Or make it so he doesn’t light the damned thing >.>

[GAMEPLAY FLOW SUGGESTION] Please Balance stat gains so research isn’t so painstaking. I can understand 18-36 hours but any more than that with regenerating days is a teeth pull. I’m around the mid-tier items with my blacksmith and asking 72-114 (!!!?) hours for a single item is insanely excessive. You see, while my blacksmith is researching, he is NOT crafting. 72 hours, six days. I get atleast 15 customers a day. Times six. 90 potential sales, of which 30 on average are bogus items, 30-50 are blacksmith items [seriously, they all want Sledgehammers XD]. As you can imagine, that is a HUMONGOUS backlog…

[GAMEPLAY ADDENDUM] So here’s a thought. Make it so people who have a sorceress, because she is supposed to be “smart”, give her own research points into whatever it is others research. This is taking 116 hours? nope, 16 researcher point sorceress will help, cutting it down to 70-ish [if I’m calculating right]. Naturally, her own things cannot be speed-boosted this way.

[CLARIFICATION] Specify the increase amounts in the LEVEL UP menu. “more customers” 1 more per day? 2? [Not to mention someone tested the research boosting level up and it doesn’t do jack].

[ADDITION] If you didn’t like my other research ideas, how about this one.A mage, sage, or alchemist can wander in and offer to help you – for money – in figuring out how an item works. They would render their services for the current day [perhaps the next if they come in late] for coins equal to the price of the recipe for that item. So basically, you pay as if you got the recipe, but instead, get a research speed boost for a short while.

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I summarized and added all of your ideas to the list up above.

My suggestion for your “reverse engineering” idea is that in compensation for the decrease in research time, that the item be destroyed in the process. This is a suggestion in balancing it as higher level, more rare, and advanced items have huge research times; being able to still sell a 10k+ market value item and get a break on the research seems too generous.

I hear the re-connect idea a lot, so I added it, even though the game saves where you leave off, even in the middle of the day, therefore refreshing does not cause problems.

I do not think that a suggestion for removing the guild-fee is wise, however. Because then you could have a low level player be in a guild with high level players who gain points much faster and complete every addition for the low level player faster, and therefore giving that player, alt or not, an extreme advantage against nearby players.

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Refreshing a flash game in an inept browser like Firefox [by which I mean it utterly FAILS to handle flash right] causes severe lag and for some reason introduces the bug I mention. It’s not as user friendly as a packet sent to the server requesting connection, really…not even sure why it boots you.

While that may be true, if you get 25K off a quest you’re thinking oh hey, I can get a third workshop! You get it, you have little to no money left and since you “need” guildmates to finish the dang thing you join a guild and are then promptly bankrupted by the daily fees >.>.
Kinda like Thugs being a waste of time \ money till LV 15.

Anyway, agreed that the item should ka-poof. I’m thinking even if you got a “rare” item off a successful quest, you couldn’t research it with this “bonus”.
Looking at that long list of magical items I’ll never research is sort of depressing hehe.

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Should implement a daily chest opening or a prize wheel where people that cannot afford or do not want to buy tokens have the chance to win rare resources or prizes.

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Originally posted by UselessUser:

kaboomba, I actually planned on sending EdgebeeStudios an e-mail of all the suggestions put on this thread.

feel free to send him emails. feel free to send edgebee whatever you want.

let me stand by what i said: they wouldnt pee on you if you were on fire. unless enough money is included to make them notice.

edgebee is pretty notorious as a dev…

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this is more of an idea than a suggestion, but id love to get some other peoples input on this

id like to see the ability to have shop titles. by this i mean that you could name your shop as a “general store” “weapon store” “armor store” “reagents store” etc.. these titles would increase customers asking for specific types of items. however you could only have one title active at a time and changing or adding a shop title costs an amount of gold.

i know that the rack additions to your shop do the same thing but my thought is that a shop title would add to that existing bonus

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An idea is to make it possible for a worker to start by him/herself on a multiple worker item while the others are busy and have those pieces wait in a little storage area until the other workers are ready to complete the item.

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-A modifiable production list that will order a worker to produce items continuously, one after one.-i would agree with that one

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it would be nice if you instead of only 4 different shops you could have two tailor or such then would the game become more different en the would be more point if you have 2 the same and the could work together for a very good item form that kind of workplace also a lot of shop would look different then and not all the same like now

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Bigger Improve Value! Not max out at 1,000 but be unlimited or 10k.

Set a production list for workers: Queue up multiple items for creation.

Sales Assistant Upgrade! Some customers will be taken care of automatically with a sales assistant. (Upgrades increase sales qty and sales success.)

Multiple workers in one area of expertise (hire 2 or 3 of same person to increase production)

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- more and easier achievements including tokens as reward
- different thug system. Whats with ‘guildwars’? The thug is in my opinion useless until shop level 60+
- why can’t you haggle twice?
- a questlist where u can see the items you’ve sponsored.
- the worker asking for jobs are crap. useless, annoying.

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Number of items that you posses that is requested by client – if i have one item of such type i would not sell it… but if i have 2 or more… why not? Cause the right tab is not clear… – maybe switch number of items to the left?!

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a hiring sign that tells workers, if u need them, to come in and ask for a job

if u dont have a hiring sign up then no worker comes in to bother u

also what if there were like some retainer you could have? like make this many items per 7 day period and get a amount of money to keep ur shop running

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The ability to once you have scouted a shop keeper, you then can choose an item for your thug to try to steal. The more expensive the item the harder it is to get.

I just recently stole from 1 shop keeper 1 blue bird shield; and then the next target 250+ Comp bows.

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250 composite bows FTW!!

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1) The ablility to hire multiple of the same type of worker up to a certain limit. This would improve the speed in which items are created, or you could create multiple items at once.

2) Add multiple of the same type of upgrades. For example you would need to purchase two anvils and furnace’s before and you could hire a second worker.

3) Improve the guild list screen. Order by activity level, the ability to send a message from this screen, add a guild chat for members who are in your guild and online. Show the amount of contributed points for each member. Show overall stats for the guild, for example Defense level, Guild Income, Ranking, Guild Average Income, etc.

4) The ability to set a bounty against thugs. You could introduce 2 new classes. Choose between a Thug a Guard or Fighter. Guards will have a boost against burglary attempts, and can be sent out to collect bounties on thugs. Fighters will enter into the Arena on your behalf bringing in prizes and gold, also will protect the shop against intimidation and intimidate other shops. Thug will be able to steal, and will help to prevent vandalism. Other features could be added in to promote balance between the classes.

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I think there should be some way to accumulate more tokens other than using your Kreds. I personally will never pay real money for a game like this unless it is vastly improved but one can get Kreds free from surveys (when you get one which applies to you).

Tokens could be gained from achievements, quests or adventurers in varying amounts – difficult achievements would give you, say 100 while quests maybe 25 and adventurers would ver occasionally bring a few. Thus one can still buy the shiny recipes without forking out real money.

That said, if there were a bigger, better, more accessible version of this kind of game with all the crap cut out and some sensible features put in then I would pay for it; such a game could be released on Steam and the developer would get far more money and far fewer complaints. They would, however, have to pull their finger out make a proper game and not charge people for half the content they should already have paid for (i.e. not made by EA).