Fantastic game, just needs some help

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I’m not sure where in the forums this should go, but here it is. Just an idea.

This game used to be on the Lego website way back in the day (anyone remember the dial-up days of internet games, when everything was so fresh and exciting), and it was one of my favorites. Check it out.

Keep in mind it’s dated, but can anyone deny the potential here? Could this get onto Kongregate somehow? There are some bugs, and it’d be so much better if you could use the keyboard…but it’s awesome. Thanks a million in advance.

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First off, you’d need to get the owners permission
Second, I dont think there’s any way to convert shockwave files into swfs. If you have some coding experience then you could try and make your own version of this.
Third, is the game actually that awesome? Are you sure this isnt nostalgia talking? The fact that I had to sit through what seemed like an entire books worth of tutorial text instantly put me off and the gameplay itself was not that great.

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I know what your talking about. I have a copy of the game on my computer as a matter of fact…