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To ease the ability in finding others, you may post your availability to collaborate here.

As a suggestion for how you post, make sure to include what you do (artist, programmer, sound engineer, etc) and any other relative info to briefly introduce yourself. A link to your portfolio or comments on actual experience is recommended.

Please also keep in mind that some companies may or may not be limited in dealing with anyone under the age of 18 (determined by locality) in regards to contractual issues and/or profit sharing. You may wish to declare the type of collaboration you desire when posting (hobby, profit share, for-hire, employment, etc).

As a reminder, be discreet about what contact info you post as this is a publicly viewable and indexed thread. Those who are registered here can always contact you through your profile. Ultimately, means of contact is up to you, but we may use moderator discretion if necessary.

Posts may be deleted after a time (3-6 months or as determined appropriate) to keep the directory as fresh as possible.

Please also remember to be responsible and cautious in your business dealings with others; especially on the internet. We take no responsibility for the specifics of your collaboration deals and make no endorsements of those who post here, as this serves as nothing more than a self regulated public listing for the sake of convenience when browsing the collaborations sub-forum.

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My name is Nick; I’m 30 years old, and am a skilled creative writer. My preferences, and areas in which I have the most writing experience, are the fantasy and horror genres. I’ve more than 15 years’ experience running role-playing adventures, and probably about 15 doing it properly ;) I don’t presently have a portfolio available online, but I stand ready to submit writing samples of whatever length (if you want a novel, it might take a while) I’m interested in serious work, along the lines of plot-line construction, dialog, and concept design.

While I am a quick learner, I have no programming knowledge beyond basic HTML. That being said, I’m fairly good with that, and have served in the past as an online chat and message board moderator for a variety of communities, including Wizards of the Coast’s online community. In addition to writing and development, I’d be happy to serve in such a capacity as a community coordinator, moderator, or assistant in such a regard.

I’d like to get my name “out there” and start to build a portfolio, esp. with regards to a future in the indie gaming industry. I am interested in profit-share, employment, hobby-related… just about everything, with the only catch being that (assuming the likely eventuality, that a project won’t replace my existing income, certainly not immediately) I must maintain my current employment and contact dedicate full-time attention to such a project for a protracted length of time.

I can be reached on Kong, or at the gMail address “dm.sanhael” (Kong will likely have a faster response time from me).

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I can do graphics, this includes Background graphics, UI, icons and so on.

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I am available to create art. Have a look at the art in my profile section to see what I can do. I take payment in checks/paypal. Also, for a higher price I can also code games in AS3 and am competent in the Player.IO multiplayer API. Oh, and I can make SFX for a small fee :) PM me if interested.

I have worked on numerous projects, one of them being the menu for Run 2.

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I am a Composer and Audio Engineer (B.A. Degree in Music Composition). I’ve scored five independent films and three animated shorts. I can write and produce the music for games. My website has some sample tracks, videos, and contact information. I’m passionate and serious about the work I do. I live in L.A. and work with a Dev company I created with three others called Uncharted Interactive. If you are around the area I would love to meet up and talk business or about game development.


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Hey all

A quick heads-up that I am currently seeking new projects. After doing library and short film music for a while I have started working on game projects. My music is mostly orchestral but I am very flexible (as can see form my demo pieces). Feel free to contact me with any treatments – as I am looking to expand my portfolio I will consider interesting project work for FREE!

Reuben Cornell

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Hey everyone,

I am a music teacher with a lot of experience in arranging and composing original works for live musicians. I have a large affinity for all things video game and remain a large advocate for good video game music.

I work with Logic Studio, FL Studio, and GarageBand (as well as Finale and Sibelius) to help compose and produce electronic music for game concepts. My strengths are mostly in Cinematic Orchestral (with electronic flare) instrumentation, but I can mix for a large amount of styles and I am always looking to expand my portfolio.

As I am currently building a website, the best way to reach me is through the studio gmail:

Rock on.

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for some freelance work or a collab for a game… I am working on some personal projects currently but i have 10-20 hours free. I am 25 y old and I specialize in vector art and I can animate.

Price depends on the subject and can be discussed of course :) …

I have a small portfolio (updated regularly) here :

I apologize for my poor English, it’s not my first language.

You can p.m me here for more info :)

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My name is Jeremy and I am experience in writing heart touching story’s hit me up I am always looking for a project

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i am good at character origins and ok at scripts go to my forum ’ SCRIPT AN CHARACTER ORIGINS WRITER WHO WORKS FOR FREE’ for samples.

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Hello everybody! I can help anyone out for a small payment in kreds, or via paypal. I might do some stuff for free if it is a multiplayer game. I am good at drawing art in Photoshop and I can write some AS3. I have a Wacom tablet to draw as well, so I can make decent graphics. I can also help out in a game: beta test, be part of the staff, develop, etc. Pm me over Kongregate if you request my help. Thanks! :)

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well i may have already said this but…

I can overvoice a male charecter. But my drawing skills im am not proud of. I can also design simple levels. My friends believe i have a mind of imagination. I can type an average speed. I am average at designing scripts. I believe in practice makes perfect so i wont get it the first time.If you want me to make a charecter i will barely sucseed. I will work for free. Email me at Please don’t send me spam.I can advertise your game on kongregate and other game sites. If money is needed to do so.YOU will have to supply it. I am very young and ready to create your game. Hero171boy!
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My name is Jon Lumus and I write for a symphonic metal band.
My band and I are available to write and record instrumental music.

Samples can be found on
Fee is flat rate based on minutes of recorded material

I can be reached at lumusviolin(at)gmail(dot)com
Thanks! :-)

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Hi, my name is Chris Hogue. I may not seem overly qualified for story writing (I’m still in high school), but I’ve branched my stories out to my friends, who have branched them out to their friends, who branch them out some more. My stories have captivated a lot of people, who all want more. I’m told that if I don’t make it into an entertainment industry, I’ve missed my calling. I have some samples prepared of my work for anyone who wants them. E-mail me at, asking for the free samples, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The samples will be a paragraph or two about my stories, which are in Microsoft Word format.

Thanks for your time.


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Hello all,i’m Pieter.
I’ve been playing games since i was 7 and i’d like to test and review any game,if you need ideas or a tester,feel free to PM me. I don’t want any profit shares or name in credits of the game. I speak english and dutch,so i can also do some translating from english to dutch.

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Hello, – Musician at your service. (I seek no charge for Kongregate Developers)
I’m a musician looking for a little extra something to do. My work could be used in any type of game, from upbeat, dancey type of music in Fight scenes, Sad pianoey type of things in the romantic or reflective scenes, “Level Up” effects and/or songs to Absolute crazy “Gonna smash my fingers on every button on the keyboard” type of music. If your interested in contacting me, I have no portfolio or dedicated website of my own. However, I do have websites to which my music is uploaded to. – Contact me there, or at if you wish me to do anything.
Thank you, and good luck with your games and your futures.

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I’m Martijn Muijsers, and I can create music for you! Just e-mail me at (or add me on msn on

Samples of my music are at
Tell me what you think!

Happy game making! :)

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If you want specificly made, high impact, well writen music for you game, then I’m the guy.
I live to write music and I’m not afraid to try new things (I’ve even mixed hard rock and swing into one song before!).
I do lots of styles such as dramatic filmscore or heavy metal.

If you want more info, check out this site:

Contact me on
I’ll be glad to work in any kind of project.

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Hello, my name is Natalie, I’m an artist with a fair amount of experience in the anime and cartooning styles, though I am far from a professional as I have not yet obtained any working experience. I’m 18 and a soon to be college student for Integrated Arts and Media (Digital animation and design). I can do pixel art as well, though it’s not one of my strongest areas.

I can work with flash to a limited extent, as well as RPGMakerVX. However I don’t know how to script.

I’m looking to do profit share, or for-hire.

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Hello, my name is James.

I’m a wanna graphics artist, i have done some drawing anf sketches but I am more interested in graphics online. I’m into cartoon stuff and pop art. I am also into backgrounds that are colours all mixing and interesting. As I have said I have just started and so will do work for free, if i get work at all. very soon I’ll post some work on the internet for you guys.

I have done child programming but nothing on flash so thats beyond my limit.

Thanks for looking :)

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Hey All, My name is Elijah.

I am a voice actor that is always looking for new and interesting projects! Let me know if you need any voices done at all, I am looking for practice and portfolio building. I am mostly interested in original projects such as original games and animations, but i also like doing mods as well. I am not as interested in machinimas unless i can play a roll that is really fun!

A few notes:
Please try and write your scripts out to be as natural as possible. If you script has redundant phrases, it makes it harder for the voice actor to get into the writing.

Also I am interested in taking part in projects that are almost done or near completion, I have limited time as it is so I don’t want to invest into something and get nothing in return… I am offering this for free after all!


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Hi all, my name is Dj, and I figured I should throw my lot in with the rest of the world. I am a creative writer. Sadly I dont have anything published as such, however the work that I am currently in process on has recieved very good feedback. Basically they all said “I hate you, where is the rest of it, you cant leave a story right here…” I have even made those who dont read much hooked into what I am writing. So if you have need for a writer, feel free to send me a Kong msg. If you have need of a sample of my work in progress, I would be more than happy to send you the prologue. I can do just about any kind of writing so if you need it, just give me an idea of what you need, and I will give it life.
Thanks for the time.