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I am 13 years old, and do not care whether I would get paid or not. I am not a good artist, but I am a very good writer with a great imagination, good at coming up with characters, storylines, backgrounds, etc. I also have some rudimentary experience in coding. I play the piano, but normally only songs I really like. I have composed a few songs, but they are mostly just me messing around. You can give me a shout or a whisper if you want, over kongregate or you can email me at, though I don’t check it frequently.

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Hello all!

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Payment: Absolutely none, just being able to help is reward enough for me <3

Help: Online daily on weekdays after 4 p.m. western pacific time and on weekends ( Don’t know the exact terminology but whatever). I am on asap and as long as possible. I’m also a good speller and tend to be good with grammar, so I could be of use to you if you were to do a game in English and that was for instance, your 2nd or 3rd+ language. (I apologize if I sound like a grammar Nazi trying to be beneficial btw ;-;).

Contact me @: My Kongregate account or my Youtube channel

About me: Hi, I’m Daniel and I would love to test games out for bugs/ glitches, as I tend to do on games on my free time. I tend to focus mainly on multi-player bug searches, but really looking for them on any type of game is fine with me.

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I am Ionut (Age: 20), a coder who likes to learn action script 2.0. I work in Macromedia Flash Mx and I need an artist that can work in the same program (it is paint-like) to develop good games.
Coders are good too. After all, I want to rise a team to develop games with. In it is already a writer (AlexFromRomania), a coder (Me), but I need an artist and an animator and perhaps some sfx/music and some other stuff…

Anyways I am satisfied with any level (But if you’re an artist, you must be better than me, or at the same level at least).
Payment only if the game gets sponsored. Otherwise you will get some of the ads from the sites on which the game will be.

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Hello, I’m James. I graduated in 2011 with a BS in Game Art & Design and have worked professionally as a 2D character/UI artist, 3D modeler, texture artist, and am currently working in the video game industry as a 3D Rigger/ Animation contractor. I have also worked in the VFX industry animating on a Reddi Wip commercial. The game industry is all about networking, and while I am no one special, we can certainly benefit from knowing and working with each other.

You can reach me at or on Skype as james.l.anderson2010 (I’m on Skype almost all the time, as that is where I connect with my contacts for work). You can view my portfolio here

Thanks for your time.

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Hi everyone! My name is Megumi and I am a voice actress. Through Kongregate, I have voiced several video games and have had a great time doing so. As a gamer myself, I like to collaborate on projects and am invested in good stories and characters. If you’d like to add voice work to your game, send me a message! I have a flexible schedule, am able to record from my computer, and only ask for professionalism & copy of the finished product. Thanks and good luck to everyone creating a game! Look forward to seeing them on Kongregate!

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Hi my name is Clovis Junior, i’m 24 years old, composer/sound designer from Brasil, and i’m interested in collaborating in games outside my country.

I have been writing music and making sounds for all sort of media, short movies, TV commercial, games. It will be very cool working on your projects, helping with sounds and music, i’m very professional about my work, you can listen and see that.
Send me a email if you want to talk about your project with no compromise, just a conversation, i will be very grateful.

My links:

E-mail :

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I’m 27 years old, I’m from Spain and I’m currently working in e-commerce despite my degree is related with laws and taxes.

I can help you get the audience and sales that, without a proper marketing plan, would be impossible to achieve so, if you have a finished game (or mostly finished) and want to prepare a schedule in order to maximize your sales, feel free to contact me.

NOTE: Downloadable/installable games, not flash games. Or, at least, installable version of the flash game.

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My names Jon, I’m an amateur audio engineer looking for work and exposure. I’m an extremely proficient midi programmer and have a lot of experience in synthesis using programs such as massive, reaktor and fm8.

I can provide midi loops, soundtracks, samples, effects pretty much anything audio related. I’m not asking for money just a name in the credits.

If you have something that you need and are willing to go out on a limb give me an email.

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I’m a composer based in Ottawa, Canada interested in scoring games of all kinds. I have some professional experience having done a few independent games in the past as well as scoring Knuckle Cracker Inc.‘s upcoming release Creeper World III: Arc Eternal (the other Creeper World games you can find on Kongregate).
If this interests you or if you just want to give feedback, then feel free to message me and I’ll get back to you asap! The best way to contact me is through my Gmail account,

I have some tracks hosted on my SoundCloud page, have a listen:

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Also, if you want a more thorough bio, check out my profile here:

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Hello, my name is William Perry and I am a music composer and audio engineer. I have a love for all musical genres, with an emphasis for VGM and film. Some of my favorite composers include: Masashi Hamauzu, Junya Nakano, Tim Follin, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and many more. To listen to my samples, please visit the link here:


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My name is Benjamin Albrecht and I create 16X16 pixel art images for $1 a piece. I can handle animated sprites (each frame counts as an image), tile sets, scenery, you name it.

If your interested, check out my Fiverr gig:×16-pixel-art-images.

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Hi @ all.

I’m Alex, online-known as “oukourj” since long years now :)

I’m a multi-talended artist, although I’m here for making music as a HOBBY.
I’m interrested in any project, although I obviously wish to collaborate with the best ;)

Nah, for real, I only wish to have a first real project to work on.

Here is the only song I consider finished :

The style here is very specific. I like the mediaval style, but I’m open to a wide range of things, just come and we’ll check this out :]


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Hello everyone,
My name is Sean Haeberman and I’m a freelance composer looking for video game and visual media projects. My most recent work was for Lucasfilm, providing sound design and original music on a Star Wars promotional ad which can be viewed here: Additional credits include scoring a few short films, trailers, and contributing 2 tracks to the Metroid tribute album “Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run”.

I’m confident in my skills and can create many different styles of music to fit the needs of a project. I also provide very flexible rates. If you are interested, please contact me via email at or you can PM me on here.

Please feel free to check out some of my previous work using the links below.

And connect with me here:

Thank you!

Flag Post Happy to collab with you for free if I like your game or project, then I’ll enjoy coming up with some original EDM for you. My specialties are IDM, glitch, acid techno/house, deep progressive house. I’ve got several original tracks signed to record labels and am available on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Juno, eMusic, etc.

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I’ve been working with flash since flash 6 doing mostly art, however over the last 4 to 5 years I’ve been more focused on programming. I would love to get into a collaboration with someone even if their part is a very well thought out idea, I need to get some games under my belt so that I can get my name out there. My current issue is I love my ideas so much that I cant stick to just one. If anyone out there wants an artist or programmer to help them make an Idea come to life just sent me a message and I will do everything I can to help make that dream come true. I currently dont have a site with my art up but I’m in the progress of making one. Look for an update to this soon with that link. I will be interested in a profit share, or employment. Please email me at if you have questions or would like to make an art request.

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Hi, my name is Eugene Balashov, I’m from Ukraine and I’m 20 years old, this summer I will get a Bachelor in International Economy, and I speak English pretty good. I offer you translation of your games from English to Russian, because there are more that 114 million people speak Russian and it’s a nice market to move your game. You can contact me via Kongregate and we could discuss the matter.
Best regards. Eugene B.

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Firstly, sorrry for my english, I´m a little rusty.
Hi my nickname is mikoyan (as you see). I´m spanish, I´m 23 years old and I´m chemist. I don´t have any skills computing but i love a lot this kind of things and I´m disposed to learn how to do it. I spend sometime everyday in this page and I like what people could do. I´m creative and imaginative. I can support any project with ideas free as hobby. If you want some backing contact with me here!

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I’m Iliana, currently 15 and always imaginative. I have experience with writing things such as, lyrics, stories, and poems. I find that I could create something worth while looking into; something someone would be very proud of.
If that’s not of interest, I can sing, and do abstract art. (No not scribble scrabble)
I would love my one of my songs with my voice to be in a video game, It would be a dream come true.
If you wanna look at my poetry, you can find me at under the name of: Strawberrywhale.
Most of my poetry are actually my songs.
Sadly, all my stories I’ve worked on got lost in some file that I deleted ages ago. But, if there’s a certain story line you’re looking for, I can probably write it.
As for my art.. I draw that stuff, I can always take pics of it. Have faith in a 15 yeard old!!!

Contact me here at kong.
Email has been acting crazy

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Hi…Brian (aka C13b9b11) here!

I’m a guitarist and composer. I studied Composition and Theory for my B.A. and M.A., and have worked the last 15 years or so playing guitar and bass, writing arrangements for chamber groups, orchestra, concert band, or whatever instrumentation is called for, and doing some small mixing and mastering projects for colleagues. I’ve written in most non-electronica genres, from Classic and Modern Rock and Metal to Power-Pop, Indie Rock, Blues and Country to R&B and Pop, Jazz to Classical to Cinematic.

All of which means nothing if the music isn’t good, so here’s my online portfolio:

I haven’t done any video game work, which has always been an area I’d love to work in. Hopefully there’s some projects out there I can bring my talents to!

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My name is Tristan : 16 yrs old : Male

I have been making music with my program for 2 years but have been making music for another 5 years before that in concert band

I will make music for anything you might need for free but I would enjoy some credit. you can message me on kongregate, soundcloud, or email me.( provided at bottom)
I can make you music for whatever theme you might go for. if you dont like the beat I have/ had provided I will make you another and edit or fix towards the style you need.

I am active as far as Kongregate, Soundcloud, and my email so don’t worry about a lack of communication.

- As a time frame?

I can have a song or 2 songs done in a week. I will need to know the minimum or the maximum time for the song/track or if it needs to be easily looped

Depending on the information I am given and my availability due to school or my job is when I will have your song finished. I still predict a week for 1 song, but tragedies happen. Communication is a must from both ends. Thank you.




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I ve been doing some lo fi/pixel art animations, it would be great to use them for a game

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I’m Emily and I’m a 23-year-old 2D artist specializing in game graphics, from concept art to animated in-game sprites. I’m currently open for paid freelance work, small or part-time.

For samples of my game graphics, please visit:

For samples of my concept art, please visit:

If you feel my style of art is suitable for your project, please feel free to contact me at:

I greatly appreciate your time and consideration. I hope you enjoy my work :)


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Ello my name is Gaby,
I have been acting and voice acting for 2 years but only recently did so through internet. I naturally have a middle deep voice much like villian but am able to sound as young as a child if needed. I have experience as a singer for 10 years singing in choirs and bands. I can sing Broadway, rock, jazz, and opera. I am a soprano but also able to sing alto if needed. I have a youtube page where I post auditions and voice tests ==>
Pay or no pay I would just be doing this for the love and experience.
I have been playing instruments such as the guitar, piano, harmonica, and ocarina (yes from Legend of Zelda) for several years so I could help if you need a help with any of those.
I also write novels and could help with the story. I have experience with story development with video games (which sadly cancelled because of others lack of involvement. But I am dedicated to helping by any means.
Thank you
Contact me by either