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I am currently looking for some paying work on the side to fill my spare time. I am a relatively skilled 2D artist with experience doing pixel art and GUIs. In addition, I would like to consider myself a pretty good creative writer with about half a dozen years of experience, mostly from writing for still-born or abortive projects which have never seen the light of day.

I have no formal portfolio site, but I did do all of the writing and art for Master of Fortresses
In addition, I am also one half of SpaceCat Studios (which made Master of Fortresses) and write most of the content on the site. You can find it here

I am mostly looking for smaller projects or minor parts of large projects to deal with. To be completely honest, I need to make some ready cash in a relatively short span of time. While I will be incapable of putting in a large amount of work on a long-term project, I will do my utmost to deliver well-made, polished assets in a short a time frame as possible or necessary. I am available for:
-Any sort of 2d art, including concepts and GUIs.
-Creative writing of all sorts, including plots, settings and in-game “fluff” descriptions for weapons, skills, locations etc.
-Voice Acting, though I don’t have a dedicated setup for that, and I don’t particularly have much experience in it.
-Level Design, though once again, it’s a bit of a peripheral skill for me.

Anybody interested in working with me should drop me a line by sending me a personal message here on Kongregate. I will require an outline of your project, an outline of the work you want me to do and the amount you would be willing to pay for said work to be done. That amount is, of course, negotiable. Should I accept your offer, I will require 1/4th of the agreed-upon total amount as a down payment (to make sure that you are serious.) with the rest to be paid when the job is finished to your satisfaction.

Thank you for reading.

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I am 27 and from Hull. I have been making music for over ten years of varying styles, from 8-bit to rock to orchestral.
Here are some of the places to hear my different styles of music.
My electronic solo work
My post-rock band
And my current project

I can be contacted at

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basic AS2
simple graphics

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Hello. Looking for a programmer and possibly artist for collab project.

I am interested in rebuilding an FBL game I made a few years back on Facebook. It is a turn based RPG and includes a combat system, weapons, armor, shields, potions, a few special items, areas that get revealed as you progress through the game, a fishing system, monster database, the ability to build a house and even a basic PVP arena. It is called Adventure Book. ( it is out of date and not on the latest PHP sdk, etc.

I would like to rebuild it in AS3/Flash. I have the players and monsters in a MySQL database already. I would like to make it more of a graphic based RPG and build in some monetization also. This would be a collaboration project where we split the proceeds.

I am a business owner and work in Internet marketing and web development however I used to be a UI Designer for Intel. I would be able to manage the database, website, hosting, marketing, etc. I also would be able to manage the project in creating documentation, flow charts, game mechanics and formulas, etc. and I can make some graphics for interfaces, etc. I also have access to a professional video game artist I work with at one of my companies however I would have to pay him an hourly and he’s kind of expensive so I would prefer someone trying to resume-build or who is a hobbyist.

Let me know if you are interested.

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Hi I’m lolcat, looking for a collab for my music, I would prefer 8-bit music, I have some stuff of mine that isnt up on the kong, but I’m still learning and would love the experience of working on a game. :)

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Hello! My name is Isaac. I’m a “sound designer,” aka composer. I work in the symphonic medium as well as with programs like Reason and Cubase. I’m rather well-versed in Reason, and have a good (albiet small) portfolio of symphonic-sounding and electronic-sounding pieces I’ve written over time. If you’re interested in collaboration with me, I can send you examples from my portfolio. I’ve been composing for about 8 or 9 years now, I enjoy it, and I’m pretty good at it. I’ve never written music for a game of any kind before, but I assure you that I’m extremely versatile and can write music in any style you desire for your game, but if I had to say what I’m BEST at, it’s epic-sounding symphonic music, and hard, driving electronic music with a heavy beat.

I’m available for any kind of project as long as it’s not too extensive. I look forward to working with you!

Get ahold of me at:
I answer emails within a day unless I’m out of town.

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My name’s Wesley, contact me on my profile if you need music, I will try to create the sound you want for your game (or you can listen to stuff I’ve made already and pick some). If you’d rather email me, it’s Hardcore techno is my specialty (perfect for boss fights in my opinion), but I’ll make anything you want. I can play piano and guitar, so if you want a Fur Elise remix or heavy metal, I already have some and can make more ;D If you need humor for your game, I would also love to help with that.

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i can do some anime pics i just started but i can help

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Howdy, I’m a musician (guitarist for about 7 years), also in a band.

I write mainly fast paced, (more or less) ‘weird’ sounding rock compositions. Have a listen to a few if you’d like at

I’m not interested in money, just on getting my music listened to, and improving and meeting others etc. :D
If you are interested in using any of my songs for gaming (or other) purposes, just message me on Youtube or Kongregate.

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I am Arze Kareem, established composer/producer/beatmaker looking for some projects. I have some experience in making sounds, SFX and music bacgrounds for flashgames too.

Arze Kareem

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i am a 15 years old boy with crazy ideas for your game . .

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Hi, my name is Trevor and i am a digital artist who is familiar with illustrator and flash. I cannot do pixel art so plese dont ask, but i can do some very high quality lineart and graphics if needed for a game. My (unfinished)old portfolio is here i look forward to whoever needs me :)

contact me at:

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Hello everyone,

Hello, I’m fifteen years old but don’t underestimate me, I am majoring in college Mathematics. I write articles for a flash website.
I am AS3 programmer who is very familiar with the language. I also use XNA and C#, C++ and SDL.

Completed a few games, none of which are worth mentioning:

I know how to:

tile collisions
terrain generation
particle effects
ray tracing

currently working on a project motionscript, that allows users to script in a simple format telling object to move or to “talk”.

ThanK YoU

I also do art and stuff, check my profile.

And I like to brag even though I have no real skills. I can do concept art.

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Just posted this as a separate thread but I'll repost it here as well: ---------------------------------------- Hi all, I’m a musician and love video game soundtracks, I’d love to provide music for games if any developers are interested! My main inspirations are 8-bit, horror and quirky electro rock/industrial; as far as specific games go the Metroid series, Blood, Megadrive Sonic games, F-Zero.. I’ve posted a few examples below, if anyone is interested in my services just message me here or at . Thanks guys and hope to work with some of you soon! Aimee Exorcist ---------------------------------------------- Extra info I missed out of that post: I'm 28 years old, and have been making music for about 15 years, including playing with many bands on many different instruments, and doing soundtracks, art and level design for fangames and other peoples projects. I've also provided soundtracks for student films and have a total back catalogue of something like 1,000 songs.
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Hey there,

I am a 17 year old student dual-enrolled in high school and college majoring in Game Design. I enjoy both 2d art and programming. I am moderately familiar with AS3 and C#. I also use Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop. While drawing may not be a strong suit, I am pretty good at photo manipulation. I am comfortable with character design, interior spaces, logos, and concepts but I am willing to try anything. You can see some of my work on my dA account here
I do not currently have a site for a dedicated portfolio as I do not have enough work yet to justify it, but I do hope to have enough for one soon.
I am open to discussion for flat rates, non-profit, profit sharing, or anything else.
You can email me at or message me on Kong, but my email will get a much faster response.

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Hello, I write and record music by the name of Murmurs in the Void. I play piano, guitar, and clarinet. The songs I write focus on the synthesizers, keyboard, drums (as in drum machine, I don’t have a drum set unfortunately) and guitar, and sometimes vocals. At this point, I would be happy to donate any of my original pieces just for the publicity. It would also be possible to request a song by giving an adequate description of how you would like it to sound. Check out my songs at the webpages below, and if you’re interested, email me at and I would be happy to email you copies of my songs.

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I’m an AS3/Java/JavaScript programmer looking to expand my portfolio within game development. My focus is web/mobile and I have all my own tools and some code I can reuse. I’m willing to work on any project for free so long as the time constraints aren’t too large (I work full time). Check out my game associated with my Kong profile and send me a msg if you want to talk/chat. :)

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Hello, my name is Val Campbell,13, and I’m just looking for a job here, though I think my best unused talent is Beta Testing. If you are looking for a Beta Tester, you’ve got yourself one. I’ll decide hard if I want to get employed for multiple projects, but i’ll most of the time just say yes, depending on the amount of games you want me to test for completion and to find last minute bugs and glitches. If you want to hire me, I’ll just take 5% of Ad-Revenue. I don’t have Pay-Pal, or whatever you may have, so if you can pay me some other way, that would be great. Or, I can work for free(But it would be nice if you pay me.) I’m only avalible on the weekends, since my parents can won’t let me use the computer on the weekdays(Unless it’s holidays. But then sometimes I don’t have access to the computer.), and even then I only have 1 hour to work with. None of the less, I will devote the hour/hours I have to make sure your games are quality-tested.And lastly, I would like to have my name in the credits(Though you don’t have to.) If you would like to hire me, please P.M. me. Thank you.

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if u make some really hard games i am great gamer that gets thru game challenges so please make your games as hard as possible

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Good creative writer. not newbie but no expert flash programming. Wanting to collaborate with any cool project or simple game.

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I’m neb(backwards),

I am an extremley young programer. I know java and AS2. I can also do graphics, animate, and write music. Almost always willing to colaborate. I am currently about to post my first flash game plant protector. I currently have an extremley lazy five man team, but I know some of the best young programmers in the US, young meaning under 15. Pm me if you need anything!

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Hi all,

I’m a London-based 2D/3D artist. I do drawings, digital painting and 3D environments/artwork. I’d love to collaborate with a programmer for really nice game. Check my website to view my work:

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I write. Funny stuff, mostly. I dabble.

Contact me at:

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Music / SFX / Sound Design

Check audio and game samples at:

Currently looking for another project. Look forward to hearing from you!