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I’m a composer and sound designer for media. I did commercials for Nike, Sony, McDonald’s, but also soundscapes for audiovisual installations and theatre. I’m willing to write music for any game if the quality is up to par. Check out my website at and let me know what you think, cheers.

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Kaha, 24, designer and artist, looking for a programmer to make games.

Edit:Here is a link to my deviantart gallery:

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My name is Wesley.

Bluntly, I can make music, and will do it for free. Here’s what I’ve done so far –

I’ve gotten better just recently, and I love taking requests; I’m sure I can do anything you want.

On a side note, I’m a smart and funny guy, and can write a bit of dialogue, help you develop a character, or whatever you wish.

Contact me at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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Hello! I am a professional composer and arranger, currently in the process of getting my bachelors in composition from Portland State University. As of right now, I am just trying to get some of my stuff out there in the world and see what happens. I have done a few arrangements for professional choirs and bands, and I am currently working on a soundtrack for a video game called God’s Salvation. My website provided below contains some samples of my music, and you can go to my YouTube for even more. If you like what you hear and want to collaborate, give feedback, request a song, a score for your video game, or whatever you like, then contact me through my website or at and I will be happy to talk business with you! I WORK FREE OF CHARGE, but donations are of course appreciated!!

Thank you for checking me out!

Maxwell Brumbelow


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Hello, I am a 3D technical artist, though there might not be any demand I’m a general artist. I have 5+ plus years in the field, having worked on such games as the Rock Band franchise. I’m interested in helping out with 2d art. Attached is my personal website.

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Hello there, I am 18 years old, I do NOT have a portfolio set up mostly because I’m just now starting up, I can’t draw but the closest thing i could say i am is a game designer. I have at least 9-11 game ideas, currently trying to put together a group of people. I can NOT pay for work done for me but later i intend to release a “pay to play” version of all my games where there is extra content, new classes that aren’t in the free one, so on so forth, and anyone who works with me when that happens is welcome to a cut of that. I pretty much need someone for everything, i need a developer, an artist, and a music guy, possibly a few more people depending on how big of a project it ends up being, and i intend for these games to be BIG projects, also i would like someone to assist me with the writing, someone to bounce my ideas off of and provide a few of their own. I want this to be a FUN experience, looking for some good people to work with me, hard workers but also fun loving.
if you want more details or information please contact me through my email (yes i know it is out of date by two years >.>)
or here on kongregate :)

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Hello everybody!
I hope I am posting this to the right place, if not sorry I am new to the forum.

Well, I am searching a opportunity to work doing compositions for Videogames.

So I am posting here a resume about my experiences and my portfolio as well.

Guilherme De Alvarenga Carvalho Júnior

Was Born at Ouro Preto – Minas Gerais – Brazil, in December 11th, 1987. Graduated in Music by the Ouro Preto Federal University (UFOP), he started his musical studies at 16 years old, at Ian Guest’s Center for musical improvement(CIGAM) at Mariana city – MG, where he studied: Keyboard Musical Iniciation (1 year), Introduction to Piano Harmony (6 months), Rhythm and Sound (1 year and 6 months), Classical Piano (2 years), Sing and Vocal Technique (1 year). He studied Violin and Musical Theory with the teacher Elza Soares (1 year).
During the period he developed his studies at the UFOP University, he exercised activities related to music composition, acting as interpreter of his own works for Piano and as monitor of the subjects Harmony and Counterpoint. At the same period he devoted himself to studies of compositional techniques from classical music applied to the heavy metal’s aesthetics, also theme of his monograph, where he sought to demonstrate through the creation of a concept album possibilities of thematic development in a circle of songs and experiences related to the absorption of elements of the Sonata form in a song. He produced in his musical career a wide compositional material covering various musical styles.
Currently he teaches piano and keyboard at the Pro-music Music School in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, and works as a keyboardist in various musical projects, as well with composition of videogame soundtracks and short films, giving even further his research on application of compositional techniques of the classical music in popular styles, recently he was finalist in the International Composition Competition “New Scenes” promoted by The Deutsche Oper Berlin and the “Hanns Eisler” Hochschule für Musik with a partner with Instituto Gama de Arte.

Music For Piano:

Vignettes(both for a Gamer channel) :

Short Movie ( Sandálias Sangrentas):

Videogame Composition Championship:
Best soundtrack:

Best Remix :

Best Chiptune:

If you want to made a partner or hire me as a composer send me a email at:

Thanks for your attention!

Guilherme de Alvarenga

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I am a producer, songwriter and sound designer with expirience in tv advertising, sound design, music and speech recording and mixing. I have a lot of expirience in both live (rock, classic, blues, metal etc.) and electronic genres. Feel free to contact me for collaboration via

Best regards


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I am a composer, recently graduated from the University of Chichester (studying Music BA) with a first class composition dissertation. I play a variety of video games, and write/listen to a wide range of musical styles.

I am interested in writing music for games, and a sample of my work can be found here:

Many thanks
David May

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Hi My name is Ashton MOrris, and I make music and do sound design. You can listen to my portfolio here, there are various styles and SFX ;)

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Hey Everybody Name is Zach

I am a great Game Artist! have All of CS4 very profficient in Photoshop but I don’t only do 2D I also have great 3d models I own in Blender!

Check out my Portfolio at

I am currently working on a Unity Pachinko Game using RageSpline (vector graphics) and 2DTK extensions but I could always use help programming.

But I am totally down to work for free just to get my name out there and just co-develope with other people.

Really interested in Finding a great programmer so we can work together on something GREAT!!

Drop me a line at zacherywalsh at gmail dot com

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Hey, (mostly looking for visual artists / music)
I am living in Europe, and I am now above 30.
I am a programmer, I hold an M.Sc and have the experience ever since.
I play games since my age of 8-10, and I have some thoughts on the gaming industry.
I am a Catholic and I am serious of that, but I know there are many good and serious people out there who are not Christian.
I am into experimental game design now (my IRL experiences were some motivation factor too here), so I am looking for help in the international sense.
This means good and serious work on your idle hours on small games (the smallest possible to make an idea work), and most possibly no money, unless we stumble into some business/marketing talent.
You can leave a private message here or send an email: lazygnomeprod AT gmail com
I am open to get your idea done for fun if you own a good game idea too (if you are below 25 yrs of age, then think twice before posting your idea to me). If you have a working game in the ART or PHILOSOPHICAL category, I can rate it any time. Read my profile introduction first before sending email/personal message as I will post there if I am still looking for help or not.

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Hi i’m Pesty(or so they say).

I’m a BSc Computer Games Graduate looking for a project to really get into. I recently taken a 10 month or so break from real programming due to alot of moving about and things going on in real life. But i’m looking for something to get me back in the swing of things and continue the fun learning experience along the way.

My general experience includes:
Mostly 2D genres, 3D experience but nothing taken anywhere near completion.

My programming itself I’ve generally done whole games themselves rather than specific parts though playing about with game mechanics themself rather than engines themselves i find more fun.

I’m more than happy to work on anything programming related really as it all adds to experience which is what i’m after if anything.

And example: (note not my channel, posted by one of the designers i worked on the project with)
Everything seen in there programmed from scratch using XNA, worked with another programmer however his work mostly went towards the level editor of the game and assisting designers in getting levels working and loading nicely into the game.

Skype: Pestycakes (i think?) — havent logged out in a long time.

Any questions don’t Hesitate to ask.

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Hi! My name’s Josh Freund. I’m a composer and an avid fan of video game music, and I’m looking to take on some indie game projects. I know there are a lot of composers out there, but I like to think I’ve got something unique to offer. Composing for games has been my dream for as long as I can remember, and it’s thus something I’m very passionate about. I feel that passion shows through in my music – my strength is in creating strong, memorable melodies and songs that will connect with the players and make your game’s soundtrack stand out – no generic fluff here.

Go ahead and check out my work at my Soundcloud page:

Game Music / Soundtrack

Piano Works

Electronic / Miscellaneous

If you like what you hear and are interested in having me compose for your project, send me a message either here on the boards or to my email at jfreund1 AT gmail DOT com. Note that I don’t just do game soundtracks – I’m also open to scoring for short films, trailers, podcasts, etc, – anything that needs music.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy what you hear!

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Hi guys ! Name’s ThonyVezbé.

I’m a wannabe graphic designer/illustrator from France looking for some real projects to work on.
Though I am not at ease with animation yet, I could design backgrounds, characters or props. I can also work on user interface designs, logos,…

I work with Photoshop and Illustrator so I can do digital painting and vectors.

What I want is to build a strong portfolio, so be assured I’d be working. Profit share would be nice, though ^^

Go have a look at my works :

(email’s on the blog header, but you can just PM me here on Kong)

Cheers !

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Hello. My name is Jusmi and I am a novice Concept Artist/Graphics Designer/Music composer. I’ve been doing Art for around 3 years, but only recently gotten serious about it, and I have been composing for around 2 years.

Currently I am still in practice, meaning I am looking for experience doing this sort of thing, so I wouldn’t mind working for free.

You can find my Art and Music in these places:



Age: 19

Time zone: GMT -6

Availability: Pretty often

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My name is Chase Bethea. I’ve been composing music for the last 9 years. I play keys and drums. I’ve won an award for Best Music to Motion Poetry
Graphics and an award for Film Television Media
at my college (2012). Recently, I just finished a mobile puzzle game titled, Electron Flux, in which I created music and sound effects. You can check out the game here.[url=]Electron Flux[/url]

More examples of my work are here. [url][/url]

I’m interested in collaborating with someone on a game that is near the end of production. Deadlines are second nature to me. Email me if you’re interested and your next game to be enhanced with audio ear candy!

Thank you!

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Hi there,

My name is Gerry Owens. I’ve been working professionally as a composer & producer for over 12 years. I set up BlackBag Music to deliver high end audio with flexible rates for both indie and major development companies. I work with both in-game/thematic and trailer music on freelance basis. If you have need to outsource audio work, please feel free to contact me with questions, or for information, quotes, and bids at [b]gerry[/b][at][b]blackbagmusic[/b][dot][b]com[/b]

My credits include [b]Crysis 2[/b] (Trailer – [b]EA Games[/b], [b]Night Watch[/b] (Trailer – [b]Fox Films[/b]) & [b]Blood the Last Vampire[/b] (Production Music – [b]Manga Anime[/b]) 
I’m always happy to demo up music to a cinematic or in-game footage as required. I work quickly & efficiently and will always meet a deadline.

Examples of music for Platform/Mobile & First Person/Console’s are viewable at [b][/b] & at [b] 
Feel free to email if you have any questions about availability, rates or just want to say hi :)

Best Regards,

& Sheep Trailer[/b]


3 ODST Trailer[/b]

Creed Trailer[/b]

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my name is Max, I’m 20 years old and I’m a programmer with too much freetime. :D
I know Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS so I might be more of a help with Java Applets and HTML based games than with Flash games.

I’ve been coding for 6 or 7 years now, I’ve written (amongst other things) my own 3D physics engine, I’m working as an Android app developer and started studying computer science in October.

So if you need any of my skills just write a pm.

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Hi all – I am a programming teacher looking for some projects to work on. I am most interested in Unity3D javascript projects, but will consider AS3. If interested send me a message.

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My name is Josh, and I’m a professional Unity3d programmer, who’s always looking for interesting side projects to work on. I’ve been working in Unity3d professionally for over two years now (C#/.net programmer before that), specializing in creating cross platform mobile games, and have many published games under my belt (along with all the requisite Unity Pro licenses needed).

I’m mostly interesting in sword and sorcery themed projects, or interesting casual game ideas. But if you have a really great idea, or a really talented artist, I’m open to anything!

My Best,

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(Music composition and editing, Sound editing, Ambiance) -School degree : AEC Creation and sound editing – Project –

My name is Simon. I search opportunity to compose music on a project. I can compose demo for free and maybe do free music for small project.(I consider that you can’t always afford to pay a lot when you start) You can ear and see some project i’ve work on that link – -. I’ve compose all the music and also played the guitar,plus, place and made the sound on some project. I have an AEC in Creation and sound editing. So i have acoustic, mixing, informatics, composition basis and more. And i would be able to do sound creation and ambiance on your project. I can speak in english as well as in french. Thank a lot for your time !

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My name is Ronnie, I am over 18.

A game I made, “Panda stole my wallet” can be found in my profile which is the latest example of my best work. My website: Youtube channel:

I recently completed a semester of Advanced Java Programming and am skilled in C and Actionscript

I am primarily a programmer, though also basic artist, and animator. I can also add simple cutscenes to any game. I am available for paid projects or profit-share work (if the collaboration seems reasonable enough that it may go somewhere.)

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Hi! My name is Stuart, and I’m a 20 year old musician from Australia.
I have been writing music for several years now. I have not had any experience for writing for a specific game, though I have created many (nearly a hundred by now) midi files for user-made levels for the game Doom. I’m looking for more experience in writing game music, and I am available for both paid and unpaid projects.
I have uploaded all of the non-midi songs I have created to my soundcloud page: . None of these were created for specific purposes, so they include a range of styles (and quality, though I think most of them are good.)
You can find my most recent midis here: and my older midis here: (the older ones are over a range of 5 years or so, but unfortunately they are not dated.)
I’d be happy to hear from you!

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Good day!

My name’s Taylor, I’m 22 years of age. I’m primarily an illustrator and conceptual artist. I’m also proficient at flash animation. I’ve been honing my abilities for a couple years now, and pride myself on studying subjects until I’m well versed in the reproduction of them illustratively. I definitely prefer paid projects, but If a project is reputable enough than profit share isn’t out of the question. I currently attend the Art Institute International MN and graduate summer 2013.

I specialize in fantasy and sci-fi, but I’m confident that I can produce just about anything from any genre, given enough time.

Feel free to check out my website here:

or for additional work, my deviantart

I can most readily be reached via email at taylorpaytonart(at)gmail(dot)com.

I’m ready and willing to put my abilities to use for you! I look forward to your email.