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I’m a basic pixel artist working on improving my skills and stuff. Heres my sprite sheets I use in a pixel art game I play called Picture Wars.

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Hey, I’m Leon and I provide concept art & ideas. I’m very much into games but I haven’t worked on any yet. Nevertheless, if you are into science fiction, huge buildings and crafts, otherworldly architecture etc. and you need some inspiration (or even a full blown art concept for a game), drop by at
to watch some of my drawings! I’m interested in profit share, hiring, employment. By the way, I live in Berlin, I’m 26, and:
I produce music too! :) On my Website
you can listen to selected works of mine. I can compose and produce a whole gamesoundtrack, and I also make backgroundathmo, menumusic, etc.

I’m really interested in every type of collaboration, even if you got no money but a good code and a vision ;)
just drop a mail to -→>>>>

cheers, Leon

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Hello, my name is Jesse im a decent artist/animator im always willing to pitch in if needed in a game im usually only look for experience so I can referrence myself and I can also make pixel art I can animate any drawing and make any background at a halfway professional way I have a pretty good imagination but if I do help make the game I do want a small credit in my name umm but if we enter the game contest of the month and win I wouldn’t want to recieve pay.

If you want to see some of my examples feel free to pm me.
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Game Audio

My name is Brecken Hipp, and I am a composer and sound designer for games of all platforms. I can do any sounds, any genre of music, and fit any art style, be it realistic or not.

Implementation Skills: UDK, Wwise, FMOD

Let me know what you’ve got so far.
I am as serious about your game as you are.

I hope to work with you soon,
Brecken Hipp

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I’m a full time music producer and engineer working in electronic music, mainly house, dnb, techno and trance. I am interested in branching out into composing for games and as I’m a regular gamer at Kongregate figured I would start here. I’ve made and posted a track as a demo so you can hear the sort of thing I can make.
Contact me at


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Hello! I am a composer looking for some video game music work.

I specialize in catchy and unique melodies. I can give you any genre or feeling or atmosphere. Rock, pop, classical, jazz, disco, hiphop, latin, you name it. I’ll make your game dance and sing, and people will be like, “Oh, that game? It had such good music!” and they’ll enjoy your game more.

I’ll give you the lowest prices! This is a hobby more than anything for me. I can work with any budget.

I completed a Music Minor at UC Berkeley. I am a multi-instrumentalist; I play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, trumpet, french horn, and ukulele. I have composed music for a few games before and received very positive feedback; one guy told me that a song I made for his game was stuck in his head for days. I have also written music for my jazz band at UC Berkeley. The director told me that one was the best student composition he’d heard in years! I’ve composed for everything from small ensemble to choir to full orchestra to rock band.

Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Jazz (esp Miles Davis, Oscar Peterson and Horace Silver), Beethoven, Punk Rock, Alternative, Reggae, Ska, Electronic Music, Musicals, Yann Tiersen (the composer from Amelie), Video Game Music (especially the soundtracks of Katamari Damacy, Castlevania, Earthbound, and Zelda series games)

I’ve been talking too much. My music can speak for itself. These samples cover a range of styles.
Indie Rock:
Hard Rock:
Retro Game Inspired:

Send all inquiries to Serious, paid work only, though as I mentioned I am flexible to work with any budget.

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Hello, I am an artist and programmer. I am offering to do game art as well as anything graphical. I am willing to do animations, character design, backgrounds etc. I can do art in a variety of styles, please view my portfolio:

Or you can view samples of my work here:

Please contact me art My prices are reasonable. Sorry, I do not revshare.

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concept artist available for your game

i specialize in psychedelic rainbow art but i can honestly design all types of graphics

take a look at my gallery here:

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i am a artist , this my portfolio

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Hi I’m Bobby,

I want to do a uni course in Computer Science and thinking about a career in the gaming industry.
I’ve had Flash CS4 for about 2 years now and have got a basic understanding of programming in AS2, I made a very simple flash based website for my GCSE’s. This is a link
I’m looking to be part of a project, I can contribute art, character designs, story line and plot, testing, anything which needs help with; I’m looking to build up my confidence with game design as well as motivation.
I’m not looking for any profit in this and really just want to find out how a collaboration works and gain experience.

If interested contact me through Kongregate or

Thanks Bobbyberta

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Experienced musician and FX designer!

My portfolio:

Thanks for reading!

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Hi y’all, I’m Cory from Biloxi, MS. I’ve been writing music for 12 years now and producing semi-professionally for 5. Please check out my soundcloud portfolio and let me know what you think! I’m open for collaborations.

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I’m a AS2/AS3 Programmer.(Flash CS4)
Looking for a partner that has a lot of abilities,
So we can have a game online.

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AS Programmer AS 2.0/3.0
C/C++/C# programming languages
Knowledge of Unity, XNA and OpenGL graphical programming libraries
Experienced in designing games and corporate software design
Have also worked on graphical portions of games and sound manipulation

If you are interested in Hiring me please contact me via email:

PS: Willing to work free under the condition that a given project pocesses high-quality and that am not forced to work on graphics due to lack of proper graphic designers

With regards, IhabN

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Concept Artist and Illustrator

Mi name’s Luis, experienced in concept art and illustration. Would like to work in the game/film industry in the future, and I’ve been gaining experience with side projects working as an artist for flash games doing artwork and animations.

My strong point is creating artwork for games and animations and I can also animate in flash although it’s not my strong point.

I’m interested in working with dedicated and responsible programmers, artists, animators and sound designers to build a good (memorable) game. I’m open to any opportunities and offers even working for free as long as it stays non-profit all the way through.

Contact mi via:

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Originally posted by Scribbles784:

I’m a AS2/AS3 Programmer.(Flash CS4)
Looking for a partner that has a lot of abilities,
So we can have a game online.

I can help im an flash cs2 coder i do voluntary work to people that need it, let me know if you need it

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Originally posted by ThreeDeeSix:

My name is Nick; I’m 30 years old, and am a skilled creative writer. My preferences, and areas in which I have the most writing experience, are the fantasy and horror genres. I’ve more than 15 years’ experience running role-playing adventures, and probably about 15 doing it properly ;) I don’t presently have a portfolio available online, but I stand ready to submit writing samples of whatever length (if you want a novel, it might take a while) I’m interested in serious work, along the lines of plot-line construction, dialog, and concept design.

While I am a quick learner, I have no programming knowledge beyond basic HTML. That being said, I’m fairly good with that, and have served in the past as an online chat and message board moderator for a variety of communities, including Wizards of the Coast’s online community. In addition to writing and development, I’d be happy to serve in such a capacity as a community coordinator, moderator, or assistant in such a regard.

I’d like to get my name “out there” and start to build a portfolio, esp. with regards to a future in the indie gaming industry. I am interested in profit-share, employment, hobby-related… just about everything, with the only catch being that (assuming the likely eventuality, that a project won’t replace my existing income, certainly not immediately) I must maintain my current employment and contact dedicate full-time attention to such a project for a protracted length of time.

I can be reached on Kong, or at the gMail address “dm.sanhael” (Kong will likely have a faster response time from me).


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AWW! (BEEP) Can you take a joke mod? _

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Happy to volunteer time for copy editing; fixing English errors both in-game and’s “Instructions” etc. Fire me when someone corrects me. Correctly, that is… Please don’t ask me to join another community because that is almost always just spam. We can talk fine here… I’m also a DB/GUI programmer and can maybe collaborate on something, but I’m a bit green on CS3, although I’m learning fast.

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I need help making a game, could anyone help me? It would be GREAT if so!

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Hi, My name is Dean Lawrence.
I’m currently looking to supply art for any serious game developers. I will gladly work for free if the game isn’t to demanding in my time as I am a full time student. All I ask is that I receive any recognition I deserve in the credits. For an example of my art go to my profile and play Fire Guy

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My name is Raimondo i am 19 years old and i am currently following the study GameDesign. i can work quite well in PhotoShop and in Illustrator, I design all kinds of things(backgrounds, characters, icons, weapons, etc)
i can also model quite well in 3D studio Max and other autodesk programs.( character model skill isn’t that good.

i have school and work so i cannot work full-time, on this. i am currently making my portfolio website and i like to help with all kinds of things.

i can help with other kind of things except for scripting.

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My name is Joseph, and I am a recent graduate with a bachelor degree in video game art and design, looking to get my feet wet working on games here at Kongregate.

I am pretty well rounded and my talents can fit a number of tasks, but I am best used as an artist. My specialty is in asset creation and concept art, especially characters and props using CS5 and a Wacom, but I’m not too shabby as a vector artist. My strongest designs are characters in a wide variety of artistic styles, though I tend to favor western comic strip or graphic novel styles and anime/manga, but I have a strong sense of design, and my talents are almost equally suited to props like weapons, power-ups, and the like, or background/level art.

I am also available to do voice work or sound editing, level design, and (in a pinch) some programming (AS2 is my strongest language, but I have used a bit of AS3, GameMaker and Karma without too much trouble).

You can find a few samples of my work on my profile. I will furnish work samples by request.

I am looking for a serious team, preferably with some experience, looking to take on a new member (for one project or many) with plenty of talent and a solid foundation willing to put in the time. For the right project I’m willing to work for just the experience, and a credit. Please feel free to contact me via Kongregate PM, via email or MSN at with serious offers only.