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Hey Everybody,

I am a dedicated artist who spends the greater part of everyday illustrating my FRPG. It has been 10-15 years in process and is still ongoing, I have enough pictures for a convincing computer-driven CCG based in this setting and am currently doing research into how to get it up an running in Flash… Grrr… Anyway, If anyone wants to collaborate on a project I think that you will find my pictures original and of quite reasonable quality (Please google “XadrikXu” to watch short videos of examples of these on You Tube)

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29 years old, I can translate from English and French to Italian, correct and proofread already translated texts.

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Im 21 im an artist
Id love to join fun projects (any kind of game), ive been an artist (love pixel and concept art) for quite awhile now but im new at the games area so i work for FREE, just want to gain some experience in the area for now. Obviously i cant commit 24/7 but if i find your project fun i am happy to invest all my spare time possible… would like to join a project with persons who like communicating as i love feedback and recommendations on my own work

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Hey everyone!
I’d just like to throw myself out there for anyone looking for a music. I do mostly orchestral work but can branch off into other areas as well. Currently I’m working on a 16-bit piece for a project. For a sample of my work look on my profile or go to my website at Send me a whisper if I can be of service!

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Hi guys,

I’m a sound producer and composer looking for paid work for games. I can make sensational and fun music for the games you love. I can also master tracks in HQ and of course, provide the sound design for your games. I can make any type of music you want from any genre and can bring out any type of atmosphere.

Please see my quick demo samples from my website:

And if your interested in my work dont forget to hit me a pm at

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Hello My name is Is the account formally know as Lololo906 now know as Mr.Giggles. I am 18 years of age, male, and am looking to go into Voice acting, horrible place to start but it has to start someplace! Also into writing stories so if you would like a nice character or a basic plot line just email me up at As a side note i use Audacity as a recorder and sound editing if you can recommend a better one that would be great =D

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hey everyone,
I’m a sound designer/composer with a great affinity for games. My music is mostly mellow, but i can do other things as well. My portfolio as a sound designer (mostly commercial work) is at and you can listen to some of my music at

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Hello Kongregate!

I am an experienced professional sound designer and composer.

I can compose in all genres, and use bleeding edge sound design hardware and software. I specialize in using original sounds that no one else has, using instruments that I have created myself.

Please email if you are interested in collaboration.

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My name is Wesley, I can make music for your game for free. I’ll make anything you want.

Here’s what’s left of my first years with FL Studio, they’re probably the most unusual bunch of tracks you’ve ever heard,

I’m also funny, if you need extra funny things for a funny game.

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Name: Tom Klovholt

Full-time game art freelancer, 2D and 3D (both low-poly and hi-poly). Characters,Animations,Backgrounds,GUI’s,Icons… 3 years experience. Flexible hours, can work weekends if a deadline requires it. Can work per hour or with a fixed price. For jobs over 500$ I usually offer to produce 1-2 pieces of graphics (watermarked) before any commitment is made. I’m not interested in profit-share, royalties or free work. Contact me at: for any questions or price estimates. Or on skype (dhondon) for questions.
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my name is cherokee 16 years old im an artist

my website

im into anthro, woman ,and anything that tickles my fancy

i have had extensive art training before from old masters like andrew loomis ,viplouse a
and many more available truh books

usually reading books college professors use

although i am still 16 ive had sufficient art training for a while
i cant say im not that good but im not that bad also
i specialize in concept art ,abstract ,and expressionism

i also specialize in monster over voicing

ive had had people cry from them

years ago

im also a poet
along time ago

but i stoped for a while for my art to flourish
but i can still pour blood in paper

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i also have worked on games before for brahmaht
my main goal is to be known for a while and for my
porfolio to be covincing

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Hi my name is Jerry Cai

my DA gallery:

a demo game i made for animation graduation project: Bunnies and Zombies

I worked professionally for small studios that made Flash games, but is mainly a visual concept artist type of guy
i can basically 1-man-army a game:
-game-play design /game visual feel
-concept art

looking for dedicated and professional programmers to start some projects that will be high quality

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Hey Kongregate forum! Just wanted to re-post my website & info in case anyone is looking for voice over talent! I’ve worked with video game developers who’ve found me right here on Kongregate and we’ve had a blast! Two games, two very different characters (one I narrated an epic sci-fi war story and the other I was an evil computer!), and I hope you’ll think of me for your game. My website is and it has my resume & voice over samples. Enjoy & hope to hear from you!

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Sup people? At the time of writing, I’m in the middle of summer, headin to9th grade, I’m taking Game design, but at the moment, all I can do is plot and story line writing. PM me if you need sumthin written. But don’t expect it done till after about 3 weeks (if it’s a medium sized project)

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Hey guys!

I’m a Germany-based freelance writer and journalist, studying German and English at the moment. I haven’t worked on a game before, but I’ve done my share of professional writing in other areas: I write for different newspapers and magazines and published a short story collection this year. Although English is not my mother tongue, I read/watch/play tons of stuff in English and wrote some articles. During my time at the university I also had the opportunity to look into game writing and game studies. I’m looking forward to gaining experience myself in this area.

If you need someone who can write a storyline that actually makes sense, original characters and funny dialogue, I can help out. But I also noticed that a lot of otherwise professional games on Kongregate suffer from really bad grammar and punctuation or poor text formatting. So, if you don’t need anyone to write your stories or dialogue for you, I am also available for proofreading and formatting/layout/typography/whatever you want to call it.

You can reach me via PM here on Kongregate; I don’t really want to post my e-mail address. Payment depends on the size of your project. I’m also willing to do free work (again: depending on the size of the project and the time you give me, of course). At the time of writing this, I don’t have many English texts available. So if you want to see some sample work, you either have to read it in German, or I’ll translate it for you, or I’ll just write something new in English for you if you ask really nice.

Also: If you need some of your writing translated into German, for whatever unholy reason there might be, I’m your man!

TL;DR: I write stuff and translate stuff into German. PM me!

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Sorry for double posting, but I forgot to mention that I also have experience as a game master for pen-and-paper RPG’s. I also wrote my own campaigns for the “Call of Cthulhu” RPG and the German RPG “The Dark Eye”. (Is that a thing outside of Germany?)
So, I’m a little familiar with interactive storytelling, is what I want to say.

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I’m 18 I’m a programmer and have some experience with flash games I have confidence in most things that don’t involve online multiplayer

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Hi, I’m eddie and i’m new to making games. Looking for anyone who needs any graphics done. Like i said though i’m new and have alot to learn. Not looking to get paid.

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My name is Uhioh [u-oh]. I compose music and I also do monster growls and monster voices, even squeaky minion voices. If you need a freak, that would be me. I haven’t really worked professionally on the internet though I can get a sample of my work up though, just need to download everything.

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glinfy 25 designer, looking to build a team to enter

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Hi there!

My name is Aimee, and I begun voice acting last October, but acting has always played a big part in my life. I’m Australian, but can also do American accents and some English accents. My demo reel can be found here: and some projects I’ve voiced for on YouTube can be found here: . I’m under the alias ‘ATheatricalSongBird’ on the VAA, VAC, and NewGrounds. If you’re looking for a voice, don’t hesitate to contact me at, and I would be more than happy to submit an audition or answer any questions you may have. Thank you!

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Hey, I’m Dave and I’m a seasoned composer. I have written for short films before, but my style is too eclectic to truly be called cinematic. I am fluent in soothing/emotional/intense piano music, and I’ve composed for digital ensembles of various types before, in a very wide range of styles. You can peruse some of my best output on my Soundcloud page:

…and you can contact me at for any professional discussion. I’d be happy to write for Kongregate projects at very reasonable and negotiable prices.

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I am an AS2 programmer. I look for collaborations, create projects and work developing games, profit sharing :D … im available to work on any project, if it pleasures me of course. I learned AS2 so its just Flash games that i can make by now. I had a fangame project called Metroid Unleashed, well, its not cancelled but it is paused v.v cause unfortunatelly i hired lazy people to work with me(the ones who were not lazy were too busy working on their older projects and couldn’t work on a thing not paid ) and since i cannot pay or make any profit with a franchise that does not belong to me they were lazy… but i can link you to a very very older version of the engine of the game for you to see how my work is… not realy, cause it is an unfinished thing and very older… i am now a better programmer :D so here is the link:
I hope you enjoyed it :D