[paid]Project -TRACED- AS3 Programmer Needed *Now with Concept Video*(CLOSED)

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Hello once again!

I have posted here before looking for some people to help me on my project— a flash game called TRACED. It has been a few months since then and I am finding myself in need of flash programmer. Even though the schedule that I had originally planned has gone completely awry due to the lack of response, I am ever hopeful that with the progress we’ve made I’ll be able to better present this project in progress.


Traced is a hacking type game set in a cyber-punk world where player plays a Grey Hat hacker. SecuDrone Industries has been an established company for some time; putting security programs in every major business and home system. Recently though, there have been reports of computer viruses and power surges worldwide. Evidence points to SecuDrone Industries as the culprit. In a bout of vigilantism the player will be tasked with the choice to either Defend Secudrone Industries by eliminating the evidence, or by investigating them in order to uncover the truth.

Here is how the game play goes:


Visualize a computer screen that displays the world map with different blips on it indicating server spaces.
Upon entering this server space the player will be presented with a number of servers to choose from. Upon choosing a server they are taken to an objective screen that explains the files they need to retrieve from the server. After that they’ll be sent to the outside server view window which will look like a smaller circle (indicating the player) hovering above a larger circle, indicating the server they are about to crack.

After entering a series of commands oto learn information about the server, find its weak points, and ultimately crack into the server, they will be taken into the server’s mainframe.

The mainframe will be presented as a maze where the files are hidden. While going through the maze to find said files they’ll have to avoid the “SecoDrones” that will be patrolling the server. As the player moves through the server they’ll drop little squares called “Logs” that can be detected by the Secudrones.

If the SecuDrones detect a log they’ll follow it in order to find the player’s current position (chase them basically), or “Trace” (picture pacman if you will). If they find the point of entry then the player will be booted from the server resulting in a lost port to crack. Three loses results in a game over. After successfully finding the file the player will enter backtrack mode where they must re-trace their steps and “delete” the logs from the server. once they’re out, the whole process begins again but with another chosen server.

First off let me say that the art in this game (Logos and all) is provided by Ben Millar (Sir_Fratley). He has been doing a wonderful job!

Here are the updated concepts provided by Sir_Fratley:

Server Minigame:

Here is a pocture of the prototype version that I’ve been working on:

We also have a demo video Available here

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Will you be working as well?: Of course I will be working as well. Along with designing and leading the project, I will be doing Music composition, Writing, and Programming.

How will this all work?: The project will progress from meeting to meeting. Meetings are small informal get-togethers over Skype to discuss the progress of the project, as well as assign new tasks and deadlines based on the
schedule that I have created from the first initial meeting. These Skype meetings will be held every two weeks to sync everyone on the progress of the project.

What will I get out of all of this?: Having you help me on this project means a lot to me (this being my first big project), Ideally, I want everyone on the team to get an equal share of the revenue that the game generates. However if the project does not make any money, I will pay everyone upwards of $75-$100 for their participation.

Why do you need a programmer when you could just code this yourself?: Most of my work is on the design, writing and music composition side of this project. while I maintain that I do know Action Script, My knowledge of coding structures, methods, etc. is lacking at this point in time. I would like to have an assistant to fill in the cracks of spaces I miss while I code (and trust me there are a lot of them), so that way the project will get done by the expected deadline.

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If you’re willing to pay around 75~100 dollars, you can try this site:


if you’re lucky, you might be able to have the project coded in less than 50$ if someone bids low enough.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the heads up qwerber! I’ll look on that site right away :-)

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Position Still open!

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Maybe I don’t understand your concept properly, but the game design looks flawed. When a drone finds a packet, you’ve already lost, because you can’t prevent it from following the packets back to where you start? Or the drone could just sit on a packet so you can’t clear it up.

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Yeah I noticed it too during my Paper prototype test a while back. I changed the rule around so that they trace the player directly instead of finding the entrance. Thanks for spotting that though I’ll change it so that others who look at it won’t have the same idea.