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First please excuse my english gram mistakes.

I seek profesional programmers for 2 major projects.

Both 45%-45%-10%(sounds,music and others)

For more information send me a private mesage.

Project 1: Awaken 2

Example of first awaken: , game got front page on kongregate,newgrounds and armor games, also for this project we have predefine sponsor, im seeking very good coder for this, it needs whole code writen from zero, same basic engen as awaken 1 only this will have some more features and campaning.Action script 3.Targen: hardcore players. Deadline: 3 months. Allready done artwork : 90%

prewiev of the a1:

Project 2: Tears Of The Sun

A turn based game , very simplistic combat engen, rpg elements , world map travel. Target: casual players , deadline: 2 months. Allready done artwork: 10%

Prewiev(work in progress):

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I found programmer for project 1.
Project 2, the TBS coder im still looking.