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I am working on a ‘Rougelike’ game and am wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me specifically with designing and programming UI elements. I have the level generation, combat, and a little AI so far that can use a little fine tuning. However I want to begin implementing is a levelling system and as I begin trying to think of how to implement a talent tree and a type of ability progression I think it would be useful to have someone that first of all knows what they are doing when it comes to this and secondly actually enjoys creating this type of UI.

To be clear I am looking for someone to help me program the UI not just someone that can help design it. If you are interested and capable of helping me please email me at evanasand@gmail.com.

As for credit you will of course get your name on the game and depending on how much you help in the creating of the game anywhere from 20-50% of the income generated from it on Kongregate.

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i also am working on a project http://www.kongregate.com/games/RealitieBeats/platformer-the-great-escape-beta-0-3

that is the beta version. i need help with JavaScripting if you know anything about JavaScripting or even C#, please contact me @ RealitieBeats@gmail.com

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For Evan, dont make a skill tree, make the character or player choose their own skills, so they can find that one combination of skills that make them feel comfortable of using for a short whie, and if they think they need to change their combo of skills, then they can do it. On the design, make the rooms random, completely, you cant have a rougelike without random rooms, think of Dungeons of Dredmor, where one room could have treasure and traps, and then you open the door and BOOM, you find a Monster Zoo, hope this kida helps, even if its just a little

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That’s Unity. The topic clearly states “[AS3]”. Why are you even here? (Granted, Unity is great.)

I personally enjoy making roguelikes and, well, RPGs in general. I used to toy around with RPG Maker constantly when i was a kid, and I have two RPGs in the works, one in Unity (just learning how Unity works for now) and one in AS3 (FlashDevelop + Flixel + Air). I would consider helping you if I thought you could help me in return. Skill trades are nice.

Why can’t you make your own UI. Roguelikes do not require much in that field. You really only need a basic interface to handle inventory items and equipment and maybe spells or abilities. Then, you really don’t need to worry about a UI at all if you don’t want to. Some of the best roguelikes in history did not have any graphical menus; just the game environment and some text.