8bit, atmosphere, orchestral, loop song for your game

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hi to all.

im Andrea and im a music composer.

if you serve my collaboration contact me!

this is my portfolio online: http://www.wix.com/italiancomposer/andreagiachiniitaliancomposer

and this is my last elettronic loop:

1: http://soundcloud.com/cloud88/loop-melody
2: http://soundcloud.com/cloud88/elettric-bit
3: http://soundcloud.com/cloud88/loop-elettronica
4: http://soundcloud.com/cloud88/8bit-elettro
5: http://soundcloud.com/cloud88/loop-8-bit-e-16bit

thanks you so much!! :)

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Hello, we are currently looking for another composer for our game, I have two threads the main one is on the unity forums which has all of the latest updates: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/128027-Rogue-of-the-Sea-Recruitment-Accepting-All and we have on here: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/8-collaborations/topics/248963-rouges-of-the-sea-game-dev-recruitment-accepting-all If you want to join us feel free to add me on Skype at: sean.w.hall where I can go over the information of the game in detail.

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i add you on skype.

anyone want my collaboration?

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hi, i have upload on kongregate my loop, if you like vote!! :D


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New Set of preview song!!


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my last set of Atmosphere soundtrack: http://soundcloud.com/cloud88/sets/instrumental-atmosphere/

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orchestral and choir, new track!!!


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Hi Guys, i have make a NEW site: http://andreagiachinicomposer.jimdo.com/

and NEW Logo!!

listen and share ;)

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out the trailer of THE THREAT, horror game made with unity.


with my music!!


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Industrial Dark track: https://soundcloud.com/cloud88/in

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Hi guys, i did this mix, you can listen some soundtrack in one!!

let me know what are you think: https://soundcloud.com/cloud88/mix-song/

site: http://andreagiachinicomposer.jimdo.com/

thank you

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A lot of this sounds really good, I especially liked the “Industrial Dark track”. Keep up the awesome work!

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thank you so much :)